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Best Electric Dog Fence Reviewed to Buy for Your Yard

So, you’ve got a dog that likes to do its own thing around the yard but, for a whole lot of reasons, you need to keep it from escaping and doing its thing where it shouldn’t be going. If you have heard about collars that activate a short electrical pulse when the dog approaches a boundary, you might well be considering a purchase so here’s some useful information on the best electric dog fences to help you decide if you need to install one.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

BEST overall

  • Easy setup
  • Adjustable shock levels

Rated by: Amber

Extreme Dog Fence Containment System

BEST finger brush

  • High Quality & Durable
  • Multiple shock levels
  • Coverage up to 25 acres

Rated by: Amber

NeoPaw Wireless Dog Fence System

Best bristly brush

  • Easy to use
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Good battery life

Rated by: Amber

The Best Electric Dog Fence: Our Top Picks

1. PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Coming from a renowned brand in wireless dog fence market, this very product will impress you in so many ways. It's powerful enough to cover  ½ acre with utmost ease, but bear in mind that it doesn't support rectangular periphery.

Setting it up won't cause any trouble whatsoever, as it can easily manage a smaller yard. Even though the range may not be as promising as you find with many other invisible fence products on the market, it still works reasonably well. The price may be a bit on the higher side, but you can make the same system work for multiple dogs by buying more collars only.

Though the wireless dog fence comes with a non-rechargeable battery, it works quite well for longer than 6 weeks. But, it also means you will have to change the battery after regular intervals, which may push the overall cost of buying and using this product.  Even though you'll find an additional battery in the package, it will not do much to keep the operational cost down.

This wireless dog fence also comes with collar touch points as well as a warning beep or static correction. It means that if your pup crosses the pre-set boundaries, you can let the beep warn him or rely on static correction.  Alternatively, you can make use of a harmless shock to tell him that he's done something wrong. You can choose different shock intensities, ranging between one and five.

 Overall, it's a good entry-level invisible dog fence that you can use to contain your pet in a smaller yard, but just beware of the overall cost when going for this particular product.


  • It's easy to set up
  • It uses adjustable warning and shock system
  • It comes with a waterproof collar


  • It uses non-rechargeable batteries

2. Extreme Dog Fence Containment System

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for the best invisible dog fence system, you just can't go wrong with this one. The most striking feature is its build quality. It looks quite rugged and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

In terms of features, this dog fence system will surely impress you a lot. With it, you can cover up to 6-acre of area – the wires are included for better coverage. Once installed, the system can easily manage up to 5 dogs. You will also be able to choose from different grade fences, which is another added benefit.

The presence of heavily jacketed cables means it will deliver a reliable performance for long. You will also find a collar-receiver, digital transmitter, training flags, battery, and splice kits in the package. It means you get everything you need to set it up and make it work properly.  The collar-receiver looks of high quality as well; in fact, it can resist water up to 10ft, which is quite impressive. With the collar, you can adjust the intensity of shocks. It is among the best dog fences that let you can choose between 0 and 7 levels of static correction. There's a tone as well as shock system available to help correct the behavior of your dog.

Overall, the Extreme dog fence is going to deliver top performance for very long, but an important consideration is that collar sizes are quite limited. It means you may or may not find a collar to fit your dog. Nevertheless, you can use its adjustable buckle to make it work for most dogs.


  • It comes with multiple shock levels
  • It has coverage of up to 25 acres
  • It comes with a water resistant collar


  • The collar size may not be suitable for all dogs

3. NeoPaw Wireless Dog Fence System

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

You're going to fall in love with this wireless dog fence system because of its quality and amazing features.  With this dog fence, you don't have to worry about your physical location, as you can take the transmitter anywhere you go. It means that you can use the system to set safe parameters every time you go on a picnic. Setting it up won't take long, which is why you can use it in many ways.

The design looks quite attractive, and that's why many users don't mind buying it for their pets. It doesn't focus only on aesthetics but it also ensures that your dog feels comfortable wearing the collar. The good thing is that the collar uses a bucked belt, which means you can put it around your dog's neck with utmost ease.

Even though the wireless transmitter relies on battery, it's rechargeable and you don't really need to worry about anything here. The battery works well for more than 18 hours after which it needs to be charged. Nevertheless, it works just fine to deliver several levels of static correction.

The transmitter is effective but it's suitable for smaller yards, as the range is around 2 acres only. It's still good enough for most dog owners, but you may need another product if you want better coverage.


  • It features a wireless transmitter
  • It has a good battery life
  • It features a buckle type collar


  • The range may not be enough for some users

4. AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It may be a newer wireless fence system on the market, but it certainly packs a good punch. The most impressive feature is that it utilizes a GPS system to provide the best results. This feature alone is making it a leading player in the dog fence market.  Where other similar dog electric fences rely on radio frequency, this system works using GPS technology. It means that you don't need to worry about your dog getting a shock because of any malfunction.

The coverage range is quite impressive too –it can cover up to 496 acres, which is something you won't find in many high-end wireless dog fence systems as well.  It means that you can for the maximum coverage and give your dog enough space to wander without having to worry about him leaving the premises.  You can keep him close by choosing the lowest range, which is 20 meters.

Like other similar dog fences, it is a battery-powered invisible fence. The battery life is not that impressive, as it lasts for 8 hours only. However, you can continue using the unit by having an additional battery and replacing them daily for the best results. Nevertheless, the performance stays up to the mark, especially with its multiple static correction levels.

Even though the features are impressive, the price is not that high at all. In fact, it's an affordable electric dog fence and offers a great bang for the buck over time. The only consideration is that the collar receiver may be a bit on the bulkier side. The size makes it easier to put on most dogs, but it may seem to be a bit uncomfortable for smaller dogs.


  • It covers 800m from transmitter
  • It's rainproof and relies on GPS
  • It has 7 different static levels of correction


  • It may be a bit bulky for small dogs

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Do Wireless Dog Fences Really Work?

Yes, wireless dog fences work, and whilst installing a wireless dog fence might seem an expensive proposition, it has its benefits. You just need to ensure that you opt for the best wireless dog fence only. For instance:

Easy installation

Although, as far as putting up fences goes, installing an electric wireless fence is very simple. It is a much easier way to keep your dog within boundaries. Even so, it will be easier to dig the holes and check the fence systems if there’s someone to give you a hand.

Secures multiple dogs

Numerous dogs can be secured within the one wireless dog fence just by having the right number of collars. You can purchase collars separately if you need to.


Compared to installing a traditional fence, wireless dog fences are very cost effective. In fact, it makes no financial sense to install a conventional fence just to keep one or two dogs in the yard, and that's why many people turn to wireless dog fences in the first place.

Very effective

This technology of wireless dog fence had undergone rigorous testing and studies found that some dogs needed a more intense shock to deter them from crossing the barrier. Consequently, the best quality collars now come with controls to vary the intensity of the pulse.

Exceptionally reliable

The best wireless fence systems are designed to handle extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and lightning. They do not rust so the overall integrity of the fence is never compromised and the system lasts.

Very portable

The best wireless fence can be installed anywhere you want without restricting its efficiency. Once the work is completed, your dog can move around freely so it is best to check the signals are not  obstructed by the topography of your yard.

Little maintenance

The traditional types of fencing are expensive and cost more money later since you need to maintain it, particularly wood paneling and wire mesh types. The best wireless barrier requires virtually no maintenance from one to the next and will continue to work efficiently for years.

Helps train your dog

Since you can set up the wireless dog fence based on how much space you want your dog to have, you have control of distances for outdoor training.  You can set the wireless fence in a way that your dog stays close to your house only and you can gradually increase the area to give them more freedom.

What is the Best Electric Dog Fence?

To select the best wireless dog fences, you need to consider a number of factors at the time of making a buying decision. Keeping the following points in mind will go a long way towards helping you find one of the best wireless dog fences.

The area it can cover

You can expect to pay more for fencing systems that cover a large area so it is essential to work out the cover you really need. Other factors that contribute to the costs are the quality of the wiring and the features on the collars – you pay more for a waterproof collar.

Installation process

Installing an electric dog fence is usually very easy, just planting a few stakes in the ground. It’s the main benefit but even so, it’s sensible to check the installation instructions to make sure you are buying a system that you can cope with.

Can I trust the collars?

Even though there is a wide range of collars available for dogs from as small as 5 lbs up to the largest at 250 lbs +, you can't always trust manufacturers' claims. It’s worth reading product reviews to find out what people using the device have to say. At the end of the day, since you get what you pay for it is worth paying a little more for a quality brand.

Are collars waterproof?

Waterproofing means that collars will remain working even if it has been in water. However, no collars work after total submersion over a prolonged length of time.


Only you know your dog and whether or not a collar is going to be right for its size and sturdy enough but a snug comfortable fit is important for the collar to work properly and you should take this into consideration when comparing collars and wireless fencing systems.

Rechargeable vs. disposable batteries

So that you can rest assured your dog is always secured look at how often the collar batteries need recharging and whether or not there is a mains adapter included in the package.

Safety Time Out

Some collars have a built-in safety time out so the dog doesn’t receive too many impulses in one go. Some shut down after 30 seconds and others take longer, up to a full minute. The time the system takes to reset can vary too. These operating details are important to know if you are to get the best wireless fence from the fencing system. 


Being able to choose collars that fit the size and nature of each dog you own plays a role in keeping them all healthy and safe. There is a wide range of collar designs that are readily compatible with the popular fencing systems. 


When it comes to calculating the final costs, it’s for you to determine what you need and don't need. This flexibility is a huge part of the appeal. You can get a robust, simple in-ground fencing device for around $100 or spend $400 for one with more bells and whistles.

Does Wireless Dog Fence Work on Hills?

Many people wish to set up their wireless fences for dogs on hills; however, this might not be possible. Even the best wireless fences are made for flatter surfaces meaning they lose their signals on steep or non-flat surfaces. Here are a few tips on how to make them work on flatter surfaces better.

A Round Peg in a Square Hole

Wireless devices can span a circular area; they cannot enter the safe zones of the estate because the main transmitter communicates in all different directions. With most of the homes being rectangular, it ensures that a wireless barrier will not protect the edges, and your pets will not be able to roam the entire property. This is less of a concern for people with larger, more rural property, but for urban dwellers, the fence's successful area may be somewhat reduced.

Continuous Coverage

As the wireless fence works via a broadcast signal, therefore, it covers every inch of land within the boundary range. This is good if you don't care where your dog is going within the range, but it does mean you can't set up protected areas like pools or gardens.

Interference from Metal Structures and the Weather

Wireless fences utilize radio waves, which render them susceptible to metal surface intrusion. A building with an aluminum siding or a metal roof is likely to be damaged by a wireless barrier, as are any self-contained buildings such as metal sheds. Both old metal septic tanks and chain-link fences have been reported to interfere with these fragile radio waves. Likewise, electrical storms will quickly mess with the signal-if you've ever tried to watch TV in a thunderstorm, you'll learn all about it.

Besides metal intrusion, certain concrete objects can also interrupt the signal of the transmitter (like the poor reception that you often encounter with your telephone in a large building). Densely wooded areas have also been described as a potential problem for wireless systems.

Size matters

Wireless fences have restricted network coverage. Standard wireless systems can reach a maximum area of about 200 feet in diameter, while WiFi devices can cover an area of about 400 feet in diameter. This is more than adequate for the urban property, but it will severely restrict the dog's play area in wider rural areas.

Is a Wireless Fence Right for Your Property?

Don't let all of this make you think wireless fences are meaningless or a waste of money. Thousands of dog owners and their pets enjoy electronic fencing and swear by them, but they don't have any conditions that could contribute to the problem.

However, if you consider that your property regulates some of the boxes for possible problems, a wireless fence may just not be ideal for you. Nonetheless, it's better off finding that out now than to find out when you've spent a lot of change on a device that isn't going to work properly.

What is the Best Pet Containment System?

Electric fences are gaining popularity, but they're not the only efficient way of pet containment. Moreover, there are some limitations because of which your invisible dog fence may not be that effective. For instance:

  • For good success, you need to invest time in training your dog properly, so that he knows where the invisible fence is. You will have to walk your dog often highlighting the flags. You can get ample help from fencing companies that make training protocols available and even work with you to train your dog. If you can't spare time for all the training, the invisible dog fencing may not work well for you.
  • While invisible dog fences are effective, they just can't o anything to keep hazards from entering your premises. It means there will always be a risk of having wild animals and stray dogs entering your yard and hurting your pet dog. Therefore, you may have to look for other alternatives for pet containment.
  • Invisible fence or wireless fences sometimes don't prove effective because your dog may become agitated after looking the neighborhood dog with no restraints at all. Your dog would want to join him. If he can't, it will frustrate him.  If he tries to, it might make him uncomfortable.
  • While electric fences rely on audible warning or static correction before giving an electric shock to the dog, the degree or intensity of the shock may not be enough to keep a dog from moving out of the boundary. Sometimes, the static correction alone won't work effectively. If you set the shock too high, you might end up hurting your dog, which is why some people always look for another alternative to contain their pets.
  • Dog electric fences are effective in most cases, but their reliability can become an issue, especially when you have a dead battery or cut wire. It would make escape a possibility. If you've trained your dog well, it shouldn't be a big cause for concern. But for some aggressive dogs, the break is long enough to help them escape.

It's because of all these reasons that you might be looking for other ways to contain your dog than using an invisible dog fence.  Here are some other options.

Split rail

Split rail fences or log fences are one of the best and most effective fences for keeping dogs in. They're really easy in their design and it is possible to erect them almost anywhere, even across rough terrain. People like the conventional look. Nevertheless, this fencing needs some kind of fabric on the inside and close to the ground to prevent dogs escaping.

Chain link

This is another popular choice, that uses heavy wire between strong supports. Most zoning codes make it possible for you to pick the height you need and a chain link fence doesn’t obstruct your view.

Picket Fence

The white picket fence is part of the American dream and with bias-cut tops that hinder jumping are an extremely efficient way to secure and confine a dog. Depending on its size, you can take the fence to any height. Another advantage is how the picket tops can be ornate so that this kind of fence enhances your landscaping. 

Snow fence

This kind of fence is low on the cost chart and mounted to supporting T-posts. Once mounted, the wire has to be extended to be taut to ensure the fence is secure and sturdy. The wire holes are too small for dogs to poke their heads into or escape through. It's not as strong as a chain link, but is the ideal inexpensive solution to securing a dog in a lot of cases.

Wire fencing

Wire fencing is the easiest on a tight budget.  Made of loosely woven wire that features small rectangles at the edge, it comes in a combination of heights and, just like a snow barrier, it has to be stretched over a brace and T-posts. It is well within the budget category but corrodes easily.

Hybrid fencing

This modular fencing is more costly but incredibly versatile and useful. It comes in prepared panels that clip to each other and can be extracted and relocated if required. It's ideal for most yards, very solid and irreversible, and even conforms to the strictest zoning bylaws.

The Best Dog Toothbrush Of All

There are clear advantages to installing a wireless dog fence. The main one is how they work effectively to train your dog. They also don’t interfere with the flow of your garden. It should be just a matter of choosing the system that best suits your situation but with so many systems on the market, there is no guarantee of quality unless you choose a top brand. Sometimes, a wireless fence isn’t needed at all, but by choosing a branded name for this latest tech option in dog security you will only buy once. And that's when you can rely on Extreme Dog Fence Containment System, which comes with multiple levels of static correction and has impressive coverage.

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