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What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Indoor Dog Potty?

Most dogs are home-trained on toileting basics, and this makes it easy for them to appropriately relieve themselves each time the call of nature comes ringing. While some are trained to ring a bell and the owners respond by taking them to the suitable place for toileting, others have learnt their designated areas in the yard where they can carry out their toileting business. It can, however, get messy when the dog owners come late from work, and the dogs had no one to take them out for toileting the entire day. It can even be worse when dog owners live in apartments where there are no yards for dogs to use for toileting. That is why dog owners need an indoor dog potty to avoid such messy situations.

Getting an indoor potty for dogs is an ideal solution in ensuring that your dogs have adequate access to the toileting area without having to wait for someone to take them out. Since dogs are intelligent animals, training them on how to use dog potties can be easy and they will soon be able to use the dog potties without any assistance.

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The following is a review of some of the best indoor dog potty systems recommended for you:


Ideal Potty for Small Puppies

This potty is made up of an antibacterial material which makes it a safe potty to use for your puppies. This feature prevents bacteria from breeding on the potty, which could be harmful to the health of your dog and your family as well. Another exciting feature is the potty’s smooth corrosion resistance surface, which makes it easy to clean and prevents it from damage likely to be caused by corrosive agents.

This potty is soft in a way that puppies cannot be harmed during their toileting routines. Puppies can master how to use this Small Clear Potty easily because it is easy to train. This potty is a fixed-point toilet. Meaning that you do not need to extensively train your puppies on how to sit on the loo or undertake construction works your house.


  • It can handle a weight of up to 120 kgs.
  • It is tasteless and odourless.
  • Considerate distance between the bottom tray and the grid for the easy laying of diapers.
  • Comfortable for use by the dogs and easy to clean


  • Weak fastenings on the side
  • Too small for adult dogs

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Perfect Potty for Dogs that are Always Kept Indoors

This potty is made up of a three-layer system that comprises of a base tray, artificial grass, and a plastic insert. I appreciate this feature because your dogs will not have to step in their urine anymore as they relieve themselves. With this feature also, there will be no more wet newspapers or purchasing training pads because the dogs waste and urine are trapped in the base tray, which can be emptied later on.

The artificial grass on this potty helps dogs to quickly identify with the potty as a place of relieving themselves without too much training and well as an ideal place for playing. Materials used in making this three-tier system potty are antibacterial. This is a good thing because you will not have to worry about the health of your dogs and your family; they are safe for use. This is by far one of my best indoor dog potty system in ensuring that my dog is safe from germs while they relieve themselves in my absence. You no longer have to strain yourself to get home early enough, so that you can take your dog out to relieve themselves. This Turf Potty with tray will serve your dogs right whenever they are indoors.


  • They are mess-free as waste is trapped in the tray
  • They are easy to clean; You simply rinse with warm soapy water
  • Odourless due to the odour-resistant materials used
  • Comfortable texture
  • Easy to train


  • The artificial grass used is non-biodegradable
  • Manual measurement is used in developing this artificial grass. It might not fit well on the plastic insert.

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Best Indoor Dog Potty System for Male Dogs

iPetCompanion Large Clear Wall Potty;

This potty has a post-protection simulation wall for male dogs. The potty is designed with this wall to make it easy for your male dog or puppy to pee on the potty pad. This potty is a two-tier male dog toilet with a potty tray that traps urine and the dog’s mess.

The product’s no-torn puppy pad holder is another interesting feature of this potty. It can hold the dogs’ pee without the dogs having to step in the urine. The plastic materials used in making this Large Clear Wall Potty is designed using polypropylene resin, an environmentally friendly organic substance that is ideal for indoor use. They are also suitable for use in porches and patios.

Another great feature of this potty is the grate system that is easy to turn on and off during the potty training. This system prevents teething puppies from chewing the training pads in the pee pad holder. You can, therefore, be able to use this potty for long with minimal damages on the pads.


  • Easy to clean. Use warm soapy water to rinse.
  • They are eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Protected simulation
  • Easy to use and train
  • Large in size for fair use by both puppies and adult dogs.


  • The underneath grates might be uncomfortable for some dogs
  • Designed for the dogs to step up on the potty’s mat which might be uninviting for nervous puppies

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Best Dog Potty for Dogs of All Sizes

This enclosed potty has a unique feature of a heightened grid and a raised-walls design. This is a useful feature because it prevents the dog’s urine from splashing outward, keeping your house neat. Another good feature is the removable grid where training pads are placed. With this feature, you can remove the pads whenever they have been soiled for washing. The grate system on the grid prevents puppies from ripping off the potty’s training pad.

This product is made of plastic developed using non-toxic PP resin, which is highly durable and of top quality. The toilet tray anti-bacterial with natural resistance to odour.

For puppies and small dogs that do not love going outside during cold or rainy seasons, this potty is an ideal solution for them. There is no need for you to use newspapers anymore. This is because the perforated grate system in this potty’s grid allows pee to flow directly to the pad underneath the potty, which traps urine which you can change time after time. This product come in a perfect size for dogs of all sizes. For individuals operating on a bigger budget, this could be the ideal indoor potty for your dogs.


  • Practical and easy to train your dogs without making your house dirty.
  • Long lasting
  • Highly portable and can be fixed at any place in the house.
  • Easy to detach pads for cleaning
  • Odourless
  • Saves time; No need to mop the toileting area regularly.
  • Eco-friendly


  • Grates might be irritating for some dogs
  • Relatively costly

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Ideal Potty for Puppies and Small Dogs

This potty has an artificial grass mat which offers your dogs with an ideal place for toileting and playing as well. This potty is portable, and with the fake grass, you can carry your dog along with it for both indoors and outdoors use. The artificial grass mat is embedded with a rubber pad and patches that can be trimmed. This makes it an ideal training kit for your puppies and small dogs within the house.

The artificial grass mat is made of non-toxic material that is environmentally safe for use. It is also anti-bacterial, which makes it safe for your dog’s health and that of your family. This potty is also weatherproof, making it an excellent choice for those who would like to have the potty in balconies, porches, and on terraces.

It also has strong drainage capabilities. This means that your pet will not have its fur touching its urine. This also makes the potty odourless. With this Indoor Turf Potty, you can now enjoy your time doing your shopping, going for outdoor picnics, or visiting a friend without worrying about the mess your dog is likely to cause.


  • Cheap and easy to train
  • Environmentally friendly and odourless
  • Easy to clean using warm soapy water
  • Flexible and strong drainage
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Comfortable for use by your dog
  • Accommodates sensitive paws
  • Sufficient space for your dog


  • Not suitable for adult dogs
  • The fake grass quickly sheds off, mainly when used by small puppies

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Best Potty to Keep your Dog’s Paws Clean

iPetCompanion Clear Netted Potty

This tray-like potty is made up of a high-quality mesh tray which drains urine into the tray. This feature prevents the paws of your dog or puppy from getting into contact with their urine. Another good feature is the embedded rubber on the edges of the potty. This prevents your puppies from sliding on the floor when climbing to or from the potty. The rubber and mesh materials used are durable and of high quality. The unique design of this potty allows you to place disposable pads on the tray. The pads are therefore beyond the reach of your puppies for chewing.

You do not have to worry anymore when your dogs get to carpet or the couches. This is because their paws are clean and dry every moment that they are done with relieving themselves. Another benefit of using this potty is that the waste and urine in the tray can be washed away using running water, leaving the potty clean.Its easy to clean feature makes it a good choice for dog owners with tight schedules.


  • They are easy to clean using running water.
  • Easy to train and use due to the use of disposable pads
  • Has draining holes that make it easy to drain off urine and waste
  • Paws are kept clean and dry


  • Uncomfortable for nervous puppies as climbing on the mesh is a requirement
  • Too small for adult dogs
  • Pads must be folded and cut in sizes that fit the tray

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The Best Option

This is a perfect potty for dogs that are always kept indoors, which is the ideal purpose why we go for dog potties. However, several factors make it an outstanding indoor dog potty compared to the other potties. Such factors include:

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A comprehensive system

The Turf Potty with tray is a three-tier system that incorporates most of the elements used in design most of the other potties. It has artificial grass, grates, and a tray. Having this three-in-one potty gives your dogs optimum benefits; Your dogs are happily playing on it, their paws and fur are kept clean and dry, and the potty is environmentally friendly.


This potty is used to train your dogs quickly, and you can comfortably leave your dog at home without worrying about how and where they will relieve themselves. You can be assured of being in a clean environment because this potty is odourless, easy to clean, and materials used in making it are antibacterial.

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