Best Indoor Dog Potty System - Top Rated Potty Reviews

Best Indoor Dog Potty System – Top Rated Potty Reviews

Most dogs are home-trained on toileting basics, and this makes it easy for them to appropriately relieve themselves each time the call of nature comes ringing. While some are trained to ring a bell and the owners respond by taking them to the suitable place for toileting, others have learnt their designated areas in the yard where they can carry out their toileting business. It can, however, get messy when the dog owners come late from work, and the dogs had no one to take them out for toileting the entire day. It can even be worse when dog owners live in apartments where there are no yards for dogs to use for toileting. That is why dog owners need the best indoor dog potty to avoid such messy situations.

Here are some good options to help you select the best indoor dog potties.

Berucci Pet Potty Three Layer Dog Toilet

BEST with Three layer

  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomically designed

Rated by: Amber

Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • No Strong Odors

Rated by: Amber

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty

Best with real grass

  • Easy to use
  • Real grass used
  • Suitable for all dogs

Rated by: Amber

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1. Berucci Pet Potty Three Layer Dog Toilet

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This potty is made up of a three-layer system that comprises of a base tray, artificial grass, and a plastic insert. You will appreciate this feature because your dogs will not have to step in their urine anymore as they relieve themselves.

With this feature also, there will be no more wet newspapers or purchasing training pads because the dogs waste and urine are trapped in the base tray, which can be emptied later on.

 The artificial grass on this potty helps dogs to quickly identify with the potty as a place of relieving themselves without too much training and well as an ideal place for playing. Materials used in making this three-tier system potty are antibacterial. This is a good thing because you will not have to worry about the health of your dogs and your family; they are safe for use. 

This is by far one of the best indoor dog potties in ensuring that my dog is safe from germs while they relieve themselves in my absence. You no longer have to strain yourself to get home early enough, so that you can take your dog out to relieve themselves. This Turf Potty with tray will serve your dogs right whenever they are indoors.


  • They are mess-free as waste is trapped in the tray
  • They are easy to clean; You simply rinse with warm soapy water
  • It's odorless due to the odor-resistant materials used


  • The artificial grass used is non-biodegradable

2. Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This enclosed potty has a unique feature of a heightened grid and a raised-walls design. This is a useful feature because it prevents the dog’s urine from splashing outward, keeping your house neat. Another good feature is the removable grid where training pads are placed. With this feature, you can remove the pads whenever they have been soiled for washing. The grate system on the grid prevents puppies from ripping off the potty’s training pad.

This product is made of plastic developed using non-toxic PP resin, which is highly durable and of top quality. The toilet tray anti-bacterial with natural resistance to odor.

For puppies and small dogs that do not love going outside during cold or rainy seasons, this potty is an ideal solution for them. There is no need for you to use newspapers anymore. This is because the perforated grate system in this potty’s grid allows pee to flow directly to the pad underneath the potty, which traps urine which you can change time after time.

This product come in a perfect size for dogs of all sizes. For individuals operating on a bigger budget, this could be the ideal indoor potty for your dogs.


  • Practical and easy to train your dogs without making your house dirty
  • Highly portable and can be fixed at any place in the house
  • Easy to detach pads and easy to clean


  • Grates might be irritating for some dogs

3. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

The best thing about this indoor dog potty is that it comes with real grass.  It works better than other similar product because dogs get attracted towards real grass. This hydroponically grown grass makes it an eco-friendly product – you can use it for a few weeks and then dispose it off without an issue.

Another good feature of this Fresh Patch dog potty is the height of the grass, which is a bit raised as compared to many other indoor dog potties. This is to ensure that the dog's waste products stay on the pad and you don't have to deal with any messy situation at anytime. Because of this feature, you can consider placing the potty indoors or you can also place it on the patio or a balcony because it works well as a natural deodorizer.

Overall, the Fresh Patch dog potty works quite effectively, but you need to keep in mind that so many users are not happy with the fact that the patch comes with a cardboard for placement. Moreover, there are some complaints about the price being a bit on the higher side.


  • It is designed with real grass
  • It is easy to order replacement grass pads
  • It attracts dogs naturally


  • The box to hold the grass is made of cardboard

4. PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

One of many indoor dog potty options includes dog litter pans. This one from PuppyGoHere will surely impress you with its quality. It looks good on its own and you can choose from nine different colors.  It is also possible to find it in different sizes as per the size of your dog.

It is quite suitable for smaller dogs because o fits lower walls and a relatively wider opening. Your dog won't face any issue getting in and out of the litter pan. However, the walls are still tall enough to ensure the dog pee or waste stays inside and doesn't lead to messy flooring.  You will also find an instruction manual in the package, which will make it easier to use the product and teach your dog how to utilize it effectively.

Overall, it's a good product, but it's worth noticing that the litter is not included in the package and you have to buy it separately for the pan. It will be an extra expense making this litter pan a little less suitable for people with a limited budget.


  • It comes with low walls for your dog to get in easily
  • The walls won't let the dog pee come out
  • It is easy to maintain and easy to clean


  • You won't get litter along with the pan

5. DoggieLawn Disposable Real Grass Toilet

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

When you don't want to clean the indoor litter box, you'll be much better off buying this dog toilet from DoggieLawn. It's an eco-friendly option to manage everything, mainly because the product is made using bi0egradable materials.

This disposable indoor potty will work great for dogs that mostly stay inside the house. You get real grass included in the package. Though it comes in a cardboard box, it still does its job quite effectively and even works to keep your pet bathroom odor-free as well.

There's no need to worry about cleaning the toilet either because you won't notice any order after several uses, and when you eventually do, you can simply throw it away and get a replacement ordered.  Another good thing is the availability of training consultation, which doesn't cost you anything at all.

Overall, this environmentally friendly dog toilet is a great buy, but you should bear in mind that it may be a bit on the expensive side.


  • It requires no cleaning
  • It works against bad odor naturally
  • It comes with training consultation


  • It may be a bit expensive

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Getting an indoor potty for dog is an ideal solution in ensuring that your pet has adequate access to the toileting area without having to wait for someone to take him out. Since dogs are intelligent animals, training them on how to use dog potties can be easy and they will soon be able to use the dog potties without any assistance.

What is the Best Indoor Potty System?

Finding one of the best indoor dog potties depends on your unique requirements and your dog's needs. You may need a different potty system for a smaller dog as compared to what you need for a larger dog breed. Here are some common options available for anyone looking for the best indoor dog potty system.

  • Pee Pads: Along with newspaper, a pee pad is among the most traditional potty systems for dogs that stay inside the house. The good thing is that you can now find high quality pee pads, which may be scented to attract your dog to them.  These pads usually come with a soft cloth with slight padding underneath. The lowermost layer is actually an absorbent layer, which is designed to hold the pee and keep it from leaking through on your floor. You may want to use them because they're disposable and save you from a lot of hassle of cleaning the pee from the floor.
  • Artificial Grass: Just like pee pads, many people switch to artificial grass to make it easier for dogs to go to the bathroom indoors.  Most of the time, it's artificial grass placed on a cardboard box, so the dog pee or waste doesn't leak and spoil the floor.  The good thing is that you can use artificial or synthetic grass multiple times after cleaning it with a quick spray – you can even wash some in the bathtub for reuse. While it may work just fine, you will have to clean too often to ensure it doesn't smell.
  • Real Grass:  It is a lot more effective option than artificial or synthetic grass grass, but an expensive one too.  It uses real grass with an established root system to get rid of the odor. It can turn out to be an expensive choice because you can use it for a few times before having to order a replacement.  The good thing is that your dog will feel more comfortable using it because it's naturally attractive to them.
  • Litter Box: A dog litter box or a dog litter tray may also help you accomplish the goal of keeping your dog indoors for potty. A litter box may work just fine if your furry friend likes to go potty in the sand. You can find a litter box for dogs in different styles and sizes, so you can pick one that is suitable for your dog. They're usually more effective for smaller dog breeds. As the litter can absorb the pee, you won't have to deal with any odor after your dog uses it indoors. The good quality litter tray for dogs also comes with small walls that would help keep the dog's waste in one place.
  • Grates:  It is essentially a low pan that comes equipped with a detachable grate over it.  You will have to teach your dog to step on the grate, relieve himself, and come out – the waste will move through the grate and into the pan, eventually.  You will have to dump out the waste yourself by detaching the grate. You can then clean both parts and continue to use it for as long as you want. It may be a good indoor dog potty system but you will have to train your dog to use it properly.

Can Dogs Go to the Bathroom Indoors?

Yes, it's possible to make your dog use the bathroom indoors, but you will have to spend some time and effort to train them properly.  Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Always start training them as early as you can. Potty training your puppy may be a tricky but it will save you from a lot of mess later. Whatever potty system you're using, just be around to guide your dog to get familiar with it first and learn to use it properly. It's always possible to train your older dog to use indoor dog potty, but it's going to be considerably more difficult.
  • Get familiar with your dog's bathroom routines. Again, it takes some observation to do it properly but it will save you from a lot of hassle in the future. Remember, every dog will have a different bathroom routine, so you need to play detective here when you adopt a young dog. Some dogs would do it before a meal, while others would use the bathroom after a meal. Some like to do it in the morning hours, and others prefer the evening hours. If you can identify a pattern, it will be a lot easier to help them learn how to use the indoor potty system.
  • Rely on positive reinforcement as well. It's natural to get frustrated when your dog doesn't respond in the way you might have expected, but be sure to stick to the positive reinforcement and praise him a lot. Using the right rewards might help encourage him to use the indoor potty better.

Where Do Indoor Dogs Go to the Toilet?

Using an indoor dog potty system can save you from a lot of trouble, especially when you can't take them out during the winter. However, finding the right place for the indoor dog potty is equally important. For instance, you need to ensure that you choose a place that is not a high traffic area of your home. Not only will it look unsightly for your guests to see your dog doing it, it will also make your dog a bit nervous and difficult for you to train him to use the indoor potty better.

Whatever indoor dog potty you're using, you can keep it in a separate room. A laundry room may just work fine but you can also use any other spare room as well. Just ensure that you leave the door open, so that your furry friend can come and go without any restrictions.

Keep in mind that it takes time to train your dog to go to the toilet indoors, and changing the placement of the potty system often is only going to confuse your dog even further. Therefore, carefully pick a spot and then stick with it to ensure that your dog associates that room with potty and use the indoor potty system whenever the nature's call rings.

Does Dog Potty Grass Work?

Dog potty grass or potty patch works quite effectively when used properly. However, you need to bear in mind that the quality of the potty patch will matter a lot here. For instance, many of these products now use artificial grass over a plastic shell or cardboard box. They may still work but your dog may not be too comfortable using them.

Alternatively, you will benefit more and have a better peace of mind by opting for a potty patch that uses real grass. Yes, it's going to be expensive, but you should be willing to spend that much of money to keep your dog comfortable.  Real grass is also quite effective for smaller dogs and puppies. The reason is that the size of the box is usually on the smaller side and can easily accommodate a smaller puppy or dog like Shih Tzu.

Potty grass also works great for people who lives upstairs and don't want to bring dogs up and down stairs to relieve. It may also work effectively for older dogs who don't feel like moving around as much. Similarly, the best indoor potty grass may be a suitable choice for an injured dog.

However, it's important to bear in mind that though potty grass has its benefits, there are certain shortcomings as well. For instance, many dogs just won't use the potty patch no matter what you do.  Some dogs may find the box a bit uncomfortable or unpleasant. Although it's an issue related to the training than the product itself, it still means your dog won't find it effective.

The Best Indoor Dog Potty to Buy

Giving your beloved dog a chance to relieve himself without having to go out in cold weather is always a great gesture. Sometimes, you just can't take him out to pee because you live in a multi-storied building. Whatever the case, using a litter box for dogs, a fresh patch, or other types of indoor potty systems will be the answer. Although you can find many options, the Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty is probably the best choice because of its 3-layered system and high quality mat. Give it a shot!

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