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Where To Purchase The Best Retractable Dog Leash For Your Pup?

A retractable dog leash gives you a bit of slack to work with when walking your pooch. When you have a particularly playful pet, you will find that having extra slack is useful. I like this type of leash because I can let my baby wander off without worrying too much about where he is. A retractable leash has a wheel that stores the unused slack, which you can release when you need to. A plastic housing at your end of the leash protects your hands from the movements of the cord. Dog owners have a dizzying number of choices when it comes to finding the best retractable dog leash. Here are my top picks.

Featured Retractable Dog Leash – iPet Companion Stretchable Running Leash

Best Retractable Hands-Free Dog Leash

This retractable leash has a simple design that makes it easy to use. The nylon wristband has a Velcro closure that ensures it stays nicely wrapped around the wrist. It allows you to wield control of your dog but still keep your hands free. I found this retractable dog leash ideal for jogging, but you can use it in any situation. If you like to have your hands unoccupied to use the phone or for other tasks, the design of this leash offers a few benefits. The iPet Companion Hands Free Wrist Leash has an auto-lock mechanism that releases and restricts the strap by detecting sudden movements. It offers a firm grip around the wrist, which makes it difficult for the dog to get away from you.

You get an ABS plastic housing built to withstand shock and regular use. The circular shell is designed to sit safely on the wrist. It comes in different colours, and you can pick what suits you. The casing is easily replaceable, meaning when it gets too worn out, you can switch it out. The 10-foot strap is a professional parachute rope made from neoprene. It is, therefore, built to last and put up with constant pulling and abuse. A strong spring connects the reflective cord to the locking mechanism. The laser-cut steel locking contributes to the strength of the retractable leash. You can use this hands-free leash for all kinds of dogs whether a docile, tugger or chewer.


• Attaches easily to the wrist
• Has a reflective rope that increases safety on the road
• Strong metal hook helps control a dog of any size


• The auto-lock doesn’t offer much flexibility
• The nylon wristband can get uncomfortable in hot weather
• Some dog owners might find the 3M cord a bit short

Best Retractable Leash for Running

Have you ever tried running while trying to keep an eye on your pet? It can be tedious, I would know. A regular leash can also restrict your activity, especially when you have to pull back a distracted dog. That’s why I looked at some retractable leashes suited for jogging or running. The iPet Companion Stretchable Running Leash is hands-free, giving you and your pet room to move around without tripping over each other. It has a belt that goes around the waist, and a plastic buckle that allows you to adjust the belt according to size. The range is 70 cm to 120 cm. A metal ring connects the leash to the belt. This clip glides across the belt smoothly, which makes it easy for the animal to move from one side to the other.

The nylon leash is relatively tough. When running, the rope can sometimes drag along the ground, and this cord is made to absorb regular shock. A reflective thread on the cord makes sure you are visible at night or in low light. This retractable leash stretches between 5 and 7 feet, and the manufacturer recommends it for dogs weighing at least 30 lbs. The Stretchable Running Leash is ideal for jogging, hiking and walking. It is also suitable to use when pushing a stroller. You can easily put both hands on the stroller without worrying about the dog. For better control when walking the dog, detach the leash from the belt and hold it by the bungee to use as a regular leash.


• Suitable for all dog sizes
• Reflective stitching on parts of the cord provides visibility in low light
• Broad adjustment range on the waist belt to fit different sizes

Cons :

• The belt can get loose and could need adjusting during use
• The leash can be too long for small dogs

Best Retractable Leash for Dual Operation

Walking two dogs at once can be a nightmare. The biggest challenge is the tangling of leashes as the animals play. A dual Flexi retractable dog leash allows you to control two pets using one hand. The iPet Companion Dual Pet Retractable Leash has an orange and green lead running out of a traction belt guiding system. This 360° spool is designed to prevent tangling. The mechanism has brake switches that lock or release the leads as necessary. A sizeable rubber handle brings the entire setup together. So, while holding the leash by the handle, you press one of the buttons to lock the leash or reel the dog back.

The buttons are also in orange and green, making it easy for the pet owner to control one lead at a time. Individual control of the leashes gives your two dogs the freedom to walk at their own pace.

Both traction belts are reflective, which makes it easier to use the leash at night. The rope stretches to 10 feet and is suitable for a small or medium dog.

The housing of the leash is ABS plastic – a durable material with excellent impact resistance. It also holds up well against moisture, scratching and corrosion. For the leads, the manufacturer uses nylon, which is strong enough to handle the regular pulling. The cord can support up to 45 Lbs. With the non-slip handle, you can deal with the weight of two dogs without losing control. The dual setup leaves one of your hands free to do other things like hold shopping bags or the phone.


• Colour-coded brake buttons tell you which leash you are controlling
• A rubber handle ensures a tight and comfortable grip
• Has a stainless steel hook that prevents rusting


• The leash can feel bulky during long walks
• Stop buttons can get stiff after a few uses
• The guiding system doesn’t always spin freely

Best Retractable Waist Leash

The iPet Companion Body Leash with Handle is a heavy duty retractable dog leash made for medium and large dogs. It is similar in design to the Stretchable Running Leash reviewed earlier. Instead of a long elastic lead, the cord has a double elastic design. The rope has two bungees between the elastic sections. This construction allows the dog to pull on the leash and you to reel it back without anyone getting hurt. If you don’t want to put the waist belt on, use the bungees to control the leash. For pet owners who prefer walking at night, the leash has reflective stitching that makes sure that road users see your dog.

The belt has a width of 1″ while the length is adjustable from 2 to 4 feet. In its resting state, the leash measures 6 feet and stretches to 8.5 feet. It can pull up to 150lbs. Two sturdy clasps at each end are part of the heavy-duty construction of the leash. They are made from rustproof metal that accommodate the weight of the dog. Both the belt and leash have double D-rings that you can use to hang keys, garbage bags, toys and other small items.

The body leash is ideal for carrying out various activities with your dog in tow. Because you don’t need to engage your hands all the time, the leash allows you to scoop up poop, push a stroller or hold kids without struggling with the pet. Wrapping the belt around the waist reduces the rims of injury and back strain when the dog pulls too hard.


• Has double-D rings from where you can hang small items
• Strong cross-stitching on the ropes to handle regular pulling
• A dual-handle operation for walking the dog


• The bungees are quite rigid and might not pull easily with some dogs

Best Retractable Leash for Walking at Night

This flexi retractable dog leash comes with a detachable flashlight. It is made to increase visibility. Walking the dog in the evening has its benefits, but it can be frustrating as well. Visibility is one of the issues many dog owners deal with when walking at night. The illumination from the flashlight ensures that you can see the path ahead. A person who has poor vision at night with find this feature useful. The flashlight is especially handy when walking in unfamiliar territory. Sometimes, a reflective strip on the leash is not enough for road users to notice your dog. The flashlight helps with this as well.

The iPet Companion Retractable Leash With Light has a similar build as a regular retractable leash. A 360° spool rolls out a nylon cord that you attach to the animal. The casing is made from ABS plastic, which is sturdy, impact-resistant and environmentally friendly. The leash stretches to 26 feet and can pull up to 110lbs with the guiding system, preventing it from tangling. Between the handle and spool is a thumb-activated button that you push to lock or release the leash. The detachable flashlight consists of 9 LEDs and uses three AAA batteries. This leash is ideal for medium and large dogs of all temperament.


• Ergonomic, non-slip handle that improves comfort
• You can detach the flashlight and hold it separately
• Has a hook on the underside of the casing for hanging garbage bags


• The handle might be too big for some users
• Leash release is not very smooth
• The light is slightly tilted downwards, causing the leash to obstruct it partially

Best Retractable Leash for Pups

When getting a leash for a puppy or a small dog like a Chihuahua, you need something light. The iPet Companion Retractable Automatic Dog Leash is lightweight and compact. It comes in two sizes. The 10-foot leash has a weight capacity of 18lbs while the 16-foot model can pull up to 31lbs. Your dog’s size will determine which leash to get. The design is the classic tape retractable leash where the lead goes into a 360° guiding mechanism. With the tangle-free technology in the spool, you don’t have to worry about your furry friend ending up entangled. Two buttons at the top of the casing give you control over the leash. You can tighten or relax the rope as necessary.

The ABS plastic and nylon used for construction make this product a heavy duty retractable dog leash. These materials reduce the risks of allergies for both the dog and walker. Durability is another plus side. The plastic casing can withstand bad weather, scratching, corrosion and shock from falls. Ergonomic design for the handle ensures that the user can maintain control of the leash even when dealing with a hyperactive pet. This leash is a budget-friendly option compared to the other listed products. It is available in multiple colours.


• Sturdy, rustproof swivel hook
• A soft plastic handle is comfortable during long walks
• One-touch control button


• The lead twists easily, especially with energetic dogs
• It can feel small and awkward for a person with large hands
• Retraction is too strong for very tiny animals

Best Option

The perfect leash means different things to various pet owners. It’s why I came up with a few alternatives when looking for the best retractable dog leash. Overall, I chose the iPet Companion Stretchable Running Leash for its versatility. Compared to the other products on this review, this particular leash ticks a lot of boxes. For one, it’s hands-free, so you can do almost anything as you walk the dog. Despite the elastic rope, you get two handles that offer you the same control as with a regular leash. The price is reasonable, given that you can use the leash for jogging, running and even hiking. Additionally, it is sturdy, safe and flexible, which is what makes a good retractable leash.