Best Retractable Dog Leash - Flexi & Heavy Duty Leashes

Best Retractable Dog Leash – Flexi & Heavy Duty Leashes

A retractable dog leash gives you a bit of slack to work with when walking your pooch. When you have a particularly playful pet, you will find that having extra slack is useful. I like this type of leash because I can let my baby wander off without worrying too much about where he is. A retractable leash has a wheel that stores the unused slack, which you can release when you need to.

A plastic housing at your end of the leash protects your hands from the movements of the cord. Dog owners have a dizzying number of choices when it comes to finding the best retractable dog leash. Here are my top picks.

Mighty Paw Retractable Dog leasH

BEST overall

  • Soft bristles ensures you do not harm your pet
  • Ergonomically designed

Rated by: Amber

UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash

BEST Budget-friendly

  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy Cleanup
  • No Strong Odors

Rated by: Amber

Dogloveit Retractable Dog Leash

Best for night walking

  • Easy to use
  • Keeps breath fresh
  • Suitable for all dogs

Rated by: Amber

The Best Retractable Dog Leash: Our Top Picks

1. Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Have you ever tried running while trying to keep an eye on your pet? It can be tedious with a regular leash, which can also restrict your activity, especially when you have to pull back a distracted dog. That's when you can trust this dog leash from MightyPaw.

The nylon leash is relatively tough. When running, the rope can sometimes drag along the ground, and this cord is made to absorb regular shock. A reflective thread on the cord makes sure you are visible at night or in low light. This retractable leash stretches up to 16ft and is quite suitable for most dogs.

 It comes with a rubber handle for an added comfort, which makes it ideal for jogging, hiking and walking. It is also suitable to use when pushing a stroller. You can easily put both hands on the stroller without worrying about the dog.  Overall, it is a great product, but you need to know that the leash may be a bit too long for smaller dogs.


  • It is suitable for most dogs
  • It comes with reflective stitching for low-light visibility
  • It is quite resistant to chewing


  • It may be a bit too long for small dogs.

2. UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a leash that is long, strong, and budget-friendly, you may want to put your money on this leash from UPSKY. It stretches up to 16ft, which means you will be able to give your beloved dog enough freedom of movement while you're out in a park. It works great for both small and large dog breeds, but you may have to think twice before using the full-length for small dogs, as they're more prone to accidents.

The housing of the leash is ABS plastic – a durable material with excellent impact resistance. It also holds up well against moisture, scratching and corrosion. For the leads, the manufacturer uses nylon, which is strong enough to handle the regular pulling. The cord can support up to 45 Lbs. With the non-slip handle, you can deal with the weight of your dog without losing control.

You won't experience a problem in terms of functionality because its smooth retraction action makes everything work flawlessly. Another great benefit is the availability of an integrated LED light, which means nighttime walking won't be tricky. The leash itself is in a bright blue color, which also helps improve your visibility in low-light conditions.


  • It comes with integrated LED light
  • It works for both small and large dogs
  • It is durable and non-toxic


  • It may be difficult to use for smaller dogs

3. Dogloveit Retractable Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This retractable leash has a simple design that makes it easy to use. The nylon wristband has a Velcro closure that ensures it stays nicely wrapped around the wrist. It allows you to wield control of your dog but still keep your hands free, which makes it ideal for jogging, but you can use it in any situation.

The leash has an auto-lock mechanism that releases and restricts the strap by detecting sudden movements. It offers a firm grip around the wrist, which makes it difficult for the dog to get away from you. You get an ABS plastic housing built to withstand shock and regular use. The circular shell is designed to sit safely on the wrist.

 It comes in different colors, and you can pick what suits you. The casing is easily replaceable, meaning when it gets too worn out, you can switch it out. The 10-foot strap is professionally made and is built to last and put up with constant pulling and abuse. You can use this hands-free leash for all kinds of dogs whether a docile, tugger or chewer. The only consideration I that the auto-lock is not as flexible as it should be.


  • It attaches easily to the wrist
  • It has a reflective rope that increases safety on the road
  • It is quite strong and durable


  • The auto-lock doesn’t offer much flexibility

4. Sammi's Choice Retractable Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It is one outstanding retractable leash for medium and large dogs. It provides you with singlehanded, one-button control, so you don't have to worry about anything while walking your dog.

Another great feature is that it comes with a detachable flashlight. It is made to increase visibility. Walking the dog in the evening has its benefits, but it can be frustrating as well. Visibility is one of the issues many dog owners deal with when walking at night. The illumination from the flashlight ensures that you can see the path ahead. The flashlight is especially handy when walking in unfamiliar territory.

It won't create a problem in terms of durability because of its high quality nylon cord and highly impressive ABS plastic casing, which is  sturdy, impact-resistant and environmentally friendly. The leash stretches to 16 feet. Between the handle and spool is a thumb-activated button that you push to lock or release the leash. The detachable flashlight consists of 9 LEDs and uses three AAA batteries. This leash is ideal for medium and large dogs of all temperament.


  • It comes with an ergonomic handle for improved comfort
  • It comes with a detachable flashlight
  • It is quite durable


  • The leash release may be a bit hard at times

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Just like any other leash, a retractable leash allows you to control your dog while walking but it comes with the added benefit of adjusting the length of the cord as per your liking. It is possible to adjust the length with a simple button and that makes these products quite useful. By using a retractable dog leash, you give your dog freedom of movement while keeping a close eye on what your furry friend is up to.

Who Makes the Best Retractable Dog Leash?

It was in 1908 when the dog leash patent was filed for the very first time in the U.S. At that time, it was called a "leading device" with an ingenious design that used a chain along with a drum and spring to release the string in stages. But, today, the world has surely come far and you can find some of the most versatile dog leashes, including the ones that can be retracted with the utmost ease.

So many dog owners still believe they should stick to the good old rope leashes, and avoid a retractable pet leash, but most people know that those leashes lack in many areas. Today, you can find many brands offering retractable leashes and there is always one suitable for your dog. You have to consider the cost, construction, length, and so many additional features to decide which one is the best dog retractable leash.

However, certain brands are way more popular and known for making the best dog leashes. For instance, if you're looking for a durable retractable pet leash and you don't care much about price, you may want to opt for a leash manufactured by Mighty Paw. Dogloveit is another name you can trust, especially when you're searching for the best leash for a small/medium dog. For a dog leash that is easy to use, you can put your money on PerfectPrice dog leash, which comes with a one-button brake. And if you want the most budget-friendly option, consider buying something from UPSKY. Similarly, hertzko retractable leashes are also quite popular among dog lovers with maximum positive reviews.

What is the Strongest Retractable Dog Leash?

It doesn't matter if you're walking a strong adult dog or you're taking an eager puppy out for a walk, using a heavy duty retractable dog leash is important. Today, you can find different types of leashes made from different materials. Educating yourself about materials and designs will help select a leash that is strong and work flawlessly as well.

For stronger extension leads for dogs, you may want to opt for paracord or nylon ribbon leash because these materials are quite reliable.  There always a metal chain option if you're talking an exceptionally strong pup for a walk. The metal leashes are quite suitable for dogs who like to chew and your nylon leash can't control them. Of course, you have to be a bit careful too when using metal leashes because improper use can always lead to accidents.

Are Retractable Leashes Bad for Dogs?

No, retractable leashes aren't bad, if used correctly!

It ultimately depends on a number of factors, including the temperament of your dog. For instance, you won't experience any issue when using a retractable leash on a calm dog, but it can be a hassle and more likely to cause accidents when you use it on an overall active dog.

Similarly, you need to put your money on the strongest retractable dog leashes if you have a large dog. Using a retractable leash can become tricky when your dog gets distracted quite easily. Consider how your dog behaves when he encounters people, other dogs, and animals like squirrels.

To make extension lead dog safer, you need to learn to use retractable dog leashes correctly. For instance, it is easy to tangle the cord around your leg or arm, and that means your walk can turn into a nightmare if your dog decides to sprint. Therefore, it often a good idea to first train your dog properly to walk on a lead, for which you can always rely on a shock collar or other aids.

 Using a retractable or dog extension lead on small or disciplined dogs won't cause any trouble whatsoever.  In fact, you will experience numerous benefits of using this option. For instance, the obvious benefit is to let your dog explore the world at his own pace without you feeling worried about his safety. You can control the length using a simple button if you feel your dog is going too far where it could be dangerous for him. Just ensure that you're using a heavy duty retractable dog leash for a stronger dog.

It all boils down to the fact that a dog lead extendable leash is like any other leash that you use to contain your dog. Failing to use a leash – retractable or otherwise – might hurt your dog. If you stay active and don’t let your dog wander too far from you, there is nothing wrong in using a retractable leash.

Is Retractable Leash Good for Puppies

Yes, it is – if, of course, you know how to use it properly.

It is always a good idea to train your puppy early, especially to walk on a lead. This will save you from a lot of hassle you're likely to experience when your little puppy turns into a large powerful dog. 

You can surely use extending dog leads on a puppy, but be sure to select the right size. The leash should not be too long or too short. Know that your tiny friend is still exploring the world and wants to sniff everything he finds while walking. Therefore, you need to give him ample space to roam, but again, don't opt for something too long if it is too early in the training process.

A few things to remember when buying retractable dog leashes:

  • Ensure that it is lightweight and comfortable. If you have to shift the unit from one hand to the other, you're not feeling comfortable and that is going to affect the overall experience of walking your dog. It needs to be a fun activity for both you and your dog.
  • Pay attention to the durability of the handle of the unit. It needs to be comfortable but strong enough to ensure you can handle your dog when he starts pulling. Going for a dog leash with an adjustable handle is a great idea too.
  • Consider the length of your retractable leash as well. The leash you choose should at least be 10ft long, but sometimes, it is better to opt for a cord that is longer and lets your dog to roam around while you're still in control.
  • Think of buying a top-rated retractable leash that comes with nifty features, such as small boxes attached to it. You can store treat sin these boxes. There are also leashes with a collapsible water bowl, so you may want to buy them if you're planning long walks.  Similarly, buying a leash with reflective cord is another great feature to consider if you walk your dog in low-light conditions.

However, as mentioned already, retractable leashes can certainly be a safety concern when not used correctly. Remember the following points if you'd love to use a retractable leash for your little puppy but have safety concerns as well.

  • Consider investing in a no-pull dog leash, especially for a large puppy. You can also opt for the one that you need to wrap around your pup's torso, which in turn will discourage pulling.
  • Be sure to consider your puppy on the sidewalk and well out of danger while using retractable dog leashes, and never use the "open setting" that lets your puppy be as far away from you as the total length of the cord allows.
  • Be vigilant and eel in the leash if you notice your dog wandering too close to another dog. And remember to lock the leash if you know there are animals and objects that can make your dog excited.
  • Consider using tape or flat belt types of retractable leashes and avoid the cord type if you're a little too concerned about the safety of your little puppy. This way, you won't have to worry about possible dangers associated with cord types, such as rope burn, amputation, and laceration.
  • Always use a branded leash from a reputable manufacturer. Your leash needs to be strong and durable. Using a knock-off leash can be dangerous, as you never know when it might stop working.
  • Never use a retractable leash in areas where you know you should keep your dog or puppy lose to your side. At least, adjust the length and lock your leash when walking in heavily populated areas.


To enjoy a pleasant walk with your four-legged friend, you should be willing to try whatever you can, and buying retractable dog leashes is surely something you should consider. The use of a retractable leash means you give your dog ample space to sniff, enjoy physical exercise, and enjoy the freedom of movement. That may actually keep them from pulling that can easily turn a walk into an uncomfortable outing. Just be sure to opt for a branded, high-quality leash, always check it for functionality, and be vigilant when your dog or puppy is on a retractable leash to keep everyone happy.

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