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Best Muzzles for Your Pit Bulls

All dogs are lovable, but if you really have to pinpoint a breed that constantly gets a bad rap, it has to be the pit bull. Because of their dark eyes and rather stout frames, they may look aggressive to some. But, you need to understand that it all comes down to how you train your dog and makes him behave well around people. Nevertheless, it's important that you take all precautionary measure while training your pit bull, so that he doesn't end up hurting someone. That's exactly when many people consider going for a muzzle for pitbull. You can find various types of muzzles for pitbull in the market these days, and it's obvious to feel confused when making a choice. Here are some high quality options to help you select the best dog muzzle for pitbull.

The Best Muzzle for Pitbull: Our Top Picks

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

BEST affordable

  • Soft bristles ensures you do not harm your pet
  • Ergonomically designed

Rated by: Amber

BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy Cleanup
  • No Strong Odors

Rated by: Amber

DML Leather Muzzle for Pitbull

Best leather

  • Easy to use
  • Keeps breath fresh
  • Suitable for all dogs

Rated by: Amber

1. CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Those looking for a good quality muzzle for a pitbull terrier may want to put their money on this product. It's an extremely tough muzzle, which is heavily reinforced to last long. The design is quite basic, but it surely does the job quite effectively. Because of this simple design, it also costs a lot less than a high quality wire basket muzzle in the market.

In terms of durability though, it comes right at the top. The straps are extremely nice and very thick to ensure that the muzzle stays in place all the time. As it's quite strong, it may often feel a bit on the bulkier side, which can make your dog a bit uncomfortable after some time.  Moreover, some people believe it's not as efficient as metal wire basket muzzle when it comes keeping your dog comfortable. Drinking water may also be a bit difficult with this muzzle.


  • It's quite tough and durable
  • It's quite affordable
  • It has strong and thick straps


  • It's not as realistic as other high end muzzles

2. BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you have an aggressive dog, you're not going to get anything better than this particular steel-wire muzzle. The material itself is quite strong, which is why it will keep everyone around your dog well protected.

It's worth mentioning that though the material of the muzzle itself is quite tough and may be a bit bulky, the straps are light and soft. It uses genuine leather straps, which are quite comfortable to wear for your dog. Considering the size of the muzzle, it may be better to have a bit beefier straps.

Speaking of comfort, the use of padded nosepiece will also make it a good choice for those who intend to leave it on for an extended time. Overall, it's a great choice, but be sure to examine the wire before putting it on your dog to keep him safe all the time.


  • It uses steel wires for sturdiness
  • It uses genuine leather straps
  • It features padded nosepiece for comfort


  • The straps could've been of better quality

3. DML Leather Muzzle for Pitbull

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for an all leather muzzle for your dog, you may want to buy this one for its great quality.  It looks strong and comfortable at the same time. The leather seems to be of good quality, which means it won't stretch over time. The good thing is that this leather muzzle won't hinder eating, drinking, or breathing in any way.

The design is quite simple, which is why you can put it on and take it off with utmost ease. This leather muzzle is also quite adjustable, so you can find a good fit to keep your Pittie happy. The straps are of good quality too, but some people believe it should be reinforced to make this leather muzzle a bit more appropriate for a strong breed as pit bulls.


  • It's an all leather muzzle for dogs
  • It keeps your dog comfortable
  • It's fully adjustable


  • It's a bit on the expensive side

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Your beloved pitbull terrier has descended from the English bull-baiting dog, and his ancestors had performed in dog fighting rings, which is probably the reason why they still enjoy a reputation of being an aggressive dog breed. Random breeding is another issue responsible for the poor reputation of pit bulls, as it leads to variety of different traits and temperaments. As a pitbull terrier owner, you may be quick to refuse the fact that pit bulls can indeed be aggressive, which can happen for so many reasons. Therefore, it's sometimes necessary to resort to muzzles to make sure that your dog doesn’t cause any harm to other dogs or humans.

Do Pitbulls Need Muzzles?

No, they don't always need muzzles.

It often depends on your unique situation and your individual dog. Their history and breeding may also have a role to play when determining whether your pitbull terrier really requires a dog muzzle or not.

Generally, it's a good idea to use a dog muzzle not just for pit bulls but for other large dogs that have a strong prey drive. You'll feel more confident walking your pitbull dog while wearing the dog muzzle if he's going to be around smaller animals. The same holds true for pit bulls known for high dog aggression. If your dog has bitten someone in the past, it's a good idea to make him wear a dog muzzle when going out in public.

Still, you need to understand that there's no need to use a pit bull muzzle if you have a well-behaved dog that listens to you very well. Simply going for a pitbull dog muzzle based on breed alone is never a good idea. However, you may want to keep a pitbull dog muzzle handy because there will be situations when it's better to be on the safe side. For instance, you can use muzzles when going for an intrusive grooming session or taking your dog to the vet.

There's much controversy surrounding the use of muzzles, but many top brands now offer muzzles that may not be as uncomfortable as muzzles from the past. Once you've decided you require a pitbull dog muzzle, it's time to conduct your research, learn more about different options, and then select the right one to keep your pitbull dog comfortable. A leather muzzle is usually the best option, but you can also find a wire basket muzzle for the ease of use. You can even find a basket muzzle with leather straps to ensure your dog stays comfortable. Going for leather straps is usually going to help you keep your dog muzzled for long, but the same can be achieved through a high quality basket dog muzzle.

Do Muzzles Make Dogs More Aggressive?

No, that's not the case.

In fact, the truth is that using pit bull muzzles isn't going to have a huge impact on your dog's original temperament. It isn't going to make an aggressive dog any less aggressive, but it's just going to protect others when your dog eventually loses control. Still, it's not a good idea to put a muzzle on your pitbull dog as a punishment, as it's going to prove ineffective and might end up making him confused and somewhat aggressive too.

When introducing a pit bull muzzle to your dog, it's important to do it slowly. Don't make him become afraid of the muzzle or you'll have a hard time making your dog wear it for long enough. Here are a few things you can try when using a pit bull muzzle:

  • Get a muzzle and put it in front of your pit bull. Leave it there for a while and encourage your dog to approach it. Remember, if you force a muzzle onto your dog, you're not going to get good results. In fact, you might end up dealing with a very aggressive dog, especially when he's a pit bull. Let your dog sniff the muzzle first and get used to it. This will help prevent any negative reaction from them.  Make sure to reward him when he checks the muzzle and feels calm.
  • Take some peanut butter or use any other wet food and apply it inside the muzzle. This will encourage your dog to put his nose inside the muzzle. As his focus will be on the food, he won't feel nervous when you eventually decide to put on the muzzle.
  • Start by making him wear the pit bull muzzle for a short time. Take it off and offer a treat. Repeat the same for some time until he gets used to the routine. Then, take your dog outside for a very short walk. Get back, remove the muzzle, and don't forget to feed him treats.

Understand, you have to be very patient when dealing with an aggressive dog, as he's not going to allow you to use a pit bull muzzle easily. Positive reinforcement will surely help you train him better.

How Long Can a Dog Wear a Muzzle?

There's no rule to follow here, but you can decide considering your unique circumstances. It all comes down to why you've decided to switch to a muzzle in the first place.  Similarly, you may want to consider the outside temperature when deciding for how long your dog should wear a pit bull muzzle.

There are varieties of pit bull muzzles available these days, so you can pick one considering the temperature outside and the time of the day when you want your dog to wear a muzzle. If you feel the outside temperature is high, you should opt for a muzzle that lets your dog to move his jaw with ease. It will keep the air circulating and allows him to drink water whenever he wants.

It's better to avoid a muzzle that keeps your dog's mouth shut a little too tightly, and you might not be able to leave it for longer than 15 minutes. If it's relaxed and your dog's feeling comfortable, you can easily leave your dog muzzled for up to 45 minutes in most situations.

Are Muzzles Humane?

There's a huge debate always going on regarding the use of pit bull muzzles. Some dog owners just hate them and deem it inhumane, while others believe it helps keep everyone around them safe. Whether you should muzzle your dog or not depends on your unique circumstances, but there are certain instances when you might benefit from using this option. For instance:

  • Sometimes, you have to muzzle your dog because of specific legal requirements in your area. In some states, you're not allowed to bring your pit bull in public unless he's wearing a muzzle. States where they consider pit bull a dangerous breed, it's never a good idea to ignore the importance of using a muzzle.
  • You may want to muzzle your dog during a vet visit, especially if your dog is in a vulnerable condition. When your dog is ill or injured, they're likely to become nervous and often aggressive. Even a gentle dog can lose control when a vet examines them in different ways. Make sure to go for a pit bull muzzle if you suspect your dog might behave aggressively while a vet poking and prodding him.

Other than these situations, muzzling your pitbull dog may be justified when going for an intrusive grooming session. So, keep these points in mind and seriously think of buying the best pit bull muzzle even if you don't intend to use it often.

Buy the Best Muzzle for PitBull

Every pit bull owner will tell you that it's a loyal and friendly breed, especially when you invest in training him property. You'll love to see them cuddle up to you when they're not willing to go for a walk. Still, there are situations when you need to use pit bull muzzles to be on the safe side. If that's the case with you, it's a good idea to buy BronzeDog Wire Muzzle, as it's extremely strong yet quite realistic. Give it a shot!

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