Best Dog Clicker for Training - Train Dog Clickers Review

Best Dog Clickers for Dog Training

One of the most effective ways to train a puppy or dog is to use positive reinforcement. I came to realize that using a dog training clicker was the best decision I ever made after buying my first dog. I opted for a trainer but eventually ended up teaching my dog some simple tricks with the training clicker. I that case, I will share with you some of the top dog training clickers on the market and what makes each one of them stand out. You will also get to learn my personal best and why it never leaves my fingers.

Starmark Clicker System

BEST overall

  • It features an ergonomic design
  • It is comfortable to use

Rated by: Amber

Karen Pryor i-Click 

BEST for sensitive dogs

  • It is suitable for sensitive dogs
  • It is easy to use
  • It isdurable

Rated by: Amber

PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

Best with finger holder

  • Easy to use
  • Keeps breath fresh
  • Suitable for all dogs

Rated by: Amber

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1. Starmark Clicker System

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a good quality clicker with an ergonomic design, you should consider buying this clicker system from StarMark. Thanks to its design, it is quite simple to use it because it fits comfortably in your hand.

Durability is never going to be an issue because it uses stainless steel, which won't rust or become non-functional any time soon. It feels good in your palm and is easy-to-use because of its rubber button.

 The clicker sound is quite strong, which means that it will work great in noisy places, but it also suggests that it may not be a great choice to train sensitive dogs. The system includes a training guide, so you can follow those instructions to see if it works for your dog. Keep in mind that though the clicker comes with a hole to use a lanyard for safety, you won't get a key chain or anything inside the package.


  • It features an ergonomic design
  • It is comfortable to use with a rubber button
  • It comes with a training guide


  • It doesn't come with a pre-attached lanyard

2. Karen Pryor i-Click

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

In case your goal is to find the best clicker for dog training that is suitable for a sensitive dog, you will surely like this one. It produces a soft sound, so it won't startle your dog at all. But, the good thing is that it is still loud enough to grab his attention and help you train him successfully.

Because of its stainless steel housing, it will last for a long time. Its ergonomic design also helps you use it comfortably without feeling fatigued or anything. The size is small enough to hide in your hand, which is essential for proper clicker training.  The only issue is that it doesn't come with a training guide.


  • It works great for sensitive dogs
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use
  • It is quite well-made and durable


  • It doesn't come with a training guide

3. PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It has to be the best dog training clicker currently available on the market, if you value comfort. Other than that, the device features a large button that is easy to press and responsive enough to come back up. You will love it if you prefer clickers with elastic finger holders as they secure the clicker in your hand. It has that and a hole you can attach to your keychain for portability.

This dog training clicker is built with a durable material to last through harsh usage. Additionally, it is easy to use on different breeds of dogs that are sensitive as it produces a soft clicking sound. This sound is also ideal for trainers who prefer training dogs indoors.

Another good thing is that it comes with a training guide that you can use to get better results. But, do keep in mind that it may be a bit on the softer side, which makes it difficult to use in noisy environments.


  • It comes with a finger holder for easy use
  • It is quite durable
  • It comes with a clicker training guide


  • It may not be loud enough to train in a noisy environment

4. Dog Clicker Treat Walking Training Pouch Bag

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

One of the key reasons why most pet owners want a well-mannered dog is to receive a good impression when walking the dog. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which you can also use as a waist belt. The pouch is of high quality and made from canvas material, which makes it water repellent as well.

If you are the type of pet owner that’s particular about colors, then you will love the fact that the clicker matches the treat bag. This device also produces an excellent loud click for dogs that are not too sensitive. The small size of this clicker enables it to fit in your palms for maximum comfort. Additionally, the device has a wrist strap that makes it easy to carry around and prevents it from getting misplaced. This easy to use clicker features a big button surrounded by four huge sound holes that release crisp sound.


The bag that comes with this clicker simply enhances freedom every time you go out with your dog. Not only can you use it to store snacks and food but other small items for convenience when traveling. Therefore, you can fully pack your bag with incentives to reward your pet during the training. It is made of high quality, durable and waterproof material that can stand through the test of time. Overall, it’s a good product but you may want to think twice before using it for overly sensitive dogs.


  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on your pet’s gums
  • No need for toothpaste


  • Short life span
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FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Is a Clicker Good for Dog Training?

Yes, it surely is.

The biggest reason why a dog training clicker works great with dogs is that works on the concept of positive reinforcement. There's no punishment or no harsh words involved in the training method, which is why your dog will naturally feel confident. They know even if they make a mistake, they won't get punished for it. But, they will also know that they're not going to get a click – and a treat – if they make a mistake, so they will correct it naturally, which will leave you with a well-mannered pet. Moreover, a confident dog will be happier, and that can save you from many other problems, such as aggression problems that crop up when your dog feels threatened.

Clicker training may also work great because it is fun for you and your dog. You both will get to see rewards quite quickly – your dog gets clicks and treats, whereas you get to see an obedient pet in return. It feels amazing when you see your furry friend getting your commands and behaving the way you want. And a correctly used clicker can help you have this exhilarating feeling over and over. Surely, a win-win situation for both parties involved in the training process!

As there is no punishment involved, clicker training your dog will establish a better rapport and make it easier for you to communicate with your beloved pet in a better way. Using it correctly would actually enable you to talk to your dog because they will start to trust you more, which will ultimately be strengthening your bond.

The pet training clicker really helps during the initial learning phase. Instead of using spoken words, using a clicker for your dog works in a more systematic fashion and therefore produces impressive results. There will also be fewer reinforcers needed to correct or train a behavior.

Another benefit of dog training clicker is that it gives your dog the liberty to be creative. Expect them to take initiative and take training sessions as quality fun-time spent with you. Positive reinforcement will do him a world of good and you will see a dog who is capable of solving problems on his own.

 As you can see, using clicker training is a great way to have a well-trained dog, and it saves you from trying anything harsh that would hurt your dog's physical or mental wellbeing. You just need to be creative and work on finding the best timing to use the clicker and treats to get better results.

How Do You Train a Dog with a Clicker?

Clicker training can be an effective way of teaching your dog new behaviors, but you have to do it correctly. For starters, you need to learn how to use a clicker and treats together.

Some dog owners think they have to give a treat to their furry friends every time they click. That is not the case. But, you also need to understand that not offering a treat 'frequently' after clicks will also make this training method lose its effectiveness. During the initial stages of training, you may get away with too many treats offered to your dog after each click. It is actually good because your dog will associate clicks with a strong reward, which will motivate him to behave prudently. Therefore, the catch is to decide how often you need to use those treats. 

Now that you've understood the underlying concept that makes clicker training effective, here's the process to make it work in the real world setting.

  • Opt for a Calm Setting: If you don't pick a setting that is free of distractions, you may not get your dog's attention, which is essential for making click training to work.  A good idea is to start your training in a calm environment when your dog is actually hungry.
  • Use the Clicker: You will be able to introduce your dog to the clicker in a more effective way if you do it when he's actually feeling hungry. Introduce the clicker and offer a treat for 5-10 times before you actually make your dog do something you want. The idea is to make him understand that the clicking sound is associated with a reward that he can get by following your lead.
  • Test Your Dog: When you first start with clicker training dog, it is essential to move slowly and ensure that your dog does respond to the clicking sound. After the first few times, you can use the clicks to see if it gets your dog's attention and if he feels eager to get a treat after the click. If yes, you're ready to take the next step of teaching your dog new behaviors using the click-treat combination.
  • Start with Basic Commands:  Use your clicker to teach him the basic commands first. These commands may involve making him look at you, come at your command, leave it, drop it, stop, and sit. Be sure to get your dog's attention, tell him to do a specific action, and click to praise and finish by giving a treat. Understand that the whole focus is on making him understand that the clicking sound helped him get the treat. He should know that his action made him get the "click", and when he gets a click, it means a reward is on its way too.
  • Proceed with Advanced Training: After your dog develops an association with the click and follows your commands for basic actions, you can then switch to more advanced training.  By this time, you will be able to make your dog perform certain actions like sit, stand, stop, etc., without you manipulating him into position first.  By clicking for small steps, you can eventually make him learn the final, completed behavior.

Few Things to Remember

Using a clicker during an obedience and training program can go a long way towards helping your dog learn new behaviors and stick to them.  But to get good results, you need to remember a few things. For instance:

  • Be sure to click only once or you might make it difficult for him to know that the clicking sound actually earned him a reward.
  • Don't forget to treat after you click or else you will confuse your dog and make him lose his interest in the whole training process.
  • Never hold the clicker as if it is a remote control because you just want him to associate with the clicker sound and not with some object. Therefore, keeping the clicker behind your back or by your side is the right thing to do.
  • Work on finding the right clicker because some clickers can be quite loud and may scare your dog. Using a softer clicker is the way to go here.

 An important thing to bear in mind is that you need to work on your hand-eye coordination to produce that clicking sound exactly when it is needed. The more precise you are, the higher the chances of you getting your dog associating rewards to the clicks. Also, remember that though clicker training dogs works quite well, you may not get desired results when using it on a dog with low food-drive. A dog who isn't driven by treats or rewards may not respond well to this method of training.   But still, you should include clickers in your training routine and see how it works to continue using it.

Why Does a Dog Clicker Work?

Dog clickers work because they are based on the principle of positive reinforcement. It means the clicker produces a distinct that tells your dog that he's going to get a tasty reward. You produce that sound using a clicker when your dog what he's asked, like sit down, stop, or lie down.

 In other words, the clicker sound actually provides your dog with quick feedback for his actions. If he gets rewarded for an action, he's likely to repeat that whenever you want. Therefore, a clicker works by reinforcing a particular action and telling your dog to be attentive and repeat a certain behavior to get something good.

Can You Clicker Train an Older Dog?

When used correctly, a clicker can help train dogs of all ages and breeds. In fact, it helps with all types of dogs, champions and house companions as well as purebred and rescued dogs.  Therefore, you can surely get good results by using a clicker with your older dog.

 Here, it is important to mention that a dog clicker for training is most effective when you have a dog with high food-drive, which means that it can be a bit tricky to train older dogs that may not be that interested in food anymore. However, that doesn’t mean you should never use a clicker altogether, but you can replace the treat or food with something he loves. It could be a quick game of tug of war or simply throwing a tennis ball for him.


Clicker training is around for quite some time, and if you use it correctly, it can be the only effective option to train your dog some complex actions. Finding a right dog clicker for training is important, as it has to be easy-to-use and soft enough to not frighten your dog. Durability is important too. Be sure to check the options we've highlighted and start clicker training to have a well-mannered dog.

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