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What Is The Best Dog Training Clicker On The Market?

One of the most effective ways to train a puppy or dog is to use positive reinforcement. I came to realize that using a dog training clicker was the best decision I ever made after buying my first dog. I opted for a trainer but eventually ended up teaching my dog some simple tricks with the training clicker. I that case, I will share with you some of the top dog training clickers on the market and what makes each one of them stand out. You will also get to learn my personal best and why it never leaves my fingers.

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Best Clicker for A New Dog

The iPetCompanion dog clicker with a band might be your best dog accessory if you are looking for a clicker for a new dog that has never been trained before. These clickers come in a set of four, each with attractive color to match your preference. A good clicker is one that stands the test of time and the high-quality stainless steel that makes this clicker gives it a long life and prevents rusting. If you are looking for a nice design that’s comfortable to the hand, then this might be what you need.

This iPetCompanion dog clicker has quite a big responsive button that presses easily and comes back up quickly. Customers have also praised this dog clicker for providing the right sound, not too soft and not too loud, which makes it ideal for pet owners with different breeds of dogs. The wrist strap attached to this device helps secure the clicker in your hand. I find this feature quite helpful considering that I am a bit careless with my dog clickers once the training session is over. The bracelet on this device is also elastic, which makes it comfortable on your wrist and easy to extend. This could be the best dog clicker to help you develop a strong relationship with your dog through teaching and training.


  • High-quality clicker that stands falls
  • Responsive button which is easy to press and can be used by anybody
  • Comes in different colors to match your personal preference
  • Elastic wrist strap to secure the clicker in place


  • It may not be the best clicker for pets that are too sensitive.

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Best Clicker for Sensitive Dogs

Since the key principle of clicker training is to associate the ‘Click’ with the right behavior, iPetCompanion Keychain dog clicker gets some impressive points as it comes with a big button to ensure every click counts. The wide range of colors to choose from is the other reason why this accessory has received more positive reviews than critics. This clicker has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Since the iPetCompanion Keychain dog clicker doesn’t come with an elastic ring or wrist wrap to keep it in your palm, it is built solidly for durability and reliability in case of falls. However, it comes with a key ring that lets you attach a wrist wrap. What makes it stand out from other clickers in this list is the whistle at the opposite lower part. This high-frequency dog whistle can reach a long-range, which makes it easy to summon your dog. As much as this device doesn’t have sound holes, it still has gaps that allow it to produce crisp and loud noise; not too loud to startle or scare the dog. As a result, this could be the right gadget for different breeds of dogs.


  • It is a dog clicker with a whistle that lets you easily communicate with your dog
  • Solidly built for durability
  • Comes in a wide range of colors for your personality
  • Comfortable and easy to use by any pet owner
  • Suitable for sensitive pets


  • Doesn’t come with an elastic ring or wrist wrap

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Best Clicker for Comfort

Training your dog should be a fun and engaging exercise. I spend at least 15 minutes every day to train my dog. This is the ideal time you should spend training your dog. To make the most of this limited time, you need a clicker that emits a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that’s not only harmless to the human ear but highly effective to dogs. Therefore, with the IPetCompanion 3 in 1 Dog Training Device, you don’t need a dog trainer to train your dog to be obedient and stop bad behaviors.

This device is highly portable thanks to its compact size that fits in your ordinary pocket. Unlike other clickers in this list, this one also features a 2800mcd strong white LED flashlight. Its primary purpose is to activate visual and additive activation to all kinds of pets. This might be the ideal device for pet owners looking for an easy to operate dog training clicker. You only need to open the battery cover and put 1-piece 9V battery to power the device. Turn on the switch and start giving your dog orders. Since this device hosts a powerful battery, it can serve as a flashlight when needed.

Since there is no liquid propellant used in this device, it makes it 100% safe to humans and also harmless to dogs. It offers the most humane way to stay safe from aggressive dogs. It is thus suitable for training different kinds of pets.


  • Comes with LED light that can also be used as a flashlight
  • Built for durability to stand falls
  • The Huge button makes it easy to use
  • Comfortable design that perfectly fits into your palm
  • An easy-to-carry strap that secures the clipper into your palm


  • Only comes in two colors

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Best Clicker for Indoor Use

The best dog clicker in the market is one that features an ergonomic design, perfect for a comfortable fit into your hands. The iPetCompanion Dog Finger Clicker might be the right device if you value comfort. Other than that, the device features a large button that is easy to press and responsive enough to come back up. I have a preference for clickers with elastic finger holders as they secure the clicker in your hand. iPetCompanion Dog Finger Clicker has that and a hole you can attach to your keychain for portability.

This clicker is built with a durable material to last through harsh usage. Additionally, it is easy to use on different breeds of dogs that are sensitive as it produces a soft clicking sound. This sound is also ideal for trainers who prefer training dogs indoors.


  • The clicker is suitable for sensitive dogs
  • Compact size fits perfectly in your hands and is comfortable to use
  • A well-built body that can stand falls
  • A responsive button that’s easy to use and effectively springs back up


  • It cannot be used in the outdoor or a noisy environment

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Best Clicker For Outdoor Use

One of the key reasons why most pet owners want a well-mannered dog is to receive a good impression when walking the dog. The iPetCompanion Dog Clicker with Treat Bag is ideal for training, running or walking your dog. If you are the type of pet owner that’s particular about colors, then you will love the fact that the clicker matches the treat bag. This device also produces an excellent loud click for dogs that are not too sensitive.

The small size of this clicker enables it to fit in your palms for maximum comfort. Additionally, the device has a wrist strap that makes it easy to carry around and prevents it from getting misplaced. This easy to use clicker features a big button surrounded by four huge sound holes that release crisp sound.

The bag that comes with this clicker simply enhances freedom every time you go out with your dog. Not only can you use it to store snacks and food but other small items for convenience when travelling. Therefore, you can fully pack your bag with incentives to reward your pet during the training. It is made of high quality, durable and waterproof material that can stand through the test of time.


  • Comes with a stylish, light and convenient bag to carry food and snacks
  • The clickers are small to offer comfort and come with wrist straps for portability
  • The clicker produces an excellent loud click
  • Easy to use for all types of people


  • They are not suitable for sensitive dogs

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Best Clicker for Talking to your Dog

A good number of pet owners will agree that there is nothing as fulfilling as having a dog that can communicate to you when he needs to feed or go to the potty. A dog can do all that with the help of a dog training bell. The iPetCompanion Dog Training Bell features a pleasant sound, loud enough for the less sensitive dogs. It has a wide and flat button on top, which makes it easy for a dog to hit with his paw when he wants to say something.

This bell can also serve as the best clicker for dog training as it is handy and easy to carry around for those outdoor activities your dog loves. With its waterproof feature, you don’t have to worry about your dog spilling liquid to it.


  • It is a waterproof dog training bell
  • Lightweight enhances portability
  • It is loud enough to get your attention when pressed by your dog
  • Has an appealing claw footprint design that’s perfect for dogs
  • Comes in a wide range of colors to choose from
  • A fun way to train your dog


  • It is too loud for sensitive dogs

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What Makes A Good Training Clicker For Your Dog?

Getting the best clicker for dog training may not be the most straightforward task considering the flooded market. Most people will try out different brands to come up with one that works. Since these accessories come cheap, pet owners don’t mind buying different brands. You can save yourself the hassle by considering the following factors.

The material

The material of the clicker is what determines its overall quality and durability. The best material that makes up a high-quality clicker is stainless steel or ABS plastic. When choosing a clicker based on material, you also need to consider a dust resistant body. The button should be made of rubber or plastic to prevent your thumb from becoming sore.

The sound

When training your dog for the first time, it is always important to choose a calm and quiet place to get the full attention of your dog. Even when the environment is not as quiet as expected, you should still be able to train your dog with the clicker. Hence, you need a loud clicker. However, when the clicker is too loud, it may startle your pet. For this reason, you need to evaluate the sensitivity of your pet before choosing the best dog clicker.

The Design

Comfort should be a priority when looking for a dog clicker, and small-sized design will help achieve that. Ergonomic design allows users to carry the device around with ease. You should also consider curved edges that will enable you to use the clicker without hurting your fingers or hand.


My Best Option

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My personal best clicker for dog training is the iPetCompanion 3 in 1 Dog Training Device. It stands out in this list as the training device with a high-pitched ultrasonic sound. Although this sound may be irritating to some pets, it works perfect for my dog and might be the ideal device for you if you leave in a noisy neighborhood. Additionally, this clicker comes with a bright LED light that’s perfect for visual and additive activation. This means that your dog will not only respond to sound but light as well. With all these features, iPetCompanion 3 in 1 Dog Training Device is still compact and comfortable to hold in your palm.