Wooden Dog Crates - Wood End Table Crates for Dog Reviews

Dog Crate Furniture: The Best Wooden Dog Crates of 2019

Wooden dog crates allow your furry baby a space they can call their own in your home. They’re stylish, multi-functional, and a space-saver, too. What’s more, you can choose one that’ll work with your interior design.

A wooden dog crate doubles as an end table. Unlike a typical crate, it doesn’t have the look of a ‘cage’. It resembles a piece of furniture more. You can place it in your living spaces, where the action is, so your dog will not feel alone.

If you’re a new pet parent and are hands-on when it comes to designing your home, you might be interested in getting a wooden crate. We’ve checked out various wooden crates and looked into their prices and features.

On this post, we’ll share the most highly-rated wooden dog crates that you may also consider for your pet. We’ve also listed the best wooden dog crate overall, best budget dog crate furniture, and the best end table.

So before you shop, read through this quick list below.

Best Budget Buy

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Available in 3 sizes, this wooden crate by Casual Home retails for only $105.7. It’s an ideal choice for pet parents that are looking for a wooden dog crate that’s both affordable and durable.

This crate comes with a lockable gate to keep your dog safe while you’re away. It also has a stylish look that easily blends with your home furnishings. It’s also easy to assemble, you can do it yourself.

Users love how lightweight and easy to assemble the product is. It may not be the sturdiest option available, but it serves its purpose well, for its price point.

Overall, if you’re working on a limited budget, this is a good buy.

Best Wooden Dog Crate Overall

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

This product seems to tick off all the characteristics of a great wooden crate. It looks beautiful and can blend in with the rest of your home decor.

It’s also easy to put together (you won’t need any tool) and even doubles as a gate. It also comes with a removable plastic tray to help keep your flooring clean.

Users commend the welding quality of the metals, how quick it took them to assemble the crate, and how their dogs loved staying in it. However, some also comment that this item may not be suitable for highly-energetic dogs.

Best End Table

Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

If you’re passionate about interior design, then chances are you’ll love this wooden dog crate by Crown Pet Products.

You can choose from 2 finished and 2 sizes available. The product is made of sustainable rubberwood that’s beautifully stained to achieve the look of fine furniture.

This wooden pet crate is a great end table for it’s waterproof. Its floor is easy to clean and odors aren’t absorbed.

Buyers are happy with the simple installation process, although you might need another hand. The gate swings two-way, which may make the assembly a little challenging, but that should be a minor issue only.

Other Wooden Pet Crates to Consider

Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate with Cushion

If you prefer a white dog crate, then Internet’s Best offers you a wonderful option.

This decorative wooden crate adds a luxurious vibe to any room. It can double as an end table or even a nightstand if you’re thinking of taking your furry baby to your bedroom.

The product comes with durable wire panels for longevity. However, the manufacturer says that this crate is not for dogs that love to chew. The crate features two side doors and two end doors.

Its top is wide enough to accommodate magazines, coasters or even small potted plants. Buyers are happy that the crate is easy to assemble and that they get to enjoy a full view of their pet.

Boomer & George Wooden Pet Crate End Table in Espresso Finish with Metal Accents

Another top-rated wooden pet crate is from Boomer & George. Made of wood and metal, this product comes in a stylish espresso finish It provides ample airflow and view for your furry baby.

The bottom of the crate is also made elevated. Users commend the product craftsmanship, describing it as a real upgrade from the plastic crate type.

Construction is great. Plus, it’s easy to put together. And the most important thing is that their dog loves it.

Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House

If you want a unique and fun house for your furry family member, then this product from Merry Pet is worth considering. Take note, though, that it’s designed for small pets.

The product is made durable with a raised panel floor to help keep your furry baby dry. You can remove the roof and the bottom panels for easy cleaning.

Putting together the product is also easy. The package comes with clear instructions.

Buyers love how adorable the product is that everyone who sees it thinks the same, too. However, they share that the stairs are narrow and shallow. Overall, though, their pet is happy and that’s what matters.

DenHaus Mahogany Townhaus Wooden Pet Crate

Although it only received a couple of reviews so far, it’s worth noting that this wooden dog crate has a perfect rating. Manufactured by DenHaus, this crate also doubles the duty as an end table.

You can incorporate it into any room as it can blend well with any interior design. The crate comes with a removable door, allowing your furry baby to move out and come back in any time.
The crate material is also crack-resistant and the finish is non-toxic. Buyers love that the product exceeded their expectations and that everything is well-made and good-looking.

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door for Small Dog Grey 31.5 x 21.5 x 21 Inches

This wooden pet house comes in a stylish grey color. It can fit small dogs weighing less than 30 lbs.

The product is made of natural paint and the manufacturer used a water-based, harmless paint. The design is made to withstand wind or rain, giving you peace of mind about your dog’s safety.

You can choose to place the crate indoors or outdoors. And it can be assembled in a few steps.

Buyers describe the Petsfit wooden crate as a good value for money. It’s lightweight, sturdy, pretty, and comfortable for the dogs.

Wooden Dog Crate Furniture End Table Bed in Different Stain Colors (Acres, Large)

This wooden dog crate by Pinnacle is made of high-quality oak wood. It’ll look great anywhere you keep it in your house. It comes in various stain colors and sizes to suit your pet.

It also doubles as an end table. It gives your pet ample visibility and ventilation. Please note, however, that the mattress is sold separately.

Buyers love that the crate blends in well with their furnishings. It doesn’t come with a tray, though, so you need to purchase that separately especially if you’ve decided to put the crate on a carpeted floor.

BarkWood Pet Crate End Table – Grey Finish

This pet crate end table is made of 100% solid wood. It comes with a swing door that you can close completely to the side of the crate. It features a decorative steel door latch to ensure that your dog is safely confined, when necessary.

Its inner floor has a rubberized coating for easy cleaning and reduced liquid absorption. The product also includes protectors to prevent your floor from getting scratched once you lift or move the crate.

Buyers love that the product is beautiful, worth their money, of good quality, and is easy to assemble.

Will a Wooden Crate Work For My Dog?

Wooden crates are no doubt stylish and functional. However, they’re not made for all dogs. Consider these factors before deciding to purchase one for your pet.

Is your dog dominant or powerful? Most wooden pet crates are designed for smaller dogs.

Has your dog already reached his adult height? Chances are you’ll need to purchase a new crate once your dog grows. Wooden dog crates aren’t resizable.

Is your dog highly-energetic? Wooden dog crates aren’t as sturdy as the metal crates. They can last long but if your dog has high-energy, then this option might not be suitable for them.

Does your dog chew excessively? A wooden dog crate is usually not made for chewing.

Factors to Look For in a Wooden Crate

Once you’ve determined that a wooden pet crate is worth investing for your dog’s personality and physical traits, here are factors that you might want to take into account.

  • Material. The material used for product construction can impact its durability. Usually, solid wood lasts longer.
  • Style. One common reason pet parents purchase a wooden dog crate is because it’s attractive. Check if the style of the crate matches your living space or anywhere you decide to place it.
  • Features. Although they look similar at first glance, wooden pet crates vary per model. Some come with a door that you can swing completely and some have trays to protect your floor. The features may affect the price of the product.
  • Price. As for the price, note that you may be missing features if you’re looking at lower priced items. Think about what you and your pet will need the most in a crate.
  • Longevity. The longer you can use a crate, the higher the returns you will enjoy from it. Consider the amount of cleaning necessary, though.

Have you tried using a wooden pet crate before? Got more tips for other pet parents like you? Share them below!