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What Is a Heated Dog Bed?

Just like humans, dogs often get cold in the winter. While humans can always wear extra layers of clothes, a hat, socks, and mittens, dogs do not have that luxury. To help keep warm, your dog will need a heated bed. It is a bed that boosts the dog’s body temperature and keeps him warm while he lies on it. 

The truth is that some dogs are more vulnerable than others. Old dogs that have arthritis and blood circulation issues can suffer greatly during the cold months. Newborn puppies are also at risk, especially when they are brought from a shelter without their mother. Dog breeds that have very little fur and live in cold areas also suffer from the same fate. Therefore, a heated bed is more of a necessity to dog owners whose dogs fall in any of these three categories. 

Like any other pet product, a dog heated bed comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, brands, and prices. Therefore, dog owners might face a unique challenge when they go out to purchase one. They might not know which heated bed would be the best fit for their furry friend, let alone for their household. This comprehensive buyer’s guide has all the necessary pointers for a successful purchase. 

Heated Dog Bed Categories

Based on the design, there are three types of heated beds. Each design is suited for a different dog type. 

Bolster Bed

This bed is built according to traditional dog bed designs. It has a flat, cushioned bottom and raised sides. The raised sides are firm enough not to collapse under the weight of any dog. Therefore, these beds are perfect for pets that like to curl up in a corner, and those who need a raised surface to lay their heads. They are quite cozy and can offer comfort for anxious dogs. 

Pros Cons
Offers a sense of security Insides not easy to clean
Offers neck and back support


H3: Flat Dog Bed

This design is the most basic and often the most affordable. It consists of a foam pad and an outer zippered cover. For the outdoor types, the outer cover is made of waterproof and durable material. Because this heated dog bed does not have bolsters, it takes up less space. If you take dog crate dimensions beforehand, you can easily find a flatbed that fits neatly into the crate. 

Pros Cons
Takes up less space Unless it is secured, it might move around too much and make your dog uncomfortable
Easy to clean


Dog Cave Bed

It offers a cozy cave-like structure that your dog can snuggle into for warmth. It is perfect for burrowers like dachshunds and pets that prefer sleeping with something over their heads. The top layer is often made of soft fleece lining that sandwiches the dog. You have to buy a size or two bigger to give your dog enough space to move around in it because its design makes it very snug. 

Pros Cons
Perfect for burrowers You must buy a size or two bigger to get enough room
Offers a sense of security


Apart from design, these beds are also categorized based on their heating mechanism. Most heated dog bed reviews focus on this quality because it is one of the most important functions of the bed.

Electric Heated Dog Bed

This bed requires plugging into a power outlet. It works by warming up to a certain point, then regulating the temperature to keep your pet warm throughout. It has an inbuilt thermostat for this purpose. It is more expensive than beds that use other heating mechanisms. After the initial investment, you will have to deal with a higher electric bill because your pet might have to use it a lot in the winter. 

Pros Cons
Heats up automatically Expensive
Stays warm even when your dog is not in it


Self-Heating Dog Bed

This bed relies on the heat from your dog’s body. It is made with heat-reflecting materials such as Mylar that absorb, retain, and reflect your body heat to keep your pet warm. It is cheaper than the electric dog bed heated because it only requires the initial purchase amount. Some pet owners worry about leaving their dog unattended with an electric heated bed, so this is a better alternative. 

Pros Cons
Affordable Loses heat once your dog gets out of it
Easy to clean


Key Considerations to Make Before Your Purchase

To get the best heated dog bed in the market, you must have a few things in mind. Making these considerations ensures that you buy a bed that is appropriate for your dog, durable enough to last for a few years, and affordable according to your budget.

  • Dog size – there is no other way to guarantee your dog’s comfort than to buy a heated bed that is spacious enough for him to nest and move around whenever he wants to. A large heated dog bed serves most breeds quite well. If you have a nesting mother with pups, you should look into an extra large heated dog bed
  • Safety – this is a major concern for most dog owners. If your dog is a power chewer who will destroy anything in his sight, you might want to think twice about an electric bed. However, most electric beds have protected cords that are reinforced to withstand chewing. You should always check the cords for signs of fraying and replace them immediately you notice any. 
  • Design – does your dog love to cuddle? Does he need to burrow and sleep in an enclosed place? Buy a bed that is comfortable for him based on his preferences. Keep in mind that buying a small heated dog bed in some designs is a bad idea because they do not leave much room for nesting. 
  • Heating mechanism – electric beds will keep your dog warm for much longer and do not lose heat each time he gets off it. On the other hand, if you are anxious about having your pet near electric appliances, go for the self-warmer. 
  • Price – stay within your budget. If you intend to replace the bed every few years, you can go for a cheaper one. Be careful because some cheap brands may not be safe and might have substandard materials. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting heated bed, do not hesitate to spend a little more. 

With the right information, buying a heated bed for your pet is quite simple. Once you have your dog’s size, temperament, and preferences in mind, you can pick one out of the many brands available. Like with any other pet product, do not ignore your personal preferences. The bed you buy should be affordable and easy for you to use and clean. 

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