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Tiki Cat Food Review

It's natural for cat parents to be on the lookout for the best cat food on the market to keep their furry companions happy and healthy. Tiki cat food review suggests that it's an increasingly popular choice for cat owners mainly because the company offers a variety of protein-rich, low-carbs wet foods. For cats suffering from IBD or other digestive issues, Tiki cat food seems to be a perfect choice because of its zero carbs content. The Dark Line, for instance, is a great for cats with diabetes. And, if you're ready to buy, here are some of the best cat foods from Tiki Cat.

The Best Tiki Cat Food : Our Top Picks

Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken

BEST chicken

  • Animal protein
  • No carbs

Rated by: Amber

Tiki Cat Hawaiian Grill Ahi Tuna Grain-Free


  • Tuna protein
  • Low carb
  • No artifical flavor

Rated by: Amber

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Chicken Luau Grain-Free

Best dry food

  • Chicken protein
  • Chicken liver
  • omega 3 and ALA

Rated by: Amber

1. Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's one of the best wet food options for cats that love chicken. It combines real chicken with chicken broth, sunflower seed oil, and a number of other vitamins and minerals.

Shredded chicken is the main ingredient in this product, and to make it a good source of fat, it contains sunflower seed oil. With sunflower seed oil, the total fat content goes up to 13.8%. The good thing is that the car content is not on the higher side. But, keep in mind that it doesn't contain any fiber at the same time.

Overall, this Tiki product is just perfect for older cats or cats with diabetes. The only issue you might encounter is that it doesn't contain chicken fat or fish oil, which is why it may not provide species-appropriate fatty acids.


  • It contains animal-sourced protein
  • It doesn't contain carbs
  • It is free of carrageenan


  • It doesn't contain fiber

2. Tiki Cat Hawaiian Grill Ahi Tuna Grain-Free

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This canned food product is a highly desirable option for cats because it's packed with protein coming mainly from tuna. The recipe uses ahi tuna as well as tuna broth and sunflower oil. You'll notice that it's fortified with vitamins and minerals, which is why it's highly nutritious for cats. It also contains a good dose of amino acids to keep your cats health.

Overall, this wet food product is quite beneficial for your cats, but keep in mind that sunflower seed oil is still not the most impressive fat source choice, as cats needs fatty acids found in animal fat. Nevertheless, each 6-ounce can contains 151 calories, which is good for most kitties.


  • It contains protein from animal sources
  • It is a low carb cat food
  • It's free of artificial flavors and coloring


  • It doesn't contain enough fat

3. Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Chicken Luau Grain-Free

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're specifically looking for dry cat food, you can still trust the brand, as the Born Carnivore range provides you with what your cat requires. It's a small line containing a few dry foods but you'll still be able to find the best one with high quality ingredients.

It's a popular dry food option, but remember, it's not extruded but baked instead. The ingredients are impressive with deboned chicken being the major ingredient on the list. Next up is chicken meal, which serves as the concentrated form of animal protein. There's also dehydrated chicken liver in the formula, which certainly makes the formula more impressive.

It contains tapioca flour as well, which gives it more texture and adds a bit of carbs to the profile. Ground whole flaxseed is there in the mix to provide your cat with omega-3 fatty acids. There are also flavored legumes in the formula to make it more appetizing for your cat. The only thing is that though the cat food is quite nutritious, it contains brewer's dried yeast, which may not work for many cats, including those with digestive issues and allergies.


  • It contains chicken protein
  • It contains chicken liver for nutrition
  • It uses flaxseed for omega-3s and ALA


  • The brewer's yeast may not suit all cats

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Tiki Cat wet foods are fast becoming popular for offering a range of species-appropriate foods for your kitties. All of their products are beneficial for your cats because they combine muscle meat and organs to ensure that your pet gets a variety of animal-sourced nutrients for a healthier life.

Is Tiki Cat Food Healthy?

Considering any Tiki cat food review, it's safe to say that these products are healthy for your cats. In terms of species-appropriateness, this food line scores big. Similarly, there have been no complaints in terms of ingredient quality. It’s actually a big thing considering the Tiki cat food is made in Thailand. Their manufacturing facilities are considered human-grade canning plants, which is why they back the quality of their ingredients as well as their final products, which are manufactured entirely in facilities meeting the highest standards for human grade food production.

Because of the high quality ingredients, which the Tiki Cat company source close to their manufacturing plant, including fish from Thai waters, they're capable of delivering high quality nutrients to your cat. Even if you consider customer experience in terms of the safety of the food, you won't find any complaints at all. Moreover, experts call it a safe choice for your cat because the Tiki Cat food has never been recalled in the past.

Overall, The Tiki cat food is a great choice in terms of ingredient quality, product variety, and customer review, but each cat is different, so you might have to keep a close eye on how your cat reacts when you first switch to this cat food. If everything goes well, your cat might actually benefit from eating these species-appropriate foods. Just bear in mind that including Tiki cat food in your pet's diet might be a bit more expensive as compared to many other cat foods on the market.

Is Tiki Cat Food Good for Cats?

Talk with vets and so many of them would be a proponent of feeding raw diet to cats. Experts are of the view that cats stay healthy when all they're eating is protein. It's important because they lack the important enzymes required to digest fruits, vegetables, and grains. If your cat food includes grains and fruits, your cat might develop digestive problems and you may notice their poops becoming smelling. If you believe the kibble is not suitable for cats, you'll surely find it a good idea to switch to the Tiki cat food.

The Tiki cat food is good for cats because it relies heavily on animal-based ingredients to provide your cat with all the protein he needs. The company specializes in manufacturing top quality wet food for cats. Some people are of the view that wet cat food is too runny to feed safely and it creates more mess. There are others who believe that wet cat food is prepared with less fresh ingredients, but that's really not the case with the Tiki cat food because they use the finest quality ingredients when making their canned foods.

These cat foods are heavy on meats, which is why they add more moisture to the mix to ensure it stays highly digestible for your cat. Moreover, wet cat food is a good idea because it is beneficial for the kidneys, digestive system, as well as the urinary tract of your cat. Cats can easily get dehydrated when they don't get enough water – it's always a possibility, as most indoor cats don't like to drink from their water bowl. Tiki wet cat food will save the day for you.

Tiki cat food is good for your cat also because it contains loads of protein, which is part of your cat's natural diet. It provides them with the energy they require to be playful throughout the day. It's equally important for their immune system to function properly.  Therefore, Tiki cat food is safe for all cats, and is also suitable for cats who can't have grains because of food allergies or sensitivities.

Is Tiki cat Food Human Grade?

Yes, the company has confirmed that they use high quality ingredients only to manufacture each can, and they source those ingredients from their own area to ensure it's safe. They process everything in a facility suitable for human grade food production, which is the reason why you don't need to worry about any contamination, and that's probably the reason why Tiki Cat food has never been recalled.

It's worth mentioning that Tiki cat food doesn't offer kibble and stick to two main product lines – Tiki Cat and Gourmet Carnivore. The Tiki Cat line foods contain human-grade sliced or shredded meats as well as seafood ingredients, such as ahi tuna, wild salmon, lobster, crab, and sardines. The Gourmet Carnivore line leans more towards offering grain free recipes often made with fresh meats or organ meats. So, both lines are considered safe for cats.

Which is the Best Cat Food?

Tiki cat food offers a variety of choices to help you find what works best for your cat. Understand that each cat will have different nutritional needs, depending on their breed, size, and other factors.  Sometimes, your cat likes dry cat food, and that's when the best food for him is the kibble, as he eats it a lot. Thankfully, Tiki cat food will help in this regard by offering different cat foods in more than 40 flavors and textures.

Born Carnivore enjoys positive Tiki cat food reviews and is actually baked kibble diets with more than 44% of protein. This dry cat food line has a positive cat food review because it's free of any corn, potatoes, wheat, or rice.

Some cats may not like chicken but can't ignore fish, and that's when the best canned food is from the Luau line, as it often combines chicken with flaked fish, such as ahi tuna and wild salmon.

You can also pick an option from the Grill line, if your cats are in love with wet fish-based foods. What makes it special is the addition of shellfish like prawns and shrimp.

Similarly, if you're not looking for dry food but want wet food with a good percentage of muscle meat and nutrient-dense organs, such as chicken liver, you may choose something from the After Dark line. Aloha Friends is a good option if chicken liver is not something your older cats like – you can go back to other alternatives with fish such as ahi tuna, etc., for senior cats. What's more, you can also find life stage-specific foods for your kittens and older cats. The selection is small, but they still work best because of their quality ingredients.

The fact of the matter is that finding the best pet food depends on their unique needs and life stage. Something that's great for adult cats may not work for senior cats. But, some options work in most situations, like pet food with tuna and other fish varieties. So, take your time and then select the best dry or wet food for your kitties.

Tiki Cat Food Review

It all comes down to the fact that Tiki cat food manages to deliver top quality nutrients in each serving of their wet and dry food lines. They've received overwhelmingly positive reviews because of their simple recipes and low carb content. The Grill Line is one of the best choices because it has positive reviews and provides your cat with fish-based protein and omega fatty acids.

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