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Best Semi Moist Cat Food Brands

It's natural to go buy some dry food for your cat because they love it. Some cats are also a fan of wet food. The problem arises when nothing seems to work for your furry companion, and that's when many cat parents go for semi-moist cat food. These offer a good combination of wet food and dry food while offering a good nutritional value. Thankfully, you can find many semi moist cat food brands offer soft cat biscuits, cat food, and much more. Here are some of the best semi-moist cat food options to consider:

Semi Moist Cat Food: Our Top Picks

Purina Fancy Feast Broth Semi-Moist Food

BEST salmon

  • Salmon protein
  • Delicious and nutritious

Rated by: Amber

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Food


  • Grain free formula
  • Suitable for cats with allergies
  • Chicken protein

Rated by: Amber

Instinct by Nature's Variety Raw Food

Best Chicken protein

  • Raw frozen chunks
  • Chicken and chicken organs
  • High in protein

Rated by: Amber

1. Purina Fancy Feast Broth Semi-Moist Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Fancy Feast is a renowned brand and their semi-moist food pouches are becoming quite popular these days. You'll find this cat food nutritious and quite suitable for your cat with issues digesting solid food. Its semi soft texture is what makes it special and better than many other food choices.

You may find it a great option also when you're transitioning your furry friend between dry and wet foods. It scores quite impressively in terms of taste, thanks to the use of salmon in the formula. It also contains veggies, and together with salmon, it provides your cat with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. As it's not very high in protein, it serves as a great choice for senior cats with trouble chewing up kibble.

Overall, it's one of the very best cat foods for people looking for a rather moist-y solution for their cats, but keep in mind that it's not entirely wet or soft, so you may have to mash it well before feeding your cat.


  • It contains salmon for protein and omega3s
  • It's suitable for older cats
  • It's quite delicious and nutritious


  • It has to be mashed before feeding

2. Wellness Healthy Indulgence Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a soft food option for your cat with digestive issues, Wellness Healthy Indulgence is probably the way to go. The best thing is that it doesn't contain any grain, which is why it's not that hard on your cat's stomach and is suitable for cats with food allergies.

It's quite nutritious at the same time, thanks to the addition of meat-based proteins to the formula. It also provides your cat with plenty of fatty acids. The taste is also quite irresistible, which is mainly due to the use of chicken livers and chicken in the formula. It also contains some other good ingredients, such as cranberries, sweet potatoes, and other whole foods, making it beneficial for your cat's fur, teeth, digestion, and skin.

Overall, Wellness Healthy Indulgence is a reasonably good choice for cat parents who love soft foods, but keep in mind that some users have complained about not being able to open the pouch with a tool. It shouldn't be a deal-breaker though.


  • It uses a grain-free formula
  • It's suitable for cats with food allergies
  • It contains chicken and chicken livers for protein


  • The pouch is quite difficult to open

3. Instinct by Nature's Variety Raw Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's yet another popular option for cats in love with semi-moist foods.  It's an increasingly popular choice mainly because it has a different take on delivering semi-moist treats to cats. It's basically a frozen raw food, which makes it look like dry food, but it's actually quite soft and moist.

The food is made from chicken and chicken organs. The use or raw meat and organs means it's high in protein. These meats are chopped into smaller pieces and then keep fresh by freeing. It's easy to feed them because all you have to do is defrost them and them soften up a little.

Overall, it seems to be a different but an effective option of semi moist food, but keep in mind that it may not work with all cats, so give it a shot to see how your cat reacts to the raw chunks.


  • It contains raw frozen chunks
  • It contains chicken and chicken organs
  • It's very high in protein


  • It may not work for all cats

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Experts have different opinions regarding the best food type for your cat. You can always make a better choice considering the unique requirements of your cat as per their life stage. Remember wet food is a better choice for older cats, but dry foods will always be easier to feed. Sometimes, going for semi-moist cat foods would resolve all your issues. Nevertheless, there are things you need to know before feeding semi-moist cat foods to your furry friend.

Is There a Semi Moist Cat Food?

Typical cat food has always been dry. Side by side, the fact that cats like their food wet have also been observed by many cat owners. While it may be very convenient to let your feline satiate on pre-packed or dry cat food every now and then, feeding them slightly wet or soft food can be a good idea.

From the available variety of cat food in the market, you can feed your cat with dry, canned, or soft food. Soft cat food can also be referred to as semi, semi-moist, or simply moist food. You may want to go with dry cat food, it being budget-friendly and easy to use. But, if you put your cat’s health first, then canned or soft food it is. All three food types come with features of their own. What you choose depends on your preference!

  • Dry cat food is a pre-packed meal, ground beans, or grains, shaped into pellets, so it can be mixed with liquids and water. While your cat may not like the taste of this food, it may also not be able to meet the nutrition requirement.
  • Canned cat food contains a meat product generally saturated in a liquid. This the most expensive cat food out of the three.
  • Soft or semi-moist cat food is a blend of both kinds. It is the ideal cat food as it is tasty, nutritious, and does not put a hole in your pocket. Feeding your cat with this food is without hassle also.

Is There a Dry Cat Food That Is Soft?

Considering what wild cats eat as food, it can be assumed that they have a liking for canned cat food because the taste may seem similar as it is soggy and savory.

If you want your cat to have some other cat food than dry kibble, then switching to semi-moist variety is a good idea. But you have to be careful about the brand you choose to go with. Many moist cat foods are not as nutritious because they use non-natural materials and inferior fillers in their products. So, yes, there are dry cat food choices that may be a bit soft but not as moist as wet canned food, but you have to ensure that it's nutritious for your cats.

Can I Still Buy Tender Vittles Cat Food?

Tender Vittles has been a popular semi-moist cat food, which is no longer available in the US. As the sales and consumer demand were low, Tender Vittles was taken off the market by Purina in 2007. But the good thing is that there are a few similar options still available for someone who wants to feed their cat with similar moist and soggy cat food.

What is the Best Soft Dry Cat Food?

If your cat is used to being fed on totally dry or wet food, and you start giving them semi-moist food all of a sudden. Chances are, they may take time to tune in with this with new texture and liquid content food. For a start, mixing semi-moist and wet, or semi-moist, and dry to feed your cat can keep their stomachs in check, until they get used to the texture of the new type of food being served to them.

When it comes to buying cat food, a large variety is available in the market for you to choose from. To end up buying the best one for your cat would require you to wary of the brand you select. If you think only canned cat food and dry cat food have cheap ingredients and non-natural flavors, you should know that this can be the case for moist cat food also.

The time it takes to cut open the pouch of the packaging, and pouring it into your cat’s food container is the total time it takes to serve semi-moist or moist food to your cat. This convenience makes it a favorite for you. It can become a favorite for your cat it is one of those who are not a fan of chewing kibbles or may have a knack for tasty food. Interestingly, the taste of semi-moist cat food might resemble what they eat in the open. Some tips to help you choose a good cat food for your cat are:

  • When shopping, it is always best to look for brands famous for their quality, which in this case would include Wellness, Weruva, or Blue Buffalo. Avoid buying price-cut brands or store brands as they may be of inferior quality using artificial additives.
  • Read the label to make sure that the ingredients are of high-quality, comprising animal-based lards, edible starches, genuine meats, and other appropriate seasonings.
  • Proteins based on plants or foods that are excessive in starches may fall short in providing nutrition and are difficult to digest making them unworthy for your cat. Instead, buy cat food that is based on animal proteins and includes starch as the opening component.
  • The ideal food for your cat should have high levels of protein, adequate quantities of fat, and should be low in starch. Choose the most suitable one by comparing a number of cat foods, hence analyzing the ratios of moistness, fat, and basic protein.
  • Trying to get information about a brand by a quick online search on your smartphone. You can visit their website to check out the customer reviews. If you don’t find adequate information to satisfy your queries about the manufacturing practice or the base of the components used in the cat food, it’s time to skip to another brand.
  • Steer clear of cat foods with high claim labels. The price might help you make your decision. If you pay a lesser amount for cat food, you might end up with an inferior product based on cheap ingredients. However, a high price is not always a guarantee that your purchase will be the best. It is helpful to keep all these guidelines in mind before buying cat food.

All brands have an exclusive way of labeling on their products. This may make it hard for you to differentiate wet cat food from moist cat food. It is important to understand the moistness content variation to get hold of the most appropriate moist cat food. The best one should typically have moistness between sixty to sixty-five percent, from a range of fifty to eighty-five percent.

The Best Semi-Moist Cat Food to Buy

When canned or wet food is not something your cat loves, going for a dry yet soft food may well be the option. Thankfully, you can find many good options available in the market, but you can't go wrong with Wellness Healthy wet cat food, which doesn't have a very high moisture level but is still a good option for cats not having a fondness for overly wet foods.

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