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GPS dog collar

Modern technical solution GPS Dog Collar

Safety and health are always the highest priority for dog owners. But you don’t need to be worried to lose your furry companion anymore. At herepup we provide modern technical solutions like GPS dog collar, that make your life easier. You can be sure about the exact location of your dog and track his level of activity by just checking your smartphone.

You know that a healthy dog should be energized and playful. You can easily check his level of activity with a dog GPS collar which can send all the data directly to your smartphone and notice any change in his behavior which can be a sign that dog is feeling sick. It works just like a fitness tracker for the people. Some products have a deep focus on dog health, they generate fitness reports, check different movement levels, make daily sleeping balance reports by tracking time spent on rest and high-activity, plus pulse and respiration. Some of the apps provide you the opportunity to send this data directly to the vet doctor, so any negative sign can be noticed immediately, but for this service you need to have a premium subscription or pay an additional fee.


The most useful features of a dog collar with GPS

  • Safety border

You can make a special safe border indicated on the map and you would receive notification in case your dog leaving backyard or neighborhood.

  • LIVE Tracking

You always have updated information regarding your dog’s moving and his exact location.


  • Activity Monitoring

GPS tracking dog collar records the activity of dog and provides useful statistics for you so you can immediately notice if there are some problems with daily performance indicators like the number of kilometers walked.


  • No distance limitation

You can be at the office and even on vacation on the other side of the globe and you will still be able to track any movement of your dog.


Dog owners may have concerns regarding the different types of dog collar GPS devices and their prices. Usually, with higher prices the more advantages the product provides. Sometimes you don’t pay for some technical features itself but for different subscription plans, like if you want to know how much calories your dog burned during this day you may require a statistical report. To be sure somebody is always watching your pet you can choose the premium subscription plan which allows you to share a dog’s location with family or friends.


Every GPS tracking dog collar have own features which you should consider carefully depending on your needs and preferences. Here’s what you should focus on while choosing the best GPS dog collar:


  • Waterproof. If you decided to spend the weekend having a BBQ near the lake or river with your family and friends it’s a huge chance your dog will not miss the opportunity to swim. Even if you are sure your dog always pretty far from any basin still it can be rain and dew so waterproof is highly important.
  • Handheld device. If you like walking in the woods it’s beneficial to consider having an independent device since your phone can lose the connection and GPS would vary. The device will allow you to track the exact location of your dog no matter what happened to your smartphone.
  • Long battery life. You will not be able to find your dog anyhow if the battery is dead. It is good to have power for at least 24 hours, so you will not be worried to take your dog for the weekend trip.
  • Scanning. If the main purpose to buy a GPS dog collar is simple tracking probably you don’t need this feature but if your dog has an allergy or any other special needs then the ability to scan information can save the life of your dog.



GPS dog collar reviews say that you get the much easier way to take care of your dog with downloading a special app on your smartphone, but if for whatever reason you don’t want any additional app on your phone you can have a separate device for tracking the exact location on the map. But if you are worried about your dog’s health and want to keep an eye on his daily activity it’s better to download the app and pay for the subscription which allows you to check the heart rate, respiration, and calories burned by your dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your pet via GPS?

A GPS tracker use satellites through a Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the location of your dog. You can attach GPS to his collar or it will come as part of his collar. But you could attach it anywhere on him that won’t bother him; a harness or a pack, for example. You can use this tracker to locate your dog for any number of reasons; if he’s lost, or he’s not coming home; if he’s stuck or hurt; even if you’re just curious. A GPS tracking system for your dog will give you peace of mind for a fur baby who can’t call for a ride if they get stuck somewhere or yell out to you if they’re hurt. You can check the GPS through several methods; most trackers make use of our smart phones and have apps or websites for you to check.

Do I need to make a chip implant as well?

The main reason for getting the GPS dog collar is to track the exact location of your pet, but you need to notice that some trackers should be used in connection with microchips in a pet. So you can’t just substitute. It’s very common to make an operation of putting a small chip inside the pet, most vets charge less than $50 for this.

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