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8 Best Pet Cameras on the Market This 2019

Never be too far away from your pets with one of the best pet cameras you can choose from in today's market.

When we are away from our family and friends, we stay connected through the use of our phones, tablets, or computers. Technology has let us communicate with faraway people, even those who are on our opposite end of the globe. Distance does not have to be saddening because, now, even our pets are just one screen away from us.

Pet cameras are a new way for us to monitor and communicate with our pets. We miss them when we are away because they have become a special member of the family. So, to keep in touch, here is a list of our pet camera reviews, which lists some of the best cameras you can try to always keep an eye on your little balls of sunshine.

Best Pet Camera Review : Top Picks

Zmodo EZCam 

Budget Pick

Best Under $30

Zmodo EZCam
  • 720p HD quality 
  • Two-way audio 
  • The best camera you can buy on a budget 

Rated by: Amber

Furbo Dog Camera

High-End Pick

The Best of the Best

  • Can also be used for cats​
  • Toss treats for your pet
  • Has a barking sensor

Rated by: Amber

Tenvis HD IP Camera

Night Vision Pick

Best in Night Vision Performance

Tenvis HD IP Camera
  • Great video quality 
  • Best for pet parents who are on the night shift 
  • Can be used to warn thieves

Rated by: Amber

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Quick Summary

furbo dog camera

Rated by: Amber

If you are a true dog lover, you must have already heard of the Furbo. Aside from being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it has been well received by many dog parents.

For less than $175, it will be as if you are there with your pet even though you are really miles away. This dog camera with treat dispenser combo is beloved by pet owners all over the country.

With Furbo, you can toss treats to your dog whenever you want. You can fill it up with up to 100 pieces of treats that are about half an inch in size.

Even when you are not at home, you can still play games with your pets.

This can detect your dog's bark so you can be alerted if he is in distress or just making noise and disturbing the neighbors. You will receive push notifications on your smartphone so you can talk to your dog and calm them down.

Furbo has Smart Dog Alerts to notify you of your dog's activities. It will notify you when your dog is constantly active and will even take selfies whenever your dog faces the camera. It will also alert you when a human is detected.

The Furbo Dog Camera has night vision. It will allow you to see your dog day or night. You can turn these features on or off according to your preferences.


  • 3-step setup
  • 1080p HD camera
  • Toss treats


  • Can get knocked over and break
  • Beta app sometimes freezes
  • Other noises can trigger the bark detector

2. Vimtag P1 Ultra IP Wireless Network Security Camera

Quick Summary

Vimtag P1

Rated by: Amber

The Vimtag P1 Ultra is an updated version of the VT-361. Aside from monitoring your pets, you can also use this as a security camera, nanny cam, vacation home monitoring, and many others.

This high-end camera that you can use to keep an eye on your pet costs less than $100.

This security camera has two-way audio so you can hear and talk to your pets even if you are away.

It has remote live video screaming that you can watch via an app on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. The video recording is also hi-def.

The camera has 4x digital zoom, night vision, and hi-fidelity sound. If your pet did something amazing while you were away, you could see it on the recording. You will not miss any of your pet's adorableness anymore.

You can control the camera using the app. You can pan, tilt, and zoom so you can see more of the whole house. Your other family members can even view and control it too.

If you are willing to pay more, you can buy cloud storage and Vimtag sensors. This sleek HD camera is a seamless way to monitor your pets.


  • Easy to set up
  • High video quality
  • Password and video encrypted


  • Sensitive daylight camera setting
  • Reflective surfaces on view can create light reflections on the photo stills
  • No video length setting when in Out Mode

3. Faleemi HD 720p Pan & Tilt Smart Camera

Quick Summary

Faleemi HD

Rated by: Amber

This unit from Faleemi is one of the best pet cameras you can find. It is a very basic setup with a Wi-Fi connection and monitoring features for your pets. This pet camera is affordable at less than $40.

Using the free Faleemi app, you can easily set this up using your smartphone with a super easy QR code setup. It is recommended that you use the 2.4 GHz band for this camera. The Smartlink Technology of this camera also helps in quickly connecting to the Wi-Fi.

The camera has a 720p HD quality at 30 fps. You can also remotely pan and tilt up to 270 and 60 degrees respectively. It has super wide viewing angle, 24-hour monitoring, and night vision.

While you watch a live stream of your house, you can also talk to your pets with its two-way audio function. It will record 24/7 so even if you cannot watch all day you can just view it later. You can either record it on your mobile or PC or you can insert a memory card of up to 128GB.

The Faleemi app allows you to use many linked cameras and view four cameras on screen at the same time. You can also let your other family member connect with their phones so they can also monitor the pets.


  • Easy QR code setup
  • 24/7 recording
  • Can be put on a wall, ceiling, or table


  • Live feed lags
  • Only works for 2.4 GHz connections
  • Unreliable motion detector

4. Reolink C1 Pro

Quick Summary

Reolink C1 Pro

Rated by: Amber

For less than $80 you will get this unit of a 1440p indoor smart home security camera. You can watch your pets at home when they are alone even when you are in the office. Just like most pet cameras, this comes with an app to let you stay connected with your pets. For this reason, it made our best pet monitor list.

This camera supports dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz so it will have a stable connection without hogging all the bandwidth. The camera is 4MP and offers full HD video. It has 2T2R MIMO antennas for a stronger connection.

This can pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 105 degrees. You will be able to see wider angles of your home. This also offers night vision for up to 40 ft.

When it detects motion, it will send you email alerts or push notifications on your device. It will capture photos and will save it to an FTP server. You can also talk to your pets to calm them down when they are distressed.


  • Easy remote access using your device
  • Playback recorded events on the app
  • Full HD camera


  • Difficult setup using just the app and Wi-Fi
  • Unstable live stream connection
  • No option for text alert

5. Tenvis HD IP Camera

Quick Summary

Tenvis HD IP Camera

Rated by: Amber

This is one of the best pet cameras you can buy because it offers good quality video and audio at an affordable price.

This will cost you less than $41 and this has a wide range of uses. Your purchase will be absolutely risk-free given that it is covered by a free replacement policy and money back guarantee.

This will give you 720p HD video quality that will also capture sharp images if it detects your pet is doing something. You can also watch a live stream of your house so you can see what happens as it happens. You will never miss cute moments with this camera.

The motion detectors will alert you if it detects movements in your house. If your pet is in distress, you can talk to them with the two-way mic to calm them down. It will also be able to alert you in case there is an intruder or a potential risk inside your house.

This camera has a wide night vision range. It reaches up to 32 ft. at night so you can see the people who will try to break into your house at night. It uses red infrared light with the Smart Eyes technology.


  • Wide night vision range
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Up to two-month SD card storage


  • Unstable connection
  • Buggy pet camera app
  • Some users found it difficult to setup

6. Wansview Wireless IP Camera

Quick Summary

Wansview Wireless IP Camera

Rated by: Amber

This IP camera from Wansview will cost you less than $50. It is a versatile home / pet surveillance camera that has a number of uses including pet and baby monitor.

It has a full HD quality that will give you clear and sharp images.

With the clear two-way audio, you can listen to your pets and you can talk to them so they will hear your voice even when you are not actually there. 

Communicate with them so you will not miss each other too much. You can video chat with them through live streaming on the app.

The camera has a wide viewing angle that you can pan, tilt and zoom. It moves 350 degrees horizontally, 76 degrees vertically, and zooms digitally 4x. You can adjust it using eight presets for better coverage.

The night vision camera has a range of 20 ft. You can turn the IR-LED on or off so you can choose if you want the view to be colored or black & white. Even in the dark, it will still give you 1080p full HD video quality.

The Wansview camera can be viewed on up to 4 devices so your other family members can also watch your pets whenever they want. If you have multiple cameras installed, the app will show you up to four cameras on one screen.


  • Can be used through mobile or PC
  • Takes clear and sharp photos
  • Free technical assistance


  • Can only be connected to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Slow and outdated app
  • Has connection errors

7. Zmodo EZCam

Quick Summary

Zmodo EZCam

Rated by: Amber

Another one of the best pet cameras you can buy is the Zmodo EZCam. It is very cheap at less than $30. The videos will be saved in your cloud for a specific amount of time depending on the service you availed.

If you truly adore watching your pet's moments, you will enjoy the 720p quality this camera gives. You can even zoom in using the app to watch your pet's adorable moments closely. The video frame is adjustable from 10 to 25 fps.

The Zmodo EZCam has a built-in speaker and noise-reducing microphone so you will get clear audio quality. It also has two-way audio so you can communicate with your pets anytime. You can adjust the volume when you need to.

The EZCam has a 115-degree wide-angle view without needing to pan or tilt. This also has an improved motion detector that reduces false alerts. The night vision sensor can be adjusted so that the IR lights will not keep turning on dim lighting.


  • Has a 30-day free trial on cloud service
  • Easy to set up
  • Real-time motion alerts


  • Only works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Only one cam can be viewed on screen
  • Unreliable customer support

8. Yooan Wireless IP Security Camera

Quick Summary


Rated by: Amber

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This cute little dog-shaped security is also one of the best pet cameras on the market today. It will cost you less than $36 and give you HD video and photo quality.

You can clearly see your pet's face with the 720p video quality of this camera. It will take sharp photos of your pet so you can save those precious moments. You can even zoom in up to 4x to better see your pet's adorable face.

There is two-way audio with built-in mic and speaker so you can talk to your pets even while you are away from home. You can calm them down when they are acting up or cheer them up when they are sad and missing you.

You can see your house at a wide angle with the 355-degree pan and 120-degree tilt. You can view your homes remotely via the app on your mobile or your PC. If it detects motion, it will alert you real-time.

The camera is very easy to set up by doing five simple steps. You just have to plug it in, download the app, sign in, detect the network, and, then, connect to it. If you are having trouble, you can contact their support team via email.


  • Free return and exchange within 30 days
  • Easy to set up
  • Has a micro SD card slot


  • Does not support 5GHz Wifi
  • Has a loud noise when it turns
  • Connection usually lags

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pet Cameras

Viewing Angles ​

The benefits of the viewing angle can depend on the behavior of your pet. If your pet is the calm type that sleeps a lot, a narrow viewing angle will be enough. If your pet is very active, a wide-angle view can let you watch all of your pet's shenanigans.

pet camera viewing angles

Your pet will not always stay in one place. If you really want to see his every move, a camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom is a great option. The zoom is especially helpful if you want a closer look at your pet's adorable face.

Video Quality

Good video quality is also a feature you want to look out for. These will allow you to take pictures of your pet and if you like sharing them, sharp photos would be best. You will also see better details of your pet's activities like what they are eating.

Two-way Audio

Aside from watching your pet while you are away, pet cameras should also offer two-way audio. Naturally, as pet parents, we miss them when we are away, and we miss talking to them. With two-way audio, you will be able to communicate with your pets even when you are in the office or on vacation.

pet camera two way audio

Clear two-way audio will let you calm your pets down when they are barking incessantly. It will also let you make them feel more at ease when you see them scratching at your door waiting for you to come back. It will also work for warning potential intruders to make them stay away from your house.

Night Vision

This feature is especially helpful if you are on night shift and your dog will be alone in the dark. This will allow you to see him clearly even when the lighting is compromised. It will put your mind at ease that your dog is safe during nighttime.

pet camera night vision

Motion Alerts

A good pet camera lets you know when there is activity going on in your house. If your pet is suddenly acting up or needs attention, you can get notified to calm him down. This will be very helpful during emergency situations so you can see when you need to really go back home to attend to your pet immediately.

In my personal Furbo Dog Camera is the best one you can find in this list. It may be specially made for dogs, but it can really be used for cats too. The price may be a bit on the higher range, but it is totally worth it.

furbo dog camera

This dog camera will give you sharp selfies of your pet if it detects its face in front of the camera. The best feature of this pet camera is its ability to toss treats. You can fill it up so you can play with your dog and give him treats from time to time.

Here you can see how you and your pet can stay connected with Furbo: 

Do you always miss your dog every time you are away from your house? Does your dog always get excited every time you come home because he missed you when you were gone too? You can always stay connected with each other with any of these best pet cameras you can buy.

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