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The Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure to Buy

Bearded dragons may not be your traditional pets but they're surely gaining more popularity and frequently chosen as pets through the USA. They really look awesome, but like other reptile species, they need a lot of care and require specific housing conditions to survive well in captivity. It's important to provide them with the same living conditions they usually get out in the open, and that's when you'll have to start by selecting the best bearded dragon enclosure. Here are some good bearded dragon cages and enclosures to choose from.

Bearded Dragon Enclosure: Our Top Picks

Carolina Custom Cages Extra Long

BEST custom

  • Easy to assemble
  • Large sliding doors

Rated by: Amber

Exo Terra AllGlass Terrarium


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Front window design
  • Dual door access

Rated by: Amber

SeaClear Acrylic Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Best enclosure

  • Easy to manage
  • 40-gallon space
  • Reflector included

Rated by: Amber

1. Carolina Custom Cages Extra Long

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a reasonably good bearded dragon outdoor enclosure, you may want to put your money on Carolina Custom cage. Like all other Carolina Custom cages, this one will provide your dragon with ample space to play and hunt. The cage comes directly from a boutique breeder, so you can expect high quality work only.

This Carolina Custom cage is 48 inches in length, which is why it can house your adult beardie with ease. It also comes equipped with interesting features and amenities. Assembly, for instance is not going to be an issue and anyone can handle it with ease. You'll find equally sized glass plates in the package along with the screws to set it up easily. The use of sliding doors is another nice feature, as it allows you to feed your pet more conveniently.

In terms of construction, Carolina Custom Cages are always the best, and this model will also keep your escape artist from using his skills. You can also find a simple keyed latch on the door, which saves you from accidental opening. You can also find holes for electrical wiring, which are small yet effective.

Overall, this bearded dragon terrarium is easy to assemble, comes with waterproof base, and features large sliding doors. Even with so many features, the price is not on the higher side either. The only issue is that it might be a bit too large for a hatchling.


  • It's super easy to assemble
  • It features large, sliding door for access
  • It's made of easy-to-clean glass


  • It may be a bit too large for juvenile beardies

2. Exo Terra AllGlass Terrarium

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a durable and effective glass terrarium for your bearded dragon, you may want to opt for this Exo Terra terrarium.  This glass terrarium looks good in terms of construction and design, and provides enough ventilation because of its patented front window.

It features a waterproof bottom, but you'll like the fact that it features a raised bottom frame, which enables you to fit a substrate heater with ease. You'll also find it featuring dual doors, which makes it easier to feed your pet but also prevent an escape artist from getting out of the cage. The presence of closable inlets makes it easier to use wires and tubes.

Overall, it's one outstanding choice, but keep in mind that you may want to avoid it if you're going to keep a reptile other than a dragon because snakes may be able to squeeze between the panel doors at the top of this Exo Terra all glass terrarium.


  • It features a front window design for ventilation
  • It's quite sturdy and durable
  • It uses dual doors for easy access


  • It may be easier for hatchlings to escape

3. SeaClear Acrylic Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If your goal is to pick a glass aquarium for your bearded dragon, you may like this product because of its design and space. It's a 40 gallon tank terrarium, so it's quite suitable for most young beardies. The real selling point is its crystal-clear acrylic material, which makes it an attractive choice for most pet owners.

In terms of sturdiness, the enclosure won't disappoint, thanks to the use of high quality acrylic material. The material makes it a lot more durable as compared to glass enclosures. Moreover, you can find it in as many as nine different designs. The enclosure comes equipped with a 24 inches electrical light fixture as well as a reflector.

The use of acrylic is another reason why the enclosure is quite portable. It's durable but much lighter as compared to glass enclosures. You won't have to worry much about cracks or chippings either. So, overall, it's a great option with its amazing design options, but be prepared to pay some money, as the price may be a bit on the higher side.


  • It features acrylic material
  • It's a 40-gallon enclosure with enough space
  • It includes a reflector


  • It may be a bit expensive

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the Best Enclosure for a Bearded Dragon?

It's easy to find a bearded dragon cage online, but knowing if it's suitable for your pet is the real catch. Mostly, you should make sure that the bearded dragon enclosure you choose has some specific features. For instance:

The best bearded dragon cage will be of the right size and suitable for the life stage of your bearded dragon.  It's also a good idea to pick a cage that is large enough for your young bearded dragon or else he's going to outgrow it quite soon.

Picking the right material is just as important. These days, you can find bearded dragon cages in various materials, including PVC and glass. You'll often find people going for glass bearded dragon enclosures, but you may want to avoid them if possible because they're not very good in terms of ventilation.

The best bearded dragon cage will also be portable. In other words, the material needs to be lightweight to make sure you can move the cage around at will. Again, a bearded dragon cage made from glass may look stylish, but it adds so much weight and directly affects the portability of the cage itself.

The best bearded dragon cage will be secure too. Choosing the material and construction wisely is important or your young beardie might escape when you're away. Therefore, pick an enclosure that is lightweight yet secure enough to keep your beardie in and keep foreign creatures from entering the enclosure at the same time.  Some of the best custom cages now come with locking lids, so small children won't be able to set your pet free.

A good bearded dragon cage will come equipped with a full metal screen.  Screen top is quite important actually because it ensures your pet doesn't end up breaking away from the cage. Consider going for terrariums because they're sometimes custom cages and especially calibrated for reptiles.  They use heavy-duty metal screen top to keep the enclosure secure. Stay away from plastic screens though because they may look sturdy but they can melt if you're using any heating lamps in the cage.

The best custom cages now utilize the right heating sources to mimic the same environment as a bearded dragon would have out in the wild. As they live in the desert, they can survive serious heat. Good custom cages now come equipped with heat bulbs emitting UVB to provide your bearded dragon with a cozy atmosphere. Just ensure that the bulbs don't produce too much heat and there are areas with lower temperature, so your beardi can move whenever they like.

Checking for these things will help you select some of the best custom cages for your bearded dragon. But, keep in mind that when you're buying a bearded dragon cage, you should avoid putting your money on all-in-one starter kits. They look attractive and may sound like a rather affordable choice, but they're not suitable for the size of your bearded dragon. Sometimes, these kits prove really small, especially for a growing bearded dragon. Moreover, these kits don't always come the finest quality accessories, such as heat bulbs etc. So, take your time and consider the size of your bearded dragon in order to buy custom cages to keep them happy and healthy.

How Big Should a Tank be for a Bearded Dragon?

Custom cages are available today, but you can make a right choice only if you have a basic understanding about what sized tank is suitable for your bearded dragon. Understand that no matter what brand you choose, your bearded dragon cages should provide your pet with ample space to play, hunt, and explore. Therefore, the larger the cage, the happier your bearded dragons will be.

Going for bearded dragon cages that are a bit too small would lead to stunted growth and even cause other serious health implications.  The last thing you want is a depressed and stressed bearded dragon that is never going to survive for as long as you'd want.

In most cases, you can do well if you consider the life stage of your bearded dragon. For instance, baby bearded dragons would need tanks no smaller than 20 gallons, but going for at least 40 gallons is the better bet. Similarly, young adult bearded dragons should be kept in at least a 55-gallon tank, which should at least be 13 inches wide. But, most adults would feel happier in 75-gallon cages with 18 inches of width.

However, if your bearded dragon is larger than 20 inches, you should not go for a tank less than 75 gallons. You can also find 120-gallon tanks, which may make more sense if you have a large bearded dragon at home.  So, keep in mind that your bearded dragons will grow and become large with time, which is why you may want to buy a larger cage today than having to replace the existing one later.

How Much are Cages for Bearded Dragons?

Cages and enclosures for bearded dragons are going to cost you depending on their construction and other features. Expect to pay more when you pick a custom cage that comes with ample lighting and heating sources.

Keep in mind that your bearded dragons require at least 12 hours of light during the winter months, but they require no less than 14 hours of daylight during the summer.

 You'll be better off going for full spectrum lighting containing UVA and UVB radiation. These lighting sources help support vitamin D3 production, and they may cost a bit depending on their quality. If you opt for top quality lighting, the cost of setting up a bearded dragon cage will go up.

Is a 50-Gallon Tank Big Enough for a Bearded Dragon?

In most cases, a 50-gallon tank will prove enough, but ultimately, it depends on the size of your adult bearded dragon.  It's worth mentioning that most experts are of the view that a regular adult bearded dragon should be kept in a tank of at least 55 gallons, but 75 gallons are recommended for better results.

If your dragon is bigger than 20 inches, you should not pick a tank smaller than 75 gallons. Ideally, your choice should be of a 120-gallon tank. Remember, your bearded dragon is not going to feel happy if he doesn't get enough space to roam in his tank.  Even if you pick a 50-gallon tank for your juvenile dragon, you may eventually have to replace it. The reason is that dragons grow quite quickly, but it also depends on their genetics as well as diet. But, in most cases, your bearded dragon is likely to reach his full size in 15-18 months. Therefore, you should take it into account when buying an indoor or outdoor bearded dragon enclosure.

Generally, you should be good if you pick a tank or enclosure twice as long as the size of your dragon. If he has already reached his full maturity, it may be a bit easier to pick a suitable tank.  But, in most cases, you can start with an enclosure at least 4 feet long, 2 feet high, and 2 feet wide. Similarly, you'll notice your dragon feels happier in a glass tank with a glass screen top, but you'll have to pay special attention to maintaining the right temperature within the enclosure, as glass enclosures are likely to experience dramatic temperature fluctuations.

The Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Simply standing back and appreciating the beauty of your bearded dragon in his cage or terrarium is an amazing feeling. Dragons prove amazing pets, but be ready to pay special attention to providing them with the best care and housing. If you're confused, you may consider buying Exo Terra AllGlass Terrarium, which is best for construction, space, and portability.

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