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The 4health Cat Food Reviewed

It's never easy to find the most nutritious cat food for your furry companion. Cats can be quite picky when it comes to feeding, and that's why cat parents are always searching for that magic recipe to make their cats feel happy, satisfied, and healthy. 4Health cat food is among many cat food brands available today, and it's easy to find a positive 4Health cat food review.

Made exclusively for the Tractor Supply Company, 4Health cat food claims to produce a variety of foods to satisfy your cat's needs at different life stages. The Tractor Supply Company focuses on creating nutritious food with flavors your cats would love, and they make it happen by using meat as their main ingredient. They also claim to include vitamins and minerals, as well as omega3s in their formula, which is good.

Best 4Health Cat Food: Our Top Picks

4Health Adult Chicken Formula

BEST chicken

  • Chicken protein
  • High in fiber

Rated by: Amber

4Health Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food


  • Chicken and chicken meal
  • Low in calories
  • No artificial flavors

Rated by: Amber

4Health Special Care Formula

Best affordable

  • Animal protein
  • No fillers
  • Affordable

Rated by: Amber

1. 4Health Adult Chicken Formula

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's a good choice as a nutritious cat food because of its ingredients. The first ingredient on the list is chicken, which is a species-appropriate ingredient adding a good dose of protein to the mix. Without protein, your growing cats won't be able to survive, and this chicken formula will surely help in this regard.

It's also quite good to find out that the cat food is free of any fillers, by-products, and artificial flavor. It contains brewer's rice, though, which may not be the most impressive ingredient choice for cat food because some cats may be allergic to it. Similarly, the addition of guar gum may raise some concerns too.

The good thing is that these ingredients add more fat to the formula and also provides a significantly large dose of fiber, which keeps your cat's digestive system work perfectly. So, overall, it's a good food option from 4Health foods.


  • It contains chicken
  • It's high in fiber
  • It's free of artificial flavors


  • It's low in protein

2. 4Health Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's one of the most popular 4Health foods with positive reviews mainly because it is quite heavy on chicken. It's chicken-based dry food, so you can feel confident when feeding your cat because it provides him with all the protein he needs to grow.

It's a good food choice because it not just contains chicken but has loads of chicken meal, which is the second ingredient on the list. Because of this dehydrated form of real chicken, the protein goes up a notch. There's no need to worry about causing digestive issues in cats because the chicken meal comes with high digestibility. Moreover, you'll also find a good percentage of turkey meal as well ocean fish.

As it's formulated for indoor cats, it intelligently keeps calorie count on the lower side. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your less active indoor cats gaining fat over time. Along with high quality protein, it also provides your cat with a good dose of antioxidants and omega3 fatty acids, which improves their coat and skin health. Its carb content comes from peas, garbanzo beans, and lentils.

Overall, it's a great choice for adult cats who need more protein but fewer calories. But, you need to bear in mind that it's low in fat and also quite low in moisture content. If moisture level is an issue, going for 4Health canned food may well be the option.


  • It contains chicken and chicken meal for protein
  • It's low in calories
  • It's free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives


  • The moisture content is on the lower side

3. 4Health Special Care Formula

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a rather affordable food option from 4Health, you may want to try this product. It works great for cats with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. The best thing is that it doesn't contain grains, which is why it won't cause digestive distress.

In terms of ingredients, this cat food is surely going to impress because the top on the list is chicken. Cats love the flavor and get enough protein, which is also due to the addition of chicken liver and turkey. Along with these ingredients, you won't find any cheap fillers, starches, or by-products, which goes in favor of this cat food.

Overall, you can keep your cat happy and satisfied by choosing this product, but keep in mind that some cat owners are not entirely happy with carrageenan. So, know what you're getting before finalizing a purchase.


  • It contains chicken and chicken liver for protein
  • It's free of cheap starches and fillers
  • It's quite affordable


  • It contains some questionable ingredients

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

4Health cat food review suggests that the brand is focused on providing quality products, which is not only nutritious but is delicious for your cats. 4Health is essentially a private label brand for the Tractor Supply Company. Both wet and dry cat food they offer contain meats, and other ingredients to provide your cat with vitamins and minerals, as well as omega3 fatty acids. It seems to be a good choice because their foods are devoid of corns or gluten. Overall, 4Health cat food looks good, but here's our 4Health cat food review to help you learn more about the brand before taking the plunge.

Is 4Health Good Cat Food?

Apparently, it is. Available for sale at the Tractor Supply Company, there's so much added to these foods to make them a good choice for cat parents. Know that you're getting a quality product because 4Health cat food is an offering of Diamond Pet Food, which also makes food for Canidae, Taste of the Wild, and various other brands.  They get it manufactured in their five facilities around the US.

In terms of ingredient quality, you're not going to experience many issues either, and that's quite common for dog and cat foods you buy from the Tractor Supply Company . It's mainly because they source their ingredients from the U.S, even though some of their ingredients also come from countries like Belgium, France, and New Zealand. They seem to have a robust quality check system in place because all 4Health cat food options score big in terms of ingredient quality. 

They source some of their ingredients from China – taurine, folic acid, etc., are some of those ingredients. Still, you don't need to worry much about the quality. However, it's worth mentioning that 4Health cat food doesn't have a great history in terms of being recalled. They've been in this situation twice, once in 2012 and then again in 2013. It seems to be an issue with many diamond-produced brands because they've been recalled multiple times during the last few years.

However, being recalled is not always the bad thing, as it shows manufacturers concern to produce something that's healthy for your pet. These foods were recalled in 2012 for possible salmonella contamination, which was an issue faced by many top cat food brands as well. 4Health cat food was recalled in 2013 because there weren't enough levels of thiamine in the product.

It seems that the brand has really managed to improve things after the initial setback, and now they're offering some reasonably good cat food recipes suitable for cats at different life stages.  You can easily buy the Original line from the Tractor Supply Company, and it is especially popular, for its dry cat food recipe suitable for cats in all life stages.

You can also pick something from 4Health cat food's grain-free line, which contains 13 products in total. It includes four dry cat food options as well as nine wet cat foods. Similarly, Untamed is another grain-free line offering a couple of dry cat food choices. Finally, the Special Care line is quite suitable for cats dealing with weight management issues, sensitive stomachs, and other health problems. There are two dry cat food recipes as well as four wet cat foods included in this line.

All these lines, available at the Tractor Supply Company, have something great to offer, which is why 4Health cat food is a reasonably good choice for new cat parents who are still experimenting and identifying what works best for their cats.

What is the Healthiest Cat Food?

Available exclusively at the Tractor Supply Company, 4Health is surely a good choice for those looking for healthy food choice for their cats. However, you need to understand that the healthiest cat food will have a good balance of healthy fats and animal protein. Besides protein, it should contain omega fatty acids, be grain free, and get all these nutrients from the best ingredients. Keep in mind that the price of pet food will directly depend on the volume and quality of ingredients.

Nevertheless, your focus should be on getting a pet food with quality nutrients and not worry too much about the price tag, if your pet's health comes first. Here are a few things to consider when you're looking to buy the best pet food for your beloved cat:

  • It should contain natural, whole-food, high quality ingredients
  • It should contain top quality animal proteins – no less than 30%
  • It should contain at least 15% of healthy (animal based) fats
  • It should be high in digestible fiber and contain a good dose of carbs too
  • It should contain essential minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids
  • It should be free of any fillers, by-products, and artificial additives

If you check the availability of these elements in any wet food or dry food, you'll end up making a good buying decision. Reading 4Health cat food review suggests that it's a good choice because it contains animal proteins, is high in fiber, contains minerals, and offers omega fatty acids at the same time. You can pick both dry and wet cat food from this brand and still hope to provide your cat with important nutrients. But, keep in mind that dry food is going to be relatively cheaper as compared to wet food. You may not have any choice though if you're looking for food for other than your adult cats.

What is the Best Food for a Cat?

Adult cats are energetic and usually require dry food high in protein and carbs. But, you may not want to stick with the same formula for an older cat. Therefore, it's important to consider the unique dietary needs of your cat as per his life stage to determine the best dry or wet cat food for him.

Reviews of many commercially prepared cat foods suggest that they rely on a balanced mix of calories and nutrients to keep your cats healthy. The Feline Nutrition Expert (FNE) has already established the minimum nutritional requirements for cats, so you can refer to those requirements to make a choice.

It also means that finding the best cat food will become easier if you learn to read the nutrition label of any cat food brand you pick. If a food brand doesn't offer complete details regarding the ingredients found their formula, it's a good idea to avoid buying it in the first place. A good product from a popular cat food brand will always be open about their food recipes, which allows you to select the right option for adult cats as well as kittens and senior cats.

Keep in mind that your cat's nutritional requirements will keep on changing with age. A cat food brand may be perfect for kittens but it may not be nearly as impressive for older cats. Similarly, dry food may be suitable for adult cats but it may not be an option for senior cats with no teeth. Yes, you can find a cat food brand offering foods formulated for all life stages but they're not always going to deliver the best nutritional punch. Reading reviews of a food brand will help you immensely in this regard and make it easier for you to decide if you really want to buy a particular cat food brand for your kitty.

You need to know that the best food for your cat is the one that is complete and balanced. So long as it's balanced, there's nothing wrong in switching between different types of foods. Ideally, you should go for what your cat prefers. Some cats are in love with canned food, while others would die for dry food. Be prepared to experiment with types of foods but never make any compromises over the nutritional aspect.

Besides buying foods from a popular cat food brand, you can also try homemade diets as well as treats to keep your cat healthy. These treats and diets work if they provide your cat with the kind of nutrition they require for their age. 4Health grain free recipes are quite effective for cats of different ages, so be prepared to read reviews and determine what's right for your cat.

Is Costco Dry Cat Food Good?

4Health cat food reviews suggest that you'll be getting a good value for money and your cat will be on a nutritious diet. But, it's also true that some people question about its species appropriateness, and that's why they look for other cat food brands. Costco Kirkland Signature cat food is yet another popular option and is actually a better choice in terms of species-appropriate ingredients.

In terms of product variety, Kirkland Signature cat food may not be the best, but it's right at the top when you talk about its ingredient quality. It's an offering of Diamond Pet Foods, which is also behind 4Health cat foods. You can find it in three dry recipes only, as their two wet recipes – organic chicken & turkey and Chicken & Chicken Liver are no longer under production. Nevertheless, chicken is the main ingredient, so Costco Kirkland Signature cat food is packed with protein and is a great choice. You may have to switch to 4Health though if you're mainly looking for wet canned cat food.

The Best 4Health Cat Food to Buy

With so many positive reviews and quality ingredients, 4Health is surely one fine choice for cat owners. Some people may talk about its species appropriateness but no one would have issues about its ingredient quality. If you're looking for good quality cat wet foods, 4Health Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food is just perfect for its taste and nutrition. Give it a shot!

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