dog backpack carrier

Should You Buy a Dog Backpack Carrier?

Going out with your dog hassle-free is possible with the help of a backpack carrier. This gear is becoming popular among pet parents and for many good reasons. One of which is safety. If you’re heading to somewhere crowded or busy, keeping your furry baby in a backpack will protect him or her against injuries. […]

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crate or playpen for puppy

Should I Use a Crate or a Playpen for My Puppy?

Should you get a crate or playpen for your puppy? Read on for points you may want to consider. Playpens Vs. Crates A playpen is a place where your puppy can play and do some stretching. It has a lot more room than a crate which means he will be able to walk, lie down, […]

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best wooden dog crates

Dog Crate Furniture: The Best Wooden Dog Crates of 2019

Wooden dog crates allow your furry baby a space they can call their own in your home. They’re stylish, multi-functional, and a space-saver, too. What’s more, you can choose one that’ll work with your interior design. A wooden dog crate doubles as an end table. Unlike a typical crate, it doesn’t have the look of […]

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keeping turtle healthy and happy

Keeping Your Turtle Healthy and Happy

Ready to become a turtle parent? Caring for turtle takes work, but it doesn’t have to be complex. To give you an idea, here are some tips to help keep your turtle healthy and happy. Setting Up Their Home The bigger the home of your turtle, the better. Turtles spend most of their time in […]

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right puppy crate size

Choosing The Right Puppy Crate Size

As a first-time pet parent, it can be confusing to decide which crate size is right for your puppy. Crate training your animal can especially be challenging if you do not have the right size. Crates that are too large often lead to accidents and encourage bad habits. To help you, we’ll talk about factors […]

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crate training alternatives

8 Alternatives to Crate Training

A crate is a helpful tool in teaching your best furry buddy the house rules. But there are also several reasons why you may not prefer crate training. The previous owner of your dog may have used crates as a form of punishment. Or your dog may be experiencing separation anxiety. Or you probably don’t […]

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take small dog everywhere

How to Take Your Small Dog Everywhere

If you would like to take your small dog with you anywhere you go, there are products in the market that help you do so. As you choose one, always consider your buddy’s safety and comfort. Many people prefer using a type of jogger or stroller on wheels, but that requires wheeling them around wherever […]

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kind of dog food for my dog

What Kind of Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Do you give dog food to your pet? Are you a new parent and thinking whether to feed your pet with dog food? Many owners feed their canine companion with dog food. But if it’s your first time to buy one, the process can be frustrating. You’ll find various choices and you’ll wonder which one […]

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dog exercises

How Much Exercise Should I Give My Dog?

Worried about your dog not exercising? You’re not alone. This is a common concern among pet parents. But worry not, you can solve this. Exercise is crucial for all dogs, regardless of their size and age. Although their needs vary, physical activity will always be important for their health. If your dog isn’t able to […]

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How to Pad Train a Puppy

How to Pad Train a Puppy

Potty-pad training your puppy can be a frustrating time. Patience and consistency are crucial. The ideal bathroom for dogs is outside but there are instances when you’ll need to train them to relieve themselves at home. Here are some of them: Winters are brutal in your area. Not all dogs will be able to handle […]

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