how to bring dog on plane

How to Bring Your Dog on a Plane

Wouldn’t trips be more exciting with your best furry buddy in tow? It is perhaps every pet owner’s dream to travel with their dog. However, bringing a dog on a plane comes with several challenges. You need to be prepared and ensure that your dog is fit for travel. Is It Safe for Dogs to […]

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why is my dog afraid of me

Why is My Dog Afraid of Me?

Is your dog suddenly scared of you? Or perhaps, you have a new pet that won’t go near you. It’s tough to see that your furry friend fears you. You’ll want to care for him but that will be difficult if he doesn’t trust you. If you have a rescued dog, chances are he’s not […]

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why are there so many pets in pet shelters

Why Are There So Many Pets in Pet Shelters?

It’s a sad truth – pet shelters are, more often than not, overpopulated. According to PETA, over 6 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters every year. For loving and committed pet parents, it’s hard to figure out why so many animals end up in pet shelters. While some of these animals find new homes, […]

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easy ways to prevent animal cruelty

Easy Ways to Stop Animal Abuse

Animals, like humans, deserve proper treatment. But unfortunately, animal cruelty is common. And according to The Humane Society, most animal abuse cases are never reported. Hence, it’s difficult to determine how common they actually are. But the figures need not rise. We can do our part to prevent animal cruelty. Animal abuse can occur in […]

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space for dog crates

How Much Space Should I Leave in My Dog Crate?

A crate is made especially for the man’s best friend. It’s helpful if you have a dog that gets in trouble when you’re not looking or he’s alone. When used the proper way, a crate can be a lifesaver for both you and your dog. If you’ve already figured that a crate is suitable for […]

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puppy pad training truth

The Truth About Pad Training Your Puppy

Puppy pad training is beneficial if you’re living in a high-rise building or an area with a cold climate. It can also be helpful if you’re working for long hours or have limited mobility. If you haven’t tried pad training yet, don’t expect it to get done overnight. If you’ve owned dogs before or have […]

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dog carrier slings

Are Dog Carrier Slings Safe?

You love your dog but carrying him in your arms can be exhausting, right? This is true even for small dogs. One solution you can look into: using a dog carrier sling. Dog carrier slings may suit pet parents that are always on the go. Consider them the equivalent of sling carriers for babies, only […]

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how to choose reliable pet sitter

How to Choose a Reliable Pet Sitter

If you’ll be away and have no choice but to leave your furry baby at home, and leaving them alone is not an option. Maybe you will be gone for an extended period of time. Whatever the reason, getting a pet sitter is one way you can keep peace of mind. You can prevent yourself […]

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why invest in a pet camera

6 Reasons to Invest in a Pet Camera

Dogs can be more than just a furry companion to you. Your pet can be as important in your life as a family member or a good friend. You worry about him when you’re away. Leaving him at home is also hard for you. However, it’s impossible for you to be beside your pet for […]

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dog backpack carrier

Should You Buy a Dog Backpack Carrier?

Going out with your dog hassle-free is possible with the help of a backpack carrier. This gear is becoming popular among pet parents and for many good reasons. One of which is safety. If you’re heading to somewhere crowded or busy, keeping your furry baby in a backpack will protect him or her against injuries. […]

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