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The Best Cat Window Perches Reviewed

If it hadn’t been for the cat window perches, imagine how your cat would have spent the time when no one is around. Window perches are great for stopping your cat from exploring undesirable areas like the bookshelf or tabletops. When you are in the kitchen, it might be tempted to don the role of a nuisance by jumping on the counters or go for a sneak-peak in the fridge. Mounting a window perch for cats will make your life easy as it can keep the cat full of activity. While there are many options available, the following will help you select the best cat perches for windows.

The Best Cat Window Perch: Our Top Picks

Kitty Sill with Foam Cushion from Window Perches

BEST window perch

  • Easy to install
  • Foam cushion for comfort

Rated by: Amber

K H Pet Products Kitty Sill


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Heated and unheated

Rated by: Amber

K & H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse

Best penthouse

  • Easy to use
  • Suction cups for mounting
  • Mesh windows for view

Rated by: Amber

1. Kitty Sill with Foam Cushion from Window Perches

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Those looking for window perches or a reasonably good kitty sill can try this pet product with confidence. Buying this kitty sill will help provide your cat with a perfect sunbathing area.

Installation won't be an issue because it works well with any windowsills with a couple of support brackets. It uses Velcro style fasteners, so you can install it quickly.

It comes equipped with a deluxe foam cushion to ensure maximum comfort and support for your older cats. It uses a fleece cover, which can be removed and washed easily. Overall, it's among the best window perches, but some users believe complaint about the insufficient bottom angled supports.


  • It can be installed quickly
  • It uses foam cushion for comfort
  • It has a removable fleece cover for washing


  • It may slide easily when installed incorrectly

2. K H Pet Products Kitty Sill

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a good cat window perch that's of high quality and still a budget-friendly option, you should consider this product from K H Pet Products. Not many companies can come close to K H Pet Products when you talk about premium quality cat window perches, and this kitty sill will surely impress you a lot as well.

The first thing you notice is that it's a sturdy cat window perch offered by K H Pet Products. This window perch is designed keeping in mind that home cats can be quite chubby, so it can easily hold up to 40 pounds. The overall size of this cat window perch is 14 by 24 inches, so it's suitable for most cats.

In terms of comfort, K H Pet Products has produced a perfect product, as it uses quality foam that offers orthopedic support for your furry friend. Quite interestingly, K H Pet Products has done all the hard work and saved you from wasting precious time on installing this cat window perch. You don't need any tools but you'll have to use some screws that you can find in the package. Still, it's easy to install this EZ mount cat window perch.

Another great thing about this cat window perch from K H Pet Products is that it's available in two variations, including heated and unheated version. You can find the unheated version in original fleece, but you can try heated version as well, which takes only 6W of electricity to deliver quality performance.

Overall, it's a great product from K H Pet Products, but some buyers are of the view that the foam it uses could be of a better quality to make it one of the best cat window perches available on the market. It's not going to be a deal-breaker though and your cat is surely going to love sitting on this cat window perch to catch some sun and unwind at the same time.


  • It's available in heated and unheated versions
  • It's highly durable and sturdy
  • It offers orthopedic support to older cats


  • The foam could've been of better quality

3. K & H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for another impressive cat window perch, you may want to buy this product for your furry friend. It's extremely easy to install and is one of the best perches available today.

This window cat perch comes with all the bells and whistles and keeps your cat happy all the time. It comes equipped with a built-in ledge, which makes it easy to enter and exit this EZ mount penthouse. There are six windows, so visibility won't be an issue.  Moreover, it comes with a micro-fleece sleeping surface, so expect your cat to feel comfortable while using this cat window perch.

The durability won't be a problem, as this EZ mount penthouse uses extra-strong suction cups, allowing it to hold up to 60 pounds with ease. The installation won't be an issue either, as you can use the suction cups to attach it to any glass surface. It's equally easy to clean it, as you can remove it using suction cups.

Overall, this EZ mount penthouse with suction cups is built to last a long time, but keep in mind that it's going to cost you more money as compared to other similar options.


  • It uses suction cups for easy mounting
  • It has plush fleece sleeping area
  • It uses mesh windows for better views


  • It may be a bit expensive

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

While cat window perches keep the cat occupied at gazing out of the window, following sounds, and carousing in the smells around, it is easy to make them at home with a few materials. Depending on the type you have in mind, or according to how you want to fix the window perch cat, the materials may possibly be lying around in your house and would take no more than thirty minutes of your time. Here are a few types that can easily be assembled at home.

How to Make a Cat Window Perch?

A concrete form of up to an eight-inch diameter is needed, which may vary as per the length of your cat. A ruler and marker are required for taking measurements. Any carpet leftover, 4 suction cups, and a strong adhesive to attach them come next. Lastly, a functional knife and a thin synthetic rope comprise the supplies needed for setting it up.


A straight line is drawn through the concrete form and a mark of 2 1/2 inches from each side is made, which is then cut in the middle.

  • Cut the carpet leftover to fit the concrete form with over an inch or so overlapping at the edges. Apply the adhesive glue underneath the carpet set it on the form. Neaten the carpet edges.
  • Cut the rope into two 12 inch parts and fasten one end about the base of two suction cups in a double knot for safety.Fasten them to a neat surface Adding a blob of glue on the knot is a good idea as this part will endure most of the burden of the cats window perch.

Give it a final check and voila!

How to Make Cat Perch?

Mounting wooden cat window perches is as easy as any other type. You need a piece of wood to serve as a base for the cat perch and to form two legs, and mount for the wall. Masking tape or marker, and a ruler is required for measuring and marking the lengths. A saw for cutting wood, a drill machine, and screws for holes are needed to fix it on the wall. A fluffy towel of your cat’s liking as cushion, and glue to stick it, will make for the comfy seat.


  • Determine where you want to place the perch base and measure it from the floor. Mark it with a marker or masking tape.
  • Next, cut the perch base, two legs, and wall mount from the wood to fit the desired measurements of the wooden perch.
  • Drill corresponding holes in the base, wall mount, and each of the two legs, such that the holes of the base connect with screws to the ones on the mount and the legs, to make the perch ready to be set up against the wall.
  • Stick the fluffy towel on the platform, and fold any dangling piece under it, all with a strong glue so that it doesn’t come off by the clawing of your feline.
  • Finally, mount the affixed perch, legs and mount against the wall in place with screws. Double-check for durability before letting your cat jump in.  

Why Do Cats Perch?

While the idea of letting the cat stay outdoors to play, tease, and trill the birds and bugs alike may seem exciting but it may not always be possible owing to your busy routine, the weather, the neighbor’s dog, or any other reasons. It may not be the exact alternative but staring out at the outdoors while sitting on a comfy perch at the window sill may just do the trick for your cat.

Your cat may seem to stare outside at nothingness where you might fail to see anything worthwhile. Be it greenery, people, houses, or just passing cars, you never know what just caught their attention!

Safe from probable predators

Cats are creatures of habit and are used to keeping their guard up. They like to have a good time in the safe boundary of the house with the satisfaction that all real and ‘unreal’ predators may be out there, but cannot harm them. The view for the cat window perches being a plus gives them a lookout view, where they can have the area in check.

In-house order

Gone are the days when unwanted creatures like rats, insects, flies, and the sort kept finding their way inside your house every now and then. The cat window perches are ideal for the cat to keep an eye on them and rest assured, nothing will escape that eye.

Much needed exercise

Cats may be famous for being the lazy ones, but having some exercise in the course of a day is important for their well-being also.Now the cat can easily climb, jump, or stretch all it feels like on the perch.

Untouchable zone

As safe as your house may be, if it is home to more pets other than your cat, then certain animalistic and territorial clashes are fated to occur every now and then. The cat window perches being ‘up’ from the floor give an ‘upper hand’ to your cat, whenever it wants to be in the untouchable zone which is out of reach for unwanted touch and bullying, letting the creature unwind.

The instinct

Let’s accept it, cats have been perching throughout their time on the planet, and have an inborn instinct for staying on the edge. Even though the habitat of your cat today is poles apart from where its ancestors used to dwell, the instinct still stays strong and can be slaked from up the perch fully.

Cat vision

Interestingly, these felines love staring out, regardless of whether it is daytime or night. Cats are crepuscular creatures, where their innate ability of night vision plays a part and lets them spot an item of their interest from afar even in the darkest hours.

The human vision mechanism comprises two main components, the cones, and the rods. Cones regulate day vision and color sensitivity, and the rods regulate night vision, marginal vision, and distinguish between glare and shadow.

The vision mechanism of cat differs from humans for projecting different results. In comparison, cats have fewer cones but a developed deliberation of rods. As a result, humans can differentiate between colors much better than cats, but lag behind in night vision, especially in the dark. Cats have a marginal optical field of 200 degrees which is higher than the 180-degree human limit.

Why a Cat is Sitting on a Window Sill?

As cats have much better vision in poor light as compared to humans, they can ‘see’ much more when staring outside, even at night time. It is only fair that while you are binge-watching your favorite TV show and can’t take them out, leaving a bulb lit on the outside will give them plenty of attention-grabbing stuff to watch at night right from their perch by the window.

All cats like birdies, so at daytime, you can keep the cats enthralled by putting a birdbath or feeder in view of their perch where they can enjoy watching the little birds chirp, play, and feed around. The height of the birdbath should, however, be at a safe distance from the ground to make them stay out of harm’s way of any roaming pets.

In short, passing the hours staring away is a blameless leisure pursuit of cats which is just as gratifying for them as for you. The incitement for them can very well be the flora and fauna, or even just a soft breeze that refreshes their airs, no one can know! Window watching from the perch will mostly leave the cats joyful unless something or someone puts them off. You just gotta keep an eye on new cats in the neighborhood, no one wants competition, right? Whichever mood the cat may be in, the window perch will serve as the best retreat for your feline….hands down!

How to Assemble Sunny Seat Cat Bed?

As in the name, a sunny seat window cat bed is one of the best cat window perches placed at a glass window or a see-through door overlooking a natural scene. In general cases, the view is that of the back yard or the front lawn. This seat lets the cat connect with the outside world while loafing, snoozing, or idling on the inside, making it a hot favorite among cats.

Assembling the sunny seat is also easy. If assembled using industrial strength suction cups, this cat seat can support a heavyweight and healthy cat. For all the extra-hygienic and cautious cat owners out there, the maintenance of this sunny seat is super cool. The suction cups can be cleaned sparkling by alcohol, and the seat cover can be removed and washed as many times as you feel like it. It is mounted on durable wires and the plastic frame is sturdy enough to withstand all the jumps and jolts by your tomcat. However, the selection of the window for the seat should be made carefully.

While you can also use a comfy blanket for extra comfort, you just need a Pvc frame, four suction cups, wires to attach, and you are good to go.


  • Attach two of the suction cups with the pvc frame towards the sides.
  • Pass the wires from the small holes in the seat cover and set it on the Pvc frame such that it does not slip on either side.
  • Attach the other 2 suction cups to the ends of the wires.
  • Clean the part of the window to be joined with the sunny seat with alcohol for a smoother and safer grip, and press the frame.
  • Lastly, fasten the two suction cups on the wires directly above the sunny seat firmly, and invite your cat.

Buy the Best Cat Window Perch

It all boils down to the fact that finding the best cat window perch is important for the health of your furry friend. But, if you feel confused, you may want to go for the window sill from K H Pet Products, which is not only affordable but is of very high quality as well. Give it a try!

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