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What To Put In A Dog Crate? How To Make Your Pet’s Crate More Comfortable?

A dog crate should be a place where your puppy and dogs would feel at home and comfortable. It should be their “safe haven” where they could rest, play, and spend their own time.

But, leaving it bare and as it is from the moment of the package’s arrival won’t entice your pets that this is going to be their new safe place. And, many pet owners tend to this mistake.

Apparently, they are the ones who you would see or hear asking “What to put in a dog crate? Or how can I make it comfortable for my dog?”

Questions like these are very common. And if you are asking the same things, you shouldn’t worry because the answers would generally be dependent on one’s preferences, especially on their respective pets’.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you need to consider too. Even if comfort and likes are largely subjective, there are general things that could make your pet’s crate more comfortable.

Location of The Crate

The very first thing you need to consider is the location of the crate. Where you put it or place it can largely affect how your pets would see the crate. There are certain places that you need to prioritize than others.

By and large, pets, specifically dogs, and puppies, would always want to be part of the family’s daily activities. They are social animals and including them in every event or happening is just appropriate. They want it and they love it.

Location of The Crate

They always want to see what’s happening around them because they find great comfort and happiness in the feeling of belonging. So, dog crates must be placed in areas where family members meet and socialize the most.

Try placing it in the living room, sides of the couches, or the entertainment room.

It is important for you to note that placing crates on isolated areas would make them feel that they are alone. It would make them think that they are being punished. If this happens, your pet could develop depression which certainly a thing you don’t want to happen.

During wee hours, allowing your dog to sleep beside you is not necessary. It’s largely your choice to make. But for puppies and newborn pups, you could let them.

And if you plan to let them sleep in your bedroom, place a second dog crate in your bedroom or move the crate inside during sleeping time.

When you are already settled with the location of the crate, you can now ask, what to put in a dog crate?

Dog Crate Bedding

A dog crate bedding is essential. As mentioned above, leaving the crate as it is from the moment you purchase it won’t entice your dog to see it as its new playground or safe house. But, incorporating a dog crate bedding in it will.

A dog crate bedding is helpful for pets to get the rest they need. During the sleeping times, the chosen bedding will help them feel more comfortable.

But, choosing the appropriate bedding for your pet could be a challenge since there are quite a lot to choose from. So, in choosing the perfect bedding for your pet, you must think of their hobbies first.

dog crate bedding

Do they like to bite things? Do they find chewing a hobby? If they do, then the bedding should not be made out of materials that are easily broken once chewed.

Most small dogs and pups love to chew things. And there are some dogs who are chronic chewers. If these are the cases, try to choose a dog bedding prescribed by your veterinary. Hence, asking for guidance and consultations from the experts would really help.

Nevertheless, find a nice, comfortable, and soft dog crate bedding. This will help them feel more happy, comfortable, and well-loved. Also, try to look for beddings that are easy to wash or washable-ready.

If your dogs find great comfort and fun in the bedding, they will end up always inside the crate. Moreover, a bedding that will support your pet’s joints and back is a great choice.

Toys To Leave Inside A Dog Crate

But, there are still a few owners who would ask. “What to put in a dog crate?even if they already have the perfect bedding. And this is still normal too. Accordingly, this is the time when you should include toys and accessories inside the dog crate.

Apparently, there is an ongoing debate on whether to put toys inside or not. Some trainers largely discourage the incorporation of toys inside the dog crate. The reason behind is that it omits the real essence of the dog crate.

When toys are widely available inside the crate, the pets would think that this is only a playhouse and not a safe resting place.

toys for dogs

On the other hand, some owners would say that having toys inside would entice more the pets to come inside the crate more often. It would make them feel more at home.

But while the debate is still at large, placing and leaving toys inside is significantly dependent on your and your pet’s choice or interest.

As an owner, you know your pet more than anyone and you would know if toys will be appropriate inside their crates. So, it’s largely a choice you have to make for your pets.

Nevertheless, toys can still be a form of enticement for pets. If they see their favorite toy inside, it would make them feel at home and comfortable. And knowing that they see a familiar thing inside would enable them to go there more often.

Since the variety of pet toys is very wide today, many owners would normally ask what to put in a dog crate in terms of toys and accessories. Well, choosing the right ones can be a little challenging. And you have to be picky with this as well.

You may want to choose the toys that are safe for chewing and are durable that can last for quite some time. Also, you may want to find toys that are easy to wash too.

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