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Are Dog Carrier Slings Safe?

You love your dog but carrying him in your arms can be exhausting, right? This is true even for small dogs. One solution you can look into: using a dog carrier sling.

Dog carrier slings may suit pet parents that are always on the go. Consider them the equivalent of sling carriers for babies, only that they’re designed for your best furry buddy. Some people may prefer to use strollers for their dogs, but they aren’t good if you are not walking on a paved walkway. This is where carrier slings shine.

What is a Dog Carrier Sling?

Dogs slings are used to carry small dogs. You’ll find these products in various styles and colors.

They’re usually made of a sturdy fabric and are equipped with handles near their top part. They can be wrapped around your pet’s midsection. Apart from small pets, slings can also be used for dogs that are older or are recovering from injuries.

If your dog has a rib or spinal issue, a midsection sling may work for him. To be sure, consult with your vet if the carrier is appropriate for your dog’s specific needs.

Dog carrier slings usually also have a strong material for keeping your dog secure. They’re easy to carry, thanks to their two handles.
However, you may feel pressure on a specific part of your body. So you also need to consider if you’re able to carry the weight of your dog.

You’ll find another type of dog sling that is very much similar to baby sling carriers. You can wrap the cloth across your body and then position your dog so that he’s in front of you. This type of sling is worn from the shoulder down to the hip.

Advantages of Dog Slings

The number one advantage of dog carrier slings is that they keep your hands free. Perhaps you’re out with your two dogs. You can have your larger one on a leash and the other on a sling.

A dog sling is also made comfortable for a dog. Your four-legged best friend is in close contact with you. He can see you and that will help him feel comfortable and secure. Your dog will not be scared because he knows you’re around.

Dog slings also look stylish.

Disadvantages of Dog Slings

Dog slings work best for small and short breeds. If your dog is large, chances are he won’t fit in a sling. He will have to bend his legs which will be uncomfortable for him. If you’re considering investing in a dog sling, think about your dog’s full body measurements.

If your dog is hyperactive, it’s possible for him to be able to leap out of your sling or move around too much it already inconveniences you. If your dog has health issues, you will need to take extra caution before using a sling. This may only do more harm to him than good.

In general, dog slings aren’t as sturdy as other types of dog carriers. There are also no compartments that you can use for your other belongings.

So, Is It Safe to Use a Dog Carrier Sling?

Yes, it’s safe if it’s appropriate for what you’re trying to do and then again, talk to your vet first. A dog sling allows you to rest your arms and your dog will not have to walk himself.

But, you need to be careful in handling your dog. A lightweight dog should not be handled any way you want. Otherwise, he may strain his rib cage.

Overall, you need to consider the physical features of your dog, his health condition, and your purpose for using a carrier. If a sling ticks all the boxes and you’re handling your pet properly, then he should be just fine.

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