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Guide for Keeping Your Dog Safe

As a dog owner, it is important that you take note of the safety and security of your pet. Apparently, the world is full of risks and dangers. And accidents may happen, especially to your ever loving furry friend. Most people don't realize that dogs should be put in a doggy car seat, which is dangerous to not use.

Dogs are like children. They are very curious about the things that surround them. And it is quite easy for them to tackle anything that may peak their interests. With that being said, it is gravely needed that you consider all the things that may endanger them to keep doggie safe.

Dogs and Foods

When giving foods to your dogs, make sure that it is appropriate for them. Anything that is contaminated may seriously harm them. Also, there certain ingredients and types of food that are not allowed to be given to dogs because it may lead to life-threatening situations. These foods normally include chocolates and MSG.

In addition, some dogs have specific allergies when it comes to food consumption. So, it is always wise that you consult first with a vet, especially if the dog is new to your care.

feeding dog

Another thing that you have to keep in mind when feeding your dog is that you should not give them food when they randomly ask for it. This can be hard for most dog parents and it is a common mistake.

When your dog asks for food even after consuming its scheduled meal, and especially when there are people eating around them, you should not give them any. This will only encourage them to do the same every time this scenario happens.

Dogs and Being On Outdoors

The first thing you need to do when you own a dog is to buy a collar. In some states and regions, dog collars are required. And depending on your location, this may be a requirement too. But even if it’s not, it is important for your dog to wear a collar.

Your dog will not be considered as homeless when it is seen wearing a collar. A collar is a proof of ownership. And most of the time, this is very useful for dogs who love to escape their owners.

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dogs outdoors

Normally, dog collars contain the name of the dog and the address of its owner and house. But while some would not include these details, it is still wise for you to have your dog wear a collar.

Another proof of ownership that you may use is a dog chip. Today, most pet parents would have their dogs chipped through their respective vets. And this will keep doggie safe from getting lost. With one scan at any vet clinic, it would automatically show who the owner is and the accompanying details to contact the owner.

Getting a leash is also essential. But, remember your dog shout not always be on a leash. Nevertheless, it is vital that you put them on a leash every now and then. This is naturally a form of training for them. It apparently shows that you are in-charge over your dog.

And this is very important for them to know that you are the alpha. When your dog believes otherwise, it can be very difficult for you to manage them.

A leash is also helpful when you are going outdoors. Some dogs are great when it comes to roads. Others, however, may find the outdoors too exciting and liberating that may cause them to forget the risks and dangers on roads. Hence, a leash may help you and your dog.

Dogs and Health

As a dog parent, you should be well aware of your pet’s overall health. You must ensure that your dog gets all the proper and needed vaccines. Usually, these vaccines are on a scheduled basis. And normally, dogs have their own vaccine books wherein you and your vet could track all the vaccinations.

There should also be a monthly and quarterly check-up for your dog. This will keep doggie safe from different kinds of illness and diseases. Keep in mind that dogs are very prone to various kinds of virus and bacteria. Hence, it is important for you to have them check every now and then.

dog check up

Some dogs are recommended to be maintained with vitamins and supplements. And these recommendations are all coming from your vet. So, it is always important that you talk to your vet regarding these matters.

And speaking of maintenance, you should have your dog groomed by specialists every once in a while. Although some pet parents may groom their furry kids on their own, it is still recommended that you bring them to pet groomers.

Accordingly, your dog’s hygiene plays an important role as well in its health and wellness. The more your dog is well-maintained, the more it will be safe from bacteria and viruses.

Dogs and Surroundings

As mentioned, dogs are like kids. They are curious by nature which causes them to act carelessly at times. Although accidents are inevitable, some things and instances are largely preventable. And one of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted things to happen is to secure the surroundings.

Inside the house, there are many substances that are very harmful to your dog. Although (most of the time) these substances are largely needed inside the house, these should be kept away from their reach.

dog surroundings

Essentially, your dog’s world is rich in exciting smells and sights. So, you should know what exactly the things in its surrounding that may cause risks and danger. But if things go south and you can no longer prevent an accident from happening, rush your dog quickly to the nearest vet.

Now, in order for you to keep doggie safe, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. And these points are only some of those things. There are actually a lot more risks and dangers than these.

It may seem challenging and daunting because having a dog is like having a child, but it’s all going to be worth it.

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