Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys to Have a Happy Dog

Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Dogs can't resist treats, but you can make it a lot more fun for them by making them get it out of treat dispensing dog toys. Food-dispensing dog toys are increasingly popular because they offer several health benefits and keep your dogs from showing signs of boredom-related behavior problems.

Starmark chew ball treat dispenser

BEST overall

  • Easy to clean
  • Tested for health and safety

Rated by: Amber

Petsafe busy BUDDY squirrel

BEST freezable Toy

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Customizable prongs
  • Freezable

Rated by: Amber

kong wobbler dog toy

Best wobble toy

  • Easy to refill
  • Entertaining
  • Made in USA

Rated by: Amber

The Best Treat Dispensing Dog Toys: Our Top Picks

1. Starmark Chew Ball Treat Dispenser

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

When you're looking for a treat dispensing dog toy and one of the best interactive dog toys for a tough chewer, this product from Starmark may well be a great choice. Investing in this toy would help keep your dog entertained while searching for treats.

It will quickly become your dog's favorite toy because it dispenses treats and works as a bouncy ball to keep your dog interested all the time. What's more, it floats as well. Your dog can have it rolled along the floor or chew on it after settling down. The ball may be soft and pliable, but make no mistake about its durability, as it can withstand some tough chewing.

Cleaning it won't be an issue either, as it is dishwasher safe. It is going to last long because the material used is even stronger than natural rubber. While it is durable, it is free of any vinyl, latex, and phthalates. The only issue some people notice is that the opening is a bit too small, but it is always possible to trim the tabs a little for better use.


  • It is tested for health and safety
  • It is durable and stronger than natural rubber
  • It is suitable even for tough chewers


  • The food opening could have been bigger.

2. PetSafe Busy Buddy Squirrel

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Available in different sizes, from extra small to large, this treat dispensing squirrel is surely going to be a favorite of your dog. It is top-rack dishwasher safe, which means you can keep it clean with little effort.

This dog interactive toy comes equipped with customizable treat meter prongs, so you can easily use different fillings. It is easy to load – all you have to do is push a funnel using the treat meter prongs and that's it.

In terms of chew durability, this interactive dog toy is also going to impress you with its quality. It won't be damaged even when handled – or mishandled – by heavy chewers. In fact, it encourages chewing because of its textured design, which also promotes easier breathing while playing.

 Your dog will spend plenty of time playing with this dog toy interactive masterpiece, and they will love it because it offers an irregular bounce and is not high in terms of difficulty level. You can use raw food, wet food, veggies, treats, and cheese in it and it is perfectly freezable. The only issue you might experience from time to time is that its textured design requires soaking to clean it properly, but that shouldn't be a huge problem for most people.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It comes with customizable prongs
  • It is freezable


  • A bit tricky to clean

3. Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

The biggest highlight of this treat dispensing dog toy is the fact that it is manufactured in the USA using FDA food-approved hard plastic polymer. The use of high strength plastic polymer makes it quite durable to withstand heavy chewing.

It has a large hole for enough food to come out, but it is not like some substandard products where food just pours out of the hole. With this dog toy, your dog will still have to roll and knock it over to get the reward. However, your dog won't lose interest because of its entertaining wobble action.

 Cleaning is not a problem, as it is dishwasher safe. Similarly, refilling won't cause any issue, as you just need to screw off the top to add more to the toy. Because of its size and quality, you can sometimes use it as a replacement for your dog bowl. It will encourage extended mealtime while providing your dog with some exercise. The only concern is regarding its price, which may be a bit on the higher side.


  • It is made using FDA-approved plastic polymer
  • It is easy to fill with its twist off dispenser
  • It uses a wobble action to keep your dog entertained


  • It may be a bit on the pricier side

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Are Treat Balls Good for Dogs? 

Of course, they are.

The biggest benefit is that they provide a lot of chewing fun for your canine friend. Generally, dogs love a good chew challenge. Apart from trying to reach food providing mental stimulation, it’s a chance to use natural feeding behaviors, such as using their paws to maneuver the toy.

Being social animals capable of curiosity and learning, it’s important for a dog to be provided with ample opportunities for mental stimulation. Both treat dispensing toys, like heavy duty konks as well as dog puzzles encourage natural instincts so they continue to learn new things. Treat balls are part of a dog keepers arsenal of healthy rewards for displaying desirable behavior.

If your canine friend has energy to burn or easily bored and needs constant attention, treat balls are a great choice because, depending on their size and ingredients they can keep your dog busy. They are especially useful on long cold, rainy days when a short walk for the necessities is all that’s sensible. Many experts agree that a dog can be happy home alone if they have stimulations and distracted. A toy filled with a favorite morsal can help minimize separation anxiety.

Used wisely, these toys can keep dogs from other boredom-related destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, howling or barking, and help them enjoy their own company.

Which is Best Treat Dispensing Toy?

When you truly understand the benefits of using treat balls or treat-dispensing toys in your training regime, it’s natural to take longer to consider which to buy one for your dog. While there are many options available, it can make things confusing for someone trying to get the best for their dog from a treat dispensing toy. Here are some features to consider:

It needs to be durable. The best treat ball needs to be durable and last a while for your dog to get mouth satisfaction. This means you need to match the size of the toy to the power of your mouth.  Although it needs to withstand heavy chewing there has to be mouthfuls of reward now and then to motivate your dog into more chewing. A high quality rubber polymer is a good safe option for a medium dog upwards although you will have to go super strong and durable for bigger dogs. When you are choosing keep mind, dogs enjoying a chew will happily chew through toys made of cheap vinyals and plastic.

It needs to be easy to clean. A well selected high brand chew reward toy can easily last months even years, so easy cleaning is essential. The high quality toys are dishwasher safe and it’s useful to have that level of cleaning if you are treating a puppy. Textured toys may look more fun for chewing, but smooth outer surfaces are easier for effective cleaning.

It Needs to be Easy To Fill. The best treat-dispensing toy should be easy for owners too. It has to be easy to refill. When you are looking for the perfect purchase, ensure the hole in the toy is not too large or too small. You need a good ratio of reward to chew to keep your dog interested. If it is too large and the food falls out, they will eat it quickly and move on.

What Can I Put in My Dog Treat Ball? 

You can stuff your food-dispensing toy with almost anything you think your dog will want, but healthy treats are the best. Many dog owners swear by peanut butter and others dog or cat kibbles. Whichever you go for, using a treat ball is a good opportunity to supplement your dog’s diet with extra vitamins and minerals. If your dog has a particular liking for a more unusual treat before you have a go with a treat ball, check with your vet. Even so, here are some other options with foods safe for dogs to consider:

Stuff it with veggies. Ideally, it is better to mix veggies with other treats bites or kibble. It still provides a fun activity but without unwanted calories. Experiment a little to find out which veggies work for your dog.

Opt for natural dried treats. Dried treats like dried tendons, dehydrated meat, dried sweet potato or dried esophagus make food toys enticing to a dog. Some of these natural treats may sound a bit gross but smell very tasty to dogs.

Try pre-made treats. Using training rewards and dog biscuits will always make veggies more palatable but to a dog plain kibble gives off a delicious smell. Use cat or dog kibble for smaller mouths to ensure pieces fall out regularly to keep your dog chewing.

As well as these options, you can also stuff those treat balls with wet food such as chicken or tuna, raw meat and strong smelling smearable treats, like the favorite peanut butter or spreadable cheese. For obvious reasons, these treats can cause a mess so its best to consider where to use them.

How Do I Get My Dog to Release Toys?

It’s a young dog’s natural behavior to mouth and chew objects, just like young humans do. But for a dog, it’s extremely important for them to know the instruction to ‘drop it’ and obey. It’s a command some of the food loving breeds find the most challenging which is why it’s one of the most important commands to learn. The idea is to reward the drop instantly by switching to a treat ball with a more pleasurable chew and higher food value.  


A food related treat will always act as a motivator for a dog and they are an ideal distraction to calm anxious or over excited dogs but to effective they can not be overused. If you intend to use a treat filled toy or ball as part of obedience training, you can’t confuse the dog and give it just for turning up in the kitchen. Think of a food filled toy or ball more as a tool for dog owners than a treat for your dog. If you are making your first dog treat filled toy purchase consider what you want your dog to gain by chewing it and then think about what you want for yourself by giving it.

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