Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera Review - Full Rundown

Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera Review

I had my fair share of separation anxiety with my pups. Every time I leave for work, I always worry that they would feel alone and sad.

And to all pet parents out there, I know you know how it feels, right? It makes me want to request a Work From Home mode all the time.

Good thing I found a great tool that can solve this issue of mine.

I was able to purchase the Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera recently. And to my surprise, I can always monitor my furry pets even when I am not around.

Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera

If you are facing the same kind of situation, this review might help you!

Key Features and Technical Specifications


The camera in the Petcube can provide me a clear vision. I can also stream 1080p resolution of videos and I am quite satisfied with the quality that it can provide me.

If you want to monitor your pets during wee hours, this pet camera is great for you too. It features a night vision function which I can say that it gives a pretty decent quality too.

petcube wifi camera

In addition, it also provides a very wide view. It can reach up to 138 degrees of total width. So, I tried placing it in an elevated area which would allow me to see the whole room (almost!). Also, the 3x optical zoom is very useful.

It’s not a two-way a camera. Only the users can see and monitor their pets. So, if you are looking for a pet camera that allows your pet to see you on screen, you may want to check for other pet cameras in the market.

Nevertheless, this is quite enough for me. As long as I can monitor them clearly, widely, and I can see every detail, it’s all good.

Two-Way Audio

As I mentioned above, the Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera is not a two-way camera. But, it features a two-way audio which allows me to “communicate” with my furry kids on the other end.

I have no issues with the audio. It’s quite clear and even when they just mumble, I could hear it. The volume on the other end is just right. When I say hi or call them when I don’t see them around, they would run towards the camera.

two way audio

And when is see something that I don’t like, I would tell them to stop and they would already know with the tone of my voice. It’s quite efficient.

But there are times that I encounter static when it rains. I don’t exactly know what it was but it only happens during the rainy days. Aside from that, audios are great.

Built-In Laser Toy

Aside from the features that allow me to see and hear them, another thing that I like about this pet camera is that it allows me to interact with them.

This pet camera from Petcube has a built-in laser toy. With one touch and swipe from my gadget, the laser moves on the other end. And my pets would try to catch them around. It’s fun to do this every now and then especially when I feel so stressed at work.

Moreover, it allows me to still spend time with them even when I’m not around.

Built-In Laser Toy

Imagine them hearing my voice and interacting through the laser movements that I control. It’s like a normal playtime inside the house. And I would always love to have that. But while the laser may seem to have a minimal delay at times, this does not disturb our playing times.

And if you are just like me who loves to play around with your pets, this is a great interactive camera to own.

Connectivity and WiFi

In order for the camera to work efficiently on your gadget, your smartphone should be running on an Android OS 5.1 or higher or an iOS 9.3 or higher.

Anything lower than this operating systems will not be compatible with the camera.


As for the WiFi connectivities, your WiFi connection must have a port of 2.4GHz with a 2MB speed for download and upload. Although it could still work on 1MB speed, it’s quite slow and choppy.

Dedicated Application

The dedicated application of the Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera is called the PetCube App. And this can be downloaded on both Appstore and Playstore.

The application allows the 24/7 streaming for free. You can have motion detection features too. Also, the detections will notify you through your smartphone. So, you can easily check on your pets every now and then.

Dedicated Application

When you want to have an update on your pet movements, you can refresh the detections every 4 hours.

Also, the application allows you to store videos and post them on your pet’s timeline. And since the application is also a community of pet lover and pets, you can interact with other users too.

So, Is The Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera Meant For You?

The Petcube Interactive WiFI Pet Camera is for you if you want a clear and wide day and night visions to check and monitor your pets. Also, this is the right camera for you if you want to interact and play with them every now and then.

In addition, you would want this pet camera if you are looking for free cloud storages to store and save your pet’s videos.

On the other hand, you would want to try other pet cameras instead if you want a feature that will allow your pets to see you as well.

Moreover, this is not for you if you plan to install several cameras in every part of the house because you can only connect one smartphone gadget into one camera. But, you can still access the camera from different smartphones.

In A Nutshell

This pet camera from Petcube is a pretty decent camera. It can provide the basic features that you need to check, monitor, and interact with your pets. And despite having an expensive price that falls below $175, this camera is of a good quality.

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