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Natural Balance Cat Food Review

It's natural for cat owners to do everything they can to make their indoor cat feel safe, protected, and happy. You know you have to buy so many cat toys to keep them happy and entertained, and you also know you need the best cat treats to ensure they continue to feel blessed. However, you just can't afford to make any excuse when it comes to selecting the best cat food, and that's when so many cat parents would go for Natural Balance cat food. Should you really be trying it for your kitten? Well, be sure to read Natural Balance cat food reviews to know which way to go.

Natural Balance Cat Food: Our Top Picks

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Pate Formula

BEST Chicken

  • Protein from chicken
  • Fish oil

Rated by: Amber

Natural Balance L.I.D Duck and Green Pea Canned Cat Food


  • Good moisture content
  • Fish oil for fatty acids
  • Grain free

Rated by: Amber

Natural Balance L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food

Best Limited ingredient

  • Protein from salmon
  • Rich in fiber
  • Grain free

Rated by: Amber

1. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Pate Formula

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Made using premium quality chicken as well as chicken liver, this Natural Balance cat food is surely going to keep your indoor cats happy and healthy.  The protein content of this cat food is on the higher side, which is good. It gets its protein not only from chicken but also from dried egg products.

To provide your cat with energy to be as playful as possible, the cat food also provides them with a good doze of carbohydrates. The cat food sources carbs from carrots and brown rice. As it's wet cat food, it comes with a high moisture content. Your cat is going to love it, but to make it a bit less messy, you can mix some wet food with Natural Balance dry food as well.

Another good thing about this wet cat food is that it contains fish oil, which makes it more delicious for your cat and nutritious at the same time. It serves as a good source of omega3 fatty acids. Overall, it's a good product, but you need to bear in mind that contains carrageenan, which is a natural substance but may aggravate inflammation.


  • It contains chicken and chicken liver
  • It has a high moisture content
  • It contains fish oil for omega fatty acids


  • It may aggravate inflammation

2. Natural Balance L.I.D Duck and Green Pea Canned Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Try this cat food Natural Balance if you need wet food for your cat with food allergies. This limited ingredient food doesn't contain allergens and is grain free as well. The absence of any artificial ingredients is another reason you may want to switch to this wet cat food.

As it's a wet limited ingredient cat food, your cat is going to get the right amount of moisture to stay healthy even when they have severe allergy issues. It contains 47.7% of protein, which comes from duck, so it's less likely to create stomach issues. The formula also uses fish oil, which means your cat will be getting a good dose of omega3 fatty acids.

Overall, it's an interesting limited ingredient choice for indoor cats because this plant-rich wet food comes with a moderate carbs content as well as moderate protein content.  The carb content could've been a bit lower, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker if you manage to provide your indoor cat with ample opportunities to exercise.


  • It provides your cat with moisture
  • It has fish oil for omega fatty acids
  • It contains no grain or artificial ingredient


  • The carb content may be a bit too high

3. Natural Balance L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Finding the best dry food for a cat with sensitive stomach can be trick, but it seems that Natural Balance has you covered with this limited ingredient product.  When you don't seem to find a way to deal with hairballs and stomach issues, it's better to switch to this dry cat food as soon as you can. As you find salmon in this kibble, it's going to be very light on your cat's sensitive stomach.

This limited ingredient best food for cats contains 30% of protein along with 8% of fiber, which it gets from chickpeas and other vegetables, such as potatoes, dried beet pulp, and peas. The fiber content of this dry cat food is reasonably good, which is another reason it won't create digestive problems. It doesn't contain any grain though, which is actually good news for your cat with allergies and sensitivities.

For indoor cats, it's important to pick a dry cat food with fairly low calorie count, and Natural Balance will deliver on this front as well. Each cup contains 329 calories, so you can adjust according to the activity level of your cat. Moreover, the fat content is around 8%, which may look a bit on the lower side, but is actually good for indoor cats to stay lean and healthy.

This limited ingredient dry cat food still manages to provide your cat with a good dose of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Overall, it's a great choice for cats with sensitivities, but keep in mind that the price might be a bit on the higher side for most buyers.


  • It contains 30% protein from salmon
  • It is rich in fiber
  • It is free of grain or artificial flavors


  • It may be a bit expensive

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Is Natural Balance a Good Cat Food?

With so many cat food brands available today, it's natural to feel confused when making a choice, but it's common to see cat parents opt for Natural Balance cat food. The reviews suggest that it's surely a good brand to consider in terms of product variety, price, and ingredient quality. But, there are also Natural Balance cat food reviews suggesting that it could've been better in terms of species-appropriateness as well as customer experience.

Something that makes Natural Balance an interesting choice for most people is that they can pick one out of a wide selection of pet foods. There are even wet products coming in pouches as well as dry cat food. The company segments these pet foods into "Special Categories", include healthy weight, grain-free, limited ingredients, indoor cat food, and high protein foods.

For indoor cats, Natural Balance is a great product choice mainly because they offer pet foods rich with protein. Interestingly, the company uses a variety of protein sources, including chicken, salmon, bison, venison, buffalo, lamb, and duck. With so many products, the company also endeavors to make it easier for customers to make a choice by offering them access to their cat food selection calculator. This allows you to pick a product as per the unique needs, life stage, and other food type preferences of your cat.

Even though Natural Balance seems to be a great option for indoor cats, it seems that not all cat parents are happy with their purchase.  There are some concerns related to the ingredient quality. For instance, there are complaints about the green peas not being green at all and containing the consistency of a macadamia nut instead with the same color and length. It makes it impossible for some cats to develop a liking for it. Similarly, some other customers have talked about their cats developing stomach discomfort after eating the pet food for the first time.

That being said, there are positive Natural Balance cat food reviews as well. For instance, some customers are of the view that it's the best pet food choice for cats with autoimmune disorders. Others believe that this cat food ensures that your cat has bright eyes, glossy coat, and healthy teeth.

It implies that you might have to experiment a little to find the best Natural Balance cat food for your indoor cats. Pick a product considering their calorie needs and then stick with it if your cat likes the taste. Don't forget to read the label though and check lab results for your cat's food before making a purchase.

What is the Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats?

You can opt for both wet and dry cat food varieties for your indoor cats. Some experts are of the view that because indoor cats get all-important nutrients from dry pet food, there's actually no need to include wet food in their diet. However, you may still want to take advantage of wet foods because of their high water content – it's good when your indoor cats may not get enough fresh water to drink.

Similarly, you may want to include wet cat food in their diet because they like its taste. It may not be the same for every indoor cat, so it's a good idea to try a few options to see if it sits well with your beloved cat. It may also be an option if your picky eater just says no to dry cat food. Mixing both wet and dry cat foods may also be an option to make it more suitable and interesting for your cat.

Dry cat foods like Natural Balance are often a better idea because of their special formulations to cater to the nutritional needs of indoor cats. In most cases, these foods would have fewer calories as compared to any regular cat food.  That makes quite sense considering indoor cats are going to live more sedentary lives as compared to their other counterparts that get a chance to be out in the wild and get plenty of exercise. Dry cat foods are also more suitable because they're often designed to deal with certain health issues, like hairballs, which are common in indoor cats.

Whether you're opting for Natural Balance dry food or you're picking another brand, always make sure it has certain elements. For instance:

  • It's important to pick a cat food with plenty of protein. Indoor cats won't be healthy without enough protein and it needs to be high quality protein coming from sources, such as chicken or salmon. Again, Natural Balance will help in this regard.
  • It needs to contain enough fiber to prevent digestive issues in indoor cats. Natural Balance cat foods as well as many other brands of cat foods for indoor cats are packed with fiber to tackle issues related to hairball and weight. Not giving enough fiber to your indoor cats would cause them to gain weight quickly, which can lead to other health issues.

Understand that not all cat foods are created equal. Natural Balance is surely a great option, but know what to do if you need wet cat food instead of dry foods.

Is Natural Balance Cat Food Made in USA?

Yes, Natural Balance cat food is made in USA by a number of manufacturers, with one company having its facility in Topeka, Kansas. However, it's worth mentioning that the company sources ingredients from different parts of the world, with a number of suppliers in the US as well as India, France, New Zealand, and Canada. 

Interestingly, you can find good details about the origins of their protein sources but they're extremely secretive about their plant ingredients and additives. Moreover, Natural Balance was also involved in melamine recalls in 2007 after it was noticed that dogs and cats getting sick after eating venison-based foods from Natural Balance.

Who Makes Natural Balance Cat Food?

Therefore, you should expect quality products when going for Natural Balance cat food, but you should also understand how much is enough for your indoor cats. It depends on a number of factors, including your cat's age, size, and the level of exercise he/she gets. Moreover, it also depends on the total caloric needs of your cat. Some cat foods would contain more calories per serving, so you'll have to feed less to meet the calorie requirements of your cat.

Be sure to pay special attention to the label you find on different cat foods, including Natural Balance to gain more information about its nutritional profile. It'll also include a service size guide, which you should follow when making choices.

Natural Balance Cat Food Reviews to Make a Choice

When you're looking for the best cat food, Natural Balance is surely a popular choice, and with so many positive reviews, it's natural to give it a shot. Remember, you need to pick the right product keeping any food sensitivities and unique needs of your indoor cat. Reviews suggest Natural Balance L.I.D Duck and Green Pea Canned Cat Food is a good choice for cats with sensitivities. So, give it a shot!

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