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Leaving a Puppy Alone

Having a dog is fun and rewarding. However, there are challenges as well when it comes to taking care of them, especially if you have other responsibilities like school or work. And there are times too that you need to leave the house without them.

So, is leaving puppy alone in the house okay?

Apparently, many dog owners ask the same question as well, especially to those who are first-timers of being a puppy owner. It is very important for you to know that puppies crave a lot of attention, interaction, and company.

Hence, if you are still deciding on whether to get a puppy or not, think twice (even thrice!) because it will change your whole lifestyle and daily routine. And you will surely need a lot of help. Nevertheless, don’t get so overwhelmed. In fact, leaving your pup alone in the house is okay.

Keep in mind that leaving your pet is, in some way and somehow, healthy for them. On safe periods of time, it won’t make any danger or harm to them. And it is largely a need for them to get trained at a young age to adjust for a little separation from you. Puppies will not stay as puppies for long. And you have to train them effectively for matters such as this.

Even so, you can leave your pup alone, but it comes with reservations.

Time for Pee and Poo!

When leaving puppy alone, one of the primary concerns of every pup owner is the length of time that pups can really “hold it.”

The time that your puppy needs to pee and poop depends on various factors. But generally, puppies need more breaks than adult dogs. If adult dogs need to go for a break for three to five times a day, you may need to double the figures for puppies.

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For 8 to 10 weeks old puppies, it is seen that they may pee every hour on the clock. As for 10 to 12 weeks old pups, the capacities of their bladders are increasing. But, they may need to have a break every 2 to 3 hours.

puppies pee

For 3 to 6 months old puppies, the general rule of 1 hour per month applies to them. This means that if puppies are 4 months old, they can hold it for 4 hours. Even so, you have to consider other factors as well. These may include food consumption, behavior, size, and habits.

And with these things at hand, it can really get challenging for most puppy owners to leave their furry pets behind. Moreover, keep in mind that holding your pup’s pee and poop may affect their health negatively. So, the best solution for this is to train them. Assign a place where they can pee and poop when you are not around.

Another option that you can choose is to hire a puppy walker and caretaker. Or, you may also ask one of your neighbors, or even friends and families, to look over your pet when you are not around.

It’s Crate Time!

Puppy and dog crates are very essential when owning a pet. But, as an owner, you should not take advantage of these things. Apparently, having a dog crate does not necessarily mean that you can already leave your pet alone in its crate.

Crate Time

Remember, there are only recommended periods of time wherein they can stay in their crates. Anything more than these periods may already cause negative traits and incidents. Hence, crates should not be taken as a long-term solution.

Crates are considered as safe haven for them. But, it is also important for you to note that it takes proper training for them to stay in their respective crates. The younger the puppy, the shorter the period of time that it needs to be in its crate.

So, when leaving puppy alone in the house for more than 1 to 3 hours, it should not stay inside a crate.

Feeding Frenzy

If you are leaving the house for more than half a day, it is essential that you still make ways to feed your pet. Adult dogs are much easier to leave at home, especially when they are trained for situations like this. Owners can leave foods and drinks on an area where the pets can consume them when the time is right.

On the other hand, this may be challenging for puppies. But, you should take note that during these periods, you are in the process of building your puppy’s character and behavior.

You can resort to buying food dispensers from several vet clinics and pet stores. Most of these dispensers are already smart enough to help you feed your puppy effectively. You can also ask your neighbors and friends to have your puppy fed when you are not around.

As for drinking, you should always make sure that you leave clean water for your puppy. Heat is not the most friendly thing for dogs and puppies. Hence, they always need hydration.

Health and Exercise

If you want your puppy to grow strong physically and mentally, you should consider its exercising routines as well. This is largely important too, especially when leaving puppy alone for the day.

Before you leave the house, make sure that your puppy had its exercises. It may be a simple and short stroll outside or a quick jog around the neighborhood. This can help your pup physically and mentally.

Toys and Accessories

Pet toys and accessories are also very helpful at times like this. When your pup is left all alone, it will resort to its toys and accessories. So, the presence of these things will help your puppy feel more entertained, comfortable, and safe instead of feeling lonely and left behind.

puppy toys

But, you should only choose the toys and accessories that are appropriate for its kind. There certain toys that are not recommended for other breeds. So, before you make a purchase, ensure that your vet knows.

And in relation to playing with toys, you could also schedule or organize play dates for your dog. There are a lot of pet owners who love doing these kinds of activities. And some of them are largely willing to look for others’ pets when they are not around.

In totality, these are only some of the helpful ways and tips that you can do when leaving your puppy alone in the house. The best solution that you can do is to primarily get to know your puppy. And from there, you would certainly know what would best work for you and your pup.

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