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11 Ways On How To Keep Dog Entertained While At Work

Most pet parents today are busy with other responsibilities causing for them to leave their furry pet dogs indoors. It may be work, school, or other things that can only be accomplished outside.

During these hours, these pet dogs are all alone. And there is a huge possibility that they would develop anxiety and depression.

If you are experiencing the same situation and you want to avoid any chances of harmful scenarios, these are some of the most effective ways on how to keep your dog entertained while at work or not around.

1. Hire A Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker is a great solution to this kind of situation. Every day (or depending on the schedule you organized with them), a walker would go to your house and accompany your dog to walk around the neighborhood.

dog walker

This is one way of letting your dog know that he’s not alone. Also, it would enable the dog to feel more connected with the surroundings.

Sure, a dog walker would cost you a few hundred dollars. But, this is a cost-effective solution, especially if your dog is already experiencing anxiety and depression. In fact, treating these may cost you much more.

2. Schedule a Playdate

Having a playdate is somewhat similar to hiring a dog walker. But, the only difference is that a playdate would not cost you anything.

You may ask your friends or neighbors or even your family members who have dogs and pets to come by at your house and let the dogs play together. On the other hand, you could leave your dog on someone else’s house who has pets as well.

3. Bring Them To a Dog Daycare

Another way on how to keep your dog entertained while at work is to bring him to a dog daycare. In the recent times, there are a lot of daycares already that are meant for pets and dogs. Often times dog daycares have cameras to monitor your puppy when you are not at home.

dog daycare

Typically, people who utilize such services are the pet parents who are very occupied due to work and other responsibilities. The costs would depend on the services and location. But, you can ensure that your dog will feel safe, secure, and well-entertained.

4. Turn on the Television

If you want your dog to stay at home, you may turn on the television while you are not around. Just make sure that you switch the channels to where animals are usually seen. You may opt to leave it on channels where there are cartoons.

When your dog hears the sounds and sees the movements of other animals, he will surely be entertained for hours! But, this should not be your daily and only option. Time will come and it will bore your pet too.

5. Make A Huge Ice Cube

Have you ever noticed how dogs love ice cubes and ice? If you haven’t yet, then, it’s actually true. Dogs love to play with water and ice!

One creative way on how to keep dog entertained while at work is by leaving a frozen toy or treat. All you need to do is place a treat (or toy) inside an ice cream container. Put water up to the brim and freeze it.

Before you leave for work, leave the frozen treat or toy on the ground. Your dog will spend quite some time to watch it melt or even melt it by chewing and licking to get the toy or treat inside.

6. Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

Your pet surely has a favorite set of toys. If you want to keep your dog entertained all throughout the time you are not around, try hiding and rotating the toys in all parts of the house. This will keep your dog busy and occupied.

7. Organize a Food Puzzle

A food puzzle is also a great way to keep your dog busy when you are not at home. You can leave traces of treats and dry food around the house. Spread them anywhere and try to make trails.

food puzzle

Also, you can buy different food puzzle toys on several pet stores. This is quite effective as many pet parents use this on a daily basis.

8. Leave Toys for Chewing

Before you leave the house for work, make sure that your dog’s toys for chewing are around the house. You can place them near your dog’s safe haven or sleeping area. You can also organize a trail or puzzle for your dog’s toys for chewing.

However, you have to make sure that these toys are designed for chewing. Moreover, don’t place these toys near your personal things such as slippers, shoes, papers, books, and other things that your dog might see as a chewing toy.

9. Give Your Dog a Way To Peak

In adding other ways on how to keep your dog entertained while at work, you can utilize your windows for indoors or your fences for outdoors. Before leaving the house, omit all the things that may hinder your dog to peak from these avenues.

Give Your Dog a Way To Peak

Also, if a window is too high to reach, place something that will enable your dog to reach and the window.

10. Install a Sprinkler or Fountain

Aside from food, your dog needs water too, especially on hot and humid days. And aside from leaving a reservoir for your dog to quench its thirst, you may choose to install a mini sprinkler or fountain in your backyard or garden.

As mentioned, dogs love water. And this is not only limited to drinking and quenching their thirst. Water is like a form of toy for them. And certainly, a sprinkler or a fountain will keep them entertained for hours.

11. Keep Your Dog Calm

During your dog’s alone time, loneliness and anxiety are very apparent. This is why you need to make sure that your dog is calm whenever you leave for work. Now, the best way to keep your pet calm and relax is to leave scents that will help your dog feel more at home.

You could also leave your shirt or something that will remind your dog of your smell. In actuality, these things can largely help your dog cope with loneliness and feel much calmer.

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