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How Much Space Should I Leave in My Dog Crate?

A crate is made especially for the man’s best friend. It’s helpful if you have a dog that gets in trouble when you’re not looking or he’s alone.

When used the proper way, a crate can be a lifesaver for both you and your dog. If you’ve already figured that a crate is suitable for your dog, you’ll want to look into the basics before finally purchasing one.

How Small or Big Should a Crate Be?

A crate should be tall enough to prevent your dog from climbing or jumping out of it.

If you’re using a crate outdoor, you’ll want to pay attention to other animals that may jump in as well as predators that may snatch small breeds.

The answer to this question depends on the area you’re placing the crate in and the characteristics of your dog.

What is the Proper Dimension for a Crate?

Large breeds will naturally require more space. To identify the right crate size for your dog, get his measurements.

For small breeds, add 2 inches for the length, height, and width. For large breeds, add 4 inches. The final measurement shall be the minimum crate size.

Don’t forget to consider if your dog is taller when seated or has elongated ears.

Your dog should be able to stand up without hitting his head or ears. He should also be able to turn around and lie down with ease. The additional 2-4 inches should be enough to keep your dog from relieving himself on the crate.

Saving Money on Dog Crates

You don’t want to spend too high on a crate for a puppy. It’s not cost-effective to keep buying a new one as he grows.

Consider getting affordable but high-quality options for your pup. Or, you can also invest in a wire crate that comes with dividers.

You can adjust the divider to provide your dog space he only needs. You also will not have to spend for more than one crate. A high-quality, versatile crate should last for many years.

In a Nutshell

  • Add 2-4 inches to your dog’s measurements to get the right size for his crate.
  • Consider investing in a resizable crate to save money.
  • Be sure to look into your dog’s comfort and safety.

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