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Best Hands Free Dog Leash for Runners

These days, you can find a variety of running dog leashes. However, most of them are quite simple and are a variation of the basic design. You can find many brands of hands free dog leash, like Mighty Paw, Tuff Mutt, and more, but not all of them will offer the same quality and fall in the same price bracket. Tuff Mutt is surely a great choice for people in the United States, but you may notice that Might Paw leashes are a bit more affordable as compared to Tuff Mutt. It means comparing Tuff Mutt with other products is important, but it's also a good idea to know about different features if you want to run with dog leash.

 If you know your budget and requirements, you can still make a good choice. Here are some options to help you select one of the best dog leashes for running with your furry companion.

The Best Hands Free Dog Leash: Our Top Picks

Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash

BEST Economical

  • Reflective stitching
  • Available in different colors

Rated by: Amber

Clickgofit Hands Free Dog Leash


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Additional D-ring
  • Money-back guarantee

Rated by: Amber

Petter Bungee Retractable Dog Leash

Best with hand grip

  • Easy to use
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Money-back guarantee

Rated by: Amber

1. Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for the best hands-free dog leash, you may want to put your money on this bungee leash. It comes equipped with a number of interesting features, one of which is its premium quality and ability to resist water.

 In fact, this waterproof leash is among the strongest leashes available on the market. It gets its strength from its material, which high quality nylon webbing. The presence of metal clips further accentuates its durability and strength to tackle big dogs as well.

In terms of size, it won't disappoint you because you get this leash in two size variations, including 36 inches and 48 inches. The bungee section offers 16 inches of five, so it's easy to run with your dog while wearing this leash. It comes with the waist belt that's perfect for people with a waist size between 36 inches and 42 inches.

Another good feature is its reflective stitching, which means you can run in low light conditions without having to worry about not being seen by other runners.  It's available in two color options, so you can pick one as per your choice.

Overall, it's a very nice leash to buy, but keep in mind that runners who want their dogs to stay behind them might find the 36-inch version to be a bit too short.


  • It comes with reflective stitching for visibility
  • It's extremely easy to use for running
  • It's available in different colors


  • The 36-in variation may be a bit too short for some

2. Clickgofit Hands Free Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For people looking for one of the best dog leashes, Clickgofit has the right solution, as this product is not only affordable but is quite impressive too in terms of quality.  It's a durable hands-free dog leash designed to help you run with your pooch safely.

This durable dog leash works well for dogs of all sizes, ranging from Great Danes to Chihuahuas. The reason is that it's made using a highly durable and weather-proof material. The use of reflective stitching adds to its strength and also improves visibility in low light conditions.

The size is quite impressive and works for most runners. This dog leash is 48 inches long, but it can stretch up to 72 inches when pulled. It means that you won't have to worry about hurting yourself when running with an aggressive dog.

Another interesting feature is the presence of an additional D-ring, which you can use for clipping keys, or you can use it to attach an additional bungee leash to the waist belt. So, overall, it's a great dog leash that comes with a no-question-asked, money-back guarantee. The only issue some users face is that they don't find it in their preferred color, as it's available in one color pattern only.


  • It's durable and comfortable to use
  • It features an additional D-ring
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee


  • It's available in only one color

3. Petter Bungee Retractable Dog Leash

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

While it's possible to find a good dog leash, you may have to search hard for a super heavy-duty hands-free dog leash system to control your extra-large dogs while running. This particular dog leash for running works just perfectly to handle your large dog weight up to 150 pounds.

Its strength comes from its premium quality nylon webbing combined with super strong elastic. It also comes equipped with premium hardware that maintains its sturdiness and keeps it functional for years. The length of the leash is quite good, as it touches 63 inches when fully stretched, which is why with this dog leash running gets easier and safer too.

Reflecting strips are also there to increase visibility to motorists and make it a safer trip with your dog. The good thing is that not only can you wear it around your waist but you can also use a hand grip to have a better control over your furry companion.

Overall, you won't find many issues with this dog leash for running, and you can replace it within 30 days if you don't like something. Just keep in mind that it's available in only one color, which may be a minor glitch for some.


  • It comes with a waist loop and hand grip
  • It's extremely strong and sturdy
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It's available in one color

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the Best Hands Free Dog Leash?

Selecting the best running leash dogs system is never easy, but you can simplify the process if you know what to check when making a purchase. Here are a few important things to consider if your goal is to buy the best hands free dog leash for runners.

Multiple Configurations

Many of the good leashes available come with the option where you can use them in numerous styles. Such as you could use them as a hands-free convenient leash when required, but in some cases you can use it as a normal traditional leash. In some cases, especially if you have more than one dog, you can find a leash that can be used with two dogs simultaneously.

Shock Absorbers

Some of the more premium leashes may include the shock absorber feature, which is primarily used to give some space to both you and the dog so that there is less tugging as the pace of you and your dog may vary from time to time.

LED Lights

Safety is a feature to always be considered in any scenario, however for dog walkers who prefer to take a stroll at night need to be more careful. There are some hands-free leashes that come with LED lights that can act as indicators to approaching vehicles once the darkness sets in and alert them of your presence. The one catch perhaps, is that you will need to keep an eye on the batteries and replace them once they run out, but safety takes precedence over convenience.


In place of LED Lights, another safety feature you can check out are reflectors, as they can also allow for vehicles passing by to take notice of you and your dog. Obviously not as reliable or preferred as the LD lights, but reflectors don’t need you to keep track of batteries and they do offer safety and convenience both. There are some leashed with reflectors used on parts of the leash, while some leashes come with the complete finish with reflectors.

Accessory Pockets

Many people prefer to keep things light when out running, but still keys, wallets and mobile phone and maybe some other basic essentials are always needed to be kept with you. You may also need to keep a water bottle when out on a run, and maybe a goodie bag and some water for your dog.

If your leash has an accessory pocket, you don’t have to worry about carrying any extra baggage to keep these items safe, and you can easily enjoy a convenient walk.

How Do You Make a Hands Free Dog Leash?

You can always make your own hands-free leash that you can attach to your waist when out running or walking with your dog. All you need to do is to remove the extra carabiner from the handle of your dog leash and wrap the leash around your waist (the handle part of the rope) until it fits comfortably. Next, you need to make a loop on the rope around your waste a knot to tie it. Now all you need to do is to connect that carabiner you removed, to the rope loop around your waste.

Are Hands Free Leashes Good?

Hands-free leashes work best with a properly trained dog who is well behaved, as your control is somewhat restricted, primarily because you are not controlling the leash with your hands, and any sudden movements will require a second or two for you to take control of the situation. With hands-free leashes, you can say you are not taking your dog for a walk, you are going out for a walk with your dog.

For example, if your dog is not well behaved and wanders off, you will definitely end up on the ground, probably face down. Imagine, if with some miracle you do not fall, but you suddenly stop to keep the dog from wandering off, you might end up choking the little fellow. Perhaps if your dog is not fully trained to respond to voice commands, or is one to get excited very easily at small little things, then you should not opt for a hands-free leash.

These leashes are perfect for well-behaved dogs, and can be extremely convenient for you to not actively use your hands all the time to keep a grip on the leash. However, one thing to remember is to not use hands-free leashes on large dogs, irrespective of how well behaved it may be. Big dogs have the advantage of mass, and the hands-free leashes offer too much space to them and ultimately a lot of chances of things going south. Imagine you on a walk with your St. Bernard, and he gets excited at something and makes a sudden move while the leash is attached to your waist, not a pretty picture, is it?

Hands-free leashes can be an amazing change from normal leashes, if you have a small to medium sized dog who is well trained, but even then be aware that you would need to manage if your dog got excited and made any sudden movements.


  • Your hands are free
  • Some hands-free leashes come with add-ons such as LED lights or storage space for potty bags or keys
  • Gives you the chance for multitasking


  • Dog needs to be very well behaved
  • Dig needs to be well trained to voice commands
  • Small to medium sized dogs are okay, these leases are not meant for big dogs

There are multiple reasons why it is a good choice to out for a walk with your dog, and having a hands-free leash can make it more convenient to do so. Here are a few reasons why a walk with your dog is important:

You get the exercise you need

If you create a routine of taking a run with your dog, you get the chance to go out of the house, get a workout and maybe burn a few calories along the way. All in all, a walk with your dog is healthy for you.

Your dog gets the exercise it needs

Just like you, your dog also requires some exercise to stay healthy and fit and a regular walk is also good for your dog’s joints. In addition to that, regular exercise also helps with behavioral training of dogs and most importantly, many dogs have running in their genes so to speak, and they need to take a run with you to let all of their energy out.

Running around nature

If you are running in a natural environment as opposed to city streets, it automatically helps reducing stress and has a positive effect on your overall mood. There are numerous events that now happen, where you get to enter into running with your dogs across the country.

Bonding time

Bonding with your dog is always important, and this routine of running provides both of you a refreshing time together, and a chance for you to un-wind your day and spend quality time with your dog.

Safety First

Safety is very important, because while taking your dog out for a walk may be a healthy and fun activity, it can quickly turn south if safety measures are not kept in mind. Here a re a few tips you can follow to keep yourself and your dog out of harm’s way:

  • Get the go ahead from the vet.While running is a healthy activity, it is good to have a consultation with your vet to make sure your dog’s health and characteristics allow him for a daily run or not.
  • Check with your doctor.If you are new to exercise and workout, get an opinion from your doctor about your health, you don’t want to end up in a bad situation.
  • Always have water with you on your run.Water during a run is important, but even if you want to have after your run, your dog needs to stay hydrated during your workout as they cool themselves with their mouth.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures.This may depend on your dog breed as well, however its is safe to say that running at noon on a hot summer day or going out for a walk during freezing cold temperature is never a good idea.
  • Look out for any injuries. Keep a track of your dog in case they get hurt or injured during the walk take them home, by carrying them or asking someone to come pick you up.

What is a Hands Free Leash?

A hands-free leash is mostly made of nylon material, and usually has a clasp to be attached to the dog’s collar. The difference between a conventional leash and a hands-free leash is not at the dog’s end of the leash, but rather the owner’s end such as the wrist loop is replaced with an adjustable loop. The idea is to provide strap which you can wrap around your waist or your torso instead of holding the leash with your hands. The hands-free leash is convenient in the way that you can use it across your body wherever you feel comfortable.

Buy the Best Hands Free Dog Leash

Buying a running leash to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog can be a tricky decision unless you know what to check. If you're confused, you can opt for Clickgofit leash that comes with a waist band to help you control your dog while running. Give it a shot!

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