Dog Bunk Bed - Best Dog Bunk Beds for Sale Reviewed

Best Dog Bunk Beds for Sale in 2019

Dogs sleep for at least 12 hours a day. So if you’ve ever wondered why your canine companion is sleeping a lot, not to worry. That’s part of their lifestyle. Older dogs also tend to sleep longer as they get tired easily and need to recharge more often.

Best Dog Bunk Bed : Top Picks


Budget Pick

Pets Fit Dog Bunk Bed House
  • Built-in Crate on Bottom
  • Very Affordable
  • Made from Cedar

Rated by: Christy

Tangkula Pet Bunk Bed

Best High End

Tangkula Pet Bunk Bed House
  • Easy to set up
  • Wood is great quality
  • Light & portable

Rated by: Christy



  • High Quality for Price
  • Wooden + Sturdy
  • Made of Cedar

Rated by: Christy

1. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog Bunk Bed House with Stairs

Quick Summary

Pets Fit Dog Bunk Bed House

Rated by: Christy

If you’re looking for a visually-pleasing, easy-to-assemble, and affordable dog bunk bed, then you might like this product from Petsfit. It’s finished using water-based paint, which means it’s safe for your furry babies. Plus, it comes with an easy-to-climb stairs. 

The entrance is big enough to accommodate dogs that like to run in and out of their lodging. You can remove the bottom panels when it’s time for a clean. 

What Customers Say: Pet owners love how stylish this bunk bed is and how easy it is to put it together. Among cons reviewers noted is that the bed is best for small dogs and that the stairs don’t work for their pooch.


  • Made from kiln dried cedar
  • Sturdy & Stylish
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Only for very small dogs

2. Petsfit Wooden Dog Bunk Bed (W/O Mat)

Quick Summary

Petsfit Wooden Dog Bunk Bed

Rated by: Christy

Priced slightly higher than the Indoor Wooden Dog House with Stairs at less than $150, this Wooden Pet Bed, still by Petsfit is another popular option for bunk beds online. 

It can only house two small pets, but if that’s exactly what you need at the moment then this option might work. You can paint and design the double deck yourself. You might want to paint before assembling, though, so you can cover the inside areas with ease.

This pet bed is made of cedar, a rot-resistant material, and the panels are 12mm thick.

What Customers Say:

Pet owners share how delighted they are with their purchase. They also enjoyed painting the pet house. The product is excellent quality, fits their pets perfectly, and is a breeze to set up. And the best part of it, their dogs love the bunk bed, too. 

Some customers, however, find the steps tiny and they had a hard time encouraging their dogs to use them.


  • Paint it Yourself
  • Excellent Quality
  • Super Easy to Set Up


  • Dogs may not use the steps
  • Some people find it plain looking

3. Tangkula Pet Bunk Bed / House

Quick Summary

Tangkula Pet Bunk Bed House

Rated by: Christy

This pet bunk bed may be worth considering if you’re working with a limited budget. You can choose between the medium and large size to fit your pets. 

Tangkula, the manufacturer, shares the material is light, portable, and steady. And you can use the bunk bed both indoors and outdoors.

What Customers Say: Pet parents have mixed opinions about the product. Some say that the wood is not of superior quality but is considerable given the price range. Also, some pets don’t like the staircases so their owners still had to purchase another from the store.

Overall, though, their pets are happy, so win-win still.  


  • Easy to set up
  • Wood is great quality (for the price)
  • Light & portable


  • Mixed reviews on quality
  • Some pets don't like stairs

4. Giantex Pet Dog House / Bunk Bed

Quick Summary

Giantex Pet Dog House

Rated by: Christy

If you want your pet's crate to have a more home-like covered shelter, a cover would be a nice touch.

This one from MidWest Home for Pets will make your pet's crate more cozy and stylish. This cover costs less than $22.

This cover measures 24.25L x 17.2W x 19H inches and will fit most 24 in. metal dog crates. This cover is made of polyester and cotton blend fabric with Teflon protection, so liquid will not soak through and can be easily wiped away. You can machine wash the cover and is also safe in the dryer.

If your dog crate has one, two, or three doors, no problem. Each door can still be accessible by lifting the side of the cover and laying it on top. This cover will stay in place by hooks and loop tabs.

Instead of stuffing the crate with blankets, a cover will not compromise the space. It will still be able to give your pet security and privacy without limiting his room for movement. This will be perfect when you go camping with your pet.


  • Stylish and cozy
  • Water-repellent
  • Perfect for camping


  • Tears easy
  • No attachment to the crate
  • Condenses on the inside

5. Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Quick Summary

Carlson Pet Products Crate

Rated by: Christy

For less than $30, you can get one of the best pet crates available right now in the market. This one from Carlson Pet Products is perfect for medium-sized dogs. It has a single door and has a removable pan.

The crate measures 30L x 19W x 21H in. Puppies that grow up to be medium-sized and up to 45 lbs. will fit inside this crate. Dogs that are 24 in. long and 20 in. tall will be able to fit inside this crate as well.

The wire is made of steel. It has a single door that has a lock system that is secure to keep your dog safe inside his crate. 

Since you want to stop him from chewing on your sofas or shoes, a secure crate should be able to stop him without making it seem as if it is punishment.

The black pan is made of hard plastic, so it is fairly durable. It is removable so you can easily take it out, wash it, and place it back in.

When not in use, you can fold it down and easily store it away. You can also easily carry it because it is portable. It is convenient for putting in the car.


  • Easy to fold and store
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for medium-sized breeds


  • Not for large breeds
  • Can be chewed and broken
  • Easily bendable wire

6. PetMate ProValu Double-Door Wire Crate

Quick Summary

PetMate ProValu Wire Crate

Rated by: Christy

For less than $20, your dog can have its own bedroom. Since dogs are den animals, this crate will act as the den that gives him safety and security. Proper training will let him get used to it and help straighten up his behavior.

This crate from PetMate has double doors, one on the front and one at the top. You will have easier access on the inside by using the top door. It has a 5-point locking system so your pet would not easily push open the door.

This has an included polypropylene pan which is durable enough. It is strong and resists moisture. The pan is removable, so it is easier for you to clean up

This also comes with a divider panel. If the crate has too much space, your dog might make it his bedroom-slash-bathroom, which is why you need a divider panel. You can just adjust it as your pup grows.

The wire is finished with black electro-coat, so it is rust-resistant. This will let the crate last longer. It also folds flat, so it is easy to store and to transport. The crate measures 19L x 12W x 14H in. so it will be able to fit small-sized dogs.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-resistant


  • Easily bendable metal
  • Not for escape-persistent dogs
  • Doors easily become unaligned

7. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

Quick Summary

Petnation Port-A-Crate

Rated by: Christy

The Port-A-Crate is a portable crate that is great for outings, camping, or a decent room for your dog in your house.

For less than $34, you can have your dog crate-trained for better behavior. Just remember to not keep him in for very long periods because your pet might get anxious.

This one deserves to be one of the best pet crates because it is not just versatile and durable, but it has a cute cover too. The frame is made of steel and is covered by a heavy-duty tight weave mesh fabric. The fabric is water-resistant so it is easy to clean, and the mesh windows let the airflow.

This is very easy to set up and fold down, so it is portable. It does not require tools so you can easily just take it with you anywhere, of course with your pet too. It has one door in the front and one at the top.

The crate is available in six sizes. To make sure that you are buying the right one, measure your dog first and add a few inches to his height and length to make sure that he fits inside.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Great to use for transportation


  • Not for aggressive chewers or scratchers
  • Poor quality zippers
  • Net instantly rips

8. Paws & Pals Dog Crate

Quick Summary

Paws & Pals Dog Crate

Rated by: Christy

This double-door metal crate is great to use for training your pets. It costs less than $27, and it is very easy to setup and install. It can help your pets to correct behavior such as housebreaking, barking, and chewing.

The materials used for this crate is heavy-duty solid steel which is very sturdy and can keep in non-aggressive dogs. The tray at the bottom is removable, so it is very easy to clean. It is washable in case your pet makes a mess.

When not in use, you can just fold it down to make it easy to store. It will not consume much space. If you are going to travel, it is portable that you can easily carry it. It has a handle too which makes the task all the easier.

This comes in six sizes that may or may not come with a divider and may have single or double-doors. The divider is necessary if you have a puppy that is still growing. The number of doors will just depend much on your preference.

Make sure that the size you buy is not too big or too small for your dog. It should not have too much space for your pet to have a bathroom in there. Moreover, it should not be too small that he cannot stretch or stand inside it.


  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for aggressive dogs
  • Cannot endure weight on top
  • Can be forced open
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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Bunk Bed

Be sure to look into the following before deciding which bunk bed or bed to buy for your pooch.

  • Location for the bunk bed. Where will you place the bunk bed? Have you identified a room or area yet? Consider taking it where your dog will feel relaxed. Also, note that a bunk bed may look large or small in photos. Be sure to check the exact dimensions and see if it fits the location you’re eyeing.
  • Their sleeping position. Dogs have certain sleeping positions that they prefer. Observe how your furry baby likes to sleep and pick a bed that complements it. Beds come in different sizes and shapes. If your dog loves to stretch their legs out, then an oval or rectangular bed may serve them well.
  • Any special needs. Your dog may have special needs which you need to take into account when choosing a bed. Beds can be made from various materials and so are bunk beds. Choose a material that suits your dog. For example, if your canine companion has allergies, then it’s best to look for a hypoallergenic bed.
  • Their size. The bed should be large enough to accommodate your dog and allow them to stretch their legs out. As for the bunk bed frame, pay attention to the product dimensions. Check which dog size it accommodates.
  • Their age. Older dogs may have specific requirements, particularly referring to their health. You may need to focus on foam products with special features.
  • Shedding conditions. Do your dogs shed a lot? You’ll want a bed that you can vacuum easily or that which do not attract hairs. The bed frame, on the other hand, should be easy to clean, too.
  • Everyday routine or activities. Do your dogs love playing outdoors? Do they get themselves dirty more often than not? If so, then you need a bed that’s easy to clean and washable.
  • Quality and durability. A poor quality bed will require a replacement sooner or more often. That means a bigger expense. It’s better to purchase one that’s pricier, but which your dog can use for a longer period.
  • Budget. Dog beds are available in various price points. Be sure to choose one that fits your budget, but don’t compromise product quality. You might want to get a bed that will still accommodate your dog once they grow bigger and mature.

Why Dogs Need Their Own Bunk Bed

Since your dog spends the majority of the day sleeping, a high-quality bed is always a wise investment. That goes for dogs as it does to humans. Here are more reasons why your furry baby deserves their own bed:

  • Keeping your dog secure. Getting your dog a bed will give them a sense of security. They have a place they can claim as their own, one they can treat as their sanctuary. Think about a specific place at home where the bed will work best. You want to avoid moving it repeatedly so your dog won’t be confused.
  • Giving your dog a comfortable place for resting. Dogs spend most of the day lying down and sleeping. You don’t want to sleep in a cold, floor yourself and chances are your dog doesn’t want that, too. Your canine companion deserves a bed that will protect them from the cold and heat and will keep them comfortable year-round.
  • Helping senior dogs. If you have a senior dog, they may already find it difficult to climb up your bed and sleep beside you. Giving them their own bed will provide the extra support they need, such as helping ease any joint discomfort. Overweight dogs may also benefit from using their own bed so lying down will be easier for them. They no longer have to jump up and down your bed.
  • Protecting your family and home. Are you tired of following your dog’s trail of fur or hair? By giving your furry family member their own bed, you also get to contain their dirt in one place. This is also beneficial if you have other family members with pet allergies.
  • Ensuring quality sleep for pet parents. According to a study conducted in 2014, pet owners who slept with their dogs have lower sleep quality as compared to those that don’t share beds or bedrooms with their pet.  

If you have more than one dog at home and are looking to buy them a bed, investing in dog bunk beds can help save you money. A bunk bed can sleep two dogs and you’ll be spoilt for choices, too. But of course, what matters are the preferences and specific needs of your furry family members.

Pet Crate Material

Different Types of Dog Bunk Beds

  • Mats. A cushion looks and feels good, but not all pets may appreciate them. You might have a pet that prefers a simple padding on their bed, crate, or on the floor where they can lie down. Using a mat also makes cleaning easier and less frequent. Mats can also be taken during travels. Please, note, though that mats aren’t usually recommended as a permanent solution for dogs.
  • Hammock-type. If you have a pet that prefers sleeping off the floor and can rest even without paddings underneath them, then hammocks may be ideal for them. Hammock beds are easy to clean, but they don’t come with paddings. They’re elevated and should be attached to a sturdy post or material. Hammock beds can last for years without the need for special care. They’re, however, suited for warmer climates.
  • Orthopedic. A specialty mattress-bed, orthopedic beds are great for senior dogs or those dogs that are enduring joint pain. The extra cushion avoids painful pressure on their joints and other bony body parts. An orthopedic bed is also ideal for thinner breeds and those dogs that love to spread their legs while sleeping.
  • Bolster. For dogs that love curling up, donut or bolster beds may be a good fit. Usually in a round or oval shape, this type of bed also comes with a raised side. Your dogs will appreciate these beds if they like leaning against something or raising their head while sleeping.
  • Heated beds. Heated dog beds provide warmth and comfort for dogs with special needs. Older dogs or those with stiff joints will benefit from the heat of the bed. If you have small dogs, they may also find heated dog beds useful as their body tend to lose heat easily. If you are living in an area with a colder climate, you may also consider this type of bed.
  • Outdoor cots. If you have a large dog that loves resting outdoors, then you may want to check out outdoor cots. The cot is elevated so it's perfect for your canine companion that prefers resting off the floor. It keeps them protected from the hot or cold ground. This type of bed is also ideal for pet parents that are looking for an easy-care bed option. Outdoor cots for dogs are usually made of waterproof fabric.

If you plan on getting a bunk bed for your dog or a crate / bed combo (like the ones listed above), there are many options for you.

Here is a short video explaining how to choose the best dog bunk bed for your pet:

The Best Dog Bunk Bed of All

Petsfit Double Dog Bunk Bed

The absolute best dog bunk bed on the market right now is the Petsfit 24" Dog Bunk Bed which is made out of Cedar Wood. We like it because you can paint it yourself and customize it to your liking.

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