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DIY Dog Stroller: How To Make Your Own Pet Stroller

You can read about how to make your very own dog stroller or watch the helpful video below!


Pet strollers are becoming more popular nowadays as many owners would tend to go buy one for their pet. But, buying a pet stroller is not that cheap. It’s like buying a whole new baby stroller for a newborn baby. It may cost you a few hundreds of dollars!

But while many pet owners would want to have strollers for their furry babies, not all can afford to buy. In fact, many would instead choose to recycle baby strollers and make a dog stroller out of it.

And there’s nothing wrong in converting a baby stroller into a pet stroller.

Apparently, a DIY dog stroller is one of the best, easiest, and cheapest ways to have an effective dog stroller. Although it would require you some time, effort, and skills, you would still end up having a great and personalized stroller for your pets.

What You Will Need

  • An old yet fully-functional baby stroller
  • A foam or a soft cushion
  • An easy to wash cloth
  • Needle and thread 
  • Soft mesh wires 
  • Leah 
  • Scissors 

What You Will Do

1. Sizing and Fitting

When you are making your own pet stroller, it is important that you consider first the size of your pet. A small puppy will fit any baby stroller. But if your stroller is for a large size pet, try to fit it first on the stroller.

small dog

Also, this will allow you to know whether you need to recline the back of the stroller or not. The reason behind is that large dogs won’t fit in a stroller if the back is not flattened or reclined. So, check if your pet has enough space to move around when the back is reclined. This way you will have a good stroller for a large pet.

2. Checking the Recliner of the Stroller

Now, some strollers have a fixed back. If your pet is small, it will be enough. But, it is still recommended to utilize a baby stroller that has a reclinable back.

If the back portion is fixed, find the screws that make them stick. Unscrew it and try to recline the back portion. Once the back is placed the same position as to the seat, then you may now screw it.

But if unscrewing it won’t work, then you may want to find other old baby strollers, especially if you have a large size pet.

3. Fitting the Cushion

Once the back is reclined and flatly positioned, measure the space inside and fit the foam or soft cushion you intend to incorporate. Although this is largely an optional part of making a dog stroller, many DIY dog stroller enthusiasts and pet owners tend to leave it as it is.

This is only meant for additional comfort to the pets.

4. Stitching the Cloth To The Cushion

Now, the foam or soft cushion you intend to use may need to be covered with an appropriate cloth. If you’re done with the measurements and fitting processes, cut a piece of cloth that will cover the entire foam or cushion.

Stitch the cloth to the foam using the needle and thread of choice. But, make sure that these materials are washable so that it will be easy for you to clean them after every use.

5. Covering the Leg Holes

You won’t need the leg holes of a baby stroller. In fact, you will need to cover that up too.

And when you cover them, you will need foam or soft cushion as well. It’s like repeating the two steps above.

Or, to make things easier, you may include the spaces of the leg holes into the measurements of the seat portion. In short, instead of making two pieces of covered foams, you will now make a one larger covered foam for the seat and cover of the leg holes.

6. Cutting the Belts

As for the belts on the leg holes, you won’t need them as well. You may cut them according to your preferences. But, if you think that this could be useful for you and your pet, you may leave them.

7. Stitching the Leash

On the upper portion of the back, you will see a small belt in here as well. Place the leash here and measure the exact length that your pet would need. Remember, your pet must be able to sit, stand, and lay down even when they are on a leash.

Once you have obtained the right measurements, stitch the leash on to the piece of the belt.

dog stroller diy

From here, you have already made your very own DIY dog stroller. Your pet can already use this outdoors. But, if you want to make it look like a real dog stroller, you may need to include mesh wires for the mesh windows.

These steps are optional.

Nevertheless, you will need to measure the space that you want to be covered with the mesh wires for the window. Once you get the right measurements, cut the mesh wires and stitch it properly on to the hood.

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