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Crave Wet & Dry Cat Food Review

Branded by Mars Petcare, Crave is a popular cat food option available today. It comes from a company known for using grain-free, protein-rich, meat-first pet foods. It means that going for Crave cat food is a great choice if you're concerned about giving your kitty some nutritious food. But, some people have negative things to say about the brand too, and believe it's not as nutritious as it should be. Therefore, it's a good idea to read Crave cat food reviews to make a decision. But, if you're ready to make a purchase, you may consider buying one of the following best cat foods from Crave.

The Best Crave Cat Food: Our Top Picks

Crave with Chicken Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

BEST for chicken fat

  • 40% protein
  • Chicken fat

Rated by: Amber

Crave with Protein from Chicken and Salmon Indoor Adult Grain-Free Dry Cat Food


  • High protein, low fat
  • Chicken fat added
  • No artifical ingredients

Rated by: Amber

Crave Salmon Pate Grain-Free Cat Food Trays

Best tray

  • Protein from animal sources
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Grain free

Rated by: Amber

1. Crave with Chicken Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for one of the best pet foods for your furry friend, you may want to try this one from Crave. It's popular because of its quality ingredients, which include chicken meal, chicken, split peas, and chicken fat, preserved with mixed tocopherols.  It also includes fish meal, potato protein, and dried plain beet pulp, among many other ingredients.

Because of the ingredients, you'll find positive Crave dry cat food reviews.   The ingredient profile also suggests that your cat is going to get more than 40% protein. It's actually a bit higher than many other popular cat food brands currently available on the market. Many people have to switch to canned food to get more protein, but this Crave dry cat food resolves that issue. 

This cat best food is quite affordable, especially considering the serving size. You can give 1/4th of a pack is needed for a cat no more than four pounds. Some reviews suggest that your cat may take time to get used to the taste of this new food, which is why mixing it with your current cat food is a good idea.


  • It contains 40% protein
  • It contains chicken fat
  • It's quite affordable


  • Your cat may take time to get used to it

2. Crave with Protein from Chicken and Salmon Indoor Adult Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for high quality food for indoor cats in particular, you may want to put money on this Crave offering.  The reason why it's suitable for indoor cats is its high fiber content. As indoor cats would spend most of their time chilling in the house, they're likely to gain weight and develop digestive issues. Fiber in Crave food will prevent the issue.

Not only does it have a high fiber content, it comes with lower calorie count. The combination helps prevent obesity and other issues such as hairballs in indoor cats. It offers other health benefits as well, thanks to its ingredient profile, with chicken being the most important ingredient. It also contains pea protein along with split peas and chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols.

Other than these ingredients, there's dried beet pulp, which also serves as an additional source of fiber. To push the protein content up, the company adds potato protein to the mix along with dehydrated alfalfa meal and salmon meal.

Though it contains chicken, which may serve as an allergen for some cats, this Crave food is generally safe as a whole.  Overall, it's a suitable option for cats, but some reviews suggest that it uses a large percentage of plant protein, which is not a great idea.


  • It's a low fat, high protein cat food
  • It contains chicken fat
  • It doesn't have artificial ingredients and is grain free


  • The concentration of plant protein may be high

3. Crave Salmon Pate Grain-Free Cat Food Trays

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're mainly interested in wet cat food, Crave Salmon Pate is the way to go because of so many positive reviews. Like other Crave foods, it is made from meat ingredients, including chicken liver, salmon, chicken broth, pork broth, and chicken heart. Meat is the first ingredient, which is the best thing. The combination of these ingredients means your cat is going to get enough protein to stay healthy.

Each serving of this Crave food contains omega3 fatty acids, which comes from fish oil.  It's not very high in calories, which is another reason why it works fine for indoor cats. Each serving contains 39 calories only, which helps keep you cat at a healthy weight.

Overall, it's a good wet cat food because of its nutritional value, but some people just don't like the presence of thickeners and binders, such as tapioca starch, guar gum, and carragenan.


  • It contains loads of protein from animal sources
  • It offers a good dose of omega fatty acids
  • It doesn't contain artificial flavors


  • It's high on binders and thickeners

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Crave believes that cats and dogs should have diet based on the fact that they're predatory in nature. It means that their natural habits are still quite like wildcats and wolves out in the wild. Their genetics are still the same, so it's important that they get food rich in meat. Your cat has a natural instinct to hunt, so even when you have indoor cats, it's important to ensure that they have some meat in their diet, and that's where Crave cat food will excel.

Is Crave a Good Cat Food?

As a whole, Crave is a good cat food that you can try for your pet. The brand offers protein-rich, grain-free meals, which work to satisfy your cat's nutritional needs. The company uses high quality ingredients and manufacturer all their products in their plant in Tennessee.  While there are so many reasons why so many people opt for Crave cat food, most opt for it for three main reasons. For instance:

Crave Foods Contain Real Meat

The interesting thing is that the best cat foods are made using real meat and without the use of any preservatives or chemicals – that's what Crave does. It also goes through minimal processing, which is why the nutrients stay intact.

The brand believes that both cats and dogs should get meat-based foods because they're naturally carnivorous. They shouldn't be treated like humans who can eat everything from grains and meats to veggies and more for a balanced diet. If you talk about a vegetarian diet, it's never going to work to keep your cats healthy. Cats require special vitamins and minerals, which are only present in meat-based meals, and that's where Crave comes into the picture.  It manufactures products that provide your cat with taurine, an important nutrient found only in chicken and fish. Similarly, cats require fatty acids, carbs, and amino acids, which they also get from meat-based diets.

If you check the best cat food, you'll notice that real meat is the first ingredient on the list.  When they say real meat, it means they don't add tissues, bones, or any by products to the mix.  Moreover, they confirm that they only use human-grade meat in their food, which is another reason why Crave cat food is quite effective for your cats. Many cat owners are often worried about picking foods that contain fish and meat not fit for human consumption, and that's obviously not good for cats as well. No such thing happens when you put your money on Crave foods.

Crave Foods are Rich in Protein

Proteins are important for both cats and dogs, but many people don't realize that even though cats are smaller as compared to dogs, they have a higher protein need. That's mainly because dogs are omnivores, but cats are carnivores. It implies that the nutritional needs of cats are quite like tigers, lions, and other members of the feline group. Cats require lots of protein because they use it for energy production. They also require specific amino acids without which their muscles would become week. For growing kittens, protein is even more critical, and it also needs to be easy-to-digest protein, and that's when you can trust Crave cat food.

As mentioned already, Crave meals utilize real meats, the protein content is naturally going to be on the higher side.  They lay their emphasis on using organic and fresh meat and fish, which in turn will provide your cats with the best quality protein. As these foods are often fortified, so you can relax knowing your cats are getting a balanced diet.

Crave Foods are Grain-Free

Quite like dogs, it's better to keep your cats away from grains because they can develop so many health problems for having grains or gluten in their diet. As cats are carnivorous, they need meat to stay healthy, not grains. They're naturally intolerant for grains and gluten, so it's important that you avoid any grain-based pet foods or your pet is going to develop problems like irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and allergic skin reactions.

With Crave food, you're less likely to experience these issues because their foods are grain free and utilize real meat only. It's the best cat food because it doesn't contain any additives, growth hormones, preservatives, or fillers. That's the reason why you can safely feed these foods to your indoor cats as well.

Is there a Recall on Crave Cat Food?

Crave cat food is still a relatively newer brand on the market, so they haven't been involved in any product recall. However, it's worth mentioning that a recall doesn't always indicate that the company isn't good. It's actually the other way round, as the manufacturers graciously accept that their formulas may contain something not suitable for your pet. Sometimes, there's contamination causing a batch to become unfit for the consumption of dogs and cats. Therefore, it's better to recall it than leaving it on the market.

However, if there's a long history of recalls, it may indicate that something is not right with that company.  Thankfully, you won't find a recall on Crave cat food. It is a testament to the fact that the company pays attention to its manufacturing process and is careful about packaging to lower risk of contamination.

What Happened to Crave Cat Food?

Crave has now become a popular cat food brand because their focus is on producing high protein meals for your furry companions. They manufacture their cat food products in North America, and quite interestingly, they source their ingredients locally as well. It's worth mentioning though that there's some evidence suggesting they get certain ingredients, including vitamins and minerals from China.

Crave Pet Food is focused on providing high quality foods to help satisfy cat's wild needs.  They conduct scientific studies from time to time to ensure their formula is up-to-date. As a whole, Crave cat food is quite good and is likely to stay on the market for long, but you need to bear in mind that it's still a good idea to follow safe cat food guidelines. For instance:

It's important to read the label of any cat food you buy and ensure that there's nothing suspicious going on there. If you're not sure about any ingredient, it's a good idea to talk to your vet before offering it to your cat.

Don't go overboard with the idea of giving vitamins and minerals to your cat. Adding supplements to cat foods won't help and may even hurt your cat in the long run.

Don't make a decision considering the brand advertising only.  Do your own research and ask questions regarding the source of the ingredients.

It all boils down to the fact that not all cat foods are going to cater to the nutritional needs of your cat. Crave food is a great choice though because it is high in protein, low in carbs, and low in fats as well. It's quite balanced in terms of vitamins and minerals, such as thiamine, D-calcium pantothenate, and vitamins B1,B5, and D3. But, even if you're going for Crave cat food, you need to learn exactly how much to give to your cat. You'll be hurting your cat if you do nothing to help them maintain their body weight. Obesity can cause all sorts of problems in cats, including diabetes, arthritis, and more. Talk to your vet to decide if you need to make any changes to your cat's diet to maintain a healthy weight.

Is Crave Wet Food Good for Cats?

Again, Crave dry cat food is probably the best option, not just for your cat but for you as well because it'll be less messy. However, Crave wet cat food reviews are quite heartening. There are situations when cats may not be able to eat or digest dry food properly. For instance, older cats with no teeth may not be able to eat dry food, or they need tiny little nibbles, which you won't find when going for Crave dry food.  Going for Crave wet cat food may sound like a better option here.

Crave wet cat food has positive reviews and is available in three varieties, including Turkey Pate, Chicken Pate, and Salmon Pate. Some may argue that Crave cat food (wet ) isn't nutritionally excellent, but it's still a reasonably good choice for indoor cats in certain situations. Moreover, wet cat food offers numerous benefits as well. For instance:

Unlike dry cat food, wet food offers better hydration. It means that even though you may be offering plenty of fresh water to your cats, they may become dehydrated, as they don't really like standing water. Feeding wet food may help eliminate any deficiencies. You can surely go for a cat water fountain to make cats feel as if they're drinking out in the wild, but adding wet food to the mix may still help.

Dry cat food is good, but experts believe that wet food may help promote lean body mass in cats.  That's mainly because wet food is slightly better in terms of protein content, so it supports muscles and keeps your cats healthy well into their senior years.

Cats can get bored after you feed them the same stuff for so long, and that's when you can consider mixing some wet food to dry cat food. It adds variety to their diet and keeps them interested in eating. Moreover, you can also get the health benefits of wet foods at the same time.  Going for wet food is a great choice in case you want to add some variety to their diet of your cat, as they're available in various textures and flavors. Crave wet food is also available in three varieties, so you can pick one to ensure your cat develops a liking for it.

What it means is that though dry food should be the primary choice for most cat parents, adding wet food sometimes has its benefits. Thankfully, Crave can help you if you ever decide to feed your cats some wet food too.

The Best Crave Cat Food to Buy

Crave dry food is fast becoming a popular choice for cat parents with many positive reviews and the use real meat as the first ingredient. It contains fatty acids and vitamins and minerals as well. While some may think it's not as impressive in terms of overall nutrition, it's still a great choice, especially if you want high quality protein for your cat. Many different Crave foods are available in the market today, but if you're confused, try Crave with Protein from Chicken/Salmon Food, as it's reasonably affordable and high in protein.

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