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Should I Use a Crate or a Playpen for My Puppy?

Should you get a wooden crate or playpen for your puppy? Read on for points you may want to consider.

Playpens Vs. Crates

A playpen is a place where your puppy can play and do some stretching. It has a lot more room than a crate which means he will be able to walk, lie down, and play in it. Often, it also offers more visibility.

A playpen can be placed indoors and outdoors. Usually, it’s portable and made of wires or plastic. The panels are easy to assemble and you can adjust the size of the pen to accommodate your growing puppy.

A crate, on the other hand, is your puppy’s home within your home. It’s a place where he can rest. It’s meant to be small to teach your furry family member that it should not be used for his ‘other businesses’.

Playpen Advantages

You can assemble a playpen yourself and resize it depending on the size of your puppy.

Since a playpen has a wider space, you can put in toys and even food and water inside. Your canine companion can keep himself comfortable and entertained.

You can, on the other hand, work around the house without worrying about your dog. You know he’s safe, secure, and happy in his playpen.

Playpen Drawbacks

If you’re house training your dog, getting started with a playpen may not be a good idea. Since there is enough space to do his business, it might become harder for him to distinguish his bed from his bathroom.

Also, if you have an energetic and tall dog, there may come a time that he’ll be able to jump out of his playpen. If he’s able to move out anytime he wants, that defeats the purpose of a playpen.

You can keep your dog from climbing his playpen but that will take time and patience.

Crate Advantages

A crate is a great tool for training your dog. When used properly, it can give both you and your dog peace of mind. It can help teach your dog valuable lessons, such as control and discipline.

Once your dog learns that the crate is his very own place, he will begin to treat it as his home. A place where he can go to when he feels overwhelmed or uncomfortable. A place where he can go for rest anytime and not be bothered.

A crate can also help you train your dog that there should be a specific area for a bathroom. If you are to leave the house, you can be confident that your dog will have a place where he’ll feel safe.

If you travel often, a crate can also be used to transport your dog without him feeling scared. He’s very familiar with his crate and feels at ease staying in it.

Crate Disadvantages

Getting a dog to love his crate takes a long process. It may leave you frustrated or upset. But you need to be patient as it takes hard work for a dog to recognize a new place as his safe haven.

Using a Combination of Crate and Playpen

Some pet parents like to combine the use of a crate and playpen. This is possible, too. But then, this still requires proper introduction and training.

The good thing with this approach is that your dog can simply come out of his crate and play or relieve himself, and come back inside once he’s tired and in need of a rest.

What Should Be My Final Choice?

It depends on your dog, and your lifestyle and needs. A crate and a playpen both have advantages and drawbacks. There’s no single best answer for all pet parents. But whatever you choose, be sure to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting product.

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