Best Cat Trees for Large Cats - Sturdy & Cheap Cat Tree

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats – Sturdy & Cheap Cat Tree

When you are a cat lover you want the best for your cat and that means giving them things to do and places to hang out as much as tempting food to eat. When it comes to large cats, it looks as if the old style scratching posts are out, as cat trees for large cats are gaining more attention.

 Cat trees now come in all shapes and styles and the endless variety has sparked a new trend in cat care. Since cat trees also come with a wide range of price tags, here’s a few useful pointers to help you decide what will make a good cat tree for the bigger than average house cat.  

Feandrea 67-in cat tree

BEST overall

  • check
    Several Perches
  • check
    Quite stylish

Rated by: Amber

GoPEtclub cat tree

BEST for multiple cats

  • check
    Quite Durable
  • check
    Improved Sense of Security
  • check
    Quite Affordable

Rated by: Amber

trixie cat tree

Best for scratching posts

  • check
    Several Posts
  • check
    Good for Multiple Cats
  • check
    Quite Sturdy

Rated by: Amber

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats: Our Top Picks

We understand that it is can be quite tricky to find the best cat trees for your furry friend because you only want the finest product for them. Your cats deserve the best and we can help you make a decision by highlighting trees that are sturdy, functional, and quite affordable for most cat owners.

1. Feandrea 67-in Cat Tree 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It is quite an impressive choice for anyone looking for a cat tree for large cats, mainly because it comes with a ramp that leads straight to the condo. There are side levels too, so you'd often find your cat relaxing and playing with the hanging balls as well.

In terms of looks, the cat tree is nothing less than an art piece. It looks impressive irrespective of what your existing home décor is. Available in a light grey shade, this tree from Feandrea is also quite sturdy to accommodate your large cat. Functionality is at its best for sure.

You will also find it come equipped with cat scratching posts covered in sisal rope. The presence of natural sisal rope means your feline friend can enjoy scratching for as long as they want.

You will also find this one to be quite stable, thanks to its sturdy base and a proper distribution of levels and perches. With this one, you're less likely to worry about your cat knocking it over.


  • It is highly functional with levels and perches
  • It is quite sturdy with a strong base
  •  It looks quite stylish


  • It could have been more affordable

2. GoPetClub Cat Tree - 48 Inches

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for an impressive place for your feline friend to call her own, you may consider putting your money on this option from GoPetClub. It provides your cats with a great place to relax and play. They can enjoy with hanging toys, use their skills on a scratching post, or play on the ladder.

A good thing about the tree is the use of sisal rope on all five posts. It means you don't need to keep your furry friend from scratching at it for as long as she wants. It is important to mention though the tree performs quite well for your large cat, it might wobble a little when your multiple cats attack it. Nothing serious though!


  • It comes with many features and levels for fun
  • It provides your cats with privacy and space
  • It promotes exercise and improves sense of security


  • It may not work great for multiple large cats

3. Trixie Cat Tree Play House

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

With a total height of about 5 feet, this cat tree serves as a reasonably good choice for large cat owners. With this one, you will notice your cat stretching fully while playing on it.

What makes it a lot better than other similar large cat trees available in the market is the number of scratching posts it has. There are as many as 10 along with a couple of platforms and condos as well. The presence of a play tunnel will soon make this tree a favorite of your feline friend.

It also looks quite stylish, thanks to the use of a super high quality fur. It creates a luxurious feel and you don't really need to worry about it fitting perfectly with your existing interior setting. It is also seems quite sturdy to accommodate multiple cats.

Overall, it delivers impressive performance and offers everything your cat needs to stay happy and healthy. The only consideration is that its price is a bit on the higher side. If you can afford it, you should, by all means, go ahead and buy it.


  • It is a good choice for multiple large cats
  • It uses quality fur in its posts and beds
  • It is tall and comes with several posts


  • It may be a bit pricey.

4. Tuft & Paw MiaCara Torre Tower

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It comes with a fascinating design and that's probably the reason why it will quickly gel with your current interior setting. In fact, it pairs extremely well with any modern furniture.

By opting for this scratching post, you will be able to protect your precious sofa from your scratch-obsessed tall cat. Its circular frame seems quite durable too, so you don't have to worry about it breaking down any time soon.

The use of dense and durable scratching surface is another reason why you may want to buy it, as it encourages reaching motions and gives your cat a good exercise session while playing.

Overall, it is a good choice and delivers satisfactory performance, but some people with large cats might not find a frame made of molded plywood as impressive as other sturdier options.


  • It has a stylish design
  • It has a sturdy circular frame
  • It is tall enough to encourage exercise


  • You might find have to look elsewhere for extra fluffy cats

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Are Cat Trees Good for Cats?

Of course, they are.

You shouldn't worry when you're making an investment in a cat tree because it will be money when spent when your large cat falls in love with it. A tall cat is going to love having a cat tree to hang out on for so many reasons. Here is why you may want to go for sturdy cat trees for large cats.

They will have a high place to climb. That alone is reason enough to opt for these amazing cat products. As a feline lover,  you will already know how happy a cat feels when they get a chance to get up high on something – they even like being up high so much they feel safe enough to enjoy a long deep sleep up there. Anytime a cat is up off the floor it’s happy and these trees provide your cat with a great vantage point so they always feel safe and secure.

They get a chance to scratch at whenever they want. Cats instinctively scratch to lay a scent trail and you may have a hard time stopping them from doing it. largely, it’s a waste of time trying to correct the behavior, it’s much better to redirect it. You can resolve the issue of where to have a good scratch by investing in cheap cat trees for large cats or even going for large castles.

They will stay away from your furniture. Well, this may or may not happen because cats have a mind of their own and their favorite spots. At least with a cat tree you are offering an advantageous alternative. 

Going for the best cat trees for large cats will give your feline friend reasons to thank you. The exercise and simulation a cat tree provides can improve overall health as well as quality of life. You will be giving them a safe comfortable place to rest and there are not that many cats that can easily resist that kind of cat friendly offer.

You can also include hanging toys and even a sisal rope  additional stimulation. This helpful if you have a needy cat that is always demanding your personal attention. Scratching posts make the cat tree their own and part of their territory. They are ideal to help manage the natural behavior of bored toms who scratch and spray to leave a calling card. Just ensure that you're buying a well-built durable tree that can accommodate your tall cat and its needs.

What is the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats? 

Once you have decided you need cat trees for your tall cat, the next task is selecting the best product. Your aim may be to buy cheap cat trees for large cats, but it is better to opt for trees that are sturdy as well as affordable. Here are a few characteristics to check out in the best cat trees for large cats.

Good cat trees for large cats will have ramps and perches. That's important because cats feel more secure when they have multiple vantage points. High up perches and baskets provide a greater sense of security for when they sleep.

A good cat tree will come equipped with branches at variable heights and scratching posts that go way higher than the norm to make them suitable for larger cat breeds.

Understand that many manufacturers now offer cat trees with perches and scratching posts but not all are suitable for a couple of cats or even one heavy cat. If the tree is too lightweight, it won't last long with your cat jumping on and off it. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for and for a larger cat you’ll need a tree that is heavy and robust. A good clue is to check out the base.

Whether you're going for a tree condo or a climbing tower, its material is important. In most cases, towers and condos are made from pressed wood. This might not be the best for big cats with big claws. You will be better off paying more for solid materials like real wood. But, for those worried about cost, or whether it will get used, you can try the cheaper alternatives such as plywood towers.

The best quality cat trees are easy to assemble, but they don't use glue. There are usually simple instructions to screw them together. To save money, there are cat trees that need glue, but be prepared to have them fall apart now and then although they can be easily glued back together.

High quality trees or scratching posts will have special material called sisal rope. It is a coarse natural fiber that’s perfect for big cats to dig their claws into. Depending on the number of cats you have, sisal rope is often durable enough to last the lifetime of the cat.

How Tall Should a Cat Tower Be?

The size of the cat tree or cat tower you buy matters as well. Be sure to pick one considering the available space you have as well as the size of your cat. Again, if you have multiple cats, know that they would want to use it simultaneously. For height, select something that could give some 'climbing' experience to the tallest cat you have.

If you have enough space, the taller the towers with sturdy perches, the better. It means the height should make your cat to stretch out fully while the scratch. For an average-sized cat, a cat tree of up to 50 cm is usually enough, but that is not going to work for taller cats.

If you're going for taller cat trees, you may want to consider attaching them to a ceiling or wall to keep them upright. This will surely help if you have an over-excited cat that jumps at those trees with force.


Just like taller humans, taller cats have different needs from small ones, although every cat can benefit from a cat tree. Even the tallest tall cat likes secure places. They just need a little more room to maneuver and spread out. A quality cat tree can become a permanent fixture in the home you and your cat share, providing the territorial with a secure base to keep an eye on things, the sleepy with a quiet 'undisturbed' perch and the restless stilling displaying a kitten side, a safe place to relax and play.  

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