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Can Dogs Eat Lobster: Raw or Cooked?

As a dog parent, you now know very well that your dog absolutely loves food in any shape or form! Be it meat, or green leafy vegetables, your dog loves them all.

However, the query like is it okay for your dog to eat seafood like a lobster is quite stressful. But, we have you covered with all the information related to Lobster.

Let’s dig a little deeper and understand if adding lobster to your dog’s diet is a good idea, after all. We will also discuss FAQ like can dogs eat Lobster or can dogs eat raw Lobster.

Now let’s dive into the topic.

Can dogs eat lobster?

It is quite safe to say that dogs can eat lobster. But which is better cooked or raw lobster?

Cooked lobster is safe for dogs.

When lobsters are cooked, they become a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and proteins. Cooked lobster is a great carrier of phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium.

What happens if your dog eats cooked lobster

The protein content has a positive impact on your dog’s muscles. The omega-3 fatty acids act as an anti-inflammatory and improve as well as protects your dog’s health. While minerals like phosphorus are vital to keeping bones healthy, magnesium helps absorb other vitamins and minerals.

How to serve cooked lobster to Dog?

Serve it in a small amount. Lobsters contain high sodium content. Sodium is highly necessary for a dog’s health. But large quantities of serving can prove dangerous. Therefore, you must serve cooked lobster in lesser quantities.

  • Most vets would recommend cooking Lobster before feeding it to your dog. This is because different forms of bacteria and parasites are present in raw Lobsters that may cause your dog to become ill.
  • The easiest way to feed your dog all kinds of Lobster is to steam or boil it in plain water until it is thoroughly cooked.
  • Start with a little serving when introducing some new variety of seafood to your dog. This will help you recognize any allergies your pet may have against some specific form of seafood that you may not yet be aware of.
  • And the best way to serve your dog cooked lobster is to mix it with a mash of spinach.

Spinach is not at all toxic for dogs and a moderate amount of spinach is highly beneficial. Spinach gives a boost to the immune system and restores energy.

But if you are wondering, is raw lobster safe for dogs? Then read it further.

Raw lobster is unsafe for dogs?

Raw lobster is an easy carrier of contamination. They pick up parasites from the simplest of places. It could also become a source of contamination due to improper handling or an unclean surface. Consumption of such contamination can prove dangerous to your dog’s health.

What happens if your dog eats raw lobster?

It is highly unsafe for dogs to consume raw lobster. But if he does so by any chance, there are some major concerns.


Lobsters have shells that are extremely tough. Even though a dog’s teeth are strong enough to break through, those pieces of shells can cause a lot of internal damage. It could even block the GI tract leading to further problems.


If your dog has consumed raw lobster and you see symptoms of hives, itchy skin, ear or skin infection, runny eyes and nose, hair loss, etc. then it is highly likely that your dog has developed serious food allergies. It is highly recommended to consult professional medical help in such cases.

Some considerations before changing the diet

If your dog has never had lobster before and you wish to add it to his diet, then there are certain things you must keep in mind.

Dog parameters

To determine if certain human foods are suitable for your dog, you must keep a few parameters in mind. These are parameters like the breed of your dog as well as the size. This determines the intake capacity of your dog and helps you decide the portion of meals to be served.

Food safety

When serving meat to your dog, you must take undue care of the toxins in the skins, shells, and peels. Many meat sources, especially seafood like lobsters, can easily get contaminated from unclean surfaces. Such toxicity in the food intake will prove a hazard to your dog’s digestive system.

Acceptability of changes in diet

If you have been feeding your dog a certain food brand for years, it is mostly because your dog doesn’t like variety in everyday meals. In such a case, it is quite hard to implement sudden changes in the diet plan.


To sum it up, lobster is not harmful to your dog. However, Lobster served alone is not very healthy and therefore, it can be served along with spinach. Though lobster is high in protein it also contains fat. Therefore, if you don’t feed your dog in smaller portions, it can cause weight gain and other cardiovascular problems. But you must rush your dog to professional medical assistance if you notice any signs of discomfort. Learn more about it here.

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