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Should You Buy a Dog Backpack Carrier?

Going out with your dog hassle-free is possible with the help of a backpack carrier. This gear is becoming popular among pet parents and for many good reasons.

One of which is safety. If you’re heading to somewhere crowded or busy, keeping your furry baby in a backpack will protect him or her against injuries. Vice-versa, strangers will also feel safer regardless of how your dog responds upon seeing them.

Tips When Choosing a Dog Backpack Carrier

  • Consider comfort. Look out for the most comfortable option for you and your dog. Take your dog’s measurements to ensure that the carrier will be a good fit. Check the exact dimensions of the product before purchasing.
  • Think about its purpose. What are you using the backpack carrier for? Will you be going on nature walks together? Perhaps you’re going on joy rides? Or running errands with your dog?
  • Inspect the material and built. Ask about the material and make-up of the product. The backpack should be able to provide adequate support to your dog. If you’re buying from physical stores, do a test with your furry buddy. You’ll want to see which item he favors.
  • Look for a safety collar. Check if the backpack is equipped with a safety collar to keep your dog from escaping or jumping out. Your dog will be positioned high off the ground so it’s dangerous if he’ll fall. Be sure as well that the carrier has a lock that is only accessible from the outside.
  • Find an easy-care carrier. Just like any pet parent, you’ll want your dog’s backpack carrier to be easy-clean. If you can remove its lining and toss it in the washer, that’ll be great.

If you’re planning to use the carrier in various ways, then it’ll help to find one that’s multi-purpose. You’ll also want to train your pet first about using a toilet to avoid soiling his carrier.

Using a Dog Carrier Backpack

Dog backpack carriers vary in size, design, and features. Some may be simple or basic, while some may come equipped with extra features.

Regardless of the way they look, basically, they all work the same way. Furry baby will have to go in the backpack.

Introduce the bag to your pet gently and see how he responds. You’ll want him to feel comfortable with his new environment.

Double check if you have already hooked your dog’s collar to a leash found inside the bag.

If you’re comfortable with spending more for your pet’s backpack, you’ll find products with more storage pockets, ample ventilation, and built-in bowls for food and water.

At the end of the day, it’ll be about your dog’s physical profile, breed and your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Advantages of Doggy Backpacks

A doggy backpack gives you a free hand. You will not have to carry your dog all the way, and your dog will not have to be confined to an uncomfortable position. A dog backpack carrier is also easy to carry and use. It works like a typical backpack. This is a great alternative to strollers which require you to wheel with two hands.

Your best furry buddy will not have to be confined in a four-walled storage. Chances are he’ll enjoy good visibility of his environment. He’ll still see everything that’s happening around him.

If you want to give your back a break, you can look into types that come with wheels.

If you’d rather that your dog sees you, you can also purchase those that allow you to carry your pet to your front.

You may also check out options that come with extra storage space.

Disadvantages of Dog Backpack Carriers

What are the reasons you may not want a doggy backpack?

If your dog has health issues, especially joint problems, he might find it uncomfortable to sit in a backpack.

Also, backpacks that don’t have a leash may expose your dog to health and safety risks. You don’t want a cramped backpack but you also don’t want your pet to experience muscle discomfort.

Doggy backpacks are bulkier than dog carrier slings. You will not be able to fold them and they will take up some space.

If your dog loves seeing you, then he probably wouldn’t like to be kept at your back.

So, Is a Dog Backpack Carrier Ideal for Me?

A dog backpack has both advantages and disadvantages. This type of gear may be ideal for you depending on your lifestyle. If you love taking your dog with you to the grocery or on outdoor adventures, a backpack may work better for you than a sling.

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