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Best Plastic Dog Crate – Large / Extra Large Dog Crates

If you are planning on travelling with your pet dog and would like them to have a crate bed whilst you are away from home, you may want to consider some of the products below. When looking into buying a plastic dog crate it is important to consider the needs of your dog. Currently available on the market there are a wide range of different options, many of which are more than adequate.

The list below features those plastic dog crates that, in our professional opinion and based on customer feedback, are the best currently available on the market. We will review each in depth before deciding on which one of these plastic dog crates we think is the best.

The Best Plastic Dog Crate: Top Picks


  • check
    Lots of ventilation
  • Air travel approved
  • check
    Comes with a food dish

Rated by: Amber

Pet mate ultra vari kennel

  • check
    IATA and USDA certified
  • Floor moat
  •  Robust recycled plastic

Rated by: Amber


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    Complete ventilation
  • IATA and USDA certified
  • check
    Easy to assemble

Rated by: Amber

1. Pet Mate Ultra Vari Kennel 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those pet owner who want a crate for their dog that is both safe and hassle free, then the Pet Mate Ultra Vari Kennel is the perfect choice. The crate is constructed from a robust plastic that has been recycled along with metal on the door and vents, and meets all of the IATA and USDA regulations relating to the shipment of animals.

The wire door n the crate has a simple squeeze latch locking mechanism that is practically impossible for any dog to open but is super easy for humans to manipulate. On each side of the crate there are grates to provide a source of ventilation for your pet dog, as well as allowing them to see where they are going. 

When assembling the large plastic dog crate, no tools are required, meaning practically anyone can do it.

With is being made from plastic, the Ultra Vari Kennel is really easy to clean. It comes equipped with a floor moat on the inside, which ensures that any liquid spilt during transit does not go everywhere and soak your dog. It is available in six different sizes, ranging from up to 15 pounds, right through to 125 pounds.

This not only makes it perfect for big breeds such as Akitas or Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, but also for the smallest of dogs, such as American Hairless Terriers or Australian Terriers. The crate comes in three different color options, including Taupe / Black, True Blue, and Bleached Linen.


  • Meets IATA and USDA regulations
  • Made from a robust recycled plastic
  • Equipped with a floor moat


  • Difficult to carry due to its size

2. Pet Mate Two Door Top Load

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This crate provides your dog with easy access in and out of it thanks to the two door entry and exit system. There is also a door on the top of the crate.

These are all made out of a strong steel and have a robust latch, which works to make sure your dog does not escape and much more secure than many other plastic dog crates currently available on the market. 

Additionally, it has really good visibility so that your pet dog can always see where it is going.

The crate has a stylish design that incorporates lots of ventilation holes, ensuring a good flow of air at all times. 

Made from a heavy duty plastic, the Pet Mate Two Door Top Load crate is highly durable, making it perfect for taking with you on your travels. The crate is airline approved meaning it can be taken on a flight with no issues as it meets all of the necessary requirements. The crate boasts a handle that has been ergonomically designed to make carrying it that bit easier.

The way in which the plastic dog crate has been designed helps to satisfy the natural instinct of your dog to feel both comfortable and snug. This is because the inside of the crate is a safe place with no sharp or dangerous edges. Because it is made from plastic, the Two Door Top Load is pretty easy to clean.

It is available in two different sizes, so should suit many different dog breeds, although it is advisable to check to your dog would fit in it before making a purchase. It also comes in four different colors including, Pearl Tan / Coffee Ground, Pearl Ash Blue / Coffee Ground, Pearl White / Coffee Ground, and Hot Pink / Black.


  • Easy access in and out
  • Hard to escape from
  • Highly durable


  • Ventilation holes are sharp and can cause harm

3. Aspen Pet Traditional Pet Porter

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

The Aspen Pet Traditional Pet Porter is perfect for those dogs that are frequent travellers, as it is made from a highly durable and robust plastic making it perfect to put any large dog in when taking a flight.

This crate is perfect for air travel as it features a secure door with squeeze latch, which is very difficulty for your dog to open, an abundance of air vents on the side, and wing nuts made from plastic.

Thanks to all these features, the plastic dog crate is airline travel approved, however, it is always best to check with the airline before checking it in.

There is a handle at the top of the crate so that you can carry it if necessary, although this can be difficult if you have a large dog, as the plastic dog crate on its own weighs 10 pounds. The crate offers a superior level of comfort for your dog so there is no worry about having your dog inside for extended periods of time. Built in storage compartments come as standard and allows you to keep treats and other tidbits in the crate with your pet dog.

It is a product that is made in the United States of America. The assembly process of this crate does require the use of various nuts and bolts. It is available in nine different sizes that can fit dogs of all shapes and sizes, ranging from a puppy or a Chihuahuas that weigh up to 10 pounds, through to Rottweilers and Tibetan Mastiff that weigh up to 125 pounds.

The XL plastic dog crate comes in three different colors, including Dark Gray, Light Gray, and Gray.


  • Airline travel approved
  • An abundance of air vents
  • Offers a superior level of comfort


  • Difficult to carry due to its size

4. Pet Mate Ruff Maxx Plastic Dog Crate Kennel

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It is obvious from this plastic crates name that it is a rugged and heavy duty product, so thee is no need to worry about it ever breaking.

The door is made from a tough steel, with a squeezy latch, which makes it really difficult for your pet dog to escape from. 

For when in transit, including air travel, the crate has safe wing nut and bolt fasteners, as well as providing points as to which it can be securely tied down.

As a result if all these features, the crate is airline cargo approved. So that your dog gets a good amount of ventilation whilst travelling, there are lots of air vents on the side of the plastic dog crate. 

 In order to ensure overall durability and strength, the plastic crate features an overlapping beltway. This crate is guaranteed to satisfy any desires your dog may have to be comfortable and snug.

It has been made in the United States of America using eco friendly materials, including plastic that is 95 percent pre consumed. It is available in three different sizes, 30 – 50 pounds (suitable Finnish Lapphunds or Keeshondens), 50 – 70 pounds (suitable for German Wirehaired Pointers or Redbone Coonhounds), and 70 – 90 pounds (suitable for Clumber Spaniels or Weimaraners). The camouflage design is well suited to those dogs that are taken out for hunting purposes, such as Labrador Retrievers or American Foxhounds.


  • Difficult to escape from
  • Rugged and heavy duty
  • Provides lots of ventilation


  • Some larger dogs can chew through the side

5. Dogit/Catit Pet Carrier 300

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

his highly durable extra large plastic dog crate by Dogit is airline approved, having met all the necessary requirements and regulations, making it the ideal choice for when you want to transport your dog a long distance.

It boasts an abundance of ventilation to ensure your dog stays at a comfortable temperature even on the hottest of days.

With a safety lock on the plastic dog crate you can rest assured that even the most able of dogs will not escape. 

The spring loaded door on the front allows you quick access to the inside of the crate should you need to get in there in a hurry, or simply want to your dog. When travelling there is a handle that offers good grip to make lifting and carrying your dog easier. Next to this there is a door, which can be opened to allow you to pet your dog.

It not only sturdy and durable, but also works to keep your pet dog safe at all times. The crate comes with a dish inside for your dog’s food or water, and has a waste collection gutter should any of it be spilt. It comes in three different sizes – 56 x 37 x 30 cm, 61 x 41 x 37 cm, and 68 x 47 x 43 cm – making it suitable for most breeds and ages of dog, and is available in either brown and white, or cool grey.


  • Air travel approved
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Comes with a dish for your dog’s food or water


  • Quality is lacking

6. Pet Mate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel With Chrome Door

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This large plastic dog crate by Pet Mate is both USDA and IATA approved and has a pleasant looking exterior, for those wanting their pet dog to travel in style.

The large door on the front allows any dog to get in and out easily, as well as providing them with a good view when they are on their travels.

The plastic crate meets all of the necessary requirements for air travel.

It offers your pet dog complete ventilation from all angles, to ensure your dog never gets too hot or does not feel suffocated when inside the crate. 

Construction of the plastic crate requires no additional tools and works by simply sliding and snapping the pieces into place, making it super easy to put together.

It can also be bolted together in order to make it even more robust, which is ideal for when travelling via airplane. For such situations it has a handle on the top to make transporting your dog that bit easier. It comes in six different sizes, catering for dogs up to 10 pounds at its smallest, so suitable for a puppy or a Chinese Crested, and for dogs up to 90 pounds at its largest, which is suitable for Chinooks or Giant Schnauzers.


  • Both USDA and IATA approved
  • Complete ventilation from all angles
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not the best quality

FAQ – A Buyer’s Guide

Hopefully seeing that list of some of the best large and extra large plastic crates for dogs has opened up your eyes to the various options and features that are available in order to make the experience of travelling as nice as possible for both you and your dog.

So with a plastic crate in mind for transporting your dog in, you may have some more questions, as your dog may have special requirements or you may not now how to properly use your crate once you have purchased it.

Below we have put a light together of the most common asked questions relating to plastic dog crates and provided you with accurate and in depth answers so that you are provided with all of the knowledge you need to make a fully informed decision.

What is the best crate for a dog with separation anxiety?

The issue of separation anxiety can be a major problem for many dog owners, and it is likely that it is even more of a problem for the dogs themselves. Due to the social nature of dogs they do not like to be separated from their owners, particularly if they have a strong bond with them.

The breeds of dog that are most prone to separation anxiety include Bichon Frises, Border Collies, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Dobermans, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, and Labrador Retrievers. For these dogs any time that is spent separated from their owners can be upsetting.

That is why it is vitality important to find the right crate for your dog if it suffers from this issue. What you should look out for when choosing one is one that creates a cave like feeling, one that is totally secure, does not have any thing inside that can be chewed, and is as large as your budget or convenience can stretch.

Should you cover a dog crate?

For the process of training your pet dog to get used to being inside a crate it is advisable to cover it with a crate cover. If you do not have one then a towel, blanket, cloth, or sheet will do. Doing so will help to create a private and cozy environment, similar to a den, for your dog.

This is particularly beneficial at night when your dog is winding down in order to go to sleep, as covering the crate creates a feeling of peace and silence. This is because it helps to block out sounds from around the home like TV sets, people walking, and music playing. For the greatest affect, a cover should always be placed on the top, the sides, and the back of the crate.

If you plan on taking your dog for a trip in the car in a crate then it is advisable to place a cover over it, as dogs can become frustrated when in vehicles for long periods of time. This is due to all the fun and exciting stuff they see passing by, and the general motion of the car. A cover will help to limit the amount of visual stimulation your dog is subject to and should lower their levels of stress whilst in the crate. 

What brand of dog crate is best?

After researching hundreds of different models and brands of dog crate, we found that in general Pet Mate produce the best plastic crates to transport your dog in. This is why this brand of crate features so heavily in our list of top products. 

From the Ultra Vari Kennel, and Two Door Top Load, through to the Ruff Maxx Plastic Dog Crate Kennel, and Compass Plastic Pets Kennel With Chrome Door, Pet Mate has a dog crate to match the needs of both you and your pet pooch.

Pet Mate is a global manufacturer of pet products that are both innovative and high quality. Although based in England, the company sell their products in more than 40 different countries, including the United States of America. Their large research and development team work endlessly to produce the best possible products for you and your pet.

Are plastic dog kennels any good?

Plastic dog kennels are good in that they come in a range of different sizes, and although they often come flat packed, they are very easy to construct. This makes them very appealing to many dog owners. With plastic being waterproof, the kennel can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the air vents on the side allow air to pass through but stop rain from coming in during a storm.

When it comes to cleaning, all that you need to do with a plastic kennel is give it a quick wipe and the job is done, so it is very easy to clean. As well as these many benefits, most plastic dog kennel are good value for money.

Some of the best plastic dog kennels that are currently available on the market include the Easipet Plastic Dog Kennel XL Pet House Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Animal Shelter, the Plastic Dog Kennel Pet Shelter Plastic Durable Outdoor, and the RayGar Plastic Dog Cat Kennel House Weatherproof For Indoor And Outdoor Pet Shelter.

The Best Plastic Dog Crate Of All

So there you have it, we have completed a review our list of top picks and answered some of the most frequently asked questions relating to plastic dog crates. Now it is time to make our recommendation as to which one if the best plastic dog crate of all. There were many worthy contenders in the list, but for us there was one that clearly stood out from the rest of the field.

As we previously stated in the FAQ section, Pet Mate make the best plastic dog crates. Therefore, it was inevitable that our favorite from the list above was one of their products. Because of its many functions and features, including the fact that it comes equipped with a floor moat, is made from heavy duty recycled plastic, and meets IATA and USDA regulations, the Pet Mate Ultra Vari Kennel is our favourite plastic dog crate for large / extra large dogs.

Despite our strong recommendation for this product by Pet Mate, it is important to base your purchase on your own research and knowledge of your dog’s needs rather than our recommendation. If you think that the Ultra Vari Kennel would be the best option for your pooch, then great. However, ultimately you should find a crate that is the right size and has all the required features for your breed of dog.

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