Best Grain Free Cat Food - Wet & Dry Grain Free Reviews

Best Grain Free Cat Food – Wet & Dry Grain Free Reviews

Just like us humans, cats too can suffer from allergies and be intolerant to certain food. One of the most common are grains, including corn, wheat, and rice. Therefore, if your cat has been diagnosed with an allergy you should definitely look into purchasing food that is free from these types of grains.

To help you with this dilemma, we have taken a look at six of the best wet and dry grain free cat foods, detailing each of their respective pros and cons, before making a recommendation as to which product is the best. To further help you we will also be answering some of the most frequently asked questions relating to grain free cat food, as well as cat food in general.

So let us begin by taking an in depth look at each product…

The Best Grain Free Cat Food: Our Top Picks

purina pro plan  wet cat food

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    Has everything a cat needs
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    Made by  400 vets 
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    Made in the United States

Rated by: Amber

taste of the wild grain free premium

  • check
    Packed full of antioxidants
  • check
    Easy to digest
  • check
    Tempts the tastebuds

Rated by: Amber

Merrick puurfect  cat food

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    Farm fresh ingredients
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    Good for skin and fur
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    No Chinese ingredients

Rated by: Amber

1. Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Rocky Mountain Premium Dry

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Taste of The Wild is a grain free food product that has been enhanced through the addition of peas and potatoes in order to provide your cat with sources of protein that are easy to digest. It also helps with the development of a lean and strong musculature.

Other fruits and vegetables that are used in this product include raspberries, blueberries, and tomatoes that are packed full of antioxidants to give your pet cat a nice healthy coat, improve its immune system and skin, as well boosting your cats overall wellbeing.

Further to this, probiotics are also included in the form of chicory roots, which has been dried top help improve digestion. 

Because no soy, grain, or corn is included it means that there is nothing artificial in there, such as flavors, preservatives, or colors.

What it does include is real pieces of roasted venison and smoked salmon to really tempt the taste buds of your cat, as well as provide all the nutrition your cat would ever need, regardless of its age or breed.


  • Packed full of antioxidants
  • Easy to digest
  • Tempts the taste buds


  • Off-putting smell

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This is a dry food that is gluten free and comes packed with all the complex carbohydrates that your pet cat would ever need. These come from the sweet potatoes that are packed into the Blue Buffalo grain free dry cat food.

Along with this there is lots of high quality protein in the form of deboned chicken, which is close to what a cat would eat in the wild.

Unlike a wild cat diet, this dry food is a whole lot easier to use and prepare. Additionally, it also contains extra supplements and nutrients to ensure your cat receives a fully complete diet.

These include the antioxidants and minerals needed to give your cat a good level of immunity, along with a healthy coat and skin.

As well as aiding good digestion, the cat food also includes a good calorie balance made up from various proteins and fats. This product includes no artificial flavors or preservatives so you can rest assured that your cat is not ingesting anything that isn’t good for it.


  • Packed with complex carbohydrates
  • Contains extra supplements
  • Aids good digestion


  • Food pieces are very hard

3. WELLNESS CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Wellness have specially designed this grain free dry cat food so that it is very similar to the diet that a cat would have out in the wild.

It contains lots of animal proteins in high concentrations, along with dried kelp, which provides your cat with lots of helpful fiber. This also works to keep you cat full for longer.

Feeling full will stop your cat from over eating and thus stop it from gaining excessive weight. To provide your cat with healthy toilet functions, cranberry has been added to the food, which helps to stop the growth of any bacteria that may be harmful.

This food is particularly beneficial to those cats that spend more of their time indoor. The ingredients used are all naturally sourced and include no flavors, preservatives, or colors that are artificial.


  • Contains lots of animal proteins
  • Keeps your cat full for longer
  • Uses all natural ingredients


  • Unpleasant smell

4. Blue Freedom Mature Pate Grain Free Chicken Wet Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those cats that do not do well living on diets that are solely grain based, the Blue Freedom wet cat food is the ideal product. Not only is it gluten free but it has been designed specifically for indoor cats.

To help with your cat’s urinary tract health, cranberries have been added, along with a blend of fibers, which help hairballs to pass through your cat’s digestive system.

With indoor cats tending to be heavier than those that go outdoors, the food has the perfect amount of fat compared to its total calories in order to prevent your cat from becoming obese.

No chicken meat, corn, wheat, or soy is used in this wet cat food, and there are no colors, flavorings, or preservatives that are artificial.


  • Helps hairballs pass through
  • Prevents your cat from becoming obese
  • No artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives


  • Tins easily damaged

5. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Dry Cat Food Salmon Recipe

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This dry food provides your cat with ingredients that are farm fresh and is made up of 74 percent protein and 26 percent carbohydrates, as well as minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

This means that your cat gets the right amount of fat and moisture levels, as well as lots of protein and carbohydrates.

The protein element is predominantly made up of deboned salmon and makes up a balanced and complete diet for all breeds of cat.

Some of the nutrients included are Omega 6 and Omega 3, which are both essential fatty acids and work to give your cat healthy skin and fur.

None of the ingredients in the Merrick Puurfect Bistro Grain Free Dry Cat Food come from China and it contains no wheat, corn, gluten, or soy.


  • Farm fresh ingredients
  • Good for skin and fur
  • No Chinese ingredients


  • Bags prone to being half full

6. Purina Pro Plan TRUE NATURE Natural Adult Canned Wet Cat Food

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those cats that prefer to eat a wet food, Purina Pro Plan is the perfect product. It is free of both gluten and grain, and does not have any artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavorings in it.

The recipe includes liver and chicken as the main sources of protein, which help to keep your cat in good health.

Other nutrients within the food include essential minerals and vitamins, which help to make it a complete and balanced product.

It also means that there is no need to give your cat any supplements, as everything they need is in this food.

This is because it has been made more than 400 vets and nutritionists at Purina. Not only is the food made in the United States, it is also good for cats that are overweight or even diabetic.


  • Provides your cat with everything it needs
  • Made by more than 400 vets and nutritionists
  • Made in the United States


  • Prone to smelling unpleasant

FAQ – A Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have taken a look at a range of both wet and dry grain free cat foods, you may have some questions. The answers to the questions below may cover these, as well as provide you with more information to help with your decision on buying the right product for you pet cat.

What is the best cat food for indoor cats?

For those owners of indoor cats, it is important to ensure that they stay health and enjoy their life. To do so you must choose a good cat food, but this can be difficult given the wide range of options you are presented with. Indoor cats require different food to outdoor cats and this must be kept in mind when making a purchase.

Based on this, we found that the Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, Adult Dry Cat Food as the best currently available on the market for indoor cats. The salmon ingredients ensure that it is rich in protein and it has been specially formulated to ensure that your indoor cat maintains a healthy weight.

What is the best grain free dry cat food?

Most of the grain free cat foods that we looked at in this review are dry. Although many of them appear to be great for your cat, it is the Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Rocky Mountain Premium Dry cat food that we found the best.

This is because it tastes really nice whilst also being packed full of different nutrients and antioxidants to keep your cat in good health. Additionally it is easy for your cat to digest and includes no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Is a grain free diet better for cats?

Many pet companies claim that food which is free from grains is beneficial to those cats that have allergies. This is because those diets that are free from grains closer resemble the diet of a cat in the wild. In certain grain free foods there are larger quantities of proteins such as chicken and fish.

What is the healthiest cat food brand?

Some of the healthiest cat food brand, as recommended by registered veterinarians, include Royal Canin, Iams, Purina, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition. However, this is not to say that your cat will enjoy eating any of these foods, which is why it is always important to do your own research and test the products on your cat first before committing to a particular brand.

The Best Grain Free Cat Food Of All

You have seen six of what we believe to be the best grain free cat foods and by now you may already have a favorite and one that you think you are going to purchase. But before making up your mind, you should consider that our favorite food is the Taste of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe Rocky Mountain Premium Dry.

This is it is very easy for your pet cat to digest, it comes packed full of various antioxidants, and tempts the taste buds of your cat to keep it coming back for more. On top of all of this, it contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or favors, which mean s everything that goes into your cat is completely natural.

However, despite what we say, what is most important to consider is what your cat will like best. This should always drive your purchasing decision. Whichever food product that you choose from the list above will guarantee that those cats with allergies will receive a healthy and nutritious meal that will not impact their immune system.

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