Pick the Best Front Clip Dog Harness to Train a Puller

The Best Front Clip Dog Harness to Train a Puller

Dogs harnesses offer a number of benefits over collars but you need to select the most appropriate harness to ensure it works well for you and your dog. If you want more control over your dog that pulls, going for the best front clip harness is probably the best bet. They're available in different styles and materials, so consider the size and breed of your dog to get the right one.

Here are some of the options to buy the best dog harnesses with a clip attached in front.

Best Front Clip Dog Harness: Our Top Picks

RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness

BEST multipurpose

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Additional padding

Rated by: Amber

Eagloo No-Pull Harness


  • No-pull design
  • Snap buckles
  • Durable

Rated by: Amber

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

Best entry-level

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Multiple colors

Rated by: Amber

1. RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Pulling can be an issue for dog walkers, but this front range harness by Ruffwear will make things a lot easier. It comes with two leash attachment points, which means you can use it as an everyday harness as well as your no-pull dog harness.

The presence of reinforced webbing at chest means your dog won't feel any discomfort when you correct his pulling. The use of foam-padded strips provides your dog with added comfort – it also helps with proper load distribution across his torso.

Another good thing is that the harness offers a full range of motion, thanks to its 4 points of adjustment. You will also like its reflective trim that improves low-light visibility. 

Overall, a great product, but some users have complained about their dogs slipping out of it. You may experience this with smaller dogs only but it is possible to adjust it better.


  • It is lightweight and highly durable
  • It has 2 leash attachment points
  • It uses lots of padding for added comfort


  • Smaller dogs may slip out of it

2. Eagloo No-Pull Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

To keep your beloved pet by your side while walking, you can always trust this harness from Eagloo. Available in different sizes, you can find one as per the size of your dog.

It features 2 zinc-alloy rings, one at the back and the other one on the chest of your dog, to provide you with more control. The front clip helps control an instinctive puller without causing any discomfort.

The use of nylon webbing means the harness will be there to serve you for years. It comes with reflective lining, so you may like it if you enjoy walking your dog in the evening. It also features snap buckles, which is why it is easy to put it on and take it off whenever you want.


  • It uses a no-pull design for more control
  • It features snap buckles to put it on with ease
  • It uses reflective material for better visibility


  • It may take time to find the right size for your pet

3. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Yet another great option to consider if you're looking for an entry-level dog harness to prevent pulling. There's only one clip in the front, but that's all you need to control your dog that pulls.

It is available in a number of sizes as well as colors – you can pick one out of 8 color options. The use nylon means the harness will prove quite durable, but the good thing is that the company will replace it if your aggressive chewer damages it somehow in the first year of use.

The availability of quick-snap clips means putting it on will be a breeze. Moreover, you will also find this harness to be among the most affordable available on the market.


  • It is quite durable with nylon construction
  • It is available in 8 different colors
  • It uses quick-snap clips for the ease of use


  • It has only one clip

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the Most Comfortable Dog Harness?

There are so many factors to keep in mind to select the most comfortable harness for your dog. Here are a few considerations:

Choose the Right Material

The material matters a lot in determining the comfort level of a dog harness. Ones made of special garment will work great, but you may also consider buying leather ones if your dog likes the feel.  The good thing about leather harnesses is that their use is less likely to result in skin irritation.

Similarly, some dog owners prefer nylon harnesses, not just because they believe it will be comfortable for their dog to wear it, but also because they find it a lot easier to clean. So, keep in mind that the material of the harness means a lot, and you should choose it keeping your dog's size, skin quality, and any allergies in mind.

Consider the Size of Your Dog

These days, you can find different harnesses as per the size of your dog. Choosing the harness as per the size of your dog will ensure the perfect fit. For instance, if you have a large dog breed, you can keep him controlled and comfortable by opting for a harness that covers his torso completely and comes with a number of adjustable straps with buckles.

Similarly, the most comfortable harness for your small dog is the one that is soft and lightweight. The harness should not weigh your little dog down, which is why material choice matters a lot here. Ensure that the material is still durable and the webbing is capable of distributing the force evenly across your dog's chest. You need to be even more careful about picking the right size because it's important to take tension off your small dog's neck.

Consider His Temperament

Not all dogs are going to love wearing a harness and expect all of them to show some resistance when you first introduce a harness, no matter how comfortable it looks to you. Therefore, you should pick one that is easy to put on, as your dog might not allow you enough time to play with the harness while making him wear it.

Similarly, if your dog loves to pull, you need to buy a harness for dogs that comes with plenty of padding and has a clip in the front. The best front-clip harnesses for dogs go a long way towards controlling your easily excitable dog. It also teaches him how to walk off the leash. You may also want to use tightening harnesses here, which becomes tight the moment your dog starts pulling ahead. It's still comfortable for him because the harness applies non-pain-inducing pressure only.

Besides these points, you should also consider your special circumstances or the way you'd want to use the dogs harness. For instance, if you love taking your dog for hiking, the most comfortable harness will be the one that comes with adjustable belly straps. It should also have a comfortable chest plate, so you could lift him up whenever you want. So, keep these points in mind and you will end up selecting the most comfortable dog harnesses for your beloved pet.

Are Front Clip Harnesses Good for Dogs?

You can find a variety of harnesses for dogs on the market, but you need to consider why you want to switch to a harness to pick the most suitable product for your pet. Front-clip dog harnesses are among the most popular harness types available today and they are good for so many reasons.

  • They help put less strain on your dog's delicate neck. Using choke collars, buckle collars, or even prong collars is not always the best choice, especially when you own a small dog breed. Whether or not your dog is a puller, there's always a risk of causing an injury to their trachea using substandard collars. A harness for dogs will prevent this issue and keep you from causing any injury, including a collapsed trachea, which is no unheard of. Even in larger dog breeds, excessive neck pressure can restrict the flow of oxygen and trigger an anxious behavior.
  • Dog harnesses help amazingly well in order to teach your dog to walk by your side. It can be a blessing for someone not being able to train their dog to stop pulling while walking. Some dog breeds are naturally curious and easily excitable, so they're going to pull instinctively. In this situation, you need to take their attention away from what's triggering a pulling behavior. Some people think that harnesses encourage dogs, especially large breeds to pull more because there's no pressure around their necks. That's not the case with a front-clip harness, as it will help because you can apply some force to change the direction of your dog, which will help correct his behavior.
  • Front-clip dog harnesses offer a lot more control as compared to harnesses with back attachment. With this type of harness, you get more steering power, and you can always apply more force because the pressure will be exerted on the shoulders and chest area only. By using a harness, you can change your dog's center of gravity without having to apply a lot of force, and this can divert their attention and correct their pulling behavior.
  • Front-clip harnesses, with leash attachment in front, are good for dogs because they don't cause pain, which is why dogs don't associate them with something painful, like collars. If your dog associated a collar with pain, it will become progressively difficult to make him wear it when going for a walk, and over time, it will lead to serious behavior problems too. A front-clip harness can help prevent all these issues.

What is the Best Harness for a Dog that Pulls?

If someone has suggested the use of a harness to control your dog that pulls, they've surely offered a good piece of advice. However, the best harness for pullers is not that one that comes with a clip at the back, as it is only going to aggravate the situation by encouraging your dog to pull because there's no discomfort involved here. Therefore, the best harness for your dog that pulls is a harness with the leash attachment in front.

You won't be causing any discomfort by using a front-clip harness, but you will have more control to change your dog's direction and momentum, which in turn will discourage a pulling behavior. However, if you're looking for the best front-clip harness, be sure to consider the following points:

  • Ensure that it comes with strong and sturdy handles because sometimes you need to lift the dog up to control his pulling behavior.
  • Consider the overall durability of the handle as well as the harness itself. Choose the best material keeping in mind the size of your dog. A harness made from thin fabric may work with a small dog but is never a good choice for larger dog breeds.
  • Ensure that the front-clip harness you choose has a buckle that stays away from the skin of your dog or constant contact would lead to skin irritation. The best harness for a dog that pulls is the one that comes with plenty of padding and properly placed buckles.
  • Be sure to select a harness with a secure fit because even a front-clip dog harness won't be effective if it's loose. Sometimes, your dog can even escape if the harness doesn't fit. Pick the one that is of the perfect size and comes with lots of adjustable straps too.

What is the Easiest Dog Harness to Put On?

It usually depends on the brand you choose and the temperament of your dog as a whole. However, front-clip harnesses, with a leash attachment in front, are usually not that difficult to put on. It all comes down to helping your dog get used to it.

To put on a harness, be sure to line it up first, with the D-ring going in front and the buckle going under your dog's chest. You may also sit in a relaxed position and calm your dog a little if he fights back.

Once you've put it on, check it for proper adjustment by checking the straps. Going for a harness with adjustable straps will save you from a lot of hard work, as you can always change it to find a secure fit.


The fact is that managing a large, muscular dog can become extremely difficult when he starts to pull. A front-clip harness is the answer to all your problems, but be sure to invest in a good quality dog harness, which is durable, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

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