What Are the Best Enzyme Cleaners to Use for Cat Urine?

What Are the Best Enzyme Cleaners to Use for Cat Urine?

It's great to have a furry friend at home, and what could be better than a pretty, little kitten. Dogs are wonderful, but cats can be very mischievous and keep you entertained all the time, unless of course yours like to have some me time more often. Whatever the case, you need to provide them with the best living conditions, but at the same time, you have to handle certain issues, like cat urine. Thankfully, you can deal with this obnoxious problem with the help of a good enzymatic cleaner. The question is, "What is the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine?"  You need to educate yourself about how enzymatic cleaners work to make the right buying decision.

Here are some good options to help you choose the best enzymatic cleaner for stain odor and other cat urine problems.

The Best Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine: Our Top Picks

Simple Solution Stains and Odors Remover

BEST affordable

  • Quickly removes stains and odors
  • Pro-bacterial odor remover

Rated by: Amber

Rocco Roxie Professional Strength Stain Odor Remover


  • Effectively cleans litter box
  • Enzymatic stain and odor remover
  • Extremely effective against old stains

Rated by: Amber

Nature’s Miracle Stain Odor Eliminator

Best fresh stains

  • Easy to use pet odors remover
  • Quick to produce results
  • Enzymatic power to clean litter box

Rated by: Amber

1. Simple Solution Stains and Odors Remover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For a rather affordable way to deal with stains and odors, you can try this particular cat cleaner from Simple Solution. It's one of those enzymatic cleaners that work for both dog and cat stains and odors. It comes in a patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer and allows for versatile cleaning.

It relies on a pro-bacterial formula and eliminates cat urine odor within minutes. Of course, it's not as powerful as many other top quality enzymatic cleaners, so you need to act quickly whenever you notice any pee outside the litter box. This way, you'll also be able to prevent repeat marking.

The pet stain remover is also suitable for most surfaces, including upholstery, carpet, fabric toys, bedding, and many other water-safe surfaces. So, you can surely rely on this odor eliminator, but don't go for it if you're dealing with old, stubborn stains.


  • It's suitable for both cat and dog urine
  • It uses a pro-bacterial formula for better results
  • It works on most surfaces


  • It's not extremely powerful

2. Rocco Roxie Professional Strength Stain Odor Remover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a cat urine cleaner that can handle stains, odors, as well as residue, you should try Rocco Roxie professional strength stain remover. This odor eliminator acts on the stain as well as the stink, and is capable of handling everything from feces, to urine, and other organic spills. All thanks to its professional strength stain removing formula!

This odor remover works because it penetrates deep into the surface and breaks down the enzymes causing all the problem. The spray bottle contains natural enzymatic bacteria, which react when they're exposed to odors and stains. They feed on organic matter, including ammonia crystals, which are the underlying cause of stain and odor.

Another good thing is that this odor remover is completely safe to use because it doesn't contain any chlorine as well as other hazardous propellants. After using the spray bottle, there won't be any residue present on the surface, so it's not going to be harmful for kids or pets. Another advantage of Rocco Roxie cat urine odor remover is that can be used in most surfaces, including floors, carpets, clothing, furniture, kennels, litter box, and so on.

Overall, Rocco Roxie cat urine odor remover is one great product to use because it offers 100% satisfaction and is safe to use. The only issue is that it's going to be a bit more expensive as compared to other similar stain and odor eliminators.


  • It eliminates stain, odor, and residue
  • It's completely safe to use in home
  • It contains enzyme for professional strength performance


  • It may be a bit expensive

3. Nature’s Miracle Stain Odor Eliminator

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're not particularly looking for a professional strength stain odor eliminator, you may want to try this product for Nature’s Miracle. It may not be as strong as many other high-end enzymatic cleaners, it still works amazingly well to deal with stain and odor on different surfaces, including carpet, tile, hardwood, linoleum, and more.

It's extremely easy to use this odor eliminator, as you need to apply it to the surface without diluting and leave for 10 minutes. Wipe it and you're done. There won't be any odor after you use it; in fact, it will leave a good smell after use. Just remember that some people think that it's a bit too perfumey, but that's surely not a deal-breaker for most.

It's worth mentioning that though the Nature’s Miracle odor eliminator works great, it's mainly designed to deal with newly made messes. If you're looking to get rid of an old stain, you may want to look for a professional strength stain odor eliminator instead.


  • It's extremely easy to use
  • It works in 10 minutes
  • It contains enzymes for good cleaning


  • It's not suitable for old stains

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

Do Enzyme Cleaners Work on Cat Urine?

If you have a pet cat, then there would have definitely been times when you cleaned the casual piss leak with DIY home remedies. While homemade solutions with vinegar, baking soda, and even the ones with hydrogen peroxide can remove the cat urine apparently but the fact of the matter is that they so not have the strong chemical composition required to remove cat urine properly. They can neutralize the piss momentarily but a strong solution will always work better to clean fully.

Cat urine may seem like a wet patch of water, however, the chemical composition includes urea, urobilinogen, creatine, pheromones, and uric acid, along with sodium and other electrolytes. It also has nearly five different strains of bacteria.

The strong ammonia-like stench of dried up cat urine comes when urea is decomposed by the bacteria. This is similar to the ones found in skunk spray smell are further released with every passing minute, so the difficulty in getting rid of the smell is imaginable.

Typical over-the-counter cleaners can help get rid of the smell initially as the urea, urobilinogen, creatinine and the pheromones are dissolved in water and give the effect of the surface being clean. Similarly, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide seem to do the trick but more often than not the smell still lingers.

The reason is that uric acid does not dissolve in water and remains even after the application of the above cleaning agents. Since uric acid gets attached to the surface, a stronger enzyme-based cat urine cleaner is the answer.

Chemical Composition of cat piss

Cat urine has a half-life of six years, all due to uric acid being a part of the urine composition. You can also try using chlorine and ammonia for clearing cat urine but the results will not be up to the mark since they can’t handle uric acid. They may succeed in giving the initial satisfaction of a cleaned surface as they clear up other components of cat urine, but the disturbing smell will still come up.

In humid weather, uric acid crystals can re-form because of their salts. This procedure discharges the smell of cat urine but interestingly, this smell might not always be noticeable by you. However, it would definitely reach the cat’s nose and they would be tempted to urinate at the same spot, unlocking the mystery as to why your cat likes to piss on the same spot.

Only a certified enzymatic cleaner is powerful enough to spotlessly clear away cat piss along with the lingering smell. It works by turning uric acid salts into ammonia and carbon dioxide gases so they can evaporate. After the enzymatic cleaner is applied, this process is completed smoothly as soon as the spot of cat piss is allowed to dry naturally.

There is a wide range of enzymatic cleaners available in the market to choose from. As with any typical household item, the more you spend on it, the better are the results. Similarly, if you choose a low-cost enzyme cleaner, you may have to apply a large quantity making the enzyme supply finish quickly. On the other hand, an expensive brand like Nok Out and Urine Off may seem costly but they would give you better results even by lesser enzyme applications on the affected area.

How to use an Enzyme cleaner on cat urine

The correct application of a cat enzymatic cleaner is necessary for the best results. Some enzymatic cleaners come in spray bottles for ease-of-use. However, squirting a thin layer of enzyme over the spot is far from enough to completely cater to the piss cleaning process.

Cat piss gets absorbed in porous surfaces before you know it, so a generous drenching of the piss spot with an enzymatic cleaner to swath the cat piss is required to clean the spot.

The first step to start the cleaning process is to blot the cat piss as much as possible before the enzyme is applied. Next, dowse the affected area with the enzyme cleaner, and let it sit for nearly 15 minutes. Blot the enzyme cleaner effectively and leave the spot to become completely dry naturally.

You may have to repeat the process if the results are not obtained on the first attempt or if the stain is an old toughie. In such cases, applying the enzyme cleaners a few times on the spot and allowing it to dry fully before the next application will get the job done.

While you are in the process, it is advisable to cover the affected spot with some material. It can be an aluminum sheet, leather sheet, or anything as simple as an upturned empty hamper. The spot will stay hidden from your cat’s eye and also save everyone from accidentally stepping on your ‘area under works’ until the spot is completely dry.

Once the process is complete, checking with a black light on the piss spot will reveal the final results. The spot just might look clean but as the urine residue can crystallize and stay on surfaces like carpet fibers so it is better to give it another check. The black light can ‘bring to light’ any urine piss left in the spot so that the specific area can be cleared away.

How Do You Make Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine?

The ingredients required to make an enzyme cleaner to clean cat piss at home are vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish wash liquid. Other than these a bunch of old cloth and towel pieces is needed.


  • Blot the urine from the ‘crime spot’ with the help of an old towel as a first step so that some urine can be removed. Discard the towel after the process.
  • Scatter baking soda on the piss spot and let it remain for up to ten minutes. Add vinegar on top of the baking soda and wait for the fizzing sound to end. Blot the spot again with a fresh piece of towel. This process cleans the piss spot apparently, but the stench might still be around.
  • A mixture of some tablespoons of dish wash liquid and hydrogen peroxide makes a solution to clean odors and stains. After making this mixture, pour it over the piss spot. It is better to test this mixture for color fading beforehand on an out-of-the-way carpet spot.
  • Rub the mixture on the spot. Since the chance of color fading is always there, so the mixture should be blotted out quickly if the surface is a carpet. For harder surfaces, sprinkling water with a spray bottle, and wiping with a cloth later will be enough.
  • Drying the area properly is very important so that the cat piss residue doesn’t crystallize again due to uric acid. The best idea is to wait for it to dry naturally.
  • Soak the cat piss spot with enzyme cleaner again after twenty-four hours and let it dry completely. To make sure that no one steps over it during that time, cover the area with an aluminum sheet or a basket.
  •  This process may take a day or so. When the spot has dried up completely, proceed with the routine cleaning course and repeat the enzyme cleaning treatment only if necessary

What is the Best Way to Remove Cat Urine Smell?

The question is how to decide what type of product would give the best results to clean cat piss. The factors to be considered are:

  • Safe for surface: You should get the cat piss cleaner that is particularly formulated for a precise surface that needs to be cleaned. Chlorine-free products are appropriate for carpets and hard floors so that there is no lightening of color or fading on the surface.
  • Active ingredients: The active ingredients of the cat piss cleaners need to be checked properly since they vary from formula to formula. The range is diverse from anodyne chemicals to organic materials. A formula with non-toxic ingredients should be chosen for a house with kids and pets. Citrus-based cleaners and similar products with non-toxic chemicals are good for treating cat piss. The air also remains fragrant afterwards and your cat might find it hard to ‘smell’ the spot for a repeated leak.
  • Application method: Keep the area to be cleaned in mind when buying a cat piss remover. For spots smaller in size, a cleanser in a spray bottle to spray can be just enough to leave the place spotless and odorless.

When the kitty spoils large areas or has a habit of urinating frequently, then a concentrated solution works well. They are known to remove tough stains and removing nasty smells. In other words, keep your cleaning options ready even for a big leak.

Does Vinegar Kill Urine Enzymes?

Yes, it can, if used properly – but there are limitations.

Be it cat piss or any other smut, the chemical components are not always soluble in water. This is why a stain starts emitting foul smells after a while because of dried residue.

Soap comes in handy for cleaning stains. Soap-suds link the stained material with water so they can be removed from the affected area by a rug or towel.

The soap contains fatty acids from an oil base and a salt base, which makes it both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. This means that soap has the properties of being repelled and absorbed by water at the same time. This soapy cleaning involves filthy particles getting attached to a moist surface to leave the piss spot. The soap just transfers the cat piss from the surface to be washed down to another spot, rather than eliminating the cat urine from the cat piss spot.

Vinegar is a weaker form of acid, obtained from sugars and starches through the fermentation process, so what makes it a perfect cleaner? Since it has the properties of an acid, it can cut grease and grime effectively by breaking it down.

Vinegar is developed in three stages as under.

  • Alcoholic fermentation: Sugars found in materials containing carbs like vegetables, fruits, and grains, are fragmented by yeast.
  • Acetobacter: This mild bacteriais mixed in the blend to change the malt into acetic acid, which becomes the base for vinegar.
  • Added Flavor: The acetic acid (HCH3COO) obtained as a result is set with an assortment of vitamins and minerals to improve the flavor.

The best features of vinegar being safe and easy-to-use make it a suitable choice for being used in households. Vinegar sold commercially in markets is only a 5% solution diluted in water but is still quite effective in treating grease and germs. It can be used for eliminating filth on slabs, knobs, doors, windows, and of course, for removing cat piss marks and smells. Concentrated white vinegar can eradicate 99% of germs, 80% of microbes, and 82% of fungi.

Vinegar has the properties to break down uric acid in cat piss and nearly clean the spot. To use vinegar for cleaning, pour it on the urine spot, and let it rest for around 10 minutes before clearing the area. Vinegar is enough to kill common germs while bleach may be used for harder ones.

What Type of Vinegar is best to Use?

Vinegar can be made from any edible material with starch. Depending on the country, the variety of vinegar also varies depending on the ingredients used for its formation. The additives are also used as per the local tastes.

The usual variety of vinegar found easily includes white, concentrated, apple cider, red wine, white wine, rice, balsamic, and malt vinegar. In some places, fruits like bananas, pineapples, and berries are also used to extract it.

Every form of vinegar can safely be engaged to clean as they all comprise acetic acid. The cleaning capacity can be judged by the percentage of acid diluted in water. Typical vinegar available in the market is structured to have an acidity range from 4% to 7%. Another feature of vinegar which makes it an all-time favorite is having an indefinite shelf life.

Buy the Best Enzymatic Cleaner for Cat Urine

Having to deal with the pet pee is the less exciting thing about owning a pet, but you can always use cleaners with enzymes to simplify your life. You'll still have to train your pet to behave, but at least, you know you have an enzymatic cleaner to deal with stain odor if something bad happens. Buying the best enzymatic cleaner can be tricky, but you can put your money on Rocco Roxie Professional Strength odor remover. It's safe to use against stain and odor of cat urine and is equally helpful when cleaning the litter box. Give it a shot!

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