Best Dog Shampoo For Dog Odor and Smell Reduction

Best Dog Shampoo For Dog Odor & Smell

Just like people, every dog has an aroma. It’s how dogs know each other. We all know how they sniff each other out when they meet. Mostly, a doggy smell is perfectly normal. Hardly worth a second sniff. But occasionally dogs, just like people, can send up an almighty whiff.

A smelly dog isn’t cuddly or as much fun to be with and any bad smell can quickly spread through your home. Before you starting passing blame, understand that there can be many underlying causes of having a stinky dog. Thankfully, you can resolve most of the issues by using the best dog shampoo for smelly dogs.

A product with shampoo conditioner mix is usually the much better choice, but one with natural ingredients is also likely to do its job well – It's a good option if you're especially looking for a shampoo for puppies. Here are a few good options to help you select a dog shampoo to get rid of odor.

Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo

BEST for sensitive dogs

  • Oatmeal and Aloe
  • Easy to Use

Rated by: Amber

Oatmeal Odor Control Shampoo by Nature's Miracle


  • Neutralizes Odor
  • Honey sage Scent
  • No harmful chemicals

Rated by: Amber

Magic Coat Reduces Odor by Four Paws

Best for puppies

  • Natural ingredients
  • Effective for itchy skin
  • Suitable for puppies

Rated by: Amber

The Best Dog Shampoo for Odor: Our Top Picks

1. Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for the best dog shampoo without any harsh chemicals, Particular Paws has the right solution.  This oatmeal shampoo takes right care of your dog's coat and even helps resolve skin conditions to a certain extent.  It also contains shea butter and aloe vera to gently moisturize the irritated skin of your dog.  Because of its aloe vera content and other natural ingredients, it is quite suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.

Unlike many other products, this shampoo for dogs doesn't contain artificial fragrances, which is why it won't irritate your dog's eyes during a bath. Even though it looks mild, it is capable of preventing hives, rashes, and many other dermatological issues.

Its regular use is likely to help restore natural oils, which helps reduce itching and improves the texture of your dog's skin and coat. Thanks to its ingredients – aloe vera in particular – it is perfectly safe for your puppy as well as kitten.  

The only thing to keep in mind is that to remove some skin infection, it contains baking soda. The content is not high, but you may still want to ensure that it is safe to use for your puppy with irritated skin.


  • It comes with oatmeal and aloe vera
  • It contains no harmful ingredients
  • It is free of artificial fragrances


  • It contains baking soda that may irritate your puppy's skin

2. Oatmeal Odor Control Shampoo by Nature's Miracle

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's a popular choice for dog owners looking for a performance-driven shampoo for odor. If you notice your dog smelling bad, you can always turn to this product from Nature's Miracle to resolve the issue of dog odor once and for all.

What makes it an effective option is the fact that it serves as a shampoo and conditioner, which is mainly due to its natural formula containing cocoa and oatmeal. The use of essential oils is going to leave your dog's coat smooth and shiny.  Its formula helps neutralize odors, but at the same time, it deodorizes the coat of your dog with a pleasant honey sage scent.

You can use this dog shampoo for odor with confidence because it is free of any dyes and parabens.  If your dog has any medical skin condition and you're already using a topical tick or flea product, the shampoo is not going to wash it away or lower its effects.

While the product contains good ingredients, it is still a good idea to rub a small amount on your puppy to ensure he doesn't develop any allergic reaction.


  • It helps neutralize odors
  • It has a nice honey sage scent
  • It is free of parabens


  • It may cause an allergic reaction in puppies

3. Magic Coat Reduces Odor by Four Paws

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

The combination of papaya and oatmeal is the reason why it is supposed to leave your dog's fur shiny and well-conditioned. Because of the absence of any soap-based ingredients and chemicals, it is safe to use for all canine sizes, breeds, and coat types.

The use of odor-neutralizing compounds gives it the power to eliminate odors quite effectively.  Not only does it reduce odor, it also works on the coat to make it more lustrous and shiny. You can use the shampoo for all coat types, including white coats, delicate coats, oily coats, and even sensitive skin as well.

A good thing that appeals to many users is that unlike many other products, this pet shampoo doesn't over lather, which is why it becomes a lot easier to rinse and get it out of your dog's long coat. 

So, overall, the shampoo delivers satisfactory performance, but the only minor issue is that it is priced a bit on the higher side, especially compared to similar products from other brands.


  • It contains oatmeal and papaya for better skin
  • It contain odor-neutralizing compounds
  • It doesn't over lather and is not messy


  • The price could've been lower

4. Natural Dog Shampoo from Lovely Fresh

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

To deal with your puppy's itchy, sensitive skin, you need to use a pet shampoo that can clean it gently, and  that's when you can trust this product from Lovely Fresh. This gently puppy shampoo contains natural ingredients to cleanse your puppy's sensitive skin without causing any irritation. Because of its gentle ingredients, you don't have to worry about drying your puppy's skin out after regular use. 

You don't need to worry about any artificial fragrances causing irritation, as there isn't any. In fact, it leaves a mild scent after use, so you and your puppy are both going to fall in love with it.

Overall, the pet shampoo is just what you need to keep your puppy smell nice, but keep in mind that you should rinse well to ensure you get rid of the shampoo completely to prevent any itching sensations.


  • It is suitable for itchy skin of your puppy
  • It is suitable for puppies with sensitive skin
  • It doesn't contain strong fragrance


  • It may take a little time to get it completely out of your pup's coat

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What can I wash my dog with to get rid of smell?

Although dogs clean themselves, they still need a good full wash now and then. If your dog smelling bad, it's time to get out the best dog shampoo and resolve the issue by yourself. Bathe and rinse in stages. Start at the top with the head and wash and rinse whilst protecting the eyes and ears. Then move down the neck and torso and shampoo and rinse again. Finally  work on the belly, legs and tail and finish with a good rinse all over.

What it implies is that if your dog rolls in something is stinky or just smells, there are dog shampoos specifically designed to eliminate bad odors. You can even try a shampoo and conditioner to get better results. But at the same time, you can try many natural remedies to keep your pet look and smell good.

Wet Bathing

To make a gentle dog shampoo, try using a solution of baking soda and wash your smell dog thoroughly. Combine one teaspoon of baking soda with 1 1/2 cups of warm water and mix with dog shampoo. Do use directly onto the dog's skin, but rub it in the fur and let it sit for one minute. To help exfoliate and remove dead fur use a rubber pad. Rinse well and towel dry.

You can also help your smelly dog get rid of odor by washing your dog's coat with baking soda. For a baking soda wash, you just need to mix two spoons of baking soda into a gallon of warm water. Pet owners also recommend a rinse made with diluted apple cider vinegar. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per cup of hot water. The vinegar is acidic, while baking soda is a base that replenishes the pH balance of your dog's skin. Vinegar is a flea deterrent too.

If you're not using a dog shampoo, vinegar may be a good alternative. Vinegar and water is a good deodorizer. Use a spray bottle and a solution of one-third vinegar and the remaining water. Shake then spray your dog's coat. You can also bathe your dog with this mixture. The solution is safe on fur but keep it away from the eyes and ears. In between washes, spray the dog’s bedding to help it keep smelling fresh.

Oat Dog Shampoo

Oats are used in many pet products and dog shampoos because of their calming and therapeutic qualities, and they help maintain the normal pH balance of the fur. To make this natural ingredients oat wash, take 120 grams of oats, 60 grams of baking soda and warm water. Grind the oats into a fine powder, add the baking soda and slowly whisk into the warm water. Keep this dog shampoo on your dog's skin for at least 5 minutes before washing as normal. The dog's coat will be perfectly washed and fragrant.

How Can I Make My Dog Smell Better?

So many factors may be playing a role in making your dog smell bad, so it is important to identify the underlying causes to resolve the issue properly. Here are some of the common issues to watch out for in order to make your dog smell better.

Dental Care

Dental care is just as essential for dogs as it is for humans. Dental care should be part of your dog’s health routine, including an annual check up and clean with the vet. Just as in humans, tartar builds up and this causes bad doggy breath. There are plenty of daily chews, toothpastes and brushes designed for dog oral care on the market . 

Ear Cleaning

Dirty or infected ears give of malodors. Dogs with floppy ears are more predisposed. There are purposely created doggy ear-cleaning solutions and wipes but warm water and cotton balls works just as well. Chronic bad odor can be the result of infection or mite infestation and any sort of emission is a red flag. Vets can identify this distinctive bad smell immediately. Dogs with ear problems will shake their heads and scratch at their ears. If you notice these symptoms take them to the vet.


It is pointless cleaning the dog properly if it sleeps in dirty bedding. Wash or replace them. If your dog bed can’t be put through the washer, use a fabric odor eliminator. They are safe for use around pets and children.

What Causes a Dog to Stink Even After a Bath?

Using the best pet shampoo will surely help your smelly dog get better, but even after a bath, some dogs may still have the issue and that happens for the following reasons.

Dental Disease

Decayed teeth and gum disease create a very unpleasant smell. Your vet will recommend treatment which will include an anesthetic. Although with a good dental routine, most decay is avoided not all dogs get that luxury. Dental issues are common in those who are rescued and rehomed. Vets report an increase in dental issues that tallies with the rise in dog obesity that they put down to too many sweet treats. 

Anal glands and sacs

The anal glands are two small sacs that produce an personal scented musk. It’s why dogs sniff butts. Sometimes the anal sacs become clogged or infected. If left, the sacs develop a malodorous smell that spreads through the fur and lingers in the air. When your dog scoots across the floor on its bottom, it shows he's uncomfortable and has a problem with his anal sacs. 

Inflamed Dog's skin

Your furry friend secretes excess oils when your dog's skin is swollen or irritated which in a short time becomes rancid and produces odor. There are special medical dog shampoos you can get from a vet to improve overall dog's skin health and eliminate the condition.

Why Does My Dog Have a Strong Odor?

Whether you're already using a pet shampoo or not, it's natural to wonder why your dog has an odor much stronger than other dogs. It could happen for so many reasons. For instance:

Dogs with allergies

Allergies have a distinctly different effect on dogs than they do on humans. Allergies in people cause sore, itchy eyes, and sneezing, but they present as skin and coat problems in dogs.

Dogs develop allergic reactions to something in their diet or something in their environment, but whatever the allergen, the skin and coat may become dry, itchy and inflamed. The dog reacts by scratching, which triggers a scratch itch cycle leading to inflammation or even infection on your dog's skin.

 In serious infections, the dog's skin and coat may also become thicker and more vulnerable to secondary infections. It's not going to help just bathing the dog with any shampoo and conditioner, or at least it won't help for long. The underlying cause must be treated with medicated baths, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and the allergen identified to avoid it in the future.

Seborrhea in dogs

Seborrhea causes scaling and flaking and oily greasy skin and is often worse in the folds. The condition can affect any dog, but can get dangerous in dogs with sensitive skin.

There are two kinds of seborrhea. There is no clear systemic condition for primary seborrhea that is considered breed-specific and therefore begins at a young age. Secondary seborrhea usually happens when another condition causes increased skin scaling and flaking. The main contributors to secondary seborrhea are hormonal imbalance, infection, infestation by bacteria, fungi, or parasites, an unhealthy diet, excess weight or temperature changes.

Both primary and secondary seborrhea are curable. Though dog shampoos without harsh chemicals may help, you often need to treat the condition with a course of medicated baths and antibiotics. Vets will also advise changes to the diet and vitamin supplements.


It is relatively easy to deal with a smelly dog so there’s no need to relegate Fido to a lonely existence in the yard. After all, there’s nothing your dog can do to deal with his irritated skin. It’s a matter of taking him along to the vet to find out the real source of all the bother. In the meantime, a warm soothing bath  using the best shampoo for dogs will help. 

As you are working through the problem, there are doggy deodorants, toothpastes and gentle herbal shampoos without artificial fragrances to pamper your dog and help it smell better.

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