Best Professional Grooming Clippers You Should Use For Your Dog

Best Professional Grooming Clippers You Should Use For Your Dog

Just like humans have hair, dogs have beautiful, silky, shiny fur. Well, sometimes, that fur or coat is not as shiny or silky as you'd like, and there may be many reasons for that, including nutritional deficiency and not enough brushing. However, sometimes, the fur is shiny and healthy but doesn't look good because you don't groom your dog well. Many dog owners avoid it because it costs money to visit professional groomers often. Thankfully, you can now buy the best dog grooming clippers online and be a professional yourself.

Here are some of the best options for you to buy professional dog clippers.

Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

BEST overall

  • Detachable blade
  • Shatterproof housing

Rated by: Amber

Wahl Professional U-Clip Grooming Kit

BEST finger brush

  • High Quality & Durable
  • Training DVD included
  • Storage case included

Rated by: Amber

Oster A5 2-Speed Professional Clipper

Best bristly brush

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Durable corded clippers

Rated by: Amber

The Best Dog Grooming Clippers: Our Top Picks

1. Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for some of the best professional dog grooming clippers, you can always trust Andis. This 2-speed pet clipper is just perfect anyone looking to groom their dog at home. The build quality of these trimmers is just outstanding. They look tough and are capable of withstanding some harsh treatment. The use of shatterproof housing is yet another reason why the clippers are going to last for a long time.

You won't face any trouble in terms of noise levels because these clippers are designed to deliver a quiet performance. It means there's no need to worry about startling your dog when using it at home. And if your dog is relaxed during the process, it will become much easier to use the clippers.

Another good thing about these clippers is that they will work just fine for most dog breeds and all types of dog coats. This clipper for dogs comes with two speed options, so you can easily change the settings to make it more suitable for different dogs with different fur types. 

Many users have confirmed that it works just fine when cutting out matted hair.  Overall, it's among the finest dog grooming clippers, but be sure to spend some money to own it.


  • It's comes with detachable blade
  • It features shatterproof housing
  • It features 2 speed settings


  • It may be a bit expensive

2. Wahl Professional U-Clip Grooming Kit

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If your goal is to find a good grooming kit for dogs, you may want to put your money on what Wahl has to offer. This grooming kit won't make you break the bank, which is probably the best thing about it. And the upside is that this dog grooming kit contains every tool you need to start grooming your dog at home. Along with hair clippers, you will also get high quality scissors, shears, and a regular comb for brushing.

Using these clippers with detachable blade won't be hard because the weight is on the lower side.  You can use these pet clippers with utmost ease, and if you're still learning the art, you can watch the instructional DVD included in the package. It teaches you a lot about grooming and makes it easier to use the hair clippers.

 In terms of performance, you will be pretty satisfied, mainly because it has the power of 7,200 strokes per minute, which is quite reasonable. But, it's worth mentioning that it may not be the best tool for thick coats.


  • It features multiple grooming tools
  • It comes with a training DVD
  • It has a storage case as well


  • It may not be suitable for international users

3. Oster A5 2-Speed Professional Clipper

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those looking for one of the most efficient hair clippers, Oster has the solution. The A5 works great and deliver impressive performance. You're likely to get great performance mainly because of its heavy-duty motor. The motor looks quite powerful, so it's easy to use it for most dog breeds, including the ones with thick fur. Because of the motor, it's capable of hitting 4,000 hits per minute.

These pet hair clippers are quite affordable as well, which is another reason why most people turn to it for professional treatment of dog's coat. As it's designed in the USA, you don't usually need to worry much about quality. Even though it's not for those looking for cordless clippers, it is really not tricky to use it because of its long cord.  With its high quality blades, even these corded clippers are going to deliver long-lasting performance.

Overall, it's one of the very best pet hair clippers currently available in this price range, but keep in mind that some users are not entirely happy the way the blade rattles while using. It's not a huge issue though, especially if your dog gets used to these pet clippers.


  • It has an ergonomic handle
  • It's affordable
  • It has a long cord


  • The blade may rattle a bit

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

You may be under the impression that not trimming your dog's coat regularly would only make him look untidy, but that's not all about looking good because trimming is important because a thick coat can make your dog feel uncomfortable in the summer. And an uncomfortable dog is not going to let you relax. Thankfully, you can start trimming your dog's hair on your own by using the right dog grooming clippers. Here's all you need to know about trimming and grooming.

What Kind of Clippers Do Dog Groomers Use?

Grooming your dog is not going to be an easy task, and that's why many people prefer the idea of taking their pet to a professional groomer. Interestingly, dog groomers often utilize a variety of dog clippers to handle different types of grooming work.  For instance, they usually aim for a clipper that is silent because it will help keep the dog comfortable and won't terrify him. Similarly, they often put their money on low-heat models, especially when they have to use it on sensitive areas. For bulk trimming, they prefer heavy-duty and often bulkier models. Sometimes, they also switch to smaller dog clippers in case they have to clip dog paws and feet.

It implies that you can't get one clipper just because you've seen a groomer using it because they're likely to have many other tools available in their arsenal to handle different dog grooming needs.  They have to deal with dogs of different sizes, shapes, and breeds, so they always spick the most suitable clipper to handle the job. It means that you'll have to use a different clipper if you're grooming a dog with dreads as compared to a Pomeranian show dog. They have different needs and different clippers will deliver the results here.

In fact, so many times it's better to let a professional groom your dog only because they have the right tools available for different grooming needs. However, if you really want to deal with it all by yourself, you should pay attention to some important features when buying a new clipper for your dog. For instance:

  • Power: Don't buy a clipper without getting an idea about its power. The SPM of a dog clipper tells you about its power. While it's natural to think that you should go for a powerful clipper, it's not always true. What works for your dog depends on his coat mainly. If you have a dog breed with thicker coats, you should be going for high power clipper. If your dog doesn't have a thick coat, there's no need to pay extra money to buy a powerful clipper. Similarly, you need to remember that a more powerful clipper is likely to heat up quickly as well. Therefore, it's an important consideration for anyone buying a dog clipper for the very first time.
  • Speed: You should consider power of a clipper in relation to its speed, as they're available in one-speed and two-speed settings.  If you're new to this grooming thing, you may want to buy a one-speed clipper because it's easier to handle. But, you will be better off buying a set of clippers with two-speeds in case you have multiple dogs at home.
  • Grip: Along with speed and power, you should not ignore the design of a clipper. It should be ergonomically designed to provide you with a solid grip. The handle should not slip and be comfortable to hold, as you'd be using it for several minutes at a time to get the desired results. It may not seem that important, but you should not make this mistake here, especially if you're looking for a dog clipper for a large dog breed with thick fur, like St. Bernard.
  • Blade: Considering the blade type of dog clippers is equally important. While many top dog clipper brands now offer high quality blades, not all of them are going to impress you in this regard. The availability of new metal alloys and the use of laser technologies may have made it easier to find high quality blades, but it all comes down to how much you know about clippers in the first place. Besides quality, it's important to ensure that you buy clippers with interchangeable blades because it will help you use your machine on multiple dog breeds. Also, keep in mind that even the highest quality blades will have to be replaced eventually, so opt for clippers with blades easily available in the market.  If money is not the primary concern, you may want to buy dog clippers with ceramic blades. While they're the most expensive blades, they don't heat up quickly and deliver optimum performance too.
  • Battery: Most clippers will use batteries, but you need to check if they are the right devices for you or it's better to buy clippers with wires. For larger dog breed with thicker fur, you may notice the batteries running out during the session. Wired clippers will prevent such issues. If you really want to use battery-powered clippers, be sure to opt for the ones with high quality lithium ion batteries, as clippers with lithium ion batteries can run for a long time.
  • Noise: While it may not be a huge issue for you, it surely is for your dog. Clippers that product a lot of noise can be intimidating for most dogs. It's hard to find a clipper that won't produce any noise because the motor needs to rotate in order to make the blades work. Here, you need to consider your dog breed in order to make the right choice because sometimes, you need clippers that could cut through the coarsest of coats, but they're going to produce more noise. Let your dog get comfortable with the noise to use powerful clippers.

In addition to all these points, you need to consider the price tags before finalizing your decision. While you may want to buy the most powerful clippers for your dog with thick fur, it may be well out of your budget. Therefore, knowing how much money you can comfortably spend is important to help you make the right buying decision.

Can You Use Human Clippers on Dogs?

While you may be under the impression that human clippers look like dog clippers, it's better to avoid using them on your pet anyway. In reality, human clippers are a lot different from dog clippers. One major difference is about the noise levels. Human clippers don't pay much attention to noise levels and vibrations, but high-end dog clippers are designed with low vibration and low-noise in mind.

Therefore, it's not a good idea to use a human clipper on your dog. In fact, you need to understand that even if you're using a specialized dog clipper, you still need to learn how to use it properly to avoid making your dog feel uncomfortable and still get good results in the end. Here is what you can do to make a dog clipper work well:

  • Be sure to start by giving your dog a bath first. Now, use the right type of dog brushes to ensure that the fur contains no tangles or mats whatsoever. If you don't want to bathe him, be sure to at least brush his coat nicely before using the clipper. Brushing will help get rid of matting, which will make clipping a lot easier as a result.  Many specially designed combs are now available to help you deal with dogs who are heavily matted.
  • Ask a friend to help you, especially if you're clipping for the very first time. Having someone around to lend a helping hand would make things easier because you never know how your dog might react. Getting your dog standing on an elevated platform will make the task easier – you can always use a grooming table for this. Ask your friend to help restrain the dog while you're doing all the clipping.
  • Always begin by targeting the back of your dog's neck. Using the right dog grooming clippers is important but make sure to move slowly to get a smooth cut. Using too much force would leave lines at the edge of your dog's skin. Continue going deeper but be sure to move towards the direction of hair growth. 
  • Move to the back legs and then shift your focus to the front legs. You can again ask your friend to help keep the dog in an upright position while targeting the legs and then moving towards the belly. It's okay to move against the grain when clipping hair from his belly, as it will help you get a closer cut.
  • Finally, you can turn to the paws of your dog and then face maybe. You should be very careful when using a clipper on your dog's face because you don't want to clip his whiskers off while getting rid of excess hair.

In order to handle things more effectively, you may want to use a dog brush to "back-brush" his hair a bit, as it will make it easier to use the clipper and cut hair nicely.

Are Dog Grooming Clippers Different from Human Clippers?

Yes, they are, in so many ways. As mentioned already, human clippers are often quite noisy, and using those clippers on a dog would only cause him serious distress.

Dog clippers are designed in a way that the blades stay cooler for a long time because the whole grooming session is surely going to take some time, and if it gets hot, it's surely going to damage your dog's sensitive skin. Moreover, dog clippers are often designed keeping different coats in mind, such as thin fur, matted, undercoat, etc.

  If you try to use a human hair clipper on your dog, you'll only be making your dog feel uncomfortable.  You may get away with it for a couple of times, especially if your dog doesn't need a lot of grooming, but you can't use it all the time because it will eventually lead to skin burns and distress.

What Do Dog Groomers Use to Make Dogs Smell So Good?

The way your dog smell after a visit to a professional dog groomer is simply outstanding and often the reason why many people never try to do any grooming at home. You may be wondering what magic formula professional groomers use. Well, it's not a big secret anymore because you can also do the same to make your dog smell good. For instance:

  • They use water – and plenty of it by the way. They will hose down your dog and ensure that every inch of your dog's fur is wet. You can do the same at home to clean the sensitive areas of your dog with ease.
  • They use shampoo – the one designed for your four-legged pal only.  Shampooing a dog will surely help make him smell good. The real catch is to find the right type of shampoo, for which you need to consider the age of your dog as well as the current condition of his coat.
  • They use conditioner. After using a shampoo, it's important to use a conditioner, as it serves as a nourishing treatment for your furry friend. Sometimes, you can find shampoos that also contain conditioner, such as an oatmeal conditioner. Using that will also go a long way in making your dog smell good.
  • They use perfume. That's right – professional groomers will use cologne or perfume to make your dog smell out of this world. Only a few squirts of perfume or cologne would usually do. It's possible to go for a specific scent, such as lavender, baby powder, or sometimes a mock designer fragrance.

Other than this routine, some professional dog groomers would also take steps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria on your dog's skin. You can also achieve that by using rubbing alcohol. So, as you can see, the process may be lengthy, but it's possible to repeat it at home and make your dog smell great.

Buy the Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Your Pet

Every dog parent wants to do everything they can to make their beloved dog look, feel, and smell great, and you can do the same by finding the best dog grooming clippers and following a good dog hygiene routine. If confused, you can trust Wahl Professional U-Clip Grooming kit, as it comes with powerful blades and shatterproof housing. Give it a shot!

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