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The Best Dog Car Safety Harnesses

There’s been a huge increase in travel with pets and there are small pet's friendly motel and hotels springing up everywhere. These days, even going on a long trip across international borders is no reason to not take the dog. Consequently, many staycation dog owners are hitting the road with the dog to see more of the world.  If you're also considering the idea of traveling with your dog, you may already be thinking of buying the best dog car harness.

Here are some of the best dog safety car harness options for you to consider:

Tru-Fit Dog Harness

BEST Crash tested

  • Crash Tested
  • No-Pull D-Ring Included

Rated by: Amber

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness


  • Metal hardware
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Additional padding

Rated by: Amber

PAWABOO Safety Dog Car Harness

Best in comfort

  • Easy to use
  • Sponge chest plate
  • Steel snap hook

Rated by: Amber

The Best Dog Car Harness: Our Top Picks

1. Tru-Fit Dog Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those looking for a harness that serves as a great dog car harness for traveling and also works efficiently as a walking harness, Kurgo Tru-Fit has just come up with the right answer.

It comes equipped with as many as five adjustment points, so there's nothing to worry about finding it a bit loose in the wrong areas. You will find a padded chest plate as well, which is another reason why your dog will feel comfortable wearing it all day long.

With the Kurgo Tru-Fit harness, you get a no-pull D-ring, which you can put to use to prevent your dog from pulling. And at the same time, you can connect it with your car's seatbelt to keep your furry friend feel well-protected during the ride. In fact, the safety isn't going to be an issue because it is a crash-tested harness and works perfectly well for dogs up to 75 pounds .

Overall, the Kurgo Tru-Fit is a highly impressive dog harness car available for your beloved dog that loves to be in car with you. It comes with a life-time guarantee, which implies that the quality will be up to the mark. 

The only little issue is that unlike many other dog car harnesses in this price range, it doesn't come with any reflective stitching. It shouldn't be a huge issue if you want to use the crash tested Kurgo Tru-Fit while driving only.


  • It is crash tested and offers great protection
  • It is available in different sizes
  • It comes with a no-pull D-ring


  • It lacks reflective stitching

2. Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a lightweight dogs harness for the car, you may consider putting your money on this offering from Mighty Paw. It is quite lightweight, which is mainly because it is made from a breathable material. The construction is quite impressive with a perfect mix of metal and plastic parts.

The best dog harness for car will last long because of its high quality material, which is waterproof as well. You can let your dog wear the harness even when you're not traveling. It works just as efficiently as an everyday walking harness. It uses padding generously, which is the reason why your dog will feel comfortable wearing it around the house.

As it doubles as a regular harness, you can benefit greatly from its reflective stitching. It means that you don't have to worry about walking your dog in low light conditions because others would notice your dog wearing the harness.

Putting it on is a breeze as well, and you can be sure of getting a perfect fit, thanks to its adjustable tri-gliding attachments. Overall, it is an impressive dog car harness, but keep in mind that you can find it in one color only.


  • It uses metal hardware for durability
  • It has enough padding for added comfort
  • It can be used with your regular dog seat belt


  • No color options available

3. PAWABOO Safety Dog Car Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This dog car harness is just perfect for style conscious dog owners.  Its stylish yet practical design makes it a real hit. If you have a specific color preference, you will be able to find it because several attraction color options available for buyers.

You can easily connect it with your seat belt and use your regular leash to take your dog for a walk any time you like. Because of additional padding, it keeps your dog comfortable and safe while giving him enough room to stretch without distracting you in the driving seat. You can connect it with your car seatbelt using an electroplated stainless steel snap hook.

The build quality is good and the material, which is polyester Oxford fabric, is durable enough to hold for years. It is tough but is never harsh on your dog's skin, and that's why it's a popular choice amongst dog owners. Yet another reason behind its popularity is the presence of a sponge chest plate, which is broad and provides your dog with some additional protection during the ride.

Overall, you will surely love this dog car harness, but the only thing you bear in mind is that it may not fit all cars, so it is worth confirming this before finalizing a buying decision.


  • It is quite sturdy and fully adjustable
  • It comes with stainless steel snap hook
  • It uses a sponge chest plate for added protection


  • It may not fit all cars

4. Cosy Meadow Dog Car Harness

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Are you looking for a dog harness that is not designed with the sole purpose of keeping your dog safe while traveling? Try this dog car harness from Cosy Meadow. You're going to love it if you have a real escape artist at home that knows how to slip out of a harness. This escape-proof dog harness will surely test all his skills and make it challenging to slip out of it without your permission.

The good thing is that you can always use it as the best harness for dogs for car because it comes with a seat belt attachment.  Just use it and your pup will feel secure while enjoying a ride. It is also a stylish way to walk your dog because it's available in four different colors.

You can find this crash tested harness in different sizes, so it is easy to get one that fits your dog perfectly. It is also extremely easy to put it on and put it off at will, all thanks to its two points of adjustment.  The comfort isn't going to be an issue either because it is made from nylon mesh and neoprene, which also adds to its overall durability. The addition of soft sleeves goes a long way towards making it a comfortable dog car harness.

So, overall, it's an impressive crash tested dog harness by center for pet safety, but the only concern some people have is it about its high price tag. It shouldn't be a huge issue though considering the benefits it offers.


  • It is fully adjustable and fits well
  • It is available in five different sizes
  • It comes equipped with a seatbelt attachment


  • It may be a bit on the expensive side

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the safest Seatbelt for Dogs?

When you want to travel around with your car having fun in the backseat, you should seriously think of buying the right gear for dog safety. Here, you have to decide whether you want to buy dog car harnesses or you want to invest in dog seat belts. Both work great, but if you're interested in buying one of the best seat belts for dogs, be sure to check for the following features:

  • The best dog seat belts will provide ample safety. For maximum safety, pick a combination of car seat belt and dog harness with metal hardware to keep your pooch safe and well-protected in case something goes wrong.
  • The right seat belts will be durable and sturdy too, but ensure that you use a comfortable dog harness for better comfort. The harness should have enough padded, especially in the chest area to keep your dog comfortable and protected.
  • The best dog seat belts will be easy to use. You shouldn't expect your dog to behave nicely when securing him in the car, so it is important to choose a seatbelt that is easy to secure. It should come with snap buckles to help you slip your pup in with utmost ease.

Besides considering these points, you should also consider the type of seat belt or harness you want. For instance, there are some that attach to the latch bar present inside the creases of your car seat. Using these car belts is a good idea because they keep your dog secure all the time.

Similarly, you can also find seat belts with clips that resemble the buckle on your car seat belt. With these seat belts, it is easy to clip and unclip them and secure your dog. The only thing is that they won't work if the clip is not compatible with your car. So, be sure to know your requirements and take some time before picking the best car seats to ride around with your dog.

 In a car accident, a quality 4-point harness prevents neck and trachea injuries. Sometimes these types of whiplash injury are difficult to detect. There may not be a sudden sensation of pain that makes your dog yelp. Nor is always possible to detect bruising or swelling after an accident until your dog is struggling to breathe. A 4 point harness is therefore much safer all round than a traditional collar. When you select a harness, try to make it the best car harness for a dog you can afford. If you get in an accident, the additional expense is negligible compared to emergency treatment and a stay at the vets.

Do Dogs Need Car Harness?

If you are not familiar with car seats for dogs, they are systems for securing your dog be attaching their harness to the car’s seat belt system using a strap that has a car seat belt buckle. In an accident or with a sudden change of direction, the forces are distributed safely without causing injury to the dog.

 Naturally, dog owners prefer to invest in the best dog car harness they can to keep themselves and their dogs safe. A dog loose in a car is never advisable and in some places can get you in bother with the law. But the most sensible reason to secure your dog in the rear of the car is that in an accident they will be thrown forward and that could cause injury to the driver or passengers.

Since dogs panic and want to run from the site of an accident, keeping them secured prevents them from becoming a further road hazard or getting lost.  Although a dog harness is best for big dogs, dog car harnesses are equally effective for the small and medium-sized and have comparable safety rating to a child's car seat. They include a full-body belt which restricts movement when going around corners and when the car shifts speed. While seats are necessary, you should also look for the best dog harness for a car.

Your priority should be to keep the dog inside the vehicle, but it is also important to avoid injuries when inside the car. That's why some people find dog crates more impressive than dog car harnesses. Crating your dog for car journeys prevents it distracting you as you are driving and keeps them secure if you meet with an accident.

Crated or caged dogs are more likely to survive serious traffic accidents with fewer injuries even so, the size of the crate or cage must match your dog with not so much room they are thrown about.

How can I Keep My Dog Safe in the Car?

It’s good to have options but in the end there are basically only three ways to transport your dog safely. Which will work best comes down to the size of the dog and how they enjoy travel.

Buckle Up: Seat Belts for Dogs

A safe way to transport your dog is to make use of the efficiency provided by your car seat belt system. It will confine a big dog well, restrict movement and keep them safe. Some harness to seat belt attachments are made of an elastic materials designed to absorb some of the forces found when travelling at speed.

Crates: A Home for the Road

A car ride can either overwhelm or excite your dog but on longer journeys a crate provides extra comfort, room to move and a sense of security. If the dog is nervous or enjoys barking at the passing scenery, it’s simple to throw a blanket over the crate to calm them down and prevent them from becoming a driving distraction. A good crate should have enough space for the dog to be about to turn around or lay down to sleep.

Barriers: Keeping Your Dog out of Your Lap

Some dogs love the chance to ride shotgun but it is dangerous and often illegal. For your safety and theirs they should always be secured in the back of the car. One way is to use gates and barriers. There are many kinds that can be installed into SUVs, hatchbacks and vans including those made entirely of metal or a durable nylon mesh. They are easy to attach and most are designed to fit any car.

Booster seats are a worthy alternative to crates and their padded and washable materials seem to have the dogs’ total well being in mind. Not only are they super easy to use and therefore convenient for short regular trips but on longer outings they help keep your dog calm and entertained which alleviates everyone's travel stress. It puts the dog where dogs prefer to be, at the center of the pack with the boss. Booster seat allow them see their new surroundings and feel safe, secure and included but most importantly, a good dog seat and harness keeps you and your dog safe.

Is 4-Point Harness Safe?

 The problem with attaching a leash in some way to the car or the car seat belt is that the forces in an accident are directed to the collar and dogs neck. A well-designed 4-point harness dissipates these forces across the dog’s back and over their body. This is also true when the dog is not in the car. By wearing a four point harness as a matter of routine, the dog can't pull and the owner has greater control.


It is as important for your dog to be comfortable as you travel as it is for them to stay safe. Whatever system you choose you need to be able to get your dog in and out easily. There should also be adequate ventilation and during long journeys they will need access to water and regular comfort breaks. Most dogs will settle down to sleep on a long trip but a classic KONG stuffed with treats will provide a distraction. But in case the worse happens, it is important to come prepared and secure your little friend using the best dog car harness.

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