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Best Dog Brush for a Husky: A Buyers Guide

Siberian Huskies are special in so many ways. They're loyal, playful, and exceptionally beautiful with their amazing coats. Those thick layers of fur give them the power to withstand harsh weather conditions. Huskies are double-coat dog breeds and come with a top coat or guard coat and an undercoat.  The coat helps them stay warm in winter and breathe in summer by shedding their undercoats. To ensure your husky stays healthy and manages the shedding season well, you will have to think of buying the best dog brush for husky.

Here are some of the best options to select the best brush for huskies:

Andis Premium De-Shedding Tool

Best De-Shedding

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed

Rated by: Amber

FURminator Slicker Brush


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle

Rated by: Amber

ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush by KONG

Best for Multi-use

  • Easy to use
  • Different sizes
  • Soft rubber teeth

Rated by: Amber

The Best Dog Brush for Husky: Our Top Picks

1. Andis Premium De-Shedding Tool

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's among the best grooming tools for double-coated dogs like Siberian Huskies. If your dog is shedding a lot, the tool will help make things more manageable. It's quite easy to use this comb. The build quality is reasonably good and you won't have to change it for long even after regular use.

Using it regularly won't be an issue, thanks to its ergonomic handle. The fatigue will never set in while brushing your husky. The weight is not much either, which is another good thing.  An important feature is its curved teeth, which work great to limit irritation on your dog's skin. There's no problem using the brush daily if your dog's currently blowing his coat.

Overall, the brush is simply outstanding with its smooth balls at the end, and works great to detangle and improve the quality of your husky. It works a lot better than using any slicker brush, which can leave scratches on your dog's skin. It's important to mention though that some users are of the view that the glue holding the brush together is not of very high quality, so you may experience issues with the handle at some point.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It has a comfortable rubberized handle
  • It has curved teeth for better performance


  • The handle quality could've been better

2. FURminator Slicker Brush

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If your goal is to help your husky has clean, healthy coats, you may want to put your money on this model from Furminator. What makes it a great choice is the fact that it comes with two sides of bristles. On one side, you have straight bristles, but on the other side, there are bent bristles to help you brush your dog better.

The slicker brush is not like most other similar brushes you find on the market, and it's just perfect for long coats. You can use it on your husky without fear and help remove surface mats quite effectively. The design looks quite impressive as well – it's designed to suit the contours of your husky's body, which is why it won't cause any discomfort to your furry friend.

Using it often won't create a problem either because it features an ergonomically designed handle. The handle is secure and easy to hold in your hand. Another great thing is that the brush is made from anti-microbial plastic. Therefore, you don't need to worry much about germs and bacteria when brushing your husky often.

With all these features, you can hope to get great results while using the brush even when your dog is shedding. To utilize it properly, you should consider using it at least twice a week for a few minutes only and it will work great to get rid of any debris and excess hair while breaking up tangles and mats.

Overall, the slicker brush looks quite good and delivers a solid punch in terms of performance, but some users believe that the build quality is not up to the mark.


  • It is made from anti-microbial plastic
  • It is easy to use on a regular basis
  • It has a comfortable handle


  • The build quality could've been better

3. ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush by KONG

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those worried about huskies shedding a lot, using this particular brush may help resolve their issue.  If your dog sheds like crazy, the regular use of ZoomGroom brush may help reduce shedding to a considerable extent.

It's available in different sizes, so you can pick one as per the size of your dog. If you have a husky puppy, you may want to use the pink one, which seems a bit firmer but still good enough to groom your husky pup. You can opt for the pink one for a grown-up husky that sheds a lot.

The design is quite impressive, and so is its rubber construction. It's going to last a long time and a perfect choice for those who want a brush to use when the husky's fur is dry or wet.  It features soft rubber teeth, so there's no need to worry about hurting your husky at all.  So, overall, it's a perfect choice for someone looking for a multi-use brush at an affordable price. Just remember that you might need something else if your large husky has mats.


  • It's available in different sizes
  • It helps reduce shedding
  • It has soft rubber teeth


  • It may not be suitable for mats

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the Best Brush to Use on a Husky?

What's best for one dog owner may not work great for another, depending on the coat types of huskies and the expertise of a person brushing the dog. What it means that even a professionally designed brush for huskies may hurt when not used appropriately.  Similarly, you may need a different type of brush to deal with different circumstances. For instance, you will benefit a lot by using an undercoat rake if your husky is shedding his undercoat.

An undercoat rake works great for de-shedding and its regular use can reduce shedding considerably. Using it gently will help get rid of loose hair and keep your husky happy. It is a good idea to use an undercoat rake once every few days.  While an undercoat rake is effective, you need to ensure that you apply gentle pressure when using it because extensive pressure can hurt your husky, especially in the sensitive areas, such as the groin, armpit, and behind the ears. Therefore, it may be a better idea to gently tease out clump of loose hair in these areas before using the undercoat rake.

How Do You Brush a Husky?

Once you've understood the importance of brushing your husky regularly, you will have to educate yourself about mastering the art as well. Here's how to proceed when brushing your husky for the first time.

  • Try to make him feel as comfortable as possible when introducing him to his new grooming tool. Pat him, appreciate him for being so obedient, and give him time to get used to the tool.
  • It's a good idea to make him stand on a grooming table when brushing your dog but it's also alright to brush him if he lays there quietly. All that matters is that your dog doesn't get nervous while getting brushed, but if you do it properly, he'll actually take it as a time to be close to you and enjoy the activity a lot.
  • Consider bathing your dog before brushing, especially if you find some knots in the husky's fur. Just keep in mind that it's not right to start brushing when the fur is still wet. Give it time to become completely dry before using all the tools.
  • Opt for a rake or some specially designed brushes to remove the undercoat first. While using it, make sure that you go in the direction of the hair and never against it.
  • Be gentle but continuously brushing the undercoat until you feel that the fluffy undercoat is no longer there.
  • Now take the wide-toothed comb to take care of the top coat or guard coat of your husky.  You may want to get a comb with round teeth to help get rid of the mats first.
  • While using the comb, you should brush from the neck of your husky to his shoulder. Gently move towards his chest and turn to the waist. Then, eventually, you should target the stomach, leaving the rear legs and tail until the very last.
  • Always target small sections at a time and brush gently. Move your brush in the direction of the hair growth and move towards the bottom of the coat.
  • Run the comb through the fur but be sure to be as gently as you can when you encounter any snags.

It all comes down to the fact that your husky will love brushing if you do it properly, and using the right brush will make a huge difference, especially when your husky is shedding and you need some help reduce it.

Is FURminator Safe for Huskies?

When looking for the best brushes for huskies, you will come across many types of FURminator tools. Are they good for your furry friend? The answer depends on how often you're going to use it. Whether your husky is shedding or not will also have an impact on which FURminator to use.

In most cases, Husky owners get great results by using long hair Furminators because they're gentle on their husky's skin. Of course, you'll still have to learn to use it correctly, but it can surely help you remove hair quite effectively. Follow the manufacturer's instructions here and you'll do fine. You should also check that you're using a brush that is designed primarily for long coats or else you might end up hurting your dog and damaging their fur.

Even if you're using a right type of Furminator, you'll still have to make sure that you don't over groom your husky. Otherwise, it may result in damaging your dog's hair.  

How Often Should You Brush a Siberian Husky?

Husky owners need to understand that using the best brush for husky is important, but it's equally important to ensure that you don't end up over-grooming your husky, as it can be equally harmful. Generally, you need to brush more often during the shedding season, which starts in spring. Your husky is going to be shedding again in fall. But, keep in mind that they just won't stop shedding throughout the year; the volume of loose hair or dead hair won't be that much though.

During the shedding, you'll be better off using a specially designed brush for huskies because they are going to lose hair in clumps. The best brush will help a lot in keeping your husky's guard coat in a perfect condition. Your dog will continue to shed for three weeks, and sometimes longer and brushing regularly during this time would help make things less messy.

Remember, you should take brushing seriously during shedding because the guard coat and skin of huskies have water repellent properties and capable of blocking UV rays. It means that they can be harmful to other animals and humans as well.  Brushing will ensure that you don't find those clumps of hair everywhere in your house.

Other than the spring and fall, it's usually fine to brush once a week. The husky's coat doesn't need trimming, so regular brushing will usually be enough to keep his coat shiny, healthy, and clean. Keep following the same routine in the wet months because that's when the coat will be more prone to mat, which can cause damage to the insulating characteristics of the undercoat. So, be sure to brush your husky regularly, but don't go overboard with the idea of grooming your furry friend.

The Best Dog Brush for Husky

Finding the best brush for Husky can be a tricky task, but you can manage it well if you know what to check when buying one. Going for the FURminator Slicker Brush is a great choice because it's affordable, simple to use, and quite ergonomically designed too. It's also the best brush because you use it for an extended time without feeling fatigued. Give it a shot!

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