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Best Dog Brush for your German Shepherd

Ever since they first appeared to the scene about 100 years ago, German Shepherds are among the most popular dog breeds around the world.  Not only are they amazing family dogs, they're also capable of protecting and becoming great guard dogs.  They're very intelligent and that's why you'll see them help the disabled and involve in rescue work as well. Their characteristics make them a great military and police dog as well. Now, if you're thinking of adopting a German shepherd, you need to be ready to take great care of him because he's going to shed a lot and need extensive grooming. That's when you'll have to think of buying the beset dog brush for German shepherd to keep your dog happy and healthy.

There are all sorts of grooming tools currently available in the market, but you'll love the following dog brushes for German shepherds.

JW Pet company gripsoft brush

BEST Affordable

  • Affordable
  • Ergonomically designed

Rated by: Amber

De-Shedding Comb from Vets Pride USA


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Double-sided
  • Ergonomically designed

Rated by: Amber

GoPets Dematting Comb

Best in comfort

  • Easy to use
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Comfortable handle

Rated by: Amber

Dog Brushes for German Shepherds: Our Top Picks


Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for something affordable and simple to use, this German Shepherd rake brush is just what you need. It works superbly to reach the undercoat and detangle any mats and knots.  While working, it won't even affect the outer layer of your dog's coat.

The design looks impressive too with its ergonomic handle, which won't slip out of your hand while brushing. It delivers a good performance, thanks to its double rows of teeth. As the teeth are made from stainless steel, they're going to last a long time. Don't worry about hurting your dog because the teeth come with rounded tips.

Overall, it's an affordable brush for your medium coat German Shepherd, and it's easy to buy it by placing an order through and sharing your name email. Just keep in mind that it will prove beneficial only if your dog has already started shedding.


  • It works great for medium coat German Shepherds
  • It has an ergonomic handle
  • It has two rows of teeth for better performance


  • It doesn't work on the topcoat

2. De-Shedding Comb from Vets Pride USA

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those looking for a versatile grooming tool, Vets Pride USA has come up with the right idea. This double-sided brush is designed to deliver quality performance, as it detangles and reduces shedding at the same time.

The tool comes with an undercoat rake on one side, which you can use to detangle and get loose hair out of the undercoat. Then, you can turn it back and use a de-shedding comb to eliminate any loose fur. In terms of design, it will impress you again, especially with its ergonomically designed handle, which comes padded with silicone gel for added comfort.

With its 1-inch shedding blade and 2-inch undercoat rake, you will never have to look elsewhere to control shedding and groom your German Shepherd properly. Just bear in mind that unlike many high-end dog brushes, it doesn't come with any hair release button.


  • It has a flexible neck for easy use
  • It features an ergonomic handle
  • It uses gel padded handle


  • It doesn't come with any hair release button

3. GoPets Dematting Comb

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

In case you want a double-sided grooming tool, you can hope to get a good bang for the buck from this GoPets comb. It works as an undercoat rake as well as comb to remove tangles and mats. There are larger teeth on one side that you can utilize as a rake, whereas the other side with smaller teeth serves pretty well to brush out any mats.

The brush and teeth are of good quality, and so is the build quality of this grooming tool. The teeth has rounded ends, so there's no need to be concerned about hurting your dog while brushing.  The only issue you might experience is that the comb width is not as wide as you find on many other models.


  • It is ergonomically designed
  • It's a double-sided grooming tool
  • It features gel-filled handle


  • The comb width is on the smaller side

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What Kind of Brush Should I Use on My German Shepherd?

Considering the large range of grooming brushes and tools available in the market, it can be a bit confusing to decide which one to buy for your German shepherd. So many factors go into determining the best brush for your beloved pet. You'd need a different brush when your dog is still shedding, but you'll need a different groom tool altogether when your German shepherd is almost naked in the spring after losing most of his coat.

Educating yourself about different dog brushes will make it easier to decide which brush to choose. For instance:           

  • Dematting Combs and Rakes: You may need to invest in these tools to keep the undercoat of your German shepherds healthy. They work amazingly well to remove loose hair or lumps of fur. These combs and rakes come with evenly spaced metal teeth that reach down to the undercoat to get rid of any loose hair during the shedding season. You may also use these tools to loosen up tangles in your German shepherds coat. Just be sure to practice some care when using these tools because they can be quite sharp and mishandling can hurt your German shepherd.
  • Undercoat and De-Shedding Brushes: These rakes, brushes, and tools are quite effective in making sure your German shepherd doesn't spread the hair everywhere around the house during the shedding season. With their finer teeth, these tools can work great to remove loose hair from the top coat but they can also reach the undercoat to help you during the shedding. Some dog owners have confirmed that using these brushes regularly may help reduce shedding by 90% in all German shepherds. These brushes are better than traditional rakes because they aren't that sharp but have the potential to reach the undercoat with ease.
  • Pin Brushes or Slicker Brushes: Other than using de-shedding brushes and rakes for German shepherds, you may also consider using pin brushes, slicker brushes, or bristle brushes for a more comprehensive grooming routine. You'll be using these tools to target your German shepherd's topcoat. Their use will make it easier to get rid of debris as well as loose hair to give your German shepherd a polished and smooth look.
  • Mitts or Gloves: As implied by their name, these grooming tools are essentially gloves with little rubber nobs. You'll be wearing these and caressing your German shepherd like you usually do to show your love and it will do its job. By this way, you'll be able to remove any lose hair or debris on the undercoat of your German shepherd. You may want to switch to these basic tools in case your German shepherd gets irritated with a wire bristle brush or you don't yet know how to use a rake safely. Another good thing about using these special gloves is that they work extremely well to distribute your dog's skin oils and improve blood circulation at the same time. Gloves can be used on dry or wet fur with ease.

The fact is that you can find a variety of grooming tools for your German shepherd and it may be a good idea to invest in more than one to keep your German shepherd happy and healthy.

Which FURminator is Best for German Shepherd?

You can find a number of options here and which one is the best depends mainly on your own unique requirements and dog breed. Nevertheless, you can always put your money on FURminator De-Shedding Edge dog brush because it works great for a German Shepherd. Depending on the coat of your German Shepherd, you can buy it in large, medium, and even small size.

For your triple-coat German Shepherd, the best choice is the large size FURminator and de-shedder, as it comes with stainless steel edge to help you catch loose hair even from the undercoat. It's long and stiff but never too hard to cause any damage to your dog's skin. The ergonomic handle will ensure that you can continue using it for a long period without feeling tired or fatigued. Regular use of this FURminator will certainly reduce shedding to a considerable extent.

How Often Should You Brush a German Shepherd?

Again, it depends on your unique circumstances, but generally, it's a good idea to brush your German Shepherd at least once a week. However, it's always a good idea to do it more than once a week because doing so will help you face less trouble with shedding.

Most German Shepherds will come with a double coat – there will be a harsh outer coat with a thick undercoat to protect your dog from the elements. While most German Shepherds will have medium length coat but there are dogs with a longer or triple coat. Now, it may be a good idea to consider your dog's coat length to determine how often you need to brush him, but just keep in mind that doing it as often as you can surely helps you and your dog.

You're going to brush more often during the spring/summer season, as that's usually the time when your German Shepherd is going to lose his undercoat. During this time, he's going to look a bit scraggly, but the phase will eventually pass, as the new coat will grow in soon. While your dog is transitioning from losing his undercoat to gaining a new one, you should consider using the right brush to make the process as seamless as possible. A slicker brush won't always work great in such situations, as a slicker brush has its limitations. Using a specially designed de-shedding brush in place of a slicker brush regularly will ensure that you don't end up running throughout your home to collect loose fur.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that many dog owners believe that German Shepherds with long coat are going to shed less as compared to German Shepherds with a medium coat. While there's no scientific evidence to back this, it could've been due to the fact that loose fur from the undercoat gets caught in the longer upper coat. That means you German Shepherd with a long coat is going to need more brushing because that will help catch the loose fur and help him feel better.

How Do You Brush a German Shepherd's Hair?

Once you've realized the importance of brushing your German Shepherds, you'd surely start looking for the best brush. However, you'll also need to learn how to do it properly. Here's how to proceed:

  • Make your dog feel comfortable before you begin. Make him stand on a grooming table to handle things properly. Using a tabletop will also work if you don't have a grooming table with you.
  • Always take your time to check your dog's coat carefully. You should be looking for signs of mats here. If there are areas of thick undercoat, you may want to begin with a mat-detangling tool first. Using it first will help tease out tangles and pick loose fur. If your dog's coat seems to have a tendency to tangle a lot, you may want to try a conditioning product before you begin brushing.
  • After detangling, you should be using a de-shedding dog brush to get rid of loose under-fur. Be sure to move from your dog's head towards his tail while maintaining long, smooth strokes. Avoid applying downward pressure because pressing hardly could hurt your dog's skin.
  • While brushing, consider working in the direction of his hair growth. And switch to a pin brush after using a de-shedding tool.
  • The final step should be to use a soft bristle brush to get rid of any loose fur in the top coat. It will also lead to an even distribution of natural oils and give your dog's coat a glossing shine.

Keep in mind that brushing may take some time but it will help a lot with shedding. Also, never consider the idea of clipping or shaving your dog to avoid the hassle of shedding and brushing, as the coat will take an incredibly long time to grow back properly.

Buying the Best Dog Brush for German Shepherd

It all boils down to the fact that proper grooming is critical for the fur and coat of your German Shepherd, and that's when you'll have to find the best dog brush for German Shepherd. When confused, put your money on De-Shedding Comb from Vets Pride USA, as it's affordable, ergonomically-designed, and multi-purpose at the same time.

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