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Best Couch Covers for Your Dog

Making a dog your new family member is an exciting thing to do, but you also need to understand that it often means you have to deal with more messes. Dogs love you, but it seems that they love damaging your furniture even more. Does this mean you should do nothing to protect your furniture from all the destruction? Well, you can always make things better by going for the best couch covers for dogs. These dog couch covers act as a protective layer and keep your dogs from causing damage to your precious furniture pieces. Thankfully, you can find many brands offering the best dog couch covers to protect your furniture, and here are a few options to consider:

Couch Covers for Dogs: Our Top Picks

SureFit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover


  • Machine washable
  • Various colors

Rated by: Amber

Mighty Monkey Premium Reversible Sofa Cover


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Reversible cover

Rated by: Amber

OstepDecor Multi-Size Rectangular Cover

Best bristly brush

  • Easy to use
  • Anti-slip back
  • Corduroy and velvet

Rated by: Amber

1. SureFit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for one of the best couch covers for dogs that stay in place, you may want to put your money on what SureFit has to offer. It's basically a quilted polyester couch cover available in various color options. You can find one matching the existing décor of your home, as this furniture protector is available in sable, burgundy, chocolate, ivory, and dark gray tones.

You won't need to worry about keeping this ultimate sofa shield clean because it's completely machine washable. Just be sure to run on the gentle cycle to avoid damaging this sofa cover. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about cleaning this sofa cover too often because it comes with a protective finish, which keeps odors and stains at bay.

Many pet owners like this product because it stays in place no matter how playful your dog is. It achieves this with its non-skid backing. So, overall, it serves as one of the best pet couch covers but keep in mind that it may be a lot more expensive than many other pet couch covers available in the market.


  • It uses mechanism to help stay in place
  • It's easy to remove pet hair from it
  • It's available in different color choices


  • This dog couch cover is a bit expensive

2. Mighty Monkey Premium Reversible Sofa Cover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

This high quality furniture protector will ensure that your sofa stays safe not only from your furry friend but also from your beloved family members who tend to spill quite often. This sofa cover is perfect to help protect your couch, especially if you have light colored furniture. Its use will limit wear and tear and prolong the life of your furniture at the same time.

A great thing about this furniture protector is that you can find it in as many as seven color variations. Therefore, it won't be an issue to find a sofa shield that matches the rest of the décor in your home. Another thing dog owners love about this couch cover is that it's reversible, so you don't need to clean it that often, as you can simply reverse it when needed.

You'll also like the way it manages its position and stays in place all the time. Although it's easy to collect pet hair and protect your couch from your dog, it's not waterproof. Thankfully, you can wash it for as many times as you like, in case it gets soiled. The fact that it comes with a 10-year warranty is another testament to the fact that you're buying a high quality cover to protect sofa.


  • It's machine washable and easy to maintain
  • It's available in various color choices
  • It's a reversible couch cover


  • The couch cover is not waterproof

3. OstepDecor Multi-Size Rectangular Cover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's yet another impressive furniture protector available for your couch. This quilted protective layer will make your seating a lot more comfortable while keeping it safe and protected from your four-legged friend.

The good thing is that it comes with elastic straps or you may say anti-slip backing to help keep the cover in place even after your dog has some happy time on it. The slipcover works great for leather couch, but it's equally suitable for fabric couches. Another good thing about this couch cover is that it gives you the choice between velvet and corduroy.

Overall, it's a reasonably good and highly affordable couch cover available to protect your furniture, but keep in mind that it's not waterproof. You need to be a bit careful with spills, but you can always clean it easily, as this couch cover is machine washable.


  • It's a machine washable couch cover
  • It features anti-slip back to keep the cover in place
  • It's available corduroy and velvet


  • It's not waterproof

4. H. Versail Tex Reversible Couch Cover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Your search for the best machine washable couch cover will end with this amazing product. As mentioned already, it's machine washable, so you don't have to worry about keeping it tidy all the time. If it looks soiled and dirty, just throw it in your machine and it'll come out looking as good as new. Another point to note is that it won't need cleaning ever so often because it uses waterproof material and is fully reversible.

Many dog owners love this protective sheet because it's available in different measurements. Therefore, it becomes easier to order one that suits your couch or sofa. Keeping a couch cover in place is always difficult, but you won't face any trouble because it comes with fully adjustable elastic straps. The material is soft - it uses faux suede, which is eco-friendly and free of chemicals. The use of this material makes it easier to clean pet hair, dirt, and grime with utmost ease.

For added comfort, there's foam padding between the two layers of suede. Moreover, you'll be able to pick one as per your existing décor because the couch cover is available in various color combinations.  So, overall, it's one outstanding option to consider when looking for a way to protect your furniture, but keep in mind that though it can resist water quite effectively, it's not fully waterproof.


  • It's reversible and uses foam padding for comfort
  • It comes with durable, adjustable elastic straps
  • It's available in different color options


  • It's not fully waterproof

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

How Can I Protect My Couch from My Dog?

Using couch covers is probably the best way to protect your precious furniture and keep the wear and tear to the minimum. They come with elastic straps and stay in place, so you can expect less mess as a whole. But, along with using a furniture protector, you can also utilize the following tips.

Keep Pet Toys around Your Couch

It is perhaps the most effective method to keep your dog from scratching your sofa legs or from scratching your couch. Toys including a squeaky toy or scratching post allow dogs to rest and engage with them rather than scratching the sofa. There are several different styles and models, so it's essential to find the right one for your dog.

Prior to buying something, we suggest that you observe your dog and see whether it keeps hitting or biting the sofa or other objects. This way you'll be prepared to buy a pet toy correctly and your dog will eventually start playing with. Using dog accessories to keep your dog from scratching your couch can be very beneficial.

Keep Your Pet Well Groomed

The next simple method to safeguard your couch from your pet is to keep your pets' nails trimmed and smooth. This quick trick is perfect for your dog's wellbeing as well. Nails that are too big will crack and split, causing uncomfortable conditions for your dog. They can also render sitting right and moving difficult or inconvenient for your pet, and in extreme cases, the nails will keep growing until they curl around and become lodged in the claws of your pet. This is another reason why you should cut your pets nails short.

These days, you can find many useful tools to stop dogs from scratching the couch. For instance, you can consider using small ribbed nail caps on your cat's claws with thick nail polish-like wax. These covers are tiny enough yet enable your pet nails to retract naturally, and they don't experience any discomfort or pain. They come off easily, too, so you just need to re-attach them every now and then.

Go for a High Quality Dog Bed

A better course of action to prevent your dog from scratching the couch is to give them a Pet Bed and encourage them to use that rather than just a couch. Dog beds are indeed a perfect way to monitor the dispersal of fur, since they're often all in the same location. If your dogs don't like the bed you've purchased, consider the Pet Couch Cover. Your dog should be able to use the couch without getting any fur or mud on it. Pet's Couch Covers are an inexpensive and easy way to cover your sofa.

Make Your Living Room a No-Go Area

If you're not at home and you can't monitor what your dogs are doing, it's necessary to secure the spaces where your dogs can ruin the couch. For instance, just by shutting the door to your living room, you're going to deter your pets from destroying your couch. The solution is to have them in a place of their own, if you have enough space.

Let Your Dog Play Outside

Sometimes, your dog may be misbehaving because he doesn't get enough time to explore the outside world. Understand that dogs need a little outside time to play, bite objects, and do all the stuff that dogs love to do. Installing a tiny pet gate in your backyard is a perfect way to ensure sure your pet stays happy while you're not at home. Unless you don't have a terrace or lawn in your house, you'll need a lot of activity throughout the day.

Exercise Your Dog Well

Ensure you take your dog for a stroll and create opportunities to help him get plenty of exercise. These things, in addition to strengthening the physical state of your dog, can help make them a lot happier and calmer when they return home. Essentially, these dogs like stimulation, because if they're co-opted every day at home, they're going to require someone to wash that off – that's correct, the furniture is going to be a target.

 If you don't have sufficient energy to do so throughout the day, you should also employ a dog walker or send your pet to an animal daycare facility where the specialist should interact with them and keep them occupied. Keeping the dog cool and happy is important and you can do that by giving it plenty of training!

How Can I Make My Couch Covers Look Good?

If you've been wondering about covering your sofa, you've undoubtedly been searching the suggestions for sofa cover. There are plenty of new brands offering all sorts of couch covers, but you may have found that pre-made slip covers can be very costly. Well, sheets are going to do the job at a much cheaper cost, because they are affordable and simple to deal with.

 As a matter of fact, they come in a broad range of shades and designs, so you may get various covers that fit into the interior of your house. In fact, they are much simpler to clean and can be cleaned easily in a regular washing machine. However, you can always go for a number of solutions to make your couch covers look good too.

Quick and easy sofa cover ideas

There have been so many complex designs to cover the couch. Often we only need a simple and easy answer without a lot of hassle and expense. When we think about sofa covers, we have to mention a few things about pros and cons. The greatest benefit is that they immediately improve the look of your furniture and shield it from debris, drops or stains. They're going to improve the couch's existence by preventing the upholstery from drying out. Through using a bright throw or a pretty woven rug or just a fuzzy pillow, you will quickly alter the interior of your space and cover a dirty sofa.

Sofa covers protect the furniture

Covers for couches are sold in millions of various versions, but many buyers have some concerns as to how such covers match precisely to their furniture? The downside of stretch slips is that it is not important to render complicated and precise calculations when purchasing them, because a error of a few inches would not be critical. Sofa covers will shield costly upholstery from rapid wear at no expense. You will use the covers to adjust the color of the interior to create a special atmosphere at home at various periods of the year.

Throws & Quilts

Both tucked in or rolled to the end, a quilt or a throw will guard against stains, wear and tear, or even conceal it in an older couch! Not to mention the look and feel that it brings to the couch when it is its own fashion companion.

Stain Resistant Spray

Although this is not actually a furniture cover, it is highly successful! Don't believe that every piece you purchase necessarily has a stain-resistant fabric. If you purchased it with a high degree of stain tolerance, you actually charged a nice penny for it. And you bought a contract with a dye provision in it. Even if it wasn't part of the deal, you can use some upholstery sprays designed to help better preserve your nice new piece.

Fitted Slip Covers

Normally, it's easier to purchase a sofa that comes with a personalized slip cover for that high-end customized look. It's just like the contrast between wearing clothing tailored to your body type than wearing one-size-fits-all kind of stuff. When you can locate a piece of furniture you love that comes with a slip-cover design, certainly spring just that little more for the covering.

Sheets & Drop Cloth

You don't always think of a drop of fabric or a layer of sofa covering as an item of fashion, but this room only goes to show that this easy going look can be hot!

Cushion Pad / Sleeping Mat

If your sofa has a little wear and lacks the warmth of your place, adding an additional top cushion could be the remedy you're searching for. Thin French or Japanese type mat rolls often fit well to shield the bottom of a table, an ottoman, a chair or a sofa cover.

How Do You Make a Couch Cover for a Pet?

Buying a couch cover from a popular seller is always the best thing to do, but if you have the time and motivation, you may consider making one yourself. Here's how to proceed:

  • Measure the couch. Assess how much cloth slide down you like on the back of your sofa, as well as how much you like your couch coat to hang down to the floor in the front of your sofa. You might also want to tuck your cover under your sofa cushions so that it remains in position throughout the dogs rest. For fact, weigh the thickness of the cushions, and from the bottom of the cushions, along the arm of the sofa, to the stage that you want the arm covers to overhang. Please notice these measures.
  • Cut the fabric depending on the measures you took in Phase 1. Split the bits of the arm individually. Try having the cover removable so as to maximize the period between laundering. Add an additional half inch to the bottom.
  • Cut the batting on the basis of the measures you took in Phase 1. Allow an additional half inch to match the bottom.
  • Spread out the sheet, inside out, with the correct sides of the two bits of cloth opposite each other. Place the hitting on top of that. Separately lay out the weapons parts using the same process. Pin the hems over three sides and use your sewing machine to sew. Cut each fabric from the scissors.
  • Turn out all the bits on the correct side. Place your weights within your last seam. Position a weight once every inches all over the edge of the seam and tie around each weight to hold it in place. You can also use weights in your right arm to hold them in place. Strap the last hem and button it tight.
  • Sew the fabric all over the weights to hold them in the correct place.
  • Place the cover over your sofa. Secure the bits of your arm as your cover is on your sofa to ensure sure they are correctly placed. Make sure the weights are on the bottom of the arm parts that would overhang the sides of the sofa.
  • Sew the bits of the arm to the cover.

The Best Couch Covers for Dogs

Whether you use a sofa shield or opt for specially designed best dog couch covers, just make sure to try whatever you can to protect your couch from ultimate destruction. If you're confused, you can put your money on Mighty Monkey Premium Reversible sofa cover because it's one of the best covers for dogs, as it's easy to clean and machine washable, and serves as the best furniture protector. Give it a shot!

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