The Best Cat Urine Odor Removers to Use on Your Carpet

The Best Cat Urine Odor Removers to Use on Your Carpet

 If you are a cat owner then cleaning cat urine is yet another chore you have to take up every now and then. By now this might have become a routine matter, but what to do of the cat urine odor? You can surely try vinegar and other home remedies, but eventually, you'll have to buy the best cat urine remover to handle the task with ease. They're especially formulated keeping in mind how stubborn cat urine can be to remove. You just need to buy these enzymatic cleaners to make your life easy, and if you're confused, here are a few options to help you select the best cat urine odor remover.

The Best Cat Urine Remover: Our Top Picks

OUT Advanced Stain Remover

BEST Affordable

  • Safe to use
  • Enzymatic cleaning

Rated by: Amber

Rocco Roxie Professional Strength Odor Remover

BEST Overall

  • Enzymatic cleaning
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Suitable for pre-treating laundry

Rated by: Amber

Nature's Miracle Stain Odor Eliminator

Best for cleaning

  • Professional strength
  • Suitable for spot cleaning
  • Enzymatic cleaning

Rated by: Amber

1. OUT Advanced Stain Remover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

For those looking specifically for a budget odor remover, this product from OUT may do the trick for them. It comes with a low price tag but is still an efficient odor and stain remover.  It combines the power of enzymes and bacteria to help remove a variety of stains from feces, urine, blood, and vomit.

It also works efficiently to remove bad odors and leaves the surface smelling fresh. It neutralizes odors quite quickly but is still safe to use around children and pets. There aren't any hazardous compounds in the cleaner, which is another benefit.

Overall, it may be a great choice for someone with many pets, but keep in mind that as it's not a professional-grade odor remover, it might not be able to deal with old stains.


  • It's safe to use around pets
  • It removes odors and stains
  • It uses bacteria and enzymes for cleaning


  • It may not work on old stains

2. Rocco Roxie Professional Strength Odor Remover

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're not that concerned about the price but want the best odor eliminator, you should look no further than Rocco Roxie professional strength stain odor remover. It's easy to use and works quite efficiently in removing stains and preventing re-markings in the same spot.

In terms of strength, it's hard to find anything better than this stain odor remover, as it directly works by neutralizing the uric acid in the urine. It's equally helpful in dealing with yellow pet urine, vomit, and feces. Another benefit of using this professional strength odor eliminator is that it works for every surface, including floors, carpets, clothing, furniture, kennels, litter boxes, and more.

Overall, this high strength stain odor eliminator delivers a great punch and lets you enjoy the company of your pet without any problems. Just remember that it may be a bit on the expensive side as compared to many other professional strength stain odor removers on the market.


  • It contains enzymes for better cleaning
  • It works for various surfaces
  • It works to pre-treat laundry


  • It may be a bit expensive

3. Nature's Miracle Stain Odor Eliminator

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

It's yet another efficient product for home to get rid of odor and stain from carpets and various other surfaces. The best thing is that it's an enzymatic cleaner, which means it contains good enzymatic bacteria to neutralize uric acid and other compounds in cat piss.

It's just perfect for carpet cleaning because it works fine with steam cleaners that use a water base. Because it uses a low-foam formula, it gets rid of new and old stains quite efficiently.  Moreover, this professional strength stain odor remover leaves the surface fresh after each use.

Overall, this odor remover is quite efficient because of its enzyme attacking system. However, some people believe it may not be suitable for pets because of certain ingredients, but that's not truly the case.


  • It features a professional-grade formula
  • It works for spot cleaning
  • It uses enzymes for proper cleaning


  • It may contain ingredients not suitable to pets

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the Best Product for Removing Cat Urine Odors?

It's easy to find a cat cleaner in the market, but your goal should be to opt for cleaners with enzymes to get the best results. Top brands offer products that contain enzymes for cleaning, but not all of them are created the same. Moreover, you can try many DIY options to deal with cat urine.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

The best product for removing cat urine odor would be an acid because it can neutralize the high pH salts found in urine marks that have dried out. The most accessible and least harmful acid is vinegar in this case.

Cat urine can stink floorings, cloths and wood for a long time as it comprises uric acid. Other than vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and soap can defuse the smells for the momentarily. However, just as you forget about it, any moist day would revive the urine stink because of the recrystallization of uric acid in cat urine.

Quick Solution: A diluted solution comprising of one part each of water and vinegar is great at removing cat urine odor from tiles, walls, and furniture. Having a strong odor itself, vinegar takes down the unpleasant odor with it shortly after it is used.

Two-step solution: This cleaning process can be used for even better results for eliminating urine marks and smells and involves a vinegar wash.

Step 1: Add white vinegar to water in the ratio of 1:3 cups. Pour this solution on the spot affected by cat urine and wait for a few minutes. Sprinkling baking soda on the urine-stained spot will enhance the cleaning process alongside vinegar by absorbing and defusing odor.

Step 2: Prep your washing machine for washing the affected fabrics without a detergent. The setting should be at lukewarm and never at warm temperature as this can fix the stain rather than removing it. 

Once the washing machine cycle is complete, let the fabric dry in air naturally. Using a dryer might seem a quicker solution but the heat will also set the stain and smell.

Enzyme-Based Cleaners

Getting rid of the cat urine smell is important as it is known that if a cat can catch the whiff from a previous pee spot, it is more likely to relieve itself there again. To achieve such odor-less state where the unpleasant smell is totally absent, an enzyme based cleanser does a good job.

These products are formulated with enzymes that can handle the acid found in cat urine making it easier to eliminate the stink. These products are based on natural enzymes which are remarkable in removing the bad microbes which are the root cause of the disagreeable smells. Thus they are the recommended cleaners for mattresses, cushions, carpets, and linens.

Avoid Products That Contain Ammonia

Use of ammonia products for stain cleaning is to be avoided all costs because it will make the matter worse for you. The reason is that ammonia reinforces the cat urine smell as it found in the urine itself. As nosy as the cat is, it catches wind of it and makes it a go-to spot for peeing.

What to Look for in a Product for Removing Cat Urine Stench and Stain

Surface-friendly: As a wide variety of stain and stench cleaners are available in the market it is wise to choose the one specially formulated for the specific surface you are looking to clean. Like chlorine-free products are suitable for carpets, mattresses, and wooden floors so that there is no bleaching effect. In short, think twice before you make the purchase.

Active ingredients: The active ingredients of the stain and stench cleaners come in varied options. They range from safe chemicals to organic materials. It is best to use a product with non-toxic ingredients if your house has pets and children. Products with safe chemicals like citrus are good for eliminating stains and smells while keeping the spots hygienic and less attractive to be ‘smelled’ as a potential pissing spot.

Application method:

When out to buy a cat urine stench and stain remover, you should keep in mind how big the area to be cleaned is. For smaller cat urine spots, a cleanser which can be sprayed on the wet area is best to clean the spot.

If, however, your canine has the habit of spoiling a larger area or has an over-active bladder, then buying a concentrated solution is best. This way you can be ready with a strong cleanser at your disposal whenever a spill occurs. They are great at removing deep seated stains and getting rid of unpleasant smells.

What is the Best Way to Neutralize Cat Urine?

An enzyme cleaner works best to remove cat urine stains from your carpet and furniture. You need to soak the affected area with the enzyme cleaner and let it dry. The enzymes in the cleaner work by flouting the uric acid in cat urine into gases so they can evaporate leaving the area clean and fresh.

The sooner your address the cat urine spill, the easier it will be to remove the stain and smell. The first action to take while the cat urinates is to grab a towel and shove it on the spot to absorb the fresh urine as much as possible.

Next, sprinkle the enzyme cleaner generously on the stained area and let it air-dry. Make sure that there is proper ventilation in the room so that dries quickly and fouls smells also vanish.

You should cover the spot so that cat stays away during the cleaning process. The cat’s mood and routine should be checked for any urinary issues if the urine spills increase beyond ordinary.

Cushion Cleaning

If your cat urinates on the cushion, then it can be cleaned with some easy steps.

Soak the urine spot in water to blot out urine initially. Take it out and sprinkle the enzyme cleaner on the affected part of the cushion and wait for around 15 minutes. Squeeze the cushion to get rid of the surplus enzyme cleaner. Use towels for blotting, and leave it in an airy space to dry out.

Since some cushions take longer to dry, and might catch your kitty’s eye, so cover it with an aluminum foil so that it is not tempted to have another adventure on the same cushion.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses can be cleaned in a way similar to cushions with the difference only in how to handle the big size of a mattress. You might have to apply the enzyme cleaner a few times to rid the mattress completely of the cat urine.

Start by blotting the affected area by an old towel and immerse the spot in water. Next, drench the mattress slowly with the enzyme cleaner right on the cat urine. Wait up for 15 minute before starting the blotting process. If you have to use the mattress then layer it with fresh clean towels so that any wetness doesn’t come to the surface. Keep switching the towels every day with fresh one until the mattress is fully dry.

As it may take a while, it is advisable to cover the mattress with a cover or plastic sheet so that the cat doesn’t urine on the same spot again. Setting a water proof cover on the mattress is a smart solution for saving your mattress from future leaks.


  • Avoid using artificial heat or a steam cleaner to remove the cat urine marks. Doing so will make matter worse by fixing the strain making it hard to do away with. If by chance you do steam cushions or carpets, then the problem can be resolved by applying the enzyme more than once, because fabric textures have the feature of absorbing smells longer than usual.

Always treat the cat urine stained material before loading them in the washing machine. As tempted as you may be to throw all the urine-soaked and stinky stuff in the washing machine and have it cleaned all at once, steer clear from the idea. The reason is that cat urine has a composition strong enough to spoil a whole load of washing, so where you had one ‘urinating’ fabric in hand, now there the whole load stinking with cat urine.

Does Vinegar Remove Cat Urine Odor?

Uric acid in cat urine is especially stubborn and can linger in fabrics and carpets for years. Usually, using the best cat urine remover for carpet is the best bet, but vinegar may still serve as the first line of defense.  But, you should pre-treat the fabric with vinegar and never add vinegar later to a general laundry load, as it can contaminate the entire load. So, vinegar may surely help but relying only on vinegar won't suffice, and further highlighting the need to go for the best cat urine odor remover.

Will Cat Pee Smell Eventually Go Away?

Probably Not!

A quick response to counteract cat urine smell is extremely important if you really want to get rid of it. The reason is that cat urine is so smelly that you can tell when it is relieving itself at places other than the designated urine spot.

Whether it is a carpet, sofa, linens, or the mattress where it pees, the cat will make a playful habit of peeing on the exact same spot if it can sense its urine odor.

Why does cat urine smell so bad?

Much like most of the other animals, cay urine is distinguishable and stinky. The problem is that cat urine becomes more stinky by the hour.

If the cat did the gig outside the litter box, you will know after some time. The microbes of cat urine decompose and emit a strong stench to indicate decayed and long-standing urine, something similar to what ammonia smells like, and this signals that your cat hasn't used her litter box. Secondly, cat urine on decomposition gives off mercaptans, which are the very compounds found in the infamous skunk stench.

One other physiological factor can be the cat’s age. The urine of older cats tends to smell terrible because of less efficient kidneys.

The strong odor of cat urine in male cats can also be due to the excretion of potent hormones. These urinary testosterones come as a harbinger to female felines of their availability and to male ones not to muddle.


You should always be ready to tackle cat urine at the earliest to avoid the later smells and stains. The litter box should be monitored regularly and kept clean. Adding a little baking soda can help.

Keep an eye on your cat’s mood swings to detect stress related problems causing an over active bladder. If so, switch to the required changes in the cat diet and routine to bring the matter in order.

Other than urine, cat odors can be due to hairballs falling loosely on the floor and furniture. This can be handled easily by spraying a fabric softener diluted in water on spots prone to catch cat hair. This will make their surface hazy and will let you remove cat hair with moist rubber gloves by scooping.

Buy the Best Cat Urine Odor Remover for Carpet

The ideal deal is to keep up a healthy diet for your cat, keep its litter box clean, and brush it regularly. You can invest in a good pet-friendly odor eliminator. Besides using an odor eliminator, you can try an air freshener.  This way the atmosphere of your house will stay fresh and nice smelling most of the time. Nevertheless, going for the odor eliminator or using a professional-grade enzymatic cleaner will do a better job. If confused, Rocco Roxie odor remover, which is quite powerful and works flawlessly.

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