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How To Pick The Best Indoor Cat Toys For Your Kitty

With so many options on the market, it can be a challenge to shop for the best cat toys for indoor cats. When looking for a suitable toy for your pet, you should consider their personalities and the activities they seem to enjoy most. Once you understand your pet properly, it will be very easy to find a suitable gift for them. It is important to always go for products from respected brands as these are usually safe and long-lasting. In this guide, I will offer you reviews of five of the best cat toys for indoor cats.

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Best Toy for Interactive Play

The Cat Crazy Triple Disk toy is the best gift you can get for your cats. I’ve seen many interactive ball disk toys, but this one impressed me as it has three different levels. Each of these levels has a ball which your cat can nudge, nose, and chase. This toy can provide your pet with hours of fun, and you will not need to break the bank to get it. As a triple disk toy, this product will work as the perfect bridge between a scratching post and an interactive cat toy. It will help your cat burn off excess fat as it gets some mental stimulation. The Cat Crazy Triple Disk toy comes in many different colors, and you will have the chance of selecting the one that appeals most to your cat. Although the product is made with steady stands, I had trouble keeping it in one position. You should consider placing it on a carpet to prevent the toy from sliding when the cat plays with it. Besides offering your cat a good time, the toy will help them develop healthy teeth and gums.


  • It has three levels where your cat can play with the ball.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes in many different colors, so you can get the product that appeals to your pet.


  • It tends to slide over tiled surfaces, and that can discourage your cat from playing with it.

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Best Toy for Hyperactive Cats

The Cat Scratch Board Bed is a vertical scratcher that works both as a scratcher and as a play area. If your cat enjoys scratching, lounging, and playing, you should consider buying him this toy. The product is made of soft and short plush, and it has a comfortable feeling of plush. One thing I loved in this cat toy is the fact that it is designed to hang on chair handles, doors, and even walls. You will not have trouble storing the scratching mat. You will also appreciate the fact that the cat will quit scratching other surfaces in the house. The toy will give them an outlet for their scratching instinct. Another notable advantage of this toy is that it is designed with grooves that help to trim your cat’s nails. That means you will not always have to groom your cat yourself. The product has a length of 44cm and a width of 31cm, meaning it should fit cats of many different sizes.


  • It has grooves that help trim and groom your cat’s nails.
  • It has a comfortable surface which will encourage your cat to spend more time on it.
  • It can easily be hung on doors and chairs.
  • It can work both as a scratcher and as a play area.


  • Some parts of the mat can easily be chipped off by an aggressive scratcher.

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Best Toy for Teething Kittens

Just like dogs, some cats like chewing toys. It is important to check the material used to make the chewing toys as some materials can be dangerous to cats. This particular biting rope toy is made with a plush material which is very safe for your pet. The toy is exquisite and soft, and it is very comfortable to chew. In my experience, chewing toys that are soft typically last for a very long time. Oral health is very important to cats, and this toy is developed to clean your cat’s teeth. To make it stand out from other toys, the manufacturer of this biting rope toy designed it with many different cartoon faces. You can select a face which appeals best to your cat, and you will also have a choice of many different colors. The biting rope toy will also make some squeaky sounds when your cat bites it. These sounds will encourage the cat to play with the toy even more.


  • It is made with plush material which is safe for cats.
  • The material is soft and will not injure your pet.
  • It is designed with shapes of cartoons, and that will entice your cat to play with it.
  • It comes in many different colors.
  • It makes squeaky sounds when chewed, and that will offer your cat even more fun.


  • It might be a little heavy for your cat.

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Best Cat Toy for Home Use

Best Toy Overall: Foldable Pet Cat Tunnel, Indoor Pet Cat Training Toy

Cats are curious pets. They like getting into suitcases, boxes, bags, and any other thing with an opening. To satisfy your cat’s curiosity, you can buy him a collapsible cat tunnel. This particular tunnel is designed with three openings and an extra circular hole in the middle of the tunnel. The product is made with polyester material which is quite cozy for your cat. For ease of transportation, the tunnel was designed to be foldable. I usually take just a few seconds to collapse the tunnel since it has some foldable straps. Being a light item, you will find it easy to carry around. The diameter of the toy is about 25cm, meaning it can accommodate cats of different sizes. To arouse your cat’s curiosity, the tunnel is built with peepholes and bell toys. Besides providing an interesting and entertaining activity for your pet, this product will help your cat enjoy hours of exercise.


  • It is easy to fold for storage or transportation.
  • It has peepholes and bell toys which will increase the entertainment value of the product.
  • The tunnels are large and will comfortably accommodate cats of different sizes.


  • The material used to make the toy can rip quite easily.

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Best Toy for Adventurous Cats

The Catnip food toy is ideal for all sorts of cats. I really appreciate these toys since they come in many different forms, and that keeps your cat interested over a long time. Some of these forms include carrots, maize in a cob, cabbage, potato, cookies, ice creams, beef, chicken, and doughnuts. The dimensions of each of the foods have been measured to fit properly in your cat’s mouth without posing a health risk. In other words, your pet cannot swallow the toy. I usually let them play with the toys when I’m not around since I don’t have any fears of injury. Since the toys come in food forms, your cat will be instantly attracted to them. These cat toys for indoor cats will also help your pet improve their oral health. The squeaky sound produced by the chewing toys can be fascinating to cats, and they will encourage your pet to spend more time playing with the toys.


  • The toy comes in many different forms, and this means you can easily find a product that suits your pet.
  • It is made of safe material.
  • It is large enough to prevent cases of swallowing.
  • It has a squeaky sound which encourages the cat to play with it more.


  • Some of the pieces are too big and may not appeal to your cats.

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How to Select Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Indoor cat toys are very important to home pets. They will prevent your cat from chewing important items in the house or even scratching your furniture. Some cats will even start picking fights with other pets just because they are bored to death. You can prevent such behavior by keeping your cat engaged with toys. However, selecting the wrong item will only help to drain your bank account and will eventually be of little use to your cat. In this section, we will look at some tips which can help you select the right indoor cat toys.

First, you should consider the personality of your pet. Some cats love toys that offer them excessive physical exercises while others just want to explore places around the house. By watching the behavior of your pet, you will be able to determine the type of toy that will please them.

Also, make sure you check the shape of your toy and any sounds it makes. Cats will be more willing to play with toys that have appealing shapes. They also like toys which make squeaky sounds when squeezed.

Other essential things to look out for include the safety of the toy and their durability.

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The foldable pet tunnel is ideal for almost all indoor cats. Unlike other toys, it will take longer for your cat to get bored with the toy. There are bell toys and peepholes which will keep your pet engaged for long periods. Indoor cats need serious exercise to stay healthy, and this toy is the best for this particular purpose. Thee cat will keep walking through the tunnel and will have to search for exits and entrances.

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