Buy the Best Outdoor Cat House to Keep Feral Cats Safe

Best Outdoor Cat House

Giving feral or stray cats a place where they can relax and feel protected from neighborhood predators is a great idea. And that's when you can consider choosing one of many cat houses on the market. They are made from different materials and available in different sizes too.

Here are some good options for you to consider:


BEST Waterproof

  • Wood construction
  • Easy to clean

Rated by: Amber

Kitty Tube Gen 3 Cat House


  • One-piece construction
  • Insulated
  • Easy to clean

Rated by: Amber

K & H Pet Products Cat House

Best for multiple cats

  • Good for multiple cats
  • Easy to maintain

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The Best Outdoor Cat Houses: Our Top Picks

1. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Shelter

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're looking for a sturdy outdoor house that is going to serve your cats for years, you have to think of buying this cat shelter. This cat shelter can handle large cats but is not that heavy at all. In fact, this cedar wood cat shelter weighs only 45 pounds, so you can easily move it around to find the best spot for installation.

The size of the cat shelter is large enough to add a food bowl along with a small litter pan with ease. As it is completely waterproof, it is quite capable of keeping your pet cats safe and protected from harsh weather. There is a door in front, which stays open but comes with an awning to ensure that cats don't get wet when it rains. There's another door at the back, which stays covered with a plastic flap and serves perfectly as an escape door when needed.

An interesting feature is the availability of a front step that serves as a flowerbox but also works great as a sunning porch for your cats. Moreover, you can detach the floor of this cat shelter with ease, which means it is easy to clean whenever you want. 

So, overall, it's a great wood cat shelter designed to deliver great performance even in harsh weather conditions.


  • It uses cedar wood for sturdy construction
  • It features non-toxic pain
  • It comes with two doors


  • It may be a bit on the expensive side

2. Kitty Tube Gen 3 Cat House

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If winters in your area are extremely cold, going for this Kitty Tube Gen outdoor cat house is a great idea. The best thing is that it is an insulated outdoor cat house. It means it is going to keep your pet cats warm and cozy throughout the winter. It stays warm because of its one-piece construction. It works amazingly well to prevent drafts, and at the same time, it keeps water out too.

The door is large enough for your cat to enter, and there's a removable clear flap to make it more secure. While many people think that there should be an additional door for an emergency exit, the Tube Gen 3 outdoor house has designed its door in a way that no predator, like dogs or coyotes, could enter the house.

The Kitty Tube Gen outdoor cat house has a vent in the lid, which is another good feature because it works great to reduce condensation inside. It is easy to unscrew the lid, which is why it is easy to clean the interior whenever you want. So, overall, it's a great outdoor cat house to buy for feral cats.


  • It features one-piece construction for durability
  • It is insulated and suitable for cold weather
  • It features a drainage system in the floor


  • It has only one door

3. K & H Pet Products Cat House

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

If you're on the looking for a cat shelter that could serve multiple cats with equal ease, you may consider buying this one today.  With its large size, it can comfortably house more than three cats at a time.

For those worried about cold weather, it is possible to buy an insulated cat house. However, you can find both heated and unheated versions of this cat shelter. It's possible to leave the heated cat shelter plugged in around the clock without worrying about anything, as it comes with a 40W heating pad that only works when a cat is sitting on it. Remember, the heated version is much more expensive for obvious reasons.

It is easy to clean and assemble this cat house. You can change its location with ease because it is lightweight and weighs only 7 pounds. The exterior of good quality and waterproof as well. There are also two doors, one in front and the other one at the back. So, overall, it is a great choice for people with multiple pet cats.


  • It is large enough for multiple cats
  • It has heated and unheated versions
  • It features two doors


  • The heated version could've been more affordable

4. Pawhut 2-Story Wood Cat House

Quick Summary

Rated by: Amber

Are you looking for an outdoor cat house that is sturdy yet stylish? Going for this Pawhut outdoor cat shelter may be the best bet. What makes it stylish is its multi-tier design, so your cat can have lots of fun relaxing and playing. They can sleep downstairs if they feel like getting some private space.

Along with promoting play, this outdoor cat shelter promotes the natural desire of cats to hunt. It is made from high-quality wood, and to make it suitable for outdoor use, it's painted with a water-resistant finish. You can also keep it inside for your other pet cats and they're going to love it as well.


  • It comes with multiple lounger options
  • It is made from durable wood
  • It is lightweight and easy to assemble


  • It may not be completely waterproof

FAQ - A Buyer's Guide

What is the Most Friendly Cat bBreed?

Loyal, sassy, playful, aloof… cat personalities come in various shapes and sizes, but some of them do get higher scores for being the friendliest cat breeds. Some of these cats are always around you and even don't mind comforting you with constant cuddles. Here are some of the most popular choices:


The Journal of Veterinary Behavior conducted a study in 2012 and found that the award of the friendliest cat breed should go to the Sphynx. If you're a cat lover, you may already know that because the ultimate goal of the Sphynx is to please his humans. Even when he acts wild and crazy, you will simply love him for that too. And quite interestingly, he won't mind snuggling up to strangers who visit your home.


Yes, there is a "doll" in its name, so it's natural to think that the Ragdoll is going to be a friendly breed to have in your home. So many people love her because she's capable of maintaining her kitten-esque nature even when she's quite old. Just bear in mind that to thrive, the Ragdoll needs lots of attention and affection. In fact, you will find it quite amazing to see how she lets her body go limp in your arms.

You can also call her one of the friendliest cat breeds because they are not as curious as their other feline counterparts. Their chilled behavior makes them popular, and you should certainly consider having them if you want cats that would chase you around the house and always ready for a quick cuddle whenever you like.


If you're after a cat that lives for love, it has to be the Burmese. Their friendly nature is sure to make you fall in love with them. They will never mind kisses, hugs, and cuddles almost any time you like. They are among the best cat breeds that can calmly spend hours languishing in the lap of their pet parent. Moreover, if you love a cat for all the purring, the Burmese is the right cat breed to own.

Maine Coon

In case you're looking for one of the friendliest cat breeds that will happily live in a multi-cat household, the Maine Coon should be the choice. The great thing is that they continue to be friendly even when they're in a household with dogs. Another interesting thing is that though they're extremely confident and affectionate, they don't demand a lot of attention. But, they don't mind occasional cuddles and even like to talk back through chirpy meows.


The Siamese is also one of the most popular cat breeds because of their friendly nature. Though they're friendly, they can be quite loud too.  You will often find them not giving a second thought to raising their voices for the world to hear. Nevertheless, they're extremely sociable, sassy, and affectionate too. It is because of all these characteristics that they find admirers anywhere they go.

Other than these, there are many other cat breeds as well, and you can read a lot about them online, especially today when you can find many pages with services llc associates program and affiliate advertising program designed in a particular way to highlight popular products for popular cat breeds by linking to Amazon pages.

 However, the fact is that though there certainly are some cat breeds considered friendlier than others, it all comes down to how you raise a kitten. It means that you need to understand that kittens will have different personalities, but that is something making them more interesting. So, don’t be surprised if you ever come across a standoffish Sphynx or an aloof Ragdoll. Therefore, you may want to consider adopting a kitten in order to mold their character and make them the love of your life.

Is It Okay to Have an Indoor Cat?

Yes, there's nothing wrong with having a cat in your home, especially when you know how to provide them with the best facilities to live. Feral cats are quite exciting and sometimes it is difficult to train them to be inside your house, and that's why many people think of getting an outdoor cat house in the first place. But, if you want to keep a cat indoors, you should consider adopting a kitten and then teach him to enjoy living indoors. Even then, you need to pay attention to the following:

Ensure they Get the Right Equipment

You can keep a cat happy even if they're living solely indoor by providing them the right equipment. Food and water bowls are certainly important and so are the litter trays, but you will need something more. For instance, just like outdoor cat houses, you can also find an indoor cat house to make your cat feel safe and protected.

Giving them access to a scratching post is a great way to help them test their claws – and this will also keep them from testing their skills on your furniture. You can also consider buying a variety of toys, especially designed to help keep cats stimulated. While it makes sense to have a cat house indoors, you should give them unrestricted access to most parts of your house. Confining them to only one place is only going to make them bored and unhappy.

Find Ways to Encourage Exercise

Feline cats usually have enough opportunities to exercise and then return to their outdoor feral cat house you may have assembled in your yard. However, you will have to try other ways to encourage your indoor cats to get enough exercise as well. Not taking steps would lead to weight-related health conditions in cats. Giving them a scratching post is surely a good idea but you can also consider playing games that involve pouncing, running, and chasing.

Maintain a Stimulating Environment

Outdoor cats return to their outdoor cat houses after exploring the world at their own pace, but cats that live indoors don't have this opportunity. If they're not properly stimulated, they get bored and become unhappy and unhealthy too.

For this, you should encourage interactive play and allow your cat to hunt for food, which will satisfy their hunting instincts as well. Be sure to bring new toys for them regularly because they get bored easily. Here, you should avoid using wand toys too often because your cat can get anxious and even entangle them in the string parts. You will be better off going for catnip and honeysuckle toys because they sit well with most indoor cats.

Sometimes, automatic cat toys work great, especially when you're not at home, but be careful when selecting something, as it should match the temperament of your cat.

Help Them be Outside

Even when you have a cat that lives indoors only, there's nothing wrong to arrange supervised trips to help them experience the outside safely. For this, you will have to teach them to walk on a leash. The first step here is to buy a harness and help them get used to it. Make them wear the harness for some time. Always pick the best cat harness that comes with solid buckles to keep your cat securely inside the harness.

Even when your cat is inside the house, you may consider opening your windows to help them enjoy the sounds, sights, and smells of the outdoors. Be sure to put mesh over the window for added protection.

Pay Attention to Their Diet

Along with providing your cat with a safe environment and enough mental stimulation, you need to pay special attention to maintaining a healthy diet to ensure they grow properly. For this, you can find specially formulated indoor cat foods. These foods are important because they're formulated considering the fact that cats that live indoors have different energy as compared to cats that also live outside. To find the right food options, you can easily check associates program an affiliate or a list offered by any participant in the Amazon affiliate marketing.

What is the Best Outdoor Cat House?

If you're a cat lover, you know that feral or outdoor cats deserve your attention too. They have to deal with the harsh weather, and that's when you can help them by providing them with the right shelter in your backyard. Most of these outdoor cats would come to you to grab snacks but they won't venture inside your home. To provide them with some good safety and shelter, you should select the best outdoor cat houses. Here are the features that make the best outdoor cat shelter.

The best cat house for feral cats is the one that is durable. Keep in mind that not all cat houses are designed to withstand harsh, cold weather. Some cats are also going to be a bit aggressive and may test the durability of the shelter you provide. Therefore, make no compromise over durability. Here, you will be better off putting your money on a cat house made from wood and solid plastic. It is even better if it has an asphalt roof, as it is going to add to the durability.

The best shelter for outdoor cats is the one that provides them with some warmth during the cold weather. Therefore, you should be going for an insulated cat house. Only insulated houses provide them with the cozy hideaway they like, and for this, you can also consider adding some blankets and warming pads inside.

You need to ensure that the indoor cat house you're buying is easy to assemble. High-end outdoor cathouses are usually easy to assemble, but even they require some degree of assembly. Ensure that the product you're buying doesn't require you to spend hours assembling and installing the cat shelter.

The cats should feel safe when inside the cat house, and that's why you should consider safety features before making a purchase. For instance, some good quality shelter houses come with protective door flaps, while others would also come with emergency exit doors. Ensure that the product you choose comes with extra-sturdy walls to hold the cat. It should be capable of protecting the cat from the elements, which is why you need to invest in a waterproof cat house. Be wary of buying cat houses with fabric construction if you're in an area where it rains often because the house will become soaked.

Other than these features, you may want to consider going for an elevated outdoor cat shelter because it helps protect them from neighborhood predators. Similarly, you may want to consider the size of the house, which should be large if you're providing shelter to several stray cats.

Which Cats Make the Best House Cats?

Any friendly cat would love to be a companion and prove a wonderful pet. You already know the options but here are some other interesting options if you're specifically looking for the best house cats.

  • Abyssinian Cats: As they're extremely affectionate and loyal, they're likely to mix well in a household with kids or another pet. They will keep you entertained as house cats because they are very curious and love to play.
  • Exotic Shorthair Cats: Quite like Persian cats, they're very playful and affectionate. They're also loyal and follow you everywhere throughout the home.  As they have a gentle disposition, they're usually quite affectionate towards other pets you might have.
  • Cornish Rex Cats: They enjoy the company of humans and gel well with any other pet you might already have in your home. You need to know that they're never a couch potato and always curious and willing to explore their surroundings. They love to fetch toys and balls and quite acrobatic too.
  • Himalayan Cats: Usually loved for their sweet temperament, they can surely be one of the friendliest house cats to adopt. They're intelligent and very playful. This is the breed to own if you want a pet to enjoy a good game of fetch.


Cats can bring joy to your life and keep you entertained with their playful and curious behavior. However, whether you're interested in keeping cats indoors or you're concerned about giving the best shelter to feral cats in your area, you will have to buy the best outdoor cat house for them. So, take your time and put your money on the best product only.

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