Best Chew Toys for Cats That Like to Chew (Safe Toys)

What Are The Best Chew Toys For Your Cat?

If your cat likes to chew, you should really think about investing in cat chew toys in order to protect your furniture and other belongings. Toys for cats that like to chew could save you money in the long run by helping you to avoid the potential for huge vet bills when your cat chews on something inappropriate or from having to replace your expensive furniture. I’ve reviewed some of the best chew toys for cats to help you make the right decision when it comes to your purchases. As you may well know, I am a dog owner but I have looked at reviews and have used my experiences with a number of toys to help form my list.

Featured Product

Multicolour Chew Balls

Best Chew Toy for Encouraging your Cat to Play With You

If you want to participate in play with your cat then this mouse chew cat toy might be the product for you. Simply wiggle the long tail of the mouse to grab the attention of your cat and you never know, they might get the urge to pounce. If the wiggling movement doesn’t make them want to catch the mouse, then I’m sure the noise of the bell or the bright colours of the nylon that is wound around the body of the mouse will. Plus, the round shape of the toy makes it easy for the cat to grab hold of and play with. This is the perfect toy, not only for encouraging play but also for your cat to chew. The tough nylon makes it incredibly durable, meaning that you should be able to relax and know that your cat will be enjoying this toy for some time to come. If you are looking for something that can distract your cat from chewing your furniture and hold their interest, this might well be the right toy for you. Plus, with the adorable mouse face, how could you really resist it?


The round shape makes it easy for your cat to play with.
Strong nylon makes the toy incredibly durable.
The bell makes a pleasant sound and encourages the cat to play with the toy.
It has long tail that makes it attractive for your cat to pounce on, hence encouraging play.
The bright colours will really grab the attention of your cat.


You aren’t able to select which colour you would like to purchase, you are simply sent a random colour.
Some reviews claim that the toy is on the small side, although many others claim that their cats loved playing with it.

Best Toy for Encouraging your Cat to Pounce

The cat knot chew toy will really encourage your cat to use their innate skills of hunting and pouncing. Not only should this distract them from chewing your furniture because they will be too busy chewing this but the urge to play should keep them occupied and help them forget about chewing at all. This toy has a ball shape which cats will find easy to play with but it is the 6 strands that stick out, each with a brightly coloured pom-pom on the end that should really grab your cat’s attention. The product is 21 cm long, making it the perfect size for your cat to really play with and comes in a beautiful red or blue colour that will really attract your cat. There is also a lovely silver thread that runs through the product, making it sparkle. The toy is made from plastic and is not toxic in any way.


Encourages your cat to use their innate hunting skills – distracts them from their urge to chew.
Ball shape makes it easy for your cat to play and roll the toy around – should keep them entertained for a while.
Bright colours with silver thread running throughout to really grab the cat’s attention, they will really want to play with this toy.


All reviews of this product have been positive. It seems that cats love it.
I do wonder, however, how long the pom-poms would last with a cat who loves to chew.

Best Toy for Stimulating Your Cat

One of the most efficient ways to distract your cat from chewing is to really over stimulate them. Give them so much to do, so that they never feel bored enough to chew ever again. With the multicolour chew balls, you can easily achieve this. With 10 separate balls included with each purchase, your cat will have so much to do, meaning that chewing should move very far down their list. These balls are .  fun for your cat to play with, they will love the spherical design but the soft cones that stick out all around the toy will offer them a new experience that will excite them. The balls are all 3.5 cm in diameter, so easy for your cat to play with and they are made from a soft TPR material which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The balls also come in a range of vivid colours to really grab the attention of your cat.


With this product, you get a lot of toys, this should really do the trick when it comes to overstimulating your cat and discouraging them from chewing.
The bright colours will really attract your cat’s attention.
The soft TPR material that this toy is made from will feel pleasant when your cat chews it, they won’t feel the need to chew your furniture anymore.


The cones that stick out around the toy might well disturb the rolling ability of the balls. This might spoil some of the fun for your cat.
Some reviews also suggest that the balls are too elastic.

The Best Toy for Really Attracting Your Cat

Catnip is the ultimate secret weapon in the battle against chewing and this toy makes use full use of it whilst also offering a whimsical approach to a chew toy. Many reviews of the catnip chew food toy suggest that cats are so attracted to it that they grab it as soon as it comes out of the packaging. This is because they are attracted to the catnip which is contained inside. Once that has the attention of your cat, the toy retains your cat’s attention through the squeaker which rewards its efforts with a vocal response. The whimsical design of this toy might well appeal to your cat but they will certainly make playing with your cat much more fun for you. Choose from designs such as an ice-cream cone, lettuce or even a fried egg. Made from a soft fabric, your cat will find this extremely easy to chew, unlike your wooden furniture.


Included catnip will instantly grab your cat’s attention, this toy will really distract them from chewing your furniture.
The whimsical designs will make sure that you have fun too and enjoy watching your cat play.
Included squeaker rewards the cat for playing with the toy, encourages them to play more.
The soft fabric makes it easy for the cat to chew.


Some reviews, from owners of very sensitive cats, suggested that the squeaker put their cat off playing with the toy.
The whimsical design might well appeal to cat owners but will most probably be lost on the cat.

The Best Toy for Appealing to Your Cat’s Natural Instincts

Much of the time, problems such as chewing are caused because your cat is bored. This might well be because they are not getting the chance to really play up to their natural instincts. Cats, love to hunt, they love the thrill of the chase. This doesn’t really fit in with our ideals as a society, however, and so often this behaviour is discouraged. This can lead to boredom in cats which then leads to problem behaviours. You can give your cat the chance to really practice their hunting skills with the chew fish cat toy. Designed to replicate the appearance of a variety of well-known fish, your cat will love play hunting with this toy, so much so that they might well forget completely about chewing. Plus, the added catnip should ensure that the toy really captures their attention.


Realistic fish design of the toy really gives your cat the chance to practice their hunting skills in a harmless way. This toy really appeals to their natural instincts.
Added catnip really ensures that the toy grabs the attention of your cat.
The plush design makes it easy to chew the toy and ensures that urges to chew are fully satisfied.


This toy should appeal to all the natural instincts of cats, thanks to the realistic design. I did wonder how visitors to your home might feel about seeing a fish lying on your floor though!

The Best Toy for Heavy Duty Chewing

If you suspect that much of your cat’s chewing is down to an actual need to chew rather than boredom, you might want to ensure that they have something heavy-duty to really satisfy their need. The biting rope toy should really do the trick, thanks to the thick rope that gives them plenty to get their teeth into. This rope is incredibly durable and will last and last, even with the most ferocious of chewers. There will certainly be no need for them to turn their attention to your furniture. The colourful plush part of the toy will really attract the attention of your cat, whilst the included squeaker will also make sure that it keeps their attention for some time to come. Plus, the whimsical appearance of the toy will appeal to you as an owner.


The thick rope ensures that your cat has plenty to sink their teeth into. There will certainly be no need for them to turn their attention to your furniture.
Included squeaker helps to hold their attention, ensuring that they don’t get bored with the toy.
Whimsical design ensures that the toy will appeal to you, although your cat will appreciate the bright colours.


Weighing in at 90g and at 31 cm, this toy might well be too big for some cats to play with properly. I’m sure that those who really love to chew will still love using it as a chew toy, however.

Best Option

When it comes to choosing the best chew toys for cats, it’s all about finding a way to solve their problem behaviour. In my opinion, the main reason why cats chew is boredom. The best way to deal with the problem, therefore, is to attack it from as many angles as possible and the multicolour chew balls as cat chew toys could really help with this. For starters, with each purchase, you get 10 different balls to ensure that there is plenty to stimulate your cat with. The spherical shape of the toy, whilst not, what cats would traditionally practice their hunting skills on, should encourage cats to pounce and make use of the qualities they were born with. Stimulation is always the best cure for boredom. Try rolling the toys for them and see if your cat will enjoy chasing them. They should certainly help distract your cat from chewing up your favourite furniture. When it comes to toys for cats that like to chew, these could well solve all your problems.