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The Best Cat Cameras To Buy For Your Pet

Traveling is fun and exciting. But the fun is not complete when you keep on worrying about your pet cat back at home.

I experienced this when I went on a trip with my friends. It was 2-week travel abroad. And I can’t fully enjoy my time as I keep on wondering how my furry cat is doing. So, when I got back, I quickly searched for an effective cat camera on the market.

I came across several pet cameras for cats which I find all decent and great. And I thought - many of my friends are looking for cat cameras too. So, I decided to make a guide for cat owners like me to help them on their respective searches. Accordingly, if you are looking for an efficient camera to watch over your cat while you’re not around, this guide may help you as well.

The Best Cameras for Cats : Top Picks


Budget Package 

  • Basic features 
  • Sleek appearance 
  • Clear visions 

Rated by: ​Christy


All-Inclusive Package 

  • Quality camera 
  • Has air quality sensor 
  • Provides 360 degrees of vision 

Rated by: Christy


Smartest Package 

  • All-inclusive bot 
  • Affordable 
  • Efficient 2-way audio 

Rated by: ​Christy

I’ve included 8 cameras in this guide. I find them all efficient and effective since I was able to use or experience most of them.

Pawbo Life Cat Camera + Pawbo Catch Remote Cat Teaser Toy

Pawbo Life Cat Camera

Rated by: ​Christy

Remote Cat Teaser

Rated by: ​Christy

Pawbo Life Cat Camera

The Pawbo Life Cat Camera comes with a number of different features, including: WiFi 720p HD live video, built-in microphone, laser, and treat dispenser, social media sharing competencies, as well as a phone application with iOS and Android capabilities. 

The versatile product creates a fun, playful, and interactive environment for cat owners.  With more people digitally connecting with each other greater than ever, this entertaining product allows users to add their cats to the mix. 

There are three simple steps to getting set-up:
1) Download the Pawbo Life app
2) Connect the Pawbo Life Pet Camera through Pawbo Life’s app, and
3) Find your home’s WiFi network

The dispenser built into the Pawbo is divided into separate sections, shaped into a pie, with about eight sections in total.  Treats, which should be on the smaller side, are added added into the sections and then later, dispensed to the pet’s pleasure. 

The Pawbo can link up to eight people at once, granting the capability to users to watch the pet.  Some pet owners have found success using the product while at work, giving them the ability to see a live feed of their pet, while they are busy.

The best part about this device is that it has addons that make it extra special for your cat. For example, the Cat Remote Teaser Toy lets you play with your cat when you are gone, not just watch them and dispense treats.

Pawbo Catch Remote Cat Teaser Toy

The Pawbo Catch is a remote controlled cat teaser with the ability to be enhanced by using the Pawbo Life app. The random programming nature of the catch exercises the pet’s mind and keeps it guessing. 

The user can control the moving stick by moving it in the direction of their choice.  Also, users can alternate between four different models for the tip of the stick. 

The combination of the Pawbo Cat Teaser along with the Pawbo Life Pet Camera and phone app allows pet owners to interact and play with their pets remotely.


  • WiFi connectivity, allows pet owners to connect with their pets on the go
  • ​Can deliver treats remotely
  • ​Ability to play laser tag
  • ​Two way speaker system


  • ​Camera does not angle down towards floor, fixed monitor
  • ​Poor camera resolution
  • ​Does not connect with iPhone X
  • App can be difficult to navigate

​Petcube Pet Camera

Quick Summary

Rated by: ​Christy

The Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera has a number of compelling key features that it offers its customers including: 24/7 1080p HD video enabled with 138 ° wide angle view and night vision, two-way audio allowing cat owners to speak to their pets and hear them bark, or meow back, a built-in laser, and free cloud video storage.

The product was designed with pet parents’ in mind, with the intention of creating an opportunity where people and pets can have meaningful connections, through technology, 24/7.  The pet camera comes enabled with amazon alexa, and also allows users to check in on their pets anytime, with the ability to view video history. 

Users can start a video chat & two-way audio with their cat, using the pet cube camera.  In low or no-light conditions, the night vision built into the pet camera allows users to see things clearly and be sure their pet is safe.  Sound and motion alerts allow pet owners to get notified if something is wrong.

What makes it special for cats is the laser functionality. Most cats love playing with laser pointers, and the Pet Cube allows you to do this from anywhere.


  • Can be used with multiple cameras in different rooms.
  • ​All connections are protected with 128-bit encryption and SSL protocol.
  • ​Access is limited to the discretion of the Petcube’s owner
  • ​Sleek and modest design, and the wide angle of the lens gives good coverage
  • Built-in laser which is perfect for cats


  • ​Will not work with WiFi network that requires a website sign in
  • PetCube requires a subscription that starts at $10 USD a month
  • ​Users have complained about connectivity issues, giving “offline” errors, device's firmware appears to have unreliable WiFi implementation

​Kamtron HD Security Wireless IP Camera

Quick Summary

Rated by: ​Christy

The Kamtron Security IP Camera has the capacity to watch each room in your house and keep your family safe.  It can also allow you to keep an eye on your pet while you are away.  The camera features motion detection and two-way audio, along with Full HD Video quality output of 1280 x 720p. 

Users can pan, tilt, zoom, and capture all of the action from various vantage points.  Built-in night vision captures moments in pitch-black, up to 20ft of distance.  Activity alerts allow the user to control first-hand information in real-time. With the MIPC phone application, users can view the same camera with different devices, anytime, any place.

​When motion is detected, the Kamtron Security IP Camera sends the alerts with snapshot & record straight to your mobile device.


  • ​Easy to install, high resolution camera
  • 360° rotation and viewing capability, moves around easily
  • Good value for the price


  • ​Some users have complained that the software included with the product has a lot of bugs & issues, along with non-existent customer support
  • ​Weak connectivity to WiFi hotspots

​Tooge Pet Camera

Quick Summary

Rated by: ​Christy

The Tooge Pet Camera offers 2.4G WiFi connectivity, with fast setup on smartphones, tablets, as well as Windows PCs.  The camera, with phone application, supports remote access anytime, anywhere.  Night vision sees up to 16ft in pitch dark.  With the Hi-Fi intercom, you can listen/speak/communicate with your family or pet.  Built-in motion detectors offer push alert notifications while the user is out. 

The camera provides horizontal 350° and vertical 80° with 4x digital zoom functionality for complete coverage around the house.  The ability to share video with others safely and securely with P2P Tech, which ensures data, is not stored on the server, only locally. 

​The TOOGE Pet Camera is able to charge & record at the same time. The camera also has video storage capacity of up to 64 GB; however the storage card is not included.


  • ​Works across a range of platforms, including: iOS / Android, PC, Windows
  • ​Screenshot and video recording capability without paying extra for cloud storage
  • ​Sharp, HD image allows users to recognize people from more than 15-20 feet away
  • ​Can zoom in and out as well as move the camera’s line of sight


  • ​Incompatible with 5GHz wifi
  • ​Instructions might seem a little difficult to understand, particularly WiFi setup
  • ​Might not stay connected to Internet or longer periods of time

LEMFO Pet Camera

Quick Summary

Rated by: ​Christy

The camera captures up to 30 frames per second with a 1080p Full HD real-time image transmission.  Its two-way audio system benefits from echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, producing a clear way to communicate with your pet at a whim.  The nightvision catches objects up to 26 feet away.  Other aspects include cloud storage, video recording, and screen capture.

Covering ever corner of your home, the LEMFO Pet Camera is able to pan/tilt/and zoom with Horizontal 350° and vertical 80° freedom of motion.  Furthermore, video history will not be saved on any servers or forwarded by the manufacturer so users can rest assured their information will not be leaked.

​The package includes one pet camera, one power adapter, one Ethernet cable, two instruction manuals, one installation bracket, and two screw & extend tubes.  Also included is one year sales warranty, as well.


  • ​Easy to setup camera system  
  • ​Option to mount on a wall or ceiling
  • ​Picture quality, snapshot, as well as time and date are displayed
  • ​Clear audio


  • ​Confusion with the phone application “Hapsee” vs. “Happy See”
  • ​Some reviewers have complained about misleading instructions

Vimtag CP2 HD WiFi Video Monitoring Cat Camera

Quick Summary

Rated by: ​Christy

The Vimtag Cat Camera features remote pan and tilt with 360° x 120° range of motion, motion detection capabilities, snapshot/video alerts, a two-way audio system, built-in microphone and speaker, HD Video Quality output resolution of 1280x720p, and 25 frames per second video.

Using the mounting bracket, the camera can be installed on the ceiling or wall frame.  The phone application allows users to have multiple cameras, granting the ability to view pets from multiple angles around the house.  The phone application is also compatible with android devices.  The power cable, which is included in the box, removes the need for batteries.


  • ​Ability to keep an eye on pets while away
  • ​Day and night vision capabilities
  • ​Easy to use home camera


  • ​Tendency to drop signal and not always connect seamlessly to WiFi network
  • ​Decent video, okay audio quality
  • ​Have to purchase a micro SD card to store video

Vimtag CP2 HD WiFi Video Monitoring Cat Camera

Quick Summary

Rated by: ​Christy

With multi-directional rotational pan and tilt granting 355° x 120° range of motion, users are given tremendous viewing angles from every corner of their home.  Motion sensing technology, which has the option to change its sensitivity, is able to detect an anomaly and trigger the built-in alarm. 

A 64gb micro SD card is able to store large amounts of video data, and users can create a custom schedule for recording.  If more room is needed, users can add Cloud Box to their system. Microphone and speaker levels can be adjusted independently.


  • ​Quick 2.4G WiFi connection, fast iPhone/Android smartphone/tablets/Windows PC setup
  • ​Pet monitor supports remote access via mobile App anywhere and anytime
  • ​Infrared correction optical system ensures clear image at night


  • ​SD card not included
  • ​The power supply MUST be connected at all times

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Best Cat Cameras 

If you're trying to figure out what different things you need to consider when searching for the best cat camera, read the text below or click to watch the video!

When you are about to buy your chosen cat camera, be sure that you have already considered the important factors. If you won’t regard these things, it may lead you to end up with a camera that is not appropriate for you and your cat's needs.

1. Quality of the Camera

The number one factor you have to consider is the quality of the camera. Apparently, the main reason why you are buying a cat camera is that you want to monitor your fluffy companion when you are not around.

Quality of the Camera

And what’s the point of buying a cat camera if that camera cannot provide clear videos and images, right?

So, opt to purchase cameras that offer 720p up to 1080p resolutions. Also, choose a camera that can provide efficient night visions too.

2. Ease of Use and Setup

You have to consider the ease of use, setup, and installation as well. There are some cat cameras that are confusing and difficult to assemble. And apparently, many cat owners tend to dislike these kinds of products.

You should look for a camera that may only take a few minutes to install and setup. Also, check first if there are User Manuals included. Some cameras do not provide manuals. And some would provide but they are quite difficult to understand.

So, if you want real convenience, consider these things very well.

3. Efficiency of Connectivity

Another factor that you need to regard is the efficiency of the connectivity. You must choose a camera that can still provide you great outputs even when you are thousands of miles away.

Efficiency of Connectivity

Also, you have to be careful in choosing a WiFi camera. There are WiFi cameras that can only support a 2.4GHz wifi module. And there are cameras as well that are designed for 5.0GHz wifi modules.

So, you have to check first whether your wifi module capacity at home will be compatible with your chosen WiFi camera.

4. Price

Lastly, the price is a very important factor as well. It plays a significant role in making your decision since the prices of cat cameras today may range from $50 up to $500.

You should keep in mind that not all high-end cameras can provide you quality results. Accordingly, you should not stereotype all inexpensive cameras as cheaply-built types. In fact, there are cat cameras today that can give you efficient and reliable features for a very low cost.

Nevertheless, setting a budget before your actual purchase can help you largely in coming up with an excellent decision.

The Best Cat Camera Of All

In the 8 cameras I’ve included, only one stands out the most for me and it is the Pawbo Life Cat Camera.

Primarily, it provides quality in terms of its camera. It features a full 360-degree vision. Also, the 1080p resolution enables it to capture and record essential details. Moreover, the night visions are very useful as well.

Secondly, the two-way audio features are quite efficient too. Not to mention the additional features that this cat camera can provide you. And thirdly, you can all experience this for a price below $75 which is very affordable considering the efficiency and reliability of the product.

But while it’s the best for me, you may find this camera not too appropriate for you. And it’s okay. What matters is that you know what you need and what your cat needs. You just have to be mindful in making a decision since the variety of cat cameras today is very wide.

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